Fat chicks are miserable (It’s NOT just what’s on the inside that counts!)

So I’m going to admit something here; I’ve had a real problem getting along with fat chicks lately.

We are living in this age of immature and entitled bitches who are looking at males like buffoons. And do you know what?

Being nicer to them only makes them act worse!

I thought really hard about my negative interactions with a few females lately, and the more I thought about these experiences, the more enraged I became.

You see, I believe in treating people the way that I would want to be treated. I don’t walk into establishments thinking to myself ,”Ok, who can I get in an argument with today?”

Now, the issue with trying to stand up for yourself and knock these entitled cunts down a few notches is that almost any way you do it, you’re going to be the bad guy.

That’s right, you’re the steroid ridden asshole who cannot hold his temper and feels the need to lash out at everyone!

So you really need to be careful at how you interact with some of these females, because all of the beta guys will join in with the feminists like a pack of wild & dickless hyenas!

It’s not just the way they act towards men, it’s the way they act towards REAL LADIES TOO.


Fat chicks are just angry at the world.

They’re pissed off they’re not getting laid, they eat poison that makes them feel sick, they have worse hygiene than slender girls (due to inactivity and horrible diets) and they feel like they deserve more than they’re willing to work for!

Fat bitches are the worst!

If there is anything worse than a hot looking gold digger we’d all fuck the hell out of, it’s a fat gold digger that most guys wouldn’t touch with a 10′ pole and someone else’s dick pushing!

But some stupid motherfucker is treating this fat bitch like a queen, spending ridiculous money on her, and giving her this impression that she could get any guy to do that for her!

What’s even worse is that some guy who supports a gold digger COULD GET A HOT WOMAN since gold diggers primarily care about money and material bullshit, YET HE CONTINUES TO STAY WITH THIS MISS PIGGY LOOKING BITCH!

Now, I should have known better than to go get food at this place I went to a couple days ago. I broke one of my own rules, and that rule is that I either cook my food or go somewhere upscale, but no middle ground eateries.

The reason for this is that I don’t feel like paying money to be treated like shit. So much of this story is my own fault for walking into this shit-hole to begin with!

I was totally spent from my workout and I needed to hit the grocery store before returning home, so I decided to stop at one of those sushi bowl establishments to grab a bite real quick before getting groceries.

This was a big mistake.

Every girl who worked in there had a face full of metal and looked like that gigantic fish that keeps taking lures, but breaks the line every time and swims away with more lures stuck in its face!

So all you have is this fish with a face full of fishing lures swimming around out there waiting to finally die. It’s actually a very similar circumstance here.

The first girl was friendly and I had no issues at all with her. But people are too fucking stupid to make a complete meal for a customer now, so they pass it down a like it’s as complex as a car being constructed in a factory.

Now, here is where the trouble begins with FAT BITCH #2:

She asks me what I want in the bowl and I begin to tell her what I want. We get to the next part of the process and I asked her what one of the ingredients was that I was looking at.

“The ingredients are listed on the counter Sir”, she said to me. So I thought it seemed a little blunt, but no big deal.

I just looked at the counter for the ingredients, which honestly were at such a low height it was difficult for a customer to even see.

I then went to point to something, and the response I immediately got was, “Please don’t put your finger near the glass Sir.”

So now my FUCK-IT METER is quickly rising to breaking point. But still, I let it slide…

We get to the next set of ingredients and she asks which ones I want and I chuckle and say, “I’m sorry, I never eat here and I’m not familiar with everything yet, I guess I’ll just have them all.”

This fucking bitch stands there and stares at me like I’m from Mars. She makes no motion to talk or to put ingredients on the bowl, she just looks at me like I’m some sort of idiot for asking for ingredients.

Now my FUCK- IT METER is about to bust, yet I still remain calm because I don’t want to create some scene.

Next, we get to the sauce where I’m asked what type of sauce I want. I asked what a certain sauce was I was pointing to, and the response I got was “THE SAUCES ARE LISTED ON THE BOARD!”

That’s it, I had enough, SNAPPING POINT! I just couldn’t hold it in any longer:

“JUST TELL ME THE NAME OF THE FUCKING SAUCE PLEASE, JESUS CHRIST! And the entire place goes dead quiet and looks at me. But I wasn’t done yet…

I then said to this fat bitch, “LOSE THE ATTITUDE WITH ME RIGHT NOW!





The girl then ran off to the back, probably to cry. FUCKING GOOD! Maybe she’ll think twice before she talks to men like shit again!

You see, up until that point I had shrugged off her attitude with me, and at times even laughed and apologized for not knowing all of the ingredients. And the more friendly I tried to be, the worse her attitude became.

I’m not going to be talked to like that by anyone, let alone some fat-ass bitch with purple hair and a face full of fucking acne!

Jesus Christ, what was this shit, Rambo First Blood? “Why you pushing me… Don’t push it, I’ll give you a war you won’t believe… LET IT GO!”

When everyone watched what went down it probably embarrassed her… GOOD.

Me? Nah, see I don’t give a fuck what people think of me in some shit-ass food joint run by dumb fucks!

Look over all you want while I put this bitch in her place! Yes, I’m raising my voice, go ahead and watch.


You hear this all the time; “All the large retail stores and chains have driven the small businesses out.” I wholeheartedly disagree.

These business were driven out when the owners stopped giving a shit!

Why would someone return to a business that took their money and treated them like ass while doing it?

Most people wouldn’t return, but the problem we have now is that we are in a world full of soy boys who put up with shit from bitches like this and ask for more!

It’s like these bitch boys are so used to being spoken down to, that they don’t even realize some bitch is fucking insulting them!

So then when someone WHO DOESN’T TAKE SHIT walks in, what does the entitled brat do? She talks to them like shit too!

If you say anything about it at all then you’re being mean nowadays. I say to hell with that.


If you don’t correct this attitude then who will?

Their parents either aren’t there or clearly don’t give a shit, schools have to put up with this shit and cannot do anything about it anymore, and male cops seem a lot more forgiving to females.


Look, I probably can’t fix it, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand there and let some fat bitch talk to me like I’m dirt!

Now, this article isn’t stating that I feel this way about REAL LADIES.

I don’t approach females in a negative manner simply because they’re females.

If some girl hates men because she’s had bad luck with them, I didn’t have anything to do with that.

If some girl is having a bad day and takes it out on me, I didn’t put her in that situation to begin with.

If some fat bitch feels unhappy with herself then she can go hit the treadmill like anyone else would.


It’s not just how men are treated by these whales. They despise other women who are slender too!

They like to reassure themselves that they can eat gallons of ice cream every evening and continue to be happy, and live a wonderful life being CURVY IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES!

We now have terms like BBW (big, beautiful woman).

I prefer the term FAB; FAT-ASS BITCH! (Yes, I came up with that, ie: “Man, that girl is so fab!”)

So I’m in the mall the other day because my wife needed a new cellphone battery. I hate malls.

My wife was wearing a pair of tight, black leather pants I bought for her. I bought them because most girls don’t wear them and most of them cannot wear them! They’re a rarity now, and I like how she looks in them.

Really, I bought the leather pants for me, she just wears them!

So she is waiting outside of this coffee store with my son and stepdaughter.

Sitting near them is this beluga whale who looked like Mama June from that TV show “Honey boo boo”, who apparently walked past my wife and kids, looked at her pants and busted out laughing right in front of my family.

Then she started talking to her fat kid about it. Obviously this was just a sign of insecurity.

She was probably telling her that women in leather pants are shallow and stuck up and that she should be happy and eat more ice cream.

I didn’t hear this, but my family doesn’t lie to me, and they told me about this after I walked out of the coffee shop.

You see, malls fucking drain me. I needed caffeine to wake up from being around all of the consumer-ship zombies in the mall.

I don’t like people fucking with me or my family, and it didn’t help that this was another fat bitch!

So this fucking wilder-beast is sitting on a bench with her fat-ass kid right near where my family was waiting…

After hearing this, without hesitation I walked over to her and asked her a question about a store in the mall.

JD – “Excuse me, I’ve never been to this mall before and I think I’m lost. Have you seen a store that sells exercise equipment somewhere nearby?”

Mama June – “No, I’m sorry, I don’t know where that store is at.”

JD – “I didn’t think so, have a nice day”

Then I joined back up with my family and we all walked away together as Momma June watched. You see, up until that point she had no idea that my wife was with someone other than her kids.

It was a bittersweet shot back at that fat bitch.

You see, it’s not that I enjoy confrontation, it’s that I simply don’t give a fuck about them. Show me a good leader that tucks his tail between his legs anytime he needs to get real with someone rather than confronting the situation?

It’s not a matter of “it’s not worth it” or “letting it go” so you don’t fuck up your day. It’s how you look at these situations and get past them. You just handle the situation and you don’t let it fuck up your day!

You just carry on without missing a beat!

So just know that it’s not just men that these fat women hate, it’s good looking females too!


Guys who think like this are simply not confident men. They constantly reassure themselves that most women are out of their league and that fat bitches are the only pickings they have!

So in order to feel better about feeling as though fat chicks are all they can pull, they tell themselves that fat chicks have good personalities and skinny/fit women are stuck up snobs.

I’ve actually found it to be 110% the opposite. Fat bitches are miserable!

I’m not saying all of these girls are miserable, but as a whole I’d have to say they’re pretty miserable.

Do you like sex? Fat people are worse at sex and don’t want it as much. Yep, it’s true for both men and women, the less in-shape you are, the worse you perform!

Oh hell yea…give me a chick that out-weighs me and crushes my bladder trying to ride me, that’s what every guy wants right? FUCKING BULLSHIT!

Do you like licking pussy? Would you rather lick pussy between some fit chicks thighs or some fat chicks thighs?


Yea, you see, maybe this is something you haven’t thought about yet, but there is a little more sweat and friction going on with a fat chicks legs. There is a little more odor going on from a bad diet and a system full of acid!

Do you like kissing a bitch who has breath that smells like vomit all the time from her shit-ass diet?

I could go on and on, but hopefully by now you get the picture…. FAT BITCHES ARE MISERABLE! 


Yea yea yea, all girls want is money right? No, you see this is something that out of shape men full of estrogen like to tell themselves, so they can feel better about looking like Santa Claus all year!

Do you think that your fat ass is really making that bitch scream in bed? MAYBE, JUST MAYBE…she’s acting it all out so you continue to buy her more shit and put up with her!

Wouldn’t it feel good to know that YOU MADE THAT BITCH SCREAM IN BED, NOT JUST YOUR WALLET!

You see, fat guys are usually just soy boy sorry asses!

They are always the type of guys to follow a woman around like a lost puppy dog in the grocery stores, to listen to her bark orders about what to put in the shopping cart, to talk on the phone to their wives like they’re talking to a newborn baby.

It makes me fucking sick!

“Yes baby, yes hunnie, awww I miss you so much baby, yes ma’m, I will be home really soon with everything you want me to buy for you, bye bye!”

I mean, not only are these guys acting like bitch made fuckers, they’re acting like bitch-made fuckers with these whales who put in ZERO EFFORT TO BE APPEALING TO THEM!

If I go to the gym and try to take care of myself and eat right, then why should I settle for some elephant who sits around all day eating Pringles while barking orders at me?


Becoming The Bull ebook

Stop apologizing for being in the gym! Quit softening the blow for some fat bitch with an attitude who wants to measure how her dick sizes up next to yours!

I say to get those muscles and get those chicks who feel good about themselves. Get those chicks that are fit and have flexibility, so you can twist em’ up like pretzels and fuck the shit out of them!

But for the love of all that’s holy, quit putting up with shit from these fat bitches! It’s contagious and these other chicks are all getting lazier now.

The fat bitches are influencing the younger generation like a Ben and Jerry’s drug dealer! We must stop this epidemic before it’s too late!

So here’s what I’m saying man, get ahead and be the guy that you want to be so you feel like you have some fucking options in life. Don’t put up with shit from fat bitches!

Train hard, for the REAL LADIES! -JD


33 thoughts on “Fat chicks are miserable (It’s NOT just what’s on the inside that counts!)”

  1. Love it. Maybe a little bit TMI there for a moment. LOL

    Haven’t been in a mall in years. And you’re right about nicer restaurants, if I’m going to eat out, which is very, very rare, it’s a nice steak house or sushi.

  2. Hi John Doe,
    I have been reading your material for a while now and always found great value in your work, including Becoming the Bull and Straight from the underground.
    I have been in the gym 3 times a week for years and, like yourself, give the priority to self improvement.
    In other words, I share your vision regarding what it takes to be a man.

    Big but, I am attracted to fat chicks.
    Always have, always will, regardless of what anyone thinks.

    And I now many men you and I would consider men of value who are attracted to thick chicks, BBWs, PAWGs and hourglass silhouettes.

    I am with you on not letting anyone disrespect you but I believe big girls / plus size women / chubby chicks can be as attractive as the fittest ones – even more, if you ask me.

    I don’t believe all girls should try to look like a magazine cover.

    It is just a matter of taste, at the end of the day.

    Remember the young age when you felt attracted to girls for the first time?
    For me, and many men, this attraction has always been more intense when the girl was chubby.

    I agree with you on the fact it all comes down to attitude, though.
    A fat girl can behave like a lady and a fit girl like trash.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Cheers from France,

  3. JD,

    That has to rank right up there among the best articles I’ve ever read on your website. Like you, I always seem to have issues with fat chicks: I can literally count on one hand the number of fatties that I’ve met in my life that didn’t seem to take an immediate dislike to me on sight.

    Nothing to do with my attitude (seriously). I treat everyone – fat/skinny/black/white/gay/straight/etc – with the same level of respect that I want to be treated. But here’s the problem (and I bet this applies to you too): Fat chicks hate, hate, hate guys that are good-looking, confident, in great shape and alpha types. They know they’ll never have a chance to be with those types of guys and they resent us for that (when, in truth, they should direct that loathing to their own slovenly and undisciplined lifestyle choices).

    Great article (although it’s going to take a while to wash out of my mind that part of the article that talks about going down on a fat chick!).


  4. ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,….That was great. What I love are these beached whales that get on dating sites and for body type they will put just a few extra pounds. A FEW, WHO THE HELL ARE THEY KIDDING!!! More like 150 extra pounds! I blame it on the media over the past few years trying to make everyone think obese is beautiful. Remember that mess Abercrombie got itself into and then that fat chick posted a picture of herself wearing their clothes and all the media was all hugs and kisses, isn’t fat beautiful. And then even Ellen Degenerate had to get in on the action claiming big is beautiful,. Yet little Mr. Degenerate married a thin model, not some beached whale so she is just a hypocritical bitch that just rides the wave of Social Justice Warriors.
    We live in a strange, strange time.

  5. I’ve known some sweet heavy girls.. I wouldn’t fuck them but still…. I think it’s more of a socioeconomic class than just being fat. I live in a upper middle class to higher income level area and the heavier women in that class aren’t as angry in general. The women you’re describing sound like those low class fatties with badly died blond hair who live in some white trash trailer park or community.

  6. Honest and to the point and why I have and continue to read your articles and buy your books, Thank you sir for the no Bullshit appraoch it is so fucking hard to find it these days

    • Vlad, I cannot answer that question. Honestly, no books influenced me enough to remember them. I was never a reader AND never a television guy. I was usually creating something in my time. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. One time, in a creative writing class I was given an assignment where I had to describe a dead body but couldn’t mention a dead body. So I made up a story about a guy who would hike through the woods each day to go jerk off because he had no privacy at home. He stumbled upon a dead body one day while beating off in the middle of the woods. I got an A+ on that one, I’ve always enjoyed writing more…true story!

  7. I read somewhere recently that 30% of men and 50% of women that are overweight are mentally ill. Now the definition of mentally ill may have been used rather loosely. Someone feeling depressed to me isn’t the same as a sociopath or someone with PTSD. I get that same feeling of being judged you seem to feel and I am not nearly in your class of being ripped. I think too many people stereotype and get used to being stereotyped. As humans, we are naturally attracted to what looks healthy and can help us create beautiful kids. The bad attitudes some people give makes one wonder. If someone ever says it is on the glass I always say I can’t read and that gets some fun reactions. (I need reading glasses but I don’t always tell them this) Also, the percentage of jerks goes up the closer you are to the coasts of the USA. In the middle of the USA people are much more polite, especially in smaller cities.

    • I don’t care what they think, as long as they don’t fuck with me about it. Think about the reaction you would get if you walked up to a fat fuck and asked them “Do you like to eat cake?” Or what if you walked up to a female and asked if she was on her period? It would be considered obnoxious, so why can people ask a muscular guy “Do you do steroids?” without knowing them? FUCKED BRO…SOCIETY IS FUCKED

  8. Excellent article!

    We need articles like that. Nowadays there are , I would say, no more than 2-3 “manosphere” blogs out there that produce high-quality badass real-life lifestyle stuff like JDB. Hope you will continue it!

    And I’m waiting for the podcasts! I hope we will have the opportunity to post questions that you will answer.

  9. Hey
    I’m all for your physical self represents your mental self and reaping what you sow, but does this really need to be written on here? Sure you can call me a feminist or whatever you want and think you’re more alpha then me or whatever I don’t really care you probably don’t either. All for living your best life too and no BS…. but the first example in the sushi restaurant…: how the hell do you know what that lady had been through that day or in her life. We are all human none of us are anywhere close to perfect and to sit there and write this and people to encourage it just wow people are struggling everyday and to fight and scratch and claw to get to where you want to be is tough and takes a lot of growth and from your articles I’ve read you’ve done that from a younger guy that is scratching and clawing and isn’t where he wants to be yet it hurts to read this for some reason

  10. you know why fat chicks are miserable? because every time I see them, I throw a hot coffee in their face, or something else. I throw whatever’s on hand at the time directly at them and totally bean them and nail them. It’s actually gotten to the point where not I just carried something extra to throw, so I don’t wind up throwing something important. Watch out you fat jerks, cause you’ll get a lacrosse ball thrown as hard as I can directly at your skull and then I’ll yell at you while youre in the ground in pain and in fat.

  11. Dude I just stumbled across this. I am pounding down lunch while working on the road and laughing out loud. :) I had tears at one point ( other diners are staring ) and had to stop reading and forward to several friends. Regardless this is philosophical gold.
    Keep being you buddy, this was a great pearl in a sea of fat ass lazy shit out there.

    • Thanks man, I’m happy I could bring some truth and laughs to your day. That article was written a little while ago….my opinion on the matter hasn’t changed to this day! -JD

    • I’d suggest reading some of my other articles on fat loss after this one, that way men will want you when you’re up “in da club!” -JD


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