You Don’t Need a Damn Thing But a Gut Check

Do you want to build an impressive physique? Then this is what you need: discipline, food, and high intensity workouts. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course there are things out there that can help you, but there are a ton of bullshit products out there too.

But, let's just set the record straight here, you don't NEED them to build a great physique.

We live in a world where everyone thinks they need something to take in order to get started or get decent results. Well, ask yourself a few questions before you tell me I'm full of shit. Have you ever stuck to a diet for at least 10-12 weeks? This means eating clean foods, below maintenance calories for leaning out, or been disciplined enough to eat more than maintenance every day for gaining? Have you been dedicated enough to stay the course and actually see a good 6 pack of abs? Or are you one of these yo-yo guys who wants to be shredded one week, and then falls off the next? Honestly answer this question and then tell me I'm full of shit.

The problem people have now, is they want to rely on everything else but themselves. It wasn't THEM that had a killer arm workout, it must have been the NO Xplode. It wasn't them that got cut up, it must have been Clenbuterol. It wasn't them that bench pressed 300 lbs, it was the prohormone.

Quit relying on everything, and quit spending your money on false hope (supplements). Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you I don't use anything at all, but I'm a different case. I'm far beyond my genetic potential, and in my situation I do need something to continue to grow or hold the same level of size during a diet. But, I don't use much.

As a matter of fact, the first 6 weeks or so of my diet I don't use anything other than my normal hormone replacement dose (right now half of that). I'm already looking in a condition most people won't achieve before I start taking anything, and then the results keep on coming. I just see no point in using anything until the body cannot help but become a little catabolic.

Take away everything besides my weekly groceries and I'm still going to look damn good. I'm going to get results either way because I fight for them. This doesn't come easy, and no bottle of magic powder or pills is going to replace hard training and a disciplined eating regimen (be it cutting, building, or conjucate training).

It takes dedication

I can't even begin to tell you how many guys I know that are using generous amounts of anabolic steroids and look like shit. I look at these guys like toxic waste dumps, all of those steroids and still can't even hold a candle to some natural guys who bust ass. Or how many fat kids are gulping some newest “pre-workout” in hopes to look like Superman. They aren't eating chicken 3 times a day. You know why? IT TAKES DEDICATION! It takes work. It takes planning, busting your ass, and sweat… PERIOD!

Nobody wants to do the hard stuff, and this is why they fail to achieve their goals. Nobody wants to do as many pull-ups as they can until they hit 50 reps. Nobody wants to deadlift 500 lbs after they just got out of work, or do walking lunges across the gym. It's really no coincidence that all of the ones doing these exercises have the best physiques.

Multi-vitamins… if you don't have them it's not the end of the world. I've gone plenty without them, and I didn't suffer a damn bit. I've gone a few weeks without protein powder, didn't hurt me any (I think I actually got stronger).

What you need is a gut check.

You need to focus on this like every day you need to give it your all. Most of the times you claim you couldn't eat right, I'm willing to bet you didn't really try. It's easy to use things as an excuse. “I had to work so I couldn't… or “I had to go pick my son up so I didn't have time to…” I bet if you really put effort into it you could have done what you made an excuse about.

Good physiques don't come easy, you need to bust your ass for this. And the first thing you need before anything else is a gut check.


3 thoughts on “You Don’t Need a Damn Thing But a Gut Check”

  1. I do not take protein powder anymore, I get some buddies asking me what brand is good to buy and I tell them it is not necessary. Yes it can make you feel as though you are more serious about lifting because you’re spending extra money on it, but in the end it’s all bullshit. I went totally raw. And guess what? I started to grow better, because I stopped relying on some shit supplement, and just ate more instead. Nothing is magic, you don’t need “Unleash the Beast XX Anabolish Muscle Harvester”, you just need you. And a slice of lets do this shit!!

  2. Wow.
    This is an awesome article.
    I believe this is the last push I needed to finally stop being
    A couch-potato and to really start busting my ass to success.
    I’m taking an ought now to continue working out and shaping until I will have a body like a Greek god.
    I promise to return with pictures in a few months.
    Thank you and please keep posting stuff like that.

  3. I completely agree with this article. I’m 21 and naturally training for 1 year. Its all in the mind. I never eat breakfast then I go to work, sometimes I don’t even eat for lunch and then I go to the gym and I just give it all I got, I do them heavy deadlifts, pullups, behind the neck press etc, I’m getting close to 315 lbs bench press. I just go in that bitch and and lift until I see black spots in my sight. I’m not eating a lot but I’m always progressing in the gym and getting stronger every week cause I have the discipline and the determination to do it. Some just don’t have discipline to fast 16 hours every day and 24h once a weak or to get under 250 lbs after work. I’m glad I have the mind to do it, cause now I’m shedding my lazy estrogenic adolescent fat and put strength in my arms. But then After I hear some dumbass who train like bitches claim I’m on juice or whatever (not that there is something wrong with that)… no friend, I’m just working harder then you.


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