Spring Into Shredded Transformation Competition Results

A few months ago I posted an article for another transformation contest that I wanted to host, this time with prize money along with supplement vouchers for the top 3 placings.

The top 3 finishers all had one thing in common:


I didn’t need to babysit these guys and remind them of anything, they just executed the plan and gave me regular feedback!

When you try to figure out a math problem there are specific formulas you need to use in order to get the right answer.

If you don’t use the formula then you don’t get the right answer.

But I cannot provide the discipline!

Every person that finished the competition had to dig deep.

Also, although I’m only displaying the top 3 finishers here, I had a few guys seriously transform their bodies and lose over 30 lbs of fat in the past 12 weeks!

It’s very rewarding to me to hear about lives changing from the results that guys are getting.

One day I was in the gym myself and I got a text message from one of the top contestants that read, “I’m on vacation with my family and I’m in a tanktop in the best shape of my life!”

Man, hearing that shit motivated me!

It was this feeling of knowing that there are others with the same goals in mind and this common bond we have with working out!

Anyways, I know that sometimes it’s easier to have a goal and a deadline in order to do something amazing, so I’m going to continue on with these transformation competitions. Bring on the warriors!



  • Cody won $100 cash plus $50 credit to use at Red Supplements

This wasn’t Cody’s first time dieting and entering a competition with me. This dude jogged to get to the gym everyday and jogged home for his cardio.

Rain… shine… run down… didn’t matter!

He just executed the plan and persevered. I knew he was sticking to the game-plan and he was checking in regularly.

Great job my man, I look forward to your visit out here soon and training together in person and going to get those wings to eat…on me!

Spring into Shredded Cody Starting photos

Spring into Shredded Cody Halfway photos

Spring into Shredded Cody Final photos


  • Zack won $500 cash plus $100 credit to use at Red Supplements

No excuses for this guy, despite having a work schedule that frequently changed from working days to nights.

Zack did an amazing job, and I know how difficult it can be working long hours and swing type shifts.

But when you want something you just find a way to get it done right?

This guy shocked me with his photo submissions and it was an extremely close call between 1st and 2nd place for me to judge.

It also looks like he has some decent posing down already to display that incredible transformation!

Great job Zack, keep killing it.

You look like you’ve gained muscle AND lost fat here! Congrats!

Spring into Shredded Zack Starting photos

Spring into Shredded Zack Halfway photos

Spring into Shredded Zack Final photos


  • Blake won $1000 cash plus $150 credit to use at Red Supplements

Here is the initial contact message I received from Blake on April 1st:

“I’m in it to win it brother. First off I want to say that I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win.  I’m treating this like my life depends on it. I want to know what it’s like to train for a competition and to know how to take myself to that elite level mentally and physically.  I trust that you can guide me there.  I have been reading your blog (and now listening to your podcasts) for the last year and a half.  I love your intensity!  You’re not here to mess around and neither am I!  I want to get better and better. This is my next step.”

Blake is a mechanical engineer with a very demanding schedule, wife, and 2 kids. He had been fasting for up to 20 hours a day before we began training together.

I rearranged the diet and it became a crash course for him adjusting meals to meet the extreme demands of winning this competition. But he just DID IT!

No excuses, no bullshit, he did every step of the process for the 12 weeks. Take a look at the before and after photos and let me remind you that this was in just 12 weeks!

Imagine where he will be within a year!

Congrats man, your talk isn’t cheap, I like that!

(It was a very tough call between 1st and 2nd place in this competition. I had to take “before photos” into consideration and evaluate the entire process of these transformations)

Spring into Shredded Blake starting photos

Spring into Shredded Blake halfway photos

Spring into Shredded Blake final photos


Another transformation competition will launch within the next few weeks.

I will post the official announcement in my next article.


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3 thoughts on “Spring Into Shredded Transformation Competition Results”

  1. Seriously thats awesome. Congrats to everyone who had the balls to go through with it. I know there are probably people who see the pictures and think “but on tv i saw it takes 30 days!!!! With ( insert stupid celebrity/fruit/movement). You can tell this is the real deal and if you can grind it out, anything is possible. I also noticed that their body posture is greatly improved, no more forward slouching which has the benefit of looking and feeling more confident.


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