A Typical Morning In the Life of John Doe

I usually never sleep late and the morning time is my most enjoyable time of the day. When I wake up in the morning I basically have 2 choices; live like everyone else or prepare to kick ass that day! I choose to kick ass…

I have found that people who have daily routines tend to perform better and perform better consistently.

As soon as I get out of bed I have a small cup of coffee. It's already made and on a timer. If I'm dieting hard then the coffee is always black, I forget about common comforts in life like cream in my coffee.

Will a little coffee cream take away my abs? No it won't, but the real question here is “will this help me?”

I do not watch television or read the newspaper. When it comes to a lot of current events I'm in the dark, and this is how I prefer to live.

To some people I may seem stupid for being unaware of things, but I prefer to live in a world that I enjoy and that I create for myself.

Since health and fitness is a major part of my life I don't feel like I'm wasting my time with any of it. Most of what I do is part of a life I've created for myself that revolves around something I'm passionate about.

After about 30 minutes of answering emails and writing it's time to eat. I will prepare my breakfast and during this time I will take all of my supplements.

Most of what I take is consumed all at once with the exception of a fat burner which I take twice a day (once in the morning and again late afternoon and I also drink an additional cup of coffee late afternoon if I'm dieting really hard).

I don't take a fat burner all the time but when I'm dieting really hard it definitely helps. There is usually a gap between noon and 3:30 – 4:00 pm when my energy levels drop and I feel like I need something to help wake me up and also to help suppress my appetite.

This is where the additional cup of black coffee and additional fat burner come into play, ESPECIALLY WHEN COMPETITION PREPPING!

Supplements & Prescriptions I Take at Breakfast Time

(Hey, I'm just being honest here)

  • Simvastatin @ 10 mg (for my cholesterol as I'm on TRT)
  • Lisinopril @ 5 mg (primarily a blood pressure med, but doubles as a kidney protectant which is why I use it)
  • 1,000 mg of Metformin w/ breakfast (to help with nutrient shuttling)
  • 4 – 5 iu's of rapid insulin (to control blood sugar and double as a pre-workout nutrient transporter)
  • 7.5 mg Cialis (used for well-being, sex life, heart health, and increased gym pumps)
  • See The Big Benefits of Cialis for Bodybuilding
  • 5,000 iu of vitamin D3 (Essential vitamin we take in from sunlight, primarily for mood purposes)
  • I take a joint supp as a staple and it's even more crucial during dieting when joints are dryer/more vulnerable to injury
  • Multi-viatmins
  • Digestive enzymes (take 1 cap with each meal throughout day)
  • a fat burner
  • 1 scoop Myobuild 4x amino powder by Muscletech (I normally consume 4 scoops per day spaced throughout the day).


Exceptions to this regimen are the additional fat burner, aminos, digestive enzymes w/ meals, and any other insulin I take during the day.

When I'm dieting I can get by with much less insulin. I try to keep the bulk of my insulin use around the workout time. It's common for me to use 4 – 5 iu an hour pre-workout and an additional 4 – 5 iu post workout.

Insulin use CAN make you gain fat, but not when timed primarily around workout time and dietary fats are extremely low.

After breakfast I take a shower before going to the gym. The shower helps wake me up more. In all reality I'm really preparing to go to a job.

This lifestyle, this website… I take it seriously. Yes it's a job that I enjoy but my time in the gym counts for more than just “play time.”

If I'm representing health and fitness then I need to perform at a higher level than average Joe who hits the gym to just bullshit and converse with people.

A lot of people would look at my list of supplements and pills and think I'm a junkie. Well let me give you a wake-up call here… those who look like they perform on another level? They do what it takes to perform on another level!

I get blood work done on a regular basis and I know exactly what is going on with my body. I have 2 different Docs, a chiropractor I see almost weekly, and I get deep tissue massages on the regular.

I am currently injury free and have been injury free for the past several years in the gym. My biggest issue in my 20 years of working out was a brief period of shoulder joint pain from impingement, which went away when I stopped doing heavy overhead dumbbell presses.

Back to my morning routine.

I drive to the gym and the day becomes a mission. My mission is to conquer and annihilate in the gym. It's almost just as much of a mental release as it is a physical one. I actually need the gym to calm down, physically and mentally.

Gym time almost always ends at 12 noon. From that point I'm either going somewhere for my post workout meal and eating outside if it's nice, or I'm going straight home to eat if I'm dieting more strictly.

From this point in the day forward, it's pretty much working online/with clients while fulfilling family responsibilities.

I pick kids up from school, all of the normal “adult shit” you're supposed to do.

I'm the designated cook and grocery store runner at my house, and despite eating different than my family does, I do cook “normal food” for them. Sometimes I sit down at the dinner table and watch them eat, just to be part of the family but not stray off the diet.

Also, to be totally honest with you guys, I spend a ton of time having fun with my family.

Activities that a lot of people only do once in awhile we do on a regular basis. I sometimes work from my phone while doing these things.

If I'm sitting down to wait my turn at a bowling alley I may be answering an email. I'm occasionally talking to clients while driving someplace. My workday is really no set hours, it's pretty much whenever I'm not sleeping but in between things such as family time.

The entire days attitude starts with my morning mission, ALWAYS!

I can wake up and float through life like everyone else or I can make each day count and kick life right in the ass!

In true no bullshit JDB spirit, honestly I need to go eat now.

Article done, over and out! – JD

PS – I do online personal training and coaching for bodybuilding, physique and people who just want to get in great shape! Check out my training packages here.


14 thoughts on “A Typical Morning In the Life of John Doe”

  1. Hey john how are you doing. I love the website. I got a question though I recently took super Mandro and andro the faint for 4 weeks. I got a little strong but what I think is weird is that now that I’m on my pct I have gotten considerably strong just taken post cycle 3 by vital labs up on lift average 30 pounds since starting pct. would you have any idea why . Thank you your site and books are great.

    • Thanks. Sometimes this happens, even on steroids. The best way to sum it up is that usually right after a cycle your hormones begin falling back into the “sweet spot” where the body utilizes everything more. I have found this to be short lived though

  2. Jesus Christ, Sorry for that, but I’m thinking both you are a junkie and insane :) Intake a lot of shit is not a good point, but you know…

    • Does a race car use regular gas? I can understand where you’re coming from as someone looking in from the outside, but if you were to compare the blood work of someone who lives an ordinary life to most people who exercise and supplement their daily lives, you’d find that there would be a vast difference. It’s a pipe dream my friend, all this granola eating, “clean living and take nothing” is all a giant pipe dream

  3. Another great article; I get a ton of motivation from your stuff. Kind of random question about your supplement regime: I’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about digestive enzymes regarding timing (some say you need to take them 20-30 minutes before a meal). Just wondering your thoughts here.
    Keep up the great work

    • I’ve heard that as well, I honestly take them if I remember. Some meals I don’t use them just out of being forgetful. I just pop one right before a meal, don’t really time it 20-30 min before. I also take acidophilus twice/day to help with digestion and the promotion of good bacteria in the body as well

  4. Joe, I’ve been taking Red Burner the past few weeks and absolutely love it. It has great appetite suppression effects, but isn’t as harsh as Lipodrene (no jitters, no headaches, less of a crash). Keep up the good work.

    By the way, you said you answer people’s emails and questions early in the morning, so I’m curious, what is the name of the social media plugin you use at the bottom of your posts (the circular facebook/twitter/google)and the email catcher that pops up when I’m about to leave your site? I’d really like to add them to my site. Thanks.

  5. Its good to have an insight into your day! I always find that when my morning routine is good then the rest of the day will also be good and productive! The best part I liked was “I prefer to live in a world that I enjoy and that I create for myself”, totally agree!

  6. Thank you so much. You tell it how it is with no b.s.. You are a real person and you help me out alot. I learn alot from you. I look up to you. Thank you for being you. We need you. Please dont ever stop keep doing what your doing. Every day I read some stuff you write it helps me deal with life. The info you provide is great really intelligent. Thank you for turning the fat kid from Florida into a ..hulk… aka REAL MAN. That loves his self now and loves his family and who takes care of all his shit the way a real man by providing, gratitude,love, integrity, and protection. You make me strive to be the best dad,husband,friend,man I can be. I just wanted to let you know you are helping and touching people’s lives. You are a hero in my eyes. Keep being you and stay real. Thank you so much

  7. Why is it better to eat 5_8 times a day instead of eating 3 times a day but with a real good portion and everything you need in those 3 meals. Thank you
    Dustin F.L.

    • For starters your body can only utilize so many nutrients in one sitting, but aside from that it keeps your metabolism sped up and honestly I’m just hungry all day!!


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