How to weed your way through BULLSHIT women!

So I was talking to a friend of mine with which I met on this blog several years ago.

He was talking about all of the nonsense he would put up with when it came to going on dates with these flake bitches.

I offered a little advice to put into action to help him weed through some of the bullshit women out there, since they're everywhere now!

I thought that this would be a great idea for a podcast because I see a lot of guys giving some of these girls far too much credit before they ever show them any substance.

Remember, in order to be held up like a badass you truly have to become a badass first, and a big part of becoming a badass is to do exactly what you want and don't play these stupid games to earn attention.


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11 thoughts on “How to weed your way through BULLSHIT women!”

  1. Enjoyed listening and had a few laughs. Very true as well – just started talking to a woman on IG, after 3 days she says I’m different. every guy on here after a day or two tries to sleep with me like I’m a whore and that’s when I stop talking to them…BAM, winner!! Still some decent ones but way too much BS and games.

    P.S. the lifting strap works great for the broken thumb – big thank you!!

    • Awesome man! Glad to hear you can still train through the injury with the straps. Thanx for the listen and follow -JD

  2. The thing is that now adays 99% of the friggin women out there are like this because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. My theory is that the main cause of their entitlement/flakiness is from the creation of dating/swiping apps because now the apps are too oversaturated with guys (and most of the guys are kissing the asses of the women, even ugly ones get so much attention online)….this bleeds into the real world for trying to date as well because it seems the women have the mentality that they can constantly keep swiping/passing over guys to try and find an even better one. I seriously wonder if even Brad Pitt would be able to get any results because again, women’s mentality now adays is: “Ehh, I’ll keep on swiping on my dating profile because I’ll probably find an even better-looking guy!”

    Another point that no one seems to point out too is: there’s only so much a guy can do, even if he builds himself into a good catch because it has happened to me. I’ve worked hard to be in better shape/better looking/good personality than the majority of other guy in my area, but still to this damn day even I can’t get a date from these stuck-up bitches out there (and it’s not just the really hot ones, I’ve seen most ugly women too have the bitchy/entitled mentality now as well), so it’s like a guy can’t win

    • Yea man, it’s difficult to find women that are worth the effort now, it’s not worth the effort to just land mediocre or sub par matches -JD

  3. I’m 49 almost 50. I still get women from 18-40’s. I’m not all that. I’m “cute” to most women, but Bald (shaved head), and 20lbs over a 6-pack. I do dress good (classic timeless classy any age), have good hygiene, and smell good good. But in the end what sets me apart is my extreme alpha attitude combined with sweetness, charm, and kindness toward women I want to fuck. One minute I’m pulling out her chair for her and the next I’m beating down some dude in the street who assaulted her. I’m cocky and arrogant but towards women I want to fuck and am fucking I’m a gentlemen. But most importantly I don’t give a rats ass if she leaves. I’ll just go fuck someone else because my phone is getting blown up. I don’t need to cheat nor do I need to control a woman. She gives me any shit and I’m done. I ditch her and tap that next ass without any drama or unkindness. Just we are done baby, sorry and thank you. Within a few months she comes back for a familiar fuck. I get messages all hours of the night “Come make me squirt”. Now if you saw me you’d call me a liar because I’m nothing special but it’s my attitude. My confidence. If you want to weed out the bullshit women learn how to be attractive enough to women so that you don’t have to settle for bullshit from any one woman. Not on the outside only. Women don’t stalk me because I’m hot on the outside. They stalk me because of my alpha attitude and gentleness. So fill your life with women. 1. Numbers game. Don’t be a pussy.. Hit on everything that moves that you could see yourself fucking. Online, Instagram, FB, grocery, gas, Not marrying or dating. Fucking. 2. Don’t be a pussy when you get rejected. Invite rejection you’re a god damn man. means you’re trying. someone will fuck you eventually. Takes practice 3. Learn how to seduce women. Touch, kindness, listen, passion, and aggression 4. Get them to fuck within a 1-3 dates then once or twice more in a couple days. Then they’re hooked. 5. Then learn to make them cum, a lot. make them cum.. not you. I try to make them cum like they’re pussy is having a seizure. Basically don’t be a selfish prick. You learn to do that they’ll be lining up and you won’t have to settle for bullshit women.

    • This my friend, is a man who has it all figured out. But one thing I disagree with, be selfish! They exist to make you happy. It doesn’t need to beobvious selfishness, I’ve found that when you do things you want and provide quality entertainment they enjoy the ride! They’re just along for the ride, you provide the stimulus and enetertainment. You can’t lose that way! Great response, I like you already! -JD

      • Overall I agree 100% brother. Once a woman is in to you she should treat you like a king. Although I will say a guy could just make a living off of fucking women who fuck around on their pussy beta bfs or who are constantly fighting with and breaking up with their alpha bfs. Then you don’t have to worry about whether they are bullshit or not. Love your site brother. Keep coming with the podcasts,


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