The 300mg Triple Stack Steroid Cycle

The 300mg triple stack steroid cycle is a way of cycling anabolic steroids that allows you to take advantage of using gear while keeping training and diet as the priority of your plan.

Training intensity and consistency, paired with a solid diet, prevails over any cycle one could run! It’s very important to remember that and put it in practice no matter what type of cycle you’re running!

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Show Notes:

[0:01] Intro – This podcast concerns training, diet and anabolics while training for the look you actually want.

[1:00] Training – Get outdoors for different types cardio and away from the unnatural environment of climate controlled gyms when you can.

[8:00] CrossFit as a form of training and, while not my cup of tea personally, how it influenced the development of my Shredded Ops and Let The Blood Spill routines. Check those e-books out if you’re looking for something a little more intense and different than your normal routine.

[8:30] Diet – You can’t outwork a bad diet. Learn to identify elements of different types of training that work to build the look you like and how to change up your diet and workouts while still remaining consistent with your routine. Figure out what’s missing from your routine.

[14:30] Gear – Today I see an over reliance on steroids. Steroid cycles with low to moderate dosages like The 1 Vial Steroid Cycle for Beginners. Is Testosterone really the king? Guys dealing with side effects from their first cycle. Are they getting bad advice? Prioritize training and nutrition over gear.

[23:45] The 300mg triple stack – Combining 3 compounds at 300mg each per week to stay under the 1000 g rule. Choosing different compounds that could be used in low to moderate doses to stay around 300mg each per week.

[30:00] Training and running gear in a way that doesn’t break down your body and hinder training and growth. Taking a break from compounds. Bodybuilding and still living a lifestyle that you can look back on and feel good about.

[40:00] Finding the levels that work for you to get what you want out of bodybuilding without compound hoping and using big doses. The importance of blood work and why you should be getting it done regularly. Monitor your liver values and taking a liver support supplement like TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) or Irwin Naturals Liver Detox & Blood Refresh. Keeping your organs happy is necessary for longevity in bodybuilding and life.

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  1. You are a legend bro, helping me so much with all your knowledge.

    Wish there were more guys sharing such great stories.

    Keep going!!!


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