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I've always been interested in people who had an extreme passion for what they're into.

People who are passionate about other things outside of just the gym interest me a lot, since bodybuilding is one of the few things I'm knowledgeable about and feel like I'm extremely in depth with.

So when I saw a youtube video on Nigerian BMX biking I thought it was really interesting!

I picked up on their passion for riding bikes and began thinking about how to apply more effort into my own lifestyle of fitness and nutrition!

I say “FUCK LUKEWARM” and be passionate about your own self-worth and whatever you think is cool. Fuck what everyone else thinks about whatever it is you're into that makes you happy.

Everyone wants to over-analyze shit now. The gym isn't for everybody, and that's fine. Some guys and girls love playing tennis but dislike weights.

Some people love to golf or hike, but they're not as fond of being in a gym and lifting weights. It does not mean that they aren't applying themselves or whether they want it “BAD ENOUGH.”

I'm so sick of hearing this shit, it's not anything to do with WANTING IT BAD ENOUGH, it's everything to do with WHAT YOU WANT BAD ENOUGH.

I've gone through my phases of being in and out of different hobbies before bodybuilding became my biggest passion in life.

Believe it or not, I used to love fishing and I was into fly fishing. I would tie my own fly's, get in streams with hip waiters on, and nail trout every spring!

Then I went through a phase of being into mountain biking and racing bikes competitively. I was super lean, not very big though because I wasn't regularly weight training.

I also grew up snowboarding and I rode a board for about 20 years. I had my own unique style of riding that too. I would do everything with speed.

Someone else may have busted out a 720 spin off a kicker while I may have only busted out a 360 but threw in a double grab, hit the kicker faster and stayed in the air longer.

It was just my style. Everyone has their own style and I think when you try to fit the general mold of society is when there is nothing special about you anymore.

I suppose when I developed Shredded Ops: Building the Extreme Physique, that was one of my biggest considerations.

“Train how you think you should train to develop a look you want, fuck what everyone else is doing, and fuck all of these stupid rules.”

Besides, most of the rules are all made by arm-chair theorizer assholes anyways right? I mean, isn't it always the real deal guys who are doing their own thing and getting the results? Seems that way to me anyways!

So when I developed and tuned up the routine I threw out a lot of general consensus nonsense. And do you know what happened? I started getting results faster than I ever thought possible!

Imagine that right? Just going insane in the gym and saying fuck the common consensus that weights need to be strictly weights, cardio needs to be cardio, and I cannot include pushups AND weighted presses in the same workout routine!

So whenever I see and listen to someone who is from a different walk of life, extremely passionate about what they do, and do it THE WAY THEY WANT TO DO IT, I feed off that excitement!

My Shredded Ops ebook is a different way to build muscle and get results. It works for me, IT WORKS EXTREMELY WELL FOR ME!

After 20 years in the gym, already a lean 230+ lbs with abs, I never would have thought that I'd develop a routine superior to anything I've ever tried that was considered “necessary.”

I began changing my mind-frame on what it took to get results with my physique. I read a story about some inmates hitting 1,000 pushups in a single session before the first meal of the day.

If they can do it in lockup without the best food, supplements, and stress-free environment, then why couldn't an experienced guy like myself do 1,000 pushups?

So I got up to 1,050 pushups as my max total, ON TOP OF LIFTING WEIGHTS  ALL IN ONE SESSION.

Call it over-training but my chest was getting huge from it! If it's a winning formula then why fuck with it?

By the way, when I first began this routine my pushups were a total of 250 per session. So over time I increased my work output by over 4x in a single workout!

Yes, I'm sure the workouts had a lot to do with it, but building myself back up mentally had almost everything to do with it!


Yes, that's correct. I'm willing to bet that there is something about you that someone admires. Don't lose yourself and lose this trait.

Do not question what you do or what you post. Damnit, you did what you did because at that given time you wanted to do it enough and you just did it.

Stop looking too deep into everything and start working. Take things in stride and modify as you need to.

Hopefully you enjoy the podcast, and all I'm saying is have passion about at least 1 area of your life.

Shredded Ops was designed to help get my passion back for the gym, to excel as a veteran bodybuilder, and to continue to find new and exciting ways to make progress while changing the common workout themes.

If you are looking for a way to supercharge your workouts, get more motivation, and feel great about yourself then Shredded Ops is a must-have! Give it a shot, you'll be glad you decided to go through with it!



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  1. Been a reader for 6 straight years….way back when you were Demondosage on the forums. Every post just gets better than the last and I’m glad that I’ve been able to see you become such a damn good author and pretty fucking great podcaster brother!


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