Why testosterone replacement therapy and low dose steroid cycles kick ass!

I've used many different steroids and I've ran many different dosing schemes throughout the years.

I think in the end, low dose steroid cycles and testosterone replacement therapy is the very best way to cycle steroids for quality muscle and longevity!

If you're in bodybuilding for the long-haul then testosterone replacement therapy and low dose cycles are a great way to go.

In this podcast I give you my views on the negatives and positives of steroid use and my idea on the best way to use steroids.

There is information on using anabolics that people aren't sharing with you.

It's always “You shouldn't use steroids because of…” but never explained in detail by real life experience.

I'm not here to tell you what you should do, but what I can give you is the exact low-down on what to expect from using anabolic steroids and how to use them in the safest manner possible in order to stay involved in bodybuilding and health for as long as possible!

Thanks for listening and as always, TRAIN HARD! -JD


15 thoughts on “Why testosterone replacement therapy and low dose steroid cycles kick ass!”

    • Well fuck, I’ll try to fucking tone the God damn shit down then so my fucking words don’t hurt your fucking ears so much. Shit man, thanks so very fucking much for listening to my shit you Son of a bitch! Keep training hard as a motherfucker! -JD

  1. What’s your thoughts and feelings about athletes switching over to vegetarian diets? I watched this documentary on Netflix about power lifters and even Arnold switching over. I feel like people get to where they’re at by eating meat and eggs and what not. And now they’re switching over to vegetarian and claiming they shoulda done it all along. Thoughts?

    • Arnold is a walking contradiction, always has been. Yes, he has great genetics and probably the best physique to ever grace the planet, but he’s full of fucking shit…bottom line. In one of his books he said something to the effect of “No more than 3 eggs per day in the diet (for some odd reason he couldn’t explain) and in that documentary he was talking about in the past with “12-15 eggs per day”

      That documentary probably has a few things we can take away from it, but come on man… you buy into that bullshit for real? Connor McGregor didn’t lose to Nate Diaz in that one fight because he was weighed down by too many steaks, hahaha, what a bunch of fucking shit! Those documentaries zone in on a very small handful of people who have won something and try to convince you that plant proteins can build insane amounts of muscle and improve everyone’s performance and it’s absolute nonsense!

      Why can’t they show us sample diets throughout the day for bodybuilders? Oh yea, that’s right, they never could! I take this stuff with a grain of salt. Are there some things such as improved health markers, cholesterol, better heath? Probably so. I could see myself taking breaks once in awhile from meat or red meat, maybe once or twice a week and seeing how I felt now that overall size isn’t my main goal anymore. Am I swallowing the performance aspect of it and muscle building aspect whole? FUCK NO

  2. I love this podcast because your where I’m at. I recently stopped Hard juicing and I did it for so long my test was way way below normal. So I got on trt. It works great, I’m definitely above average, my doc even lowered mine a pump a day because my test was so high. I’m still 5’7″ at 110 lbs when I’m not working out and I jump right back to 225lb after 2 months in the gym.

  3. On TRT myself and am now cycling 400mg a week for 10-12 weeks a couple times a year. Normal dose is 140mg a week. I’m at roughly 12%-13% body fat now and want to hover around 10% ish. What’s your take on the best time of cycling at these doses for cutting on the diet vs caloric surplus to gain muscle mass. When to cut calories and add them pertaining to the cycle? I usually run a 500-800 caloric deficit with 1-2 higher calorie days in the week and 200-300 caloric surplus when my body gets tired of dieting.

    • eat higher cals when you’re running 400mg, cut back on dose when you’re trying to cut up, personally speaking I’d drop back to 200mg/wk and use another compound with test such as equipoise or primobolan, maybe some anavar. I wouldn’t go higher on test when cutting, all you’ll do is hold water

  4. I John,
    I am portuguese and training for ten years now. In your opinion is better ten week cycle with 500mg week of testosterone E or 250 mg week of testosterone E and 250mg week of deca durabolin.
    Thanks bro.

  5. Hi John just listening to your trt pod cast

    1 I was one of them stupid dick who took steroids with out any research I just listened to a fucked steroid junky
    Who gave me tren test& clen with no pct which makes me more stupid I’m currently proscribed reandron 1000 once every 12 weeks would it help if I took an extra 1 ml of test


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