SCT Training, Nutrition, and Steroids

Super Conjucate training, what is it? Let's first look at the word “Conjucate”. By definition, CONJUCATE means ” to join (two or more substances) together, especially in such a way that the resulting substance may easily be turned back into its original components.”

The two or more substances in this case are strength and muscle definition. You always hear people talk about how you cannot get big and ripped at the same time, but they never talk about how you can get ripped while staying big. While I partially agree that it's extremely difficult to grow and get leaner at the same time, I disagree that you cannot get cut without losing size, you just need to know how.

The trick to SCT training is to eat lean and mean, but to not allow your body to go too long in a catabolic phase (catabolic means to tear something down, in this case muscle).

Now, how do we go about doing this? Well, unconventionally of course!

#1 – We aren't going to overdo it on cardio, 3 times/wk at 20-30 min/session max!

#2 – We are going to include higher calorie cheat meals twice/wk instead of just once.

#3 – We are going to systematically put the cheat meals the day before a stubborn body part (or a body part we want to grow more). For example, if chest is what I'm having trouble with, then I'm going to eat that high calorie meal the evening before I train chest the next day. Remember that food is anabolic, the more food we eat, the more anabolic we are. So I'd probably eat some pizza or something the night before. The next day I'm going to be on fire in the gym. I will be stronger and my muscles will be fuller. Then it's back to dieting hard the next few days.

Training/eating this way will help you balance out your physique. It gives the weaker body parts the extra push they need to catch up. As for your rep scheme, I personally keep my reps higher, but I may try to do slightly lower reps and heavier weights on that day. Maybe a couple exercises of 6-8 reps on whatever I'm trying to increase.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can be another useful component to SCT training. IF means to give yourself a shorter window to eat, while fasting for a lengthy period of time. For example, you don't eat your first meal until noon, and your last meal is at 8 pm, therefore you have a 16 hour fast in there. This has worked well for me in the past, and I still do it on occasion. Usually I train on an empty stomach, then eat my first meal around 11 am, then cut it off at 8 pm or so.

Intermittent fasting became more popular by people who cannot eat as clean, so they limit their feeding time frame. If you can do it and eat clean, you'll get results faster. I don't use it as an excuse to eat a bunch of bullshit. Intermittent fasting is something I may throw in there a couple days a week, but I don't do it everyday. You could certainly do it for the first couple weeks of your diet to kick start things and get the ball rolling.


Call it gay or whatever you want, but I take care of my body. The sauna is a good way to sweat out toxins and get the joints feeling good and loosened up. It's also a great way to keep off excess water weight PROVIDED YOU DON'T EAT HIGH SODIUM AND JUNK THE DAY YOU HIT THE SAUNA. The body loses water at a rapid rate from the sauna, so the first thing it wants to do is hold a shitload of water when it gets it again. How does it hold a shitload of water? Sodium intake my friend. So it basically makes no sense to hit the sauna for 20 minutes and then go eat a bag of potato chips that night, you follow me? Keep it clean the day you use the sauna.

The jacuzzi is for the soreness and it just feels good to me. I don't use this shit everyday, once in awhile though. If it comes down to 20 minutes of cardio or 20 minutes of the sauna, you bet your ass I'm doing cardio.


If you read some of my posts then you'll know my stand on steroids. I'm not suggesting them, nor am I telling you not to use them. What I am doing is giving you the low down on them and explaining what to expect from them and what not to expect from them.

Where steroids come into play with SCT training for myself, is I do not have to use much to get the desired results. Dieting longer and restricting calories too much means you need more of a drug to keep strength gains and hold size. I'm not getting quite to that extreme with SCT training, I can use a minimal dose and stay good and healthy and strong, while achieving my goals at the same time. There is nothing wrong with using basics like test and deca, a couple hundred mg's/wk of each. We aren't walking around with a big dent in our wallets for some performance enhancers here; we are making up any sort of deficit with that fine line between a good diet and training properly.

To wrap it all up here, my SCT training system is a great way to walk around with that fine line between ripped up and big. You may not be competition shredded, but you're going to have a top notch physique with a good combination of size/leanness. You can walk around 24/7/365 at sub 10% body fat and still be big and strong which is much more rewarding than being ripped up for a couple weeks and then back to fat the remainder of the year.

The hard part about SCT training is you're making changes more often and playing it by ear a little more. This isn't a training system where you can just say “I'm going to do xyz for 12 weeks and Voila!” It's constantly changing; it has to. The balance between ripped up and strong is something the body doesn't want. It wants body fat and strong, or lean and weak. But there is a way to do both if you know how.

For more information on my SCT training, email an inquiry on signing up for my SCT training program. You will get specific 1-on-1 guidance and coaching.

Train hard!


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  1. Hi John, I am looking to get big and strong. I am a skinny guy. What workout and diet should I do? I will do whatever it takes. Thanks!

    • There are many factors involved with it, and I can’t give you a simple answer in a reply. I’d look around the site a little more and possibly consider signing on for training for awhile to help you get better results and a more personalized plan


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