I get it. It's not difficult to see why you might feel that way.

Everywhere you look there's garbage and more garbage!

You either have some guy who is obviously on boatloads of drugs and growth hormone who is solely marketing himself off his appearance and not what he can do to educate people in a way they can relate to.


You have some out of shape hater who has nothing better to do than talk trash about the ones who are actually in shape!!

But where is the real information now?

I want to see the real information that people can take and put to use throughout the entire year!!

I want to see more information that yields a body that somebody could be proud to show off at any time.

I had this nagging feeling that there was some missing link in the bodybuilding community...

Everywhere you look now there is someone posting a program and a diet but it's a one size-fits all routine.

Well that wasn't good enough for me.

I wanted to connect the dots and show the down and dirty.

I felt like there was missing information that was rarely mentioned.

I don't know about you but when I got into this game of bodybuilding 20 years ago I just wanted to look good with my shirt off!! 

I wanted to feel good and be proud of what I was accomplishing.

I wanted to be that guy whose physique demanded respect.

I wanted to  have the self-respect and self-discipline to put forth the hard work required to accomplish those things!!


Do you want to know the biggest differences between most of what you read elsewhere and myself?

I'm a married, adult man.

I have kids.

I have a regular job.

I have a house mortgage and the same responsibilities as most other men.

I'm not some young buck who has all of the time in the world to focus strictly on bodybuilding.

There is far more to life than just that!!

When I go grocery shopping I shop for my family's groceries first, and then what's left over is what I get for my set of groceries. If it isn't much then I make due, but family first!!

If I miss a meal because I have to rush my son to the emergency room then I miss a meal.

If I have to throw in a cheat meal in order to do a family function then I time my cheat meals around the family functions.

If one cheat meal a week is going to stop your progress, then my friend, you just don't have it in you to begin with!!

I don't live like a cave dweller for bodybuilding and I don't let this stuff break me down to the point I'm half crippled.

Heavy training, light training, periodization, time off, there is a place for all of that!!

One of the things I always try to remember is different points I was at in my life and how bodybuilding tied into these highs and lows.

I try to relate to someone who is brand new at this or someone who is ready for the next level.

I've posted a ton of free articles on my blog at in the past few years but I felt there was only so much I could bring to you with articles.

Readers are still left with the task of searching through years of posts and having to piece together bits and pieces of articles and put them into practice.

The more I thought about things the more I thought; what if I created a resource that gave the reader an inside look at how I do things and modify things throughout the year?

Low carbs or high carbs? They both work, it just depends on the approach!! Most people won't tell you this though, they're advocates of strictly one or the other. But what about knowing when to switch from one to the other?

What if there was information available that would guide you throughout ALL PHASES OF DIETING AND TRAINING?

How many books or articles talk about things such as reverse dieting during times, ways to create states of anabolism while cutting fat at the same time, or timing nutrients and anabolic tactics strictly around workout times to gain the most from your workouts?

What if there was a resource available that talked about ways to take 2 steps backwards in order to take a giant leap forward, all while maintaining the best health possible?

The search is over! I'm excited to introduce to you...

NO-BS Bodybuilding


This ebook is an inside look at everything I do diet and training wise to achieve the best body and the best state of health I can achieve!!
  • I show you an inside look at all of the nutrition and training practices I've put into my life.
  • I take you through testosterone replacement therapy and the precautionary measures someone should take when getting on it.
  • I talk about supplements and ancillary drugs to use with testosterone replacement to stay safe and perform at your best!!
  • I talk about bloodwork, things to look out for, and how to stay in this for the long haul!!

Get the PDF e-book now for just $29.99! 

I'm excited to offer this new resource for some of the best diet, training, and hormone replacement advice you're ever going to find!!

  • Volume routines, high intensity and low volume routines, high intensity tactics, therapeutic practices for physical and mental well-being...
  • I let you in on tips and secrets on cooking, how to prep meals faster, and ways to execute a diet no matter what your circumstances are.

This all new ebook takes you through advanced stages of health and fitness and gets down to the real answers on how to keep longevity.

It's not just some guide that makes you nothing but a flash in the pan for a few months and leaves you hanging when a routine is over with!!

I'm extremely excited to bring you this.

It's been my main focus for a long time now and it's finally here!!

I've trained people from all walks of life. I've trained everyone from doctors to business owners, oil rig workers who go away several weeks at a time on an oil rig, college students, soldiers, and people who were suicidal and at their lowest point in life!!

If you're serious about your body, your state of mood and outlook on life, and overcoming hurdles that stand in your way to achieve greatness, then NO-BS BODYBUILDING is exactly what you might be looking for!!


 I leave no stone unturned in this 206 page guide to kicking life in the ass and taking control of your physique!!

Download the PDF instantly after your $29.99 purchase. 

You'll be getting eleven chapters of densely packed bodybuilding information!!

CHAPTER ONE - Welcome to the No-BS Bodybuilding
CHAPTER TWO - All About Your Hormones and Blood Labs

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

How to go About Getting on Testosterone

Total testosterone and Free Testosterone Count

Estrogen and Estradiol Levels in Men

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Through Your Doctor

How Long Will it Take to See/Feel the Effects of Testosterone?

Cholesterol Levels

Red Blood Cells and Donating Blood

Liver Values


Protein as it Relates to Kidney Function

Taking a Proactive Approach to Kidney Health


Precautionary Measures for Overall Health

The Basics of Being on Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Staying Safe

Blasting HCG

HGH Levels and Replacement Therapy

General Overview and Conclusion on Hormone Replacement Therapy

CHAPTER THREE - Hitting Roadblocks and Deciding Where to go with Bodybuilding

This is Where This Chapter Really Begins

You Can Do More Than You Think You Can

The Point of Diminishing Returns

Sacrificing Health for Wealth

It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself

Change of Routine and Gym

Bodybuilding Based on How You Feel

Changes in the Diet Based on Motivational Levels

Listed Below is an Example of Transitioning from an Extreme Diet to a More Lenient Diet

More Meaning Behind Cheat Meals

Deciding What You Really Want Out of All of This

CHAPTER FOUR - Dieting Strategies for Success

Metabolic Jumpstart for Skinny-fat Trainee 140 - 165 lbs Who is Exercising

Metabolic Jumpstart for Someone 165 - 180 lbs Who is Exercising

After 2 Weeks on That Routine

Diet for Overweight Trainee 160 - 180 lbs

Intermittent Fasting Approach

Example of an Intermittent Fasting Approach for Someone 160 - 180 lbs

An Intermittent Fasting Approach for Someone Over 180 lbs

The Double-edged Sword with Intermittent Fasting

Traditional Body Fat Loss Approach for Someone 160-180 lbs (Low Carb/Moderate Fat)

Traditional Body Fat Loss Approach for Someone 180-220 lbs (Low Carb/Moderate Fat)

Traditional Body Fat Loss Approach for Someone Over 220 lbs (Low Carb/Moderate Fat)

Low Carb/High Fat Approach for Someone 140 - 160 lbs

Low Carb/High Fat Approach for Someone 140 - 160 lbs

Carb-Cycling for a Low Carb/High Fat Approach

Typical Carb-up Day for 140 - 160 lb Trainee on Low Carb/High Fat Approach

Low Carb/High Fat Approach for Someone 160 - 185 lbs

Typical Carb-up Day for Someone 160 - 185 lbs

Low Carb/High Fat Approach for Someone 185 - 220 lbs

Typical Carb-up Day for Someone Who is 185 - 220 lbs

Typical Low Carb/High Fat Approach for Someone 220+ lbs

It’s More Food Than You Thought?

What About the Post Workout Meals?

Swapping Meals Around During the Day

Things to Consider When Extreme Dieting

The ‘Eating When You are Hungry’ Approach

Vegetable Intake

Reverse Dieting and Building Quality Muscle Mass

When to Begin Reverse Dieting

Here is an Example of How I’d Eat When Reverse Dieting

Where to Place Cheat Meals During Reverse Dieting

Extreme Diets Call for Extreme Cheat Meals

CHAPTER FIVE - Training Insight and Dieting Tactics Explained

The Work Weight Used Will Have Vast Differences in Your Training

Listening to Your Body - The Real Deal

The Difference Between Hunger and Obsession

Caloric Intake as it Relates to Age

Negative Calories

Real Dieting Tactics Explained

Foods That I Eat While Dieting to Lose Body Fat

First Things First, Tupperware or Freezer Bags?

Cooking Meats

Cooking Carbs

Dieting to Build Muscle

So, Where to Start Eating When Trying to Build Muscle?

Realistically Evaluating How Much Fat You’ve Gained When Growing

How Many Meals Per Day?

You Do What it Takes

Dieting Down and Building, or Building and Then Dieting Down?

When Enough is Enough and a Wake-up Call

Don’t Believe Everything You See and Hear

There are More People on Steroids Who Look Like Shit Than People Who Look Good

Dieting to Bridge the Gap

CHAPTER SIX - Anabolism while Maintaining Conditioning and Supplementation

1 Hour Prior to Gym Time (Approximately 9 AM for Me)

Additional Supplementation for Results

Post-workout Nutrition Guidelines

The Social Aspect of Post-workout Nutrition

Intra-workout Nutrition

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Do You Need Supplements?

What Supplements Do I Place the Most Emphasis on?

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)


Injectable Vitamin B-12


Dandelion Root

Joint Support Formula (Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin)



Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw Organic) & Baking Soda

Protein Powder

Fish Oil

Finding Ways to Make it All Consistent


Non-Stimulant Fat Burners


Taking Fat Burners When All Bets Are Off

Fat Burners Before Bedtime

Hemorrhoid Cream, Epsom Salt Baths and Static Cling Wrap

Dieting is Always the Key

Cardio for Fat Loss from My Perspective

Strength Levels as They Pertain to Fat Loss

The Anabolic Rebound from Extreme Fat Loss Diets

CHAPTER EIGHT - The Real Deal with HIT (High Intensity Training) Routines

Change of Pace between High Intensity Training and Volume Training

Leg Training with HIT Style

My Leg Workouts

Weekly HIT Routine Template

HIT Principles

Rest Pause Training

Extreme Stretching

Static Holds


The 1-Minute Dip

The 1-Minute Chin-up

Rep Count and Rest Periods with HIT Training

Warm-ups Within a Set (Only to be Used by The Advanced Trainer!!)

So How Does a Typical Split Involving HIT Principles Look for Me?

When to Discontinue HIT Training

Mixing HIT Training into a High Volume Routine

JDB’s Top High Intensity Routines

JDB’s Max Muscle High Rep HIT Routine

Bodyweight Emphasis HIT Routine

JDB’s Front/Back/Leg Routine

The Reps and Sets on JDB’s Front/Back/Leg Routine

What Exercises to do on JDB’s Front/Back/Leg Routine?

Example JDB Front/Back/Leg Routine Template

The Full Upper Body/Lower Body Split

HIT Versus Volume as an Aging Trainer

CHAPTER NINE - Volume Routines for The Aging Male and Seasoned Trainer

The Process of Give and Take

Forget Everything You’re “Supposed to Do”

The JDB Anabolic Flip-flop Routine

JDB’S 5 Round Volume Circuit Routine

JDB’S Max Growth Volume Training

JDB’S 4-Week High Rep Shock Routine

The JDB Joint Healing/Rejuvenation Routine

Key Points to Remember when Volume Training the JDB Way

CHAPTER TEN - No Bullshit Muscle Building

In the Beginning

Taking Care of Your Body While Growing

Letting The Chips Fall Where They May

John Doe’s SCT Training Routine

Your Two Days off Between Workouts

CHAPTER ELEVEN - Living a Healthy Emotional Lifestyle

I Could Have Been Anything I Wanted to Be

Quality Over Quantity

Change up The Daily Routine

Laugh More

Explore More

The Day to Day Living Situation

Adjusting Your Training as it Pertains to Your Life Schedule

Success is Largely Determined by Your Character not the Endeavor

Stop Getting Angry over Things You Cannot Control

Get the PDF e-book now for just $29.99!