Clomid 101

Clomid was probably the first mainstream recovery drug to be used by bodybuilders. Its original intended usage was to stimulate ovulation in women with fertility issues by causing the pituitary gland to release ovulating hormones.

Now, where does this come into play when it’s used as a recovery drug by male bodybuilders?

You see, when you’re on a cycle, your pituitary gland eventually stops sending the signal to your body to produce luteinizing hormone (or more commonly known as “LH levels”) since it’s detecting higher levels of testosterone and/or testosterone derivatives.

Most steroids are either testosterone or testosterone derivatives.

Where Clomid comes into play the most for bodybuilders is that it gets the pituitary gland to start producing your own testosterone levels again by stimulating that luteinizing hormone as well as another hormone called follicle stimulating hormone.

In layman’s terms, Clomid basically gets your nuts kicking again.

Some men take Clomid during cycle as a SERM (selective estrogen receptor module) to prevent estrogen from binding to receptors.

This isn’t as common as taking a SERM such as Nolvadex, and honestly neither of the two are really the best method anymore since the introduction of aromatase inhibitors.

You’re far better off by preventing estrogen levels from rising in the first place, which is why it’s a better idea to run Arimadex, Aromasyn, or Arimistane.

Clomid has been shown to have a positive impact on cholesterol levels by producing higher estrogen levels in the liver while on cycle. As a lot of you may know already, higher testosterone levels can have a negative impact on cholesterol values.

I don’t know anyone personally who uses Clomid for this issue to be completely honest here. It’s common use is more for when the cycle is discontinued and you’re trying to get your own testosterone levels to bounce back.

Some men will use Clomid on its own to elevate their own testosterone levels. This isn’t as common as it used to be but it’s practiced by some. In a therapeutic setting I’m not as familiar with Clomid as it’s use for post cycle recovery.

See also: The Importance of PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

From my own personal experience Clomid made me feel like shit. You wouldn’t think something that was supposed to stimulate your own testosterone faster would have that effect, but it did on me!

I used Clomid back before learning about HCG (which in my opinion is superior to Clomid for PCT). Clomid was like a necessary evil with me. I hated the way it would make me feel but I knew it would only help me recover faster.

Clomid would make me feel depressed and irritable. I’m assuming it was the introduction of something that shifted my hormones that was mostly to blame, but maybe it was just the nature of the drug itself.

I’m no Doctor here, but all I know is I felt a lot better when I used other products for recovery such as Nolvadex and HCG. I eventually ditched the Clomid for PCT.

Why do I still advocate Clomid for PCT then? It’s because I know the method behind the madness for the guys who want to recover and take time off between cycles, and the guys who do not have access to other products for recovery.

I’ve stated this before, a lot of what you’ll need for adequate cycle recovery is based on what you had used for a cycle and how much of it you took. Clomid was good enough for me when I ran my first 8 week cycle of testosterone and I recovered pretty quick.

After my first few runs of gear I stopped using Clomid and began using tamoxifen for PCT and eventually Arimadex after I learned about aromatase inhibitors.

Some guys don’t have issues with Clomid and it’s pretty much something you’d just need to try for yourself. Like I stated above, the amount of any PCT drug is dependent on what was used and how much of it was used.

For most low dose to moderate dosed cycles all I usually recommend is 50 mg/day of Clomid for 3 weeks.

You want to begin Clomid 2 weeks after your last injection of a long acting testosterone like Testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate, or Sustanon (since some esters in this blend are very long acting).

With shorter esters like propionate esters you’ll want to wait about 5-7 days after your last shot to start Clomid.

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24 thoughts on “Clomid 101”

  1. Good information. Great site!. Where can I purchase quality HCG, Nolvadex? I’m currently using SARMS-GW510516930MG), LGD 4033 (20MG)( which has ArimiDX 25mg). Otasbolic(25MG). Starting to feel a better but I’ve noticed softer erections and testicles not as full. Any suggestons

    • Thanks for the great article. It’s very informative 👍. I’ve read a lot of success stories. It’s always a good idea to have a PCT on hand just in case. So happy I found in google “PCTGET365” 💪 and got Clomid and nolva. PCT is optional but recommended by most for all cycles.

  2. hey john,i am really so happy that i found your website since i start searching about PCT.

    i have questions please i have been searching for long time about gino
    every time i start cycle i get lump next to my right nipple and sore if i touch it and the nipple start to get wider.

    i took aramdex just before i stop my cycle and then i continued taking it with clomid until i felt its gone
    few month later it comes again i stopped my last cycle on NOV2015 and i was on test booster and ZMA for awhile after as my test level was very low and i think that what make it comes back again this test boosters…

    Some one advice me to take femara 2.5 or laterzole i tried both of them for a week take one tab everyday it get better and it come back again as it was before.

    now i wanna start my next cycle on july2016 as am preparing for competition in the end of the year
    i have been off cycle since NOV2015 to be honest i don’t know what to do

    shall i start or i need to get rid of the nipple problem first or what shall i do am totally lost i cannot wait to stand on stage again and at the same time this is making me worried and depressed

    please i need your advice :
    -how can i deal with this lump next to my right nipple and the sore when i touch it ?
    -is it gonna be forever like this which mean i will never stop taking aramdex or femara or there is different solutions ?
    -shall i start my cycle and my preparation on july or i need to stop for awhile or there is something i can do tell i start or even during my cycle?

    thank you so much and sorry for writing all that.
    hope that i can find some answers that can help me

    • the tissue will not go away without surgery. All you can do is suppress it with AI’s or letrazol (femara). The issue you’re going to have is aggravation from cycling AND aggravation from test levels dropping. It’s one of those things where you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Honestly the best form of prevention is keeping stable test levels as naturally as possible unless you want to have the tissue removed (I’d also recommend having the gland removed altogether if having surgery). I would keep to a regular intake of Arimadex twice a week of 1/2mg per dose, that tissue isn’t going away without surgery, all you can do is mask it and suppress it for now

  3. I am 65 my testosterone before starting cycle was extremely low. When I started my estradiol shot up out of sight. I tried nolvadex and felt like crap. Now I’m taking anastrozole .5 mg daily and 500 mg testosterone Ethenate weekly should I stop or just keep injecting until I die. I make almost no testosterone and convert much of what I inject to estradiol. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Inject until you die. There’s no going back now, better off being a jacked old man than acting like a neutered dog right? You’ll need to get your AI dwn to keep estrogen in check but it might take a little trial and error. I pretty much take mine based on how I feel, if I feel off I usually know it

  4. JD,
    Sure you get this question all the time. I am 40 yo new to all of this. At my age what is the best beginning cycle? I am 5’9” and dropped naturally from 215 to 190 I am 12% body fat with an athletic/muscular build. I am a lot smaller than I am fucking use to(hate it) But with a family history of high cholesterol levels (currently 217(shit). Doc tells me I am in great shape and I eat clean but its just my family history. So looking for a clean bulk/ lean slow bulk to mass up and lower cholesterol. Not a fan of stretch marks. Don’t want to be Dewayne Johnson but i do want some clean size with out all the dam side effect. Id like to get back to a sold 210-215 lbs and shredded. Whats the safest newbie cycle? Should I old school Arnold it? or has something else came along over the years that is safer with similar or better results?

  5. When I was on clomid for fertility reasons, the doc said I could take it no more than 7 times, in my lifetime, because it causes ovarian cancer. It also partially calcified an ovary. You SURE you want to be messing with this drug?

  6. Taking divided daily dose of 50 mg its got me very lethargic and irratible. Been on pct for 6 weeks first time in 4 years…feeling lowwwww

  7. Hi John:
    Thank you so much for providing this wealth of information. I today just started your ” 1 Vial Steroid Cycle for Beginners” the only difference is I am using the TestE300 instead of TestC. The protocol is the same.
    I have Arimidex 1mg. Do I need to use it with this cycle? If yes what protocol. I do not have Clomid or Nolvadex for PCT. Do I need to get something for PCT for just Arimidex will be enough?
    I am 35 5 feet 9. I weigh 165 lbs and body fat is 9%. Thank you again

    • HCG is a more effective way to run PCT WITH clomid if you have access to HCG. But with just the 1 vial cycle clomid will work, but in a perfect world blasting HCG at 2500iu /wk x 2 weeks post cycle is more ideal. 1250iu 2 times per week x 2 weeks post cycle is a good protocol, use that on top of the clomid -JD

  8. John:
    Thank you for your prompt response. I have a few followup questions. Hopefully I will hear back from you.

    1- Clomid to be used is 50 mg/ day or 100 mg for 20 days?
    2- Should I be taking Arimidex with my test cycle 10 ml of Test E 300 for 8 weeks? Thank you.

    • If myself I’d just do 50mg day x 20 days. U weren’t on an aggressive cycle and no need for overkill -JD

    • And arimadex isn’t necessary for most guys on 350mg as week of test but it can’t hurt. Just keep to 1/2 mg 2-3x a week, even twice is probably good enough for most ppl , thanx for reading-JD

  9. Hii john.
    I purchase straight from underground and no bull. These two book are great. But i have a question. If i use clomid or nolvadex or hcg for sperm production or fertility is this be a good idea or not.
    Please reply

    • Yes, that’s pretty much what a fertility specialist would script out, only they would charge an arm and leg for it!!!

  10. I mean is this help in a man to get a woman pregnant if his sperm low. Or to get a women pregnant if her ovulation egg is low

    • If sperm count is low. If the deal is on her end then she needs to take something and be seen by a doctor. I don’t know enough abt females to provide an answer on her end

  11. My pituitary gland is abb normal I was on test cyp for 2 years and my estrogen would sky rocket and i was playing the game with crashing my estrogen come to find out my lh is the problem…. Till I found HCG well doc had my on it trying get fertility going well my insurance needed after a perfect year of morning wood great sex happy life with the wife I needed another prior authorization they cut me off my body crashed again so I made the mistake in taking a test shot again knowing how my body worked … Doctor says your going have pay out of pocket big money for it now I can give u clmoid in mean Time 50mg dayx30 days

    Then the doctor was going to buy it and have me come in …. He says u have wasted my time have u been using HCG with test this whole year I said no I haven’t I wouldn’t

    He says I can look on national list see what I’ve taken my old doctor was giving it to me to stock up in case something happened so I be allright not have go find it . I told the doctor I have every bottle. He kicks me off doesn’t want listen

    The clomid not giving me enough of the Lh I can feel no morning wood or an up an down good week a bad week….. I need some help finding good HCG

    Or a good doctor in mass Endo clomid just not helping can u do a form on Nova explain how that works …. Or HCG how to no if it’s real .

    • Not sure where you’re located but without insurance you’re usually looking at a price tag of about 150-$200 per month for test, arimadex, and HCG from a wellness clinic. They usually make you enroll and charge a monthly fee to be enrolled in their “club”. On a side note, your doctor sounds like someone who I would punch in the fucking face.

  12. Hi, I am 58 recently had prostate surgery, taken out. Test is slightly low at 350. Doc wants to see O PSA for several bloods in a row before TRT. Been training for 30 years, a little break last year and now. with whats going on. On clomid 50 mg every other day, About 1 month now, no sides other than the craziest dreams, alot being sexual and crazy. Libido up, have a hard time driving when I see women jogging in yoga pants. Gained some pounds, but was down because of surgery. Still have side effects from surgery, ED. Desire is raised. Will continue another month, see what happens. Everyone is different. I think we have to all find a good Doc and try different things. Stay Healthy

  13. Great article and good questions/responses.

    I’e been on test for about 6 years. Usually enth…Some months Cyp. I have in them years added in things. Anavar, Dianabol, Turinabol and some HGH too. Obviously not altogether. Although the HGH I did use with the pills too. My LH and FSH are at 0.3nmol and have been for quite sometime. I have noticed a drop in libidio, energy and just general motivation for a little while now despite the test shot, which is usually dont every 5 days@ 150-200mg approx if enth and every 7-10days if Cyp@ approx 150-200mg. I don’t swap the test out every week. It’ll be enth for 16 weeks and cyp for 16 weeks etc. My estrogen level was high and my cortisol levels were low on my last blood test.

    Do you think adding some HCG in on cycle would be a good move? I’m currently 34, 6’2, around 100kg.

    • HCG is going to increase estrogen unless you’re using an AI with it. I prefer blasting HCG once every 12 weeks or so, and yes I use arimadex while I’m hitting my HCG blast. In between though, I try to stay away from AI’s


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