Untangling Your Mess and Moving Forward

I'm not saying I have my life where I want it to be, but I've learned enough through experience to know when I'm moving forward or staying stagnant. I operate better on a schedule, and not a day to day schedule that was pulled out of my ass at midnight the night before either.

I see so many people nowadays just sort of winging it through life, and it's sad when we lose touch with reality and life becomes text messaging and cyber world everyday.

A lot of you computer experts may pick up on my blog as being a little informal at times. Honestly, I'm just not a computer guy. I fucking hate them actually. I have never really taken the time to learn much about them. It's not because I'm not smart. I just don't like things that deter me from the path I walk. This PC is my way of reaching out to you, plain and simple. I do this because I love it and I love helping people.

Most people do not plan out their day very well. It sort of goes something like this…

Wake up to the 3rd alarm, stumble out of bed, sip my coffee while I fuck around or check emails, maybe I'll eat and maybe I won't. blah, blah, blah… There is always Burger King on my way to work. Get to work 15 minutes late, bullshit around, text back and forth when I can get away with it, go to lunch and stuff my fat face, go back to work and fight off sleep, text again and again, surf YouTube in between getting 20 minutes of actual work done… Get off work, grab a coffee, run into so and so at coffee shop, make last minute plans to go out that night. Arrive to bar 15 minutes late, hold a half-assed conversation in between texting, talk to some drunk who won't remember me tomorrow. Wake up hung over and bitch to my coworkers about how I need to get in shape for spring but nothing is working!

That is seriously how most people operate. And guys, the reason why a lot of you are single is not because you have anything wrong with you at all, you have just risen so far above the bullshit that good matches for you are few and far between now.

Now, here is how I think life could be more fulfilling.

Make a schedule and try sticking to it. Wake up to the 1st alarm because snooze ain't giving me enough time to fall back asleep anyhow, so WTF is the point! Hit the coffee pot and make it my goal to be out of my house within 15 minutes of waking up.Take my ass to the gym and give myself EXACTLY 1 hour to train. Hit the shower, go to work! Get off work and take 1 hour out of my day to learn something I'm interested in. Whether it's a book, martial arts, researching health and nutrition or whatever, I'm going to learn something that day and not just be another fucking drone! Go home, eat dinner. Make my meals for the following few days as well. Clean up a room in my house, it doesn't have to be the whole house but I'm going to pick 1 room out and make it spotless (by weeks end the house should look pretty good). I may read some more and then go to bed at a set time. I just find life that is scheduled to keep me on my track better. Most guys I know who are military or ex-military live this way, and it works. I've found that ex-military make some of the best training partners, because they value shit like discipline and being punctual.

I'm not saying that I'm perfect or that I live this way everyday, but I know this is a better way to live most of the time. So many people are just flakes to me, and my association with them does nothing to benefit me. Don't let people like that bring you down. You can't surround yourself with this type of bullshit, its better to hang alone if that is the case.

If your life feels cluttered and your mind isn't clear, then my advice is to simplify things. A good way to start is by making a schedule ahead of time and trying to stick to it. And if something brings you no benefit and you cannot learn, toss it out. Do not keep distractions around in your life. When you start to actually feel more rested and more at peace with yourself, you'll know that slowly but surely you're breaking away from America's bullshit.

Start putting emphasis on the quality of your life, not the quantity. Stop worrying about money so much, you probably make plenty to live off of, quit wasting it on meaningless bullshit. WTF are you paying $100 a month for television for? Do you enjoy most of the shit that is on TV? Are you learning anything off a reality television show with a bunch of fucking rednecks making moonshine or killing alligators? Ditch all of this useless garbage and open your mind up. Life is just so much more enjoyable when you break away from this sort of shit.

Start untangling your mess and move forward today! Step by step you can find peace within yourself, but you will never find it with short term material rewards.



7 thoughts on “Untangling Your Mess and Moving Forward”

  1. Hey JD,
    This post is so true. Nothing happens by accident. This is why you are a champion bodybuilder. This is what I try to get through to many people who I try to help and all I get for it are replies like, so you think you are so perfect. When that is said, I usually give up on the person. I do not have time for quizzlings at all. What you outline here is what makes certain individuals successful while others become part of the candy ass rat race.

  2. I definitely agree with this post. It is one thing to have the desire to succeed, but unless you have a plan, the correct methodology to succeed, and the consistency to stick to that plan long-term, there is no way you are going progress.

    Keep up the good work.


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