RAD140 stacked with YK11 for EXTREME RESULTS!!

Every so often we hear of these new products to hit the market and it makes you wonder if they're just the next hype or if they actually have the proclaimed effects that research studies show.

I've been skeptical of some of them in the past myself. I haven't used everything but I've experimented with Cardarine, Ostarine, MK-677, LGDSR9009, and as of the past 6 weeks RAD-140 stacked with YK-11.

All I'm going to say here is HOLY… SHIT!!

The RAD-140 + YK-11 stack is absolutely insane in terms of strength and mass gains that are fast and dry!! I was sent some sample SARMS along with quality testing forms from a 3rd party lab to show purity of the products.

I was dieting pretty tight and decided to give Cardarine and SR9009 a try first. I had used Cardarine in the past with good results, but never stacked with SR9009. The results were great and the fat was melting off fairly quickly from that stack.

Next it was time to try something else. I decided to stack RAD140 with YK-11. I didn't read about this specific stack anyplace, however I did read up on the 2 different SARMS. It was my own idea to stack them together and basically just see what would happen with this stack. Here is my experience…

I started with 15mg per day of RAD 140 along with 10mg per day of YK-11. I took one dropper full of each first thing in the morning along with breakfast. I'm not going to lie here, battery acid probably tastes better than taking these!! But there is a price to pay for everything and if the price for size and strength gains is simply a bad taste for a few seconds then I can deal with that.

I went to the gym and went through my normal workout regimen and didn't think anything of what I was using. I was honestly hoping for the best but expecting nothing, since I'm not a newbie to supplementation of any type. I'm on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) through my primary care physician, so I'm always skeptical of whether or not products intended to boost testosterone levels even work for me at all.

Well, let me just tell you that the skepticism I had at first is completely gone after experiencing the effects of this SARMS stack!! 3 days into it the stuff was on me. I noticed that my strength was improving despite no dietary or caloric changes. Still, I thought that maybe this was some sort of placebo effect or fluke and wasn't ready to chalk it up to this SARMS stack.

After 1 week into the stack there was absolutely NO QUESTIONING ITS EFFECTS!! Strength was going through the roof rapidly and I was already up a few lbs. I noticed no bloating at all. I continued on the stack…

Proven Peptides RAD-140

By the second week I was smashing through weights like they weren't shit!! I was doing the hammer strength row machine with 7 plates per side x 12 reps, something I'd never done before. Hell, it was tough to keep the 45's from falling off the damn thing!!

My first day back to deadlifting in several weeks I managed to belt out 500/10 reps. This was something I hadn't done in about 2 years. I got back into doing a lot of close grip bench pressing and when I steadily climbed up to 315 for a working set I knew something was going on. This was no placebo effect here, no way in hell!!

Dosing was immediately taken to 30mg/day of RAD-140 and 20mg/day of YK-11. In this case, MORE IS BETTER!! Once I doubled the dosage things got really interesting. For the first time in a long, long time I felt like the gym was new to me all over again. I mean, every workout I was just adding weight and/or reps like a madman. I started doing crazy shit in the gym like century sets (1 set of 100 reps straight through) FST-7 sets with much more weight than I had used in the past, and drop sets where the final drop was actually old work weight before this stack!!

Recovery time became insane. Each day I felt fresh and ready to go hard again. I started thinking to myself, “SARMS? Jesus, this shit feels like Dbol minus the water bloat!! You see, there is a certain feeling that I'm familiar with when I know something is real and it's working. It's a feeling that you get when you hold a heavy weight in your hands and you almost want to laugh at how it feels compared to how heavy it used to feel.

We are talking about this feeling where you could do a few reps, let the barbell sit there on your chest and listen to a joke for a few seconds, then laugh your ass off as you blast the weight back up with no issues whatsoever. That's the feeling I started to get when I stacked the 2 of these together.

After the 4-week mark I was about to run out, and I called up Josh from Provenpeptides.com and told him, “Dude, I need more of this shit, I'm not ready to end it. All of the SARMS are good so far, but this stack is different. My body is taking off like nobody's business right now….send me more because I'm loving this shit!!”

Then I started to hear all of the comments rolling in from people. “Are you getting ready to compete again? You have gotten absolutely fucking huge lately, what are you doing? How much do you weigh?” Hell, I had some random lady in the grocery store ask me if I'd work security for her beer distribution business!! What the hell? LOL

Proven Peptides YK-11

During this time frame of using these SARMs (which I'm still on right now btw) I dropped my weekly testosterone dose to just 100 mg/wk, which is half of what I'm scripted. This is an amount that would put me right in normal range with nothing extra in me. So I know for a fact that these gains have come straight from this RAD-140 + YK-11 stack!!

From what I've read up on the RAD-140 (testolone) it's supposed to have a more anabolic effect than testosterone itself based on some science that I couldn't begin to even explain. I don't know here, this may in fact be true. I did start breaking out in acne a little bit which is something I haven't experienced in several years.

From what I've researched on YK-11, it's supposed to be a SARM that helps make you more anabolic by increasing testosterone and producing follistatin from muscle cells (follistatin is a myostatin inhibitor that allows your body to grow beyond it's natural genetic limitations through chemical recomp within the body).

Guys, I'm no doctor or scientist here, but I know what works. This stack is absolutely killing it!! Shit, I may run it out 12 weeks instead of just 8 weeks. The gains just keep coming, I don't want them to end anytime soon!! Everyplace I go on a daily I'm hearing about the physical changes people are seeing. And in the back of my head I'm thinking to myself,”Jesus, it's just a couple of SARMS!! I know people who run all kinds of stuff and aren't doing much, and I'm doing all this off just some weird shit called RAD-140 and YK-11?”

It's almost as though I don't even want to tell people what I'm doing. It's like I found this gatling gun of muscle hellfire or something!!

I'm telling you right now, JUST TRY THIS STACK. Try it and see if I'm bullshitting you here. After about a week on this stuff you'll be holding a weight in your hands and think to yourself ,”JD was right, look at this shit it's insane!!

You can buy RAD-140 + YK-11 stack at Proven Peptides.


78 thoughts on “RAD140 stacked with YK11 for EXTREME RESULTS!!”

  1. Awesome John!

    How would you compare this stack to Super Mandro/andro the giant stack in terms of stength and mass gain, side effects etc..?

    • Just as effective if not more, feel better on it, but more money. But I’d much rather fork over a few hundred on shit that works and I feel good on. Mandro gives the size and strength but these SARMS feel “cleaner” to me.

      • I have took the Rad 140 and the YK11 and they sure do work ,I have took them off and on for two years ,but mine is not liquid they are capsules ,I buy from cutting edge nutrition ,I haven’t had any in almost a year now ,going to get a couple bottles next weekend,but I have a bad side effect from them ,when I go through a bottle ,and on my off stage I get the worst head aches so bad make a grown man cry and want to die if the paid don’t go away,I have to keep a bottle of exceeding migraine with me at all times .someone said I needed to drink a lot more water while taking them as a stack ,they do put muscle on you and even cut you that’s without working out at a gym .

  2. Hey JD, I’m currently running an 8 week cycle of Super Mandro (starting at 3 a day and slowly ramping up to 6 a day, in the middle of week 2).

    How would you compare the different performance supplements you’ve reviewed thus far?

    Super Mandro, Anafuse, Red products, different SARMs, etc. Which would you reuse, which would you dump now that you’ve tried other stuff, what are the pros and cons in comparison to each other, that kind of stuff.

    Because I plan on bodybuilding the rest of my life, I am in no rush to try performance supplements and plan to keep things down to 1-2 cycles of ANYTHING a year (this year my one and only cycle is the super mandro).

    Also, what are you thoughts on a supermandro/anafuse stack? Or would SARMS, in theory, be better? This is one of the ideas I have floating in my head, depending on my results with SM.

    Thanks JD, you’re the man!

    • Interesting question. For sheer size and cost effectiveness mandro is good, but for a leaner look and being in a better mood I’d day that yk11 and rad140 is better, but it’s going to cost a little more to run the amount you need for 8 weeks.

      Ostarine is good as well. But in all honesty bro, RAD140 and YK11 kill it all in my opinion

    • Sir,I need your opinion on Rad140.
      I’m 45 old male currently using Rad140 only 20mg per day (divided dose 10mg after wakeup & 10mg afternoon before gym) I’m currently on IF to get ripped body. is it effective if i’m using it during IF? how long should I use it to see the result? I workout 3-4days a week. If I used it 4 weeks ON & 4 weeks OFF Do I need PCT? currently I only have Nolva. Really need your help

      • 8 weeks, there is NOTHING that will get you much in only 30 days, not SARMS, not steroids either. Yea, just run your nolva for 3 weeks at 20/20/10. Don’t use it 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off, do it a couple times a year and leave it alone the rest. You wont come back normal each time around like nothing happened

  3. Hello John!
    I’m really interested in this stack as you described it.
    I know that your experience and reputation is Respectable! I wanted to ask about RAD-140!
    What type of PCT do I need for this?
    Can I take a OCT test booster? Or
    I need the common classic Nolva+Clomid stack?
    Thanks to you I was able to have the courage to run my 1st test cycle around a year ago. I followed the 1vial test protocol and I got amazing results! So that’s why I’m really Interested in this SARM. I hope you can help me figure this up about the PCT for this stuff

    • Make life easy and just use Red-PCT arimistane product. Arimistane is just as effective as arimadex, legal, and you don’t need a long and aggressive PCT on SARMS. 1 bottle is all u need man, 3 capsules a day for 30 days

  4. John Doe is THE MAN and has always been very communicative to me with results that are proven to work. His books, articles, and personally answered advice via emails have been an EXTREMELY REWARDING support system for me. The stack above he is talking about WORKS trust me on this, I am seeing the changes in the mirror and putting guys (much bigger than me) to shame in pounds lifted in every exercise I do at the gym. JD has explained it perfectly in this article of what to do and what works, I strongly encourage you to get his books as well.. I got the same exact strength results from this stack and can’t wait to get back into the gym to show up the so-called BIG GUYS in my gym. Thank you JD!!!!!! Much RESPECT!

    • Thanks Brandon. Yea man, I really don’t wanna come off this stack. I have a couple weeks left and I’m going to be done. I’m looking at my bottles like a good friend about to move away on me, hahaha

    • .5 oz is the smallest bottle, on average it’ll last 2 weeks with most products. If it were myself I’d just break down and get the 2 oz vials and get a solid run out of the products. SARMS are highly effective and just a couple weeks on them is sort of a waste IMO

  5. John, is it wise to run the above stack along with the Caradine/SR9009 stack to keep the gains lean or is it smarter to do the cycles back to back? Thanks.

    • I’d do the stacks seperately,simply because its oral and I wouldn’t want to put that much suspension through my liver at once

  6. RAD-140 and YK-11 are both heavily suppressive to the HTPA axis. You should know more about the drugs you are blogging about and putting into your body.

    The results you are getting are no doubt from the YK-11. I’ve ran RAD-140 up to 25mg and it’s some weak sauce. LDG 4033 blows RAD out of the water.

    • Anyone who has any commonsense will be able to find out with the both of those are incredibly surprise of just by doing a Google search. Anyone who is willing to use things like this should do extensive research on their own before taking, and it’s not just John’s responsibility to tell everybody every single thing about the compounds.

      These SARMS affect everybody very differently and I can attest that RAD – 140 worked incredibly well for me. Ever, I feel that the results from YK – 11 are not as maintainable as other SARMS, but again that’s just my experience and everybody else may be different.

      Thanks John for the information

    • Anyone who has any commonsense will be able to find out with the both of those are incredibly surpresive just by doing a Google search. Anyone who is willing to use things like this should do extensive research on their own before taking, and it’s not just John’s responsibility to tell everybody every single thing about the compounds.

      These SARMS affect everybody very differently and I can attest that RAD – 140 worked incredibly well for me. Ever, I feel that the results from YK – 11 are not as maintainable as other SARMS, but again that’s just my experience and everybody else may be different.

      Thanks John for the information

    • Rad 140 is the gear that packs on the muscle, i used it for a week solo before adding ostarine into a stack for endurance i was extremely impressed with the strength gains and endurance gains on this stack. I packed on 10 kgs in a little over a month.My appetite went through the roof when i also added the hgh secretoque into the stack on the theory the extra hgh produced by the secretoque stimulating the pituitary gland would help me keep my gains. If you think rad140 isnt effective the juice you used was bunk. Rad 140 is the biz, the only reason im not still taking sarms is because i was so fatigued mentally and physically while on cycle. I was sleeping up to 14 hours out of every 24 holding down a full time job as well as training. I understand the sleep was necessary for muscle growth but my quality of life suffered due to the overwelming fatigue. A sensible dbol/test e cycle actually gives slower results than sarms but without the fatigue. Another odd side i experienced on sarms was aching balls, i dropped my dose and thevpain went away. I think rad140 puts your balls into overdrive and could be useful in a pct protocol after an aas cycle. Diggin ya blog john doe ya seem to be a cool dude. Good shit bro.

  7. Hi. Could you explain the dosing and how what you took translates into with a dropper, since it’s liquid and is measured in milliliters and not milligrams? Thanks.

  8. while i have no experience on either of them solo or in combo, i can attest that sarms (should you get the real stuff of course+obv.) do work. have used both ostarine and lgd 4033, loved both, as most sources state lgd will give you massive gains, to me all of them were keepable (despite the common belief that due to its strength some of them once stopped are gone bb)

    for osta what can i say? it’s probably the best thing (next to/and below too-as well, to stuff like trestolone, not rad, the actual trestolone (the 19-nor) which is just an unbelievable shit for working out+in general of course) but on topic, osta would still be my overall favorite, you can Obliterate your joints doing ridiculously heavy compound get away with it, with lgd, all things said, i had no such feeling+recuperation while it was far stronger for muscle building, for healing it was below (not very much but considerbaly-noticeably) below osta, and of the 3 (because i have experience with other stuff, peptides etc) i’d say trest give you lgd gains with additional water, but with better healing (probably due to the heavy aromatization) for the joints, and when i say heaing, to put it into perspective: imagine ostarine, @ 30mg dosage effect and that x5 or more (both the sensation as well as the actual racing undo on damage!) ! –still with the know sides (the trest) , of the 3 (which work quite good stand alones or in combos too) no matter the issue i’d strongly susggest to anyone ostarine! (no serious lifter can go wrong on osta, if you don’t believe me, your joints will, soon ;p )

    ps. been itching somewhat into trying rad, yet from what i read it’s much like dht (zero aromatization, ironically somewhat, i could be wrong but i think that yk11 is a dht derivative=2ble all of the following+not in an ironical statement; in awe of you for flying high in a way with such combo, honestly) that alone (the almost dht nature of it etc) must had been an issue, both on cartilage as well as coping with things in general (since .. ; estrogen=gaba-serotonin enhancement-modulationt= feeling chill unless 2polar history is present in which case any change of any receptor type will affect likely but these probably even more (enter mania or mixed episodes) so while it’s protein synthesis rate would be something out of this world, the implication of potential side effect of aching joints and anxiety is not so very fun (works somewhat preventative for me) —cheers anyways for sharing tho man. honestly

    maybe you want to try osta and lgd? i did, and was fine (tho i used another company, a known one (not sure if i am allowed into saying this or that not getting anything out of it anyways so if i am legally not allowed too in general then f.by any angle!)

    wish you all the ultra-best,

  9. Hi JD,

    Love your site,

    Would you do this stack if you weren’t on TRT? Would this shut you down to a point which would prolong recovery? I’ve tried LGD before and had great results as far as strength and weight were concerned – although I had aching nuts the whole time I was on it just from 10mgs per day. I noticed that I started to get lethargic after about 3 weeks so I discontinued use… This was about one year ago, so i haven’t gone back near Sarms – Now that I’ve found your post, it’s raised the curiosity to try these two in your article.

    Just wondering your opinion on this:)



    • lethargy is common on a lot of things, your body is growing and your under stress. The chemical actions are changing. I liked RAD140 and YK-11 stack much better myself, it was all clean muscle mass without bloat. SARMS pretty much are steroids, designer type steroids that still need a recovery but don’t shut you down to the same degree

  10. JD,
    I have been on the stack for 4 weeks and doubled my dosage after week 1. I have to wonder if Proven Peptides shipped you something different than they did me because I have gotten ZERO results. I am a 49 year old male and have been lifting steady since high school. I am not a novice to training or supplements. You did get one thing right, it does taste like battery acid.

    • I ran this stack awhile back and have not used them in a long time. I got results from it, sorry your experience is different

  11. Just wondering if I stack MK-2866-RAD140 -MK-677-LGD-4033-YK-11 would i have greater muscle gainz pls help with what I can use

    • no, it’s way too much and you’ll far exceed the point of diminishing returns. Gaining over 20 lbs on anything including steroids in an 8 week time frame is just unrealistic and not going to be actual tissue gains, pick 1-2 of those to stack and get everything you can out of them, you’ll get the same thing as taking all of it

  12. I am trying to run the most potent stack for losing the most fat while increasing strength. What would be the most potent stack using sarms. Here are some of the sarms Ive come up with:

    Rad 140
    YK 11

    • Yes, a PCT would be necessary since test levels are going to be higher than normal while using it. I personally did not feel lethargic at all on this

    • purity testing is done through many different facilities, I know if you purchased from proven peptides they’ll send you an analysis spec sheet if requested. I haven’t messed with them in awhile though, I don’t even know if that place still sells these products or not -JD

  13. Good day!,

    I read your article and it’s very well written and informative. I’m a 49 yo male whose been lifting for a number of years and have seen a steady decline in muscle growth and increase in body fat %.

    Can you please tell me how the 30 day cycle of RAD and YK looks compared to doing a traditional steroid cycle? For example, do i start with 5mg each of RAD and YK in the evening and then 5mg of each in the evening?

    Are they taken together or do I stagger them during the day? YK at 7am, RAD at 8am and so forth?

    Do you have to taper them when you come off the cycle or just rely on PCT?

    Sorry, I threw allot at you. Appreciate whatever you can tell me.


    • I hate taking things throughout the day because it’s easy to forget. I just dose all at once myself, in the morning before meal 1 I just take most of my supplements. I used those together at the same time if I remember correctly, I think or 10mg is a little low, I would go 20-30mg RAD-140 and at least 10mg/day of yk-111, although I bumped mine to 20mg a day after week 1, I felt good on that stack and had great strength gains

    • Also, yea you’ll get results but it’s not steroid type results, don’t believe the hype. They work, they can compliment anabolics, but as a standalone nah man, not the same. And yea, a PCT would be good, I would come straight off and go directly into PCT

  14. Question, I’m very interested to try to run the stack. But I’m thinking about stacking RAD140 and YK11 with cardarine and Mk677. What do you think?

    • I wouldn’t do the mk with it becaise you’ll pack on a lot of water weight and eat yourself out of house and home on mk-677, I think it would negate the good quality muscle and ability to keep lean while stacking rad, cardarine, and YK, this is just my take on it and I wouldn’t personally use MK while using the others

  15. Hey john, so I’ve been running 30mg rad, 10mg YK11 for the last two weeks also been on sr9009 for a month or so now and I’ve gotten some hot flashes. I posted about this on reddit and everyone came at me saying I’m dumb and my liver is going to be shit and I’ll be surpressed. I don’t feel any more surpressed than when I ran YK11 solo at 10mg. Do you think I’ll be okay? I just don’t want any permanent liver damage. Thanks 🙏🏻

    • Reddit is full of fucking retards, I cannot stand that stupid site!! Everyone on Reddit thinks they’re a fucking expert and it’s all a bunch of jerkoff kids that don’t know their ass from a hole in the fucking ground.

      Yea, hot flashes, you’re fine. Welcome to the world of hormone manipulation, roll with the punches and get the gains man!! If it’s too much and you’re sick feeling or it’s causing u not to get to the gym or function normally then stop using it, otherwise…onward to victory! -JD

  16. I am interested in the following:

    Losing the most fat while gaining the most strength.

    Would the following be a good stack:


    Let me know if this is a good stack. Would you add or takeaway any of these sarms. Also would you run it for 8 or 12 weeks. Thanks

    • I wouldn’t use cardarine and SR9009 in the same stack, they’re too similar and it’s overkill. One or the other, and keep rad140 and yk11 in there -JD

  17. I plan on running this stack at 15mg of rad and 10mg of yk for 8 weeks.

    Do you recommend I take a liver and or on cycle support while on this stack?

    Is red pct still a good post cycle choice?

  18. RAD 140 is already one of the most popular and modern SARM in the heath supplement market. RAD140 + YK11 stack is absolutely an effective method to gain muscles and lose extra fat from your body. Thank you so much for sharing such a newest information regarding these SARMs with us. Great article!

  19. I have tried a lot of the most popular Sarms and at 57 I’m in the best shape of my life 6’1 220 10% BF -I do 2 days Full Body Weight Days at the gym and 2 days Cardio eat 3000-4000 calories-My take -LGD Great Mass-Strength Gains -15mg-Rad-140 Strength-Dry Striations-20-30mg MK-677 Muscle -Strength gains – 20mg-Sr-9009 pre-workout -25mg-Ostarine-Strength-Size 20mg- Mk-2866 -20mg-Next is a 6 stack Sarm Beast-Have done Kong-3 Sarm Combo- I prefer single Sarms as it’s easier to dose appropriately and I typically do a 6-8week cycle with -4 weeks on a PCT Novadex -I have tried 5 different sources and find Sarmtech and Narrows Labs/I will probably be using these until I hit 60 then just use creatine-Glutamine-Test-Boosts-Protein ,,BCAAs and alpha lipoic acid -I will also do 15mg Mk-677 before bed and do 6 months on 2 months off then 4 months on-I also have 2 Black Belts in Kempo Karate so SR-9009 for endurance is incredible/with a 4 hr half life I take the Stenobolic 1hr before training-S.P. Colorado

    • Appreciate the input man, and glad to hear that you’re kicking ass, especially with those stats!! Most dudes don’t hit those stats anymore when they’re half your age right? Nice work!

  20. I just got this stack that you recommended.
    The dropper only measures in ML.
    How many ML is a 15MG and a 25MG?
    I tried searching online and found a bunch of different answers.

    • It should be dosed in mg per ml. You need a 1cc insulin syringe, or if it came with a dropper then a full dropper equals 1mg.

  21. Hello JD, i just ordered that exact stack, oral capsules tho. Not running a test base, should I be worried of getting suppressed/shutdown? Already have clomid in hand, recomended doses for PCT? Also ,any tips in general?

    Thanks in advance!

    • You would be getting shut down even with test base. So no, not necessary with SARMS since they act similar to test in the body, but you will need a brief PCT afterwards. No need to go crazy on it, but 50mg daily of Clomid for 20 days would be a wise idea

  22. Hey John,

    Great info! Appreciate all the wisdom of your experience with these SARMs.

    I’m on week two of a rad 3omg /ldg 4033 15mg/ yk11 10mg stack. I’m also on TRT 200mg a week. Other than an uptick in endurance and strength not seeing much yet. I don’t lift but kickbox and mma ×5 days a week. How long did it take for you to start seeing some gains in mass and decrease in BF? Only side effects thus far is tad more on edge and increase of resting heart rate.
    I’m taking liver aid of course and also wondering if the TRT will decrease chances of suppression? Any feedback would be appreciated!!

    • You aren’t training any differently now than before, you probably WILL NOT SEE MUCH because you haven’t changed anything. How would you know you weren’t stronger if you don’t lift weights? Look at food and training first, without those where they need to be you just won’t see much. Thanks for following! -JD

      • Thanks JD!

        I’ve only been back to training for a month after a long hiatus due to cancer. So this training is new and intense. I wake up with the full body, hurts so good. I have achalasia as well so my diet is always at a deficit as I can only get down soft foods and liquids. 90% of my protein intake is clean protein shakes.
        The strength of my strikes and the wincing of my sparing partner’s upon impact is how I’m gauging if stronger.

        When should the stack be kicking in?

        Thanks again!

  23. Hi JD, I have done a number of stacks with great results, I’m thinking of running this stack with Cardanine also at 20mg a day whilst cutting not a large deficit but more for body recomposition. Thoughts?

  24. Hey JD, Matthew here again after the RAD-140/ YK-11 stack, and I’ve got to tell you it’s really insane. Couldn’t get past 74kg before, sitting at 83kg now but not very lean. Now i need to do cutting and could use your experience. How much time should I wait since this last cycle and what sarms to take? Im taking Clomid for 10 days now, another 10 to go, will probably do some blood testing. What about Ostarine/Cardarine? 20 days after the PCT is too soon? Should I do maintenance diet in between? Just some of my doubts. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

  25. I loved rad140 and yk11. Now I’m trying 20mg rad140 and 20mg yk11 with 450mg test and 250 deca per week. Hopefully this will prove as effective as I researched and believe it will be. I was really suppressed on just the sarms but strength was way up and visible physic change. Looking to capitalize outdated and the size of deca and joint relief.


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