Shredded Ops Workout Routine: a 387% performance increase in just 4 weeks!

I have a follower who shared this testimonial with me from the first phase of the Shredded Ops program.

This is the stuff I love to hear; REAL GUYS BUSTING ASS AND GETTING RESULTS!

Thank-you for your testimonial Devin. I’m looking forward to hearing how your next phase goes and I’m sure your back will be blown up!

The beauty of this program is now you’ll be going through an active recovery and growth phase with your chest from completing phase 1.


Here is Devin’s Shredded Ops testimonial…

“I am highly skeptical when it comes to 90-day programs as I had failed to achieve the physique I wanted with <that other popular 90 day program>.  Don’t get me wrong, <that other popular 90 day program> is a good program, but I hadn’t learned the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise to really get the results I wanted.

I have learned that all programs don’t match all people and that’s why exercise companies keep churning out exercise programs. Also, the body adapts, and it adapts quickly, so I have learned to change my routine every 6-8 weeks.

I was at the 10-week mark on a traditional 5-day split routine when JD came out with Shredded Ops. JD has always given great advice and I have learned to trust and respect his opinion, so why not?

I took the plunge and purchased Shredded Ops and, what the <bleep>, more push-ups? I did that with  <that other popular 90 day program> and didn’t grow much, but wait, he’s alternating with resistance?

This is something different, of which I must try. I bucked up and set myself to start after my last 5-day split was up.

Day 1: I did the push-up test and was able to get 50 whole push-ups out. That means my goal is to do 250 push-ups. I only made it to 209 push-ups before I couldn’t push my body up anymore.

It took 14 sets to get to 209 and I was willing to go as long as it took to get to 250. My body just gave out.

A 387% work output increase in just 30 days!

Day 30: Fast forward 30 days and I go into meditation when I do push-ups as I’m there for a while. I did 810 today in 10 sets and was disappointed that I couldn’t do more, but my body just gave out.

That’s a 387% increase in the ability to do push-ups in 4 weeks.

What has it done to my physique so far?  I’m still trying to cut body fat, which is why I started Shredded Ops at 18.7% body fat, 35” waist, and 194.7 lbs.

One month in and I’m 17% body fat, at a 34” waist, 197.4 lbs.

The strange thing I have found is that my body wants to GROW with this routine and it’s a constant struggle to keep at a deficit with the diet as my body keeps screaming for food.

I expected to cut fat while trying to maintain muscle, but I’ve been surprised at my body’s response and I’m just going with it.

If I’m adding muscle while cutting fat, I’m happy with that.

I’ve put on a solid inch on shoulder and chest width, ¼“ on my calves (very telling for me as my calves are hard to grow), ¼” on forearms,  ¾” on upper legs, and upper arms have stayed the same but gained definition as I’ve cut fat (I expected arms to shrink).

My core is much stronger. I went from struggling with 100 reps of ab exercises to “is that all?” and now do around 250 reps. The push-ups are great for the core.

Why this is working for me? I am not genetically gifted and I am middle aged, so no “young buck” syndrome.

Intensity, Intensity, intensity, and adaptability: I hear JD’s voice in my head telling me I haven’t failed yet and to keep going “you pussy”.

Upper parts of the pyramids are always to FAILURE. Push-ups are always to FAILURE. If I am in the gym, it is to FAIL, as I have learned you can only grow on past FAILURE.

I leave my phone in the locker. I watch people go through their motions at my gym to hit the magical 8-10 number with little effort and then sit on their phone for 5 minutes while expecting to magically transform.

I use an exercise app on my smart watch, so I can monitor progress and set strict rest timers to push muscle to failure without the distraction of a phone.

If Smith shoulder press hurts my right shoulder (some shoulder pain) I adapt and do front shoulder raises instead.

There is no excuse to not work, unless you’re dead!

I’ve been sick while on this program, and I worked through it. It sucked, but I came out the other side much stronger, and increased my daily push-ups by another 100 reps (didn’t expect that).

All of these principles are what JD talks about on his site and blog. I believe my success is good nutrition, adapting JD’s principles to his exercise program and viola, MAGIC happens.

My goal to succeed in the gym is to fail in the gym.

People stare at me now in the gym, defer to me everywhere I go to work out, get out of my way when I walk near, and generally clear out of on area I am working in.

It’s a little weird for me as I am used to being ignored, but damn this program works. To be honest, I was skeptical at this program’s simplicity and repetitive body exercises, but the combo with resistance is something else and has given me results I didn’t expect.

After completing Phase 1 the other day I messaged my sister and said, “This program makes me want to go back to <that other popular 90 day program>  and take a breather…”

Bring on Phase 2…”

A huge thanks to everyone who has reported back to me with their results so far.

Your gains and wins are my gains and wins too and I’m so pleased to hear you guys getting results from the Shredded Ops; building the extreme physique routine!


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4 thoughts on “Shredded Ops Workout Routine: a 387% performance increase in just 4 weeks!”

  1. Hi JD

    Just started a test run of Shredded Ops yesterday after numerous reads of it. I’m planning on starting properly after Christmas to drop as much fat as possible with retaining muscle mass. Did the Day 1 Workout, holy shit! I never knew how brutal press ups could actually be! I managed to do 250 throughout the entire workout and I’ve never had a pump as intense, even from doing 8 sets of heavy benching. I’m sure I could see a difference in my front and side delts too! I cannot wait to start properly! Day 2 for me later on! :)

    Just a quick question on the diet part. I’m doing as you advised, going online to a TDEE calculator, but not too sure what to do for my activity level.. Apart from the Shredded Ops routine, and up to 3 20 mins cardio sessions, i work in an office all day, so apart from the odd walk to other rooms, i’m in my chair all day. However, I’m going to doing a Tren/Test/Mast cutting cycle, just like the one you posted in your Tren 101 article. I’ve heard (not sure its true) but Tren can slightly alter your TDEE. If you were in my situation, what activity level would you choose?

    Thanks for the advice, cannot wait to properly start the routine and train the JD way!

    • yea, tren is one of the few compounds that actually raises metabolic rate, many guys find that slightly more carbs are needed with tren. So I would consider yourself “Active” but not extremely active since it’s an office setting you’re in. Best of luck to you and I think you’ll not only find that routine highly effective, but definitely challenging as well! Thanks for following! -JD

  2. Hi John! I have a question about the Press Ups, Pulls Ups for the phases in Shredded Ops. Would we perform as many press ups/pull ups as possible before every workout to work out the total we’d perform during the workouts, or would we use the total number from the 1st workout and just try and do more after every session?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Great question! Ok, so the initial test is simply the starting point for these exercises. Once you have the base starting point you simply add more and improve in rep scheme every workout! -JD


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