3 Things Alpha Males Should Never Do

I’m going to talk about a few ways that will help you avoid the bullshit.

All or these things revolve around trying to give in to people’s fucked up ways in order to keep peace with people you shouldn’t even give a fuck about in the first place.

Some people just aren’t your type of people, and normally that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people.

But let’s not forget, some of these people try to make you feel like an outsider because you’re not like them.

Who really cares about acting like an asshole to appease another asshole when you should be rising above that? Alpha males don’t.


Did you order a steak medium-rare that had the shit cooked out of it? SAY SOMETHING! Don’t pay for something you didn’t order, have some balls and speak up. After all, it’s your money!

Do you have a waitress that is being a complete bitch? Tell her to get you a new one so you don’t need to look at her miserable face any longer!

Are you getting treated like shit because you don’t represent a certain demographic? Then don’t give them your business any longer, no matter how good the food or coffee may be!

Let me give you a brief story on a coffee shop I used to frequent. Outside of this coffee shop there sat a rainbow umbrella, which was obviously some sign that gays were welcome in that establishment. Every table in this coffee shop had either 2 men or 2 women sitting together.

Most of the people in this establishment were “alternative people” with a bunch of tattoos, ratty looking hair, a face full of piercings that looked like fishing lures stuck in their lips, you name it and they were in there.

But you know what? They had great coffee! I honestly do not care what someone does, dresses like, who they’re with…


Maybe people think a bodybuilder walking into a coffee shop in a Gold’s gym tank-top is out of place so who am I to judge?


Because I didn’t represent the same crowd that was in this establishment I was treated very rudely. Degenerate looking fucks with scraggly beards, covered in tattoos, with those giant holes in their earlobes that are so big you could stick a Bic pen through, all treated me like absolute shit!

I would pull up front in my Audi, park my car, walk in wearing either gym clothes or dress clothes, and immediately get treated like garbage because I wasn’t representing outcasts who had to be extreme in order to find a sense of belonging.

I would order the most expensive cup of coffee they had which was a $6 cup of a Honduran blend that was out of this world! Every time I’d order it I would do the same thing; I’d hand the lady a $10 bill and throw the $4 change into her tip jar (because every broke hippie tips $4 on a $6 cup of coffee right?)

Now, before you get to thinking I’m all high and mighty here, this was a treat to myself and not a regular practice. Every once a week or so I’d treat myself to this.

I’m a very generous tipper normally, until you piss me off. And I usually try to give people a couple chances before I let someone have it for being an asshole!

I began realizing that every time I dropped a $10 bill on coffee and threw a $4 tip in the jar to a cashier, I would continue to get treated like shit. NEVER ONCE WAS I TOLD “THANK YOU” FOR THE TIP.

The last time I did this and realized it was the owner who was cashing me out and treating me like shit, I put my hand back into the tip jar, removed my $4 tip and put it back into my pocket.

She looked at me and asked me to not take money out of her tip jar. I responded by saying ,”First off, every time I come in here I hand you a fucking $10 bill for your most expensive cup of coffee and I TIP YOU $4 EACH TIME FOR A CUP OF GOD DAMNED COFFEE.



The point to my story here is that this bitch just needed to know. Where most people shy away from this sort of issue and even wonder what the hell is the matter with them, I confront these sort of issues and let people know they’re being pricks.

And do you know what? It feels good! Don’t put up with people’s shit, even if it costs you money. But here is the most whacked part; we live in a society that wants you to feel bad for rising up and standing up for yourself.

But here is the irony of the entire situation most of the time; they’re the ones treating others like garbage and when you call them out on it you’re the asshole.

Regardless of why or how something happens, I say to stand up for yourself and let people know you’re not going to put up with bullshit!

Don’t shy away from confrontation when you’re being mistreated. Once you get into the habit of tucking your tail between your legs you will always revert back to it in order to keep the peace.


Don’t frequent places that degenerate losers frequent!

If you walk into a Wal-mart and something or someone pisses you off there then whose fault is it? It’s yours, because you know how that place is, and you decided to still walk in there!

So don’t get mad when shit happens. Oh I’m sorry, other places are more expensive? Then learn to make more money to live the way you want to live and avoid some of the nonsense!

Just last night I took my wife out downtown for a few drinks. The main area of town where we usually go out was closed off for an event, so we had to go to a different bar/restaurant in another section of town. She started talking about going to this draft house.

I’ve been to this draft house before and it was fairly decent since they had good IPA’s, but it still attracted bullshit people, so I told her I was in the mood for a more upscale place.

Instead I went where I wanted to go. I wanted to go to a nice lounge with top-of-the-line service and a better atmosphere. Remember, do what you want to do first and let women come along for the ride.

Besides, doing what you want to do is really what they want to do too, they just don’t know it sometimes. When you do that enough, she’ll always do what you want because she trusts in you to make good decisions.

So we went to this other spot. Inside was a lot of stonework, custom lighting on the walls and ceilings among a darker atmosphere.

Do you know the type of places where the lighting specifically illuminates the tables and bar areas but aside from that it’s generally dark? Yea, one of those places.

Places where MATURE women go, not broke college kids looking for cheap draft beer (no offense, I’ve been there before too).

So I rarely drink alcohol anymore, but when I do it’s usually Kettle-One Vodka and club soda. Kettle one is smooth and it’s a much better buzzed feeling. It’s a smooth and steady good feeling, and the next morning I feel fine from it.

My wife ordered a prosecco. She thought that her prosecco was a little weak so I told the bartender to replace it with another drink instead. He happily replaced it at no charge since she didn’t like it.

I thought to myself ,”Now here’s a guy who fucking gets it, this guy is already getting a decent tip from me.”

The bartender was regularly checking in on us. We ordered shrimp and he made sure it was satisfactory with us. I asked about the new flavors of Kettle-One vodka and he happily poured samples of all 3 of them for both of us (BTW, the cucumber/mint Kettle one is the cats ass!).

So my wife drinks a few drinks, gets some shrimp, and starts feeling pretty good. I felt pretty good myself. The bill comes around and it was twice as much as most other places.

I had absolutely no problem with that. The service was twice as good, the food was twice as good, and the atmosphere was 10x better compared to most other places.

Do you know what else was good? The quality of ass and respect I got that night. On the way home she actually told me that she noticed that every woman in there broke their neck looking at me as I walked through in my suit.

She also felt good because every woman seemed to stare at her as well. Women care about what other women think, remember that one. When they get a new outfit or a purse they want other women to envy that, it’s not for guys.

If a woman gets reassurance that she looks good and dresses well then it lifts her mood up. That mood will directly turn into a better mood when interacting with you because she already feels more confident.

60% of how a woman feels actually has nothing to do with you at all. So I try to provide an atmosphere that takes care of the other 40% so I can get 100% out of any woman.

The long-short of this all was that I was willing to pay for a better atmosphere to avoid bullshit. This in turn, had a positive impact on her mood and how she performed for me later that evening.

I can honestly say that most guys would have to pay a lot of money for what I get. But a broke mentality wouldn’t get you what I get either. A broke mentality will get you a chick from the draft house with genital warts.

Is that what you want? I didn’t think so!

So the next time you go someplace ask yourself if it’s quality or if it’s a bullshit place with bullshit people. If you avoid the bullshit your day will go much better. Your mood will be much better.

The quality of ass will be better and you’ll sleep better!


What separates you from the pack? Ask yourself why someone would want to notice you in a crowd of people. What about you is going to gain respect from people?

If you’re dressed like shit then nobody notices you. If you’re built like a pile of shit then nobody notices you.

If you have no confidence and eye contact in conversation then guess what? You’re every other guy to me. If you have a weak handshake you’re bullshit to me!

If you want to actually display alpha power and confidence then you need to have power and confidence first! Otherwise all you’re doing is putting on your costume and playing Halloween every time you go out in public!

Real alpha motherfuckers will see right through this!

Always remember that how you dress begins with your body first. Broad shoulders, a tight waste, and big arms will draw attention and command respect from people. When you dress nice on top of that it will command more respect.

What 2 things should REAL MEN value? That’s right, SEX AND RESPECT!

Confidence is knowing that you’ve put in the work to command the respect.

It’s when you can walk up to any fine looking woman and start talking with great eye contact. It’s when other men and women compliment your build and how you’re dressed.

Once you put in enough work to command respect then everything that an alpha-male should display will become a part of your character!

Now, I don’t want you guys to get confused here; yes, I’m a happily married guy. When I talk in terms of other women, I’m speaking in a manner that suggests that I still try to remain appealing to women so the person that I’m with respects me more.

Just ask yourself what would make you stand out to someone in a crowd of people. What would make you a true alpha in a world full of betas and omegas?

Because once you have all of the qualities of a lead dog, then that crowd of people won’t even exist anymore, it’ll just be background noise!

Separate yourself from the pack and start standing out! – JD

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17 thoughts on “3 Things Alpha Males Should Never Do”

  1. Great article but I have a few questions for you.
    I have stage 3 kidney failure and have not been able to find anything to help it get better. I just started panax gensing and CBD tabs with pure powder no additives but will use oil next, I have also incorporated organic greens a powder mix I drink every day.
    Getting back into the weight room is hard since I have asthma, had a stint put in am on high BP meds, I believe all my problems stemmed from my asthma, shortness of breath and oxygen but still pushed things beyond normal limits all the time in the gym and at work.
    If you know anything that could help the kidney problem get better or a natural blood pressure alternative that work I would appreciate it. I know niacin works but long term not sure about that and some amino acids work but in medical setting through an IV and mega dosed,LOL.

    Thanks, Les

  2. I remember going to a club that had a $50 cover charge on New Year’s Eve. The girls that showed up were sexy as hell! Always like going to a fancy place.

  3. “What 2 things should REAL MEN value? That’s right, SEX AND RESPECT!”

    Great article!

    Real-life authentic manly stuff and not fluffy regurgitated beta shit.

  4. Awesome article brother.

    These personal posts are always a good read.

    This year I bought my first suit. A well fitted navy blue from Suit Supply. I gotta tell you guys out there, there are very few feelings better than calling up your hot gf and telling her you’ve got a date planned and that you expect to see her in her best dress. Then seeing the look on her face when she sees you in that bad boy suit!!

    Girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man, Not only that but I’m a 27 year old dude with a baby face. When im dressed in just jeans and a nice shirt I get average treatment…but when I’m in a suit I can go to the best restaurants in the city and get treated like a king! Everyone respects a man in a good suit, especially when you got a ripped physique and a cool haircut.

    There’s more to life than bodybuilding and one of them is presenting your hard work in its best package. Of course you can get by being average but man why would you do that when you can be treated like a king?


    By the way, I started testosterone 3 weeks ago. I live in Mexico and can walk into the pharmacy and get pretty much anything. Decided to pick up some Sustanon 250 and arimidex. Man I felt an immediate benefit from the test. I woke up the very next day with a rock hard erection. Not only that but I had a lingering cough that I couldn’t get rid of for the previous 4 months!! Within 3 days on test the cough was completely gone. Dunno if it was actually the test but it sure as hell feels like it cause I feel like a million bucks.

    Gotta question though, I’m on just 250mg of the sustanon a week. You think that’s a good dosage? And I am not using the arimidex yet. I just want to see how the sust effects me before jumping on AI.

    So far I visually don’t see any additional water weight or acne. No puffy nipples or anything like that either. I’ve done a few cycles before and can get a tiny bit of gyno whenever I come off the test.

    You think i should just start using the AI now or hold off until I notice increased estrogen?

    Btw I plan on using the testosterone long term. I just feel like total shit without it and its legal here without a script so why not!!

    Thanks John

    • use the AI throughout, make sure you’re injecting that sustanon 2-3x per week also, it has propionate in it, the release of prop is quick, you gootta go at least twice a week with sustanon, 3x a week is actually better. If you only shoot once a week you wont be getting full benefits of it, and sustanon can aromatize easier to estrogen than straight testosterone since those long test esers like decanoate and enanthate are in there

      • After I wrote my comment, I dug through your site and found some of your comments about sustanon. I can’t say I’ve felt up and down or had anything negative happen, but if I gotta inject more than once a week for the best benefits of trt dose then screw it!!! It’s twice as much as test e anyways!

        I went to the store and picked up some test e.

        Would you still recommend the arimidex at just trt dose?

        • Dialing in estrogen is tricky, much harder than dialing in test levels. What I usually tell people to do is use 1/2mg of adex mon/wed/fri as a generally safe “fool proof” amount. However, if your sex drive gets fucked up, your joints hurt, and you feel like shit, then chances are you’re crashing your estrogen levels, crashed estro can have some of the same symptoms as low T. But also with joint pain, almost an arthritis feeling.

          But yes, begin with this dosage while using sustanon and in the future I’d switch to a single ester test for TRT purposes-JD

          • I still have the receipt for the sustanon so i shall return what i bought. I was interested to get an immediate boost from the short acting testosterones which I got, but you’ve convinced me to switch to the single ester. I picked up a bunch of test e. I will be starting that next week. 1 cc (250mg) per week.

            Been juicing on a carnivore diet (milk, butter, beef, eggs) and holy shit am I lean as hell and filled out at the same time. I’m loving this combo!

            Thanks again Brother

            Thanks brother!

          • I was never a big fan of sustanon myself because the ester release never felt steady to me. One day I’d feel up and up, next day I’d feel so-so. Just my take on it -JD

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