SARMS and Post Cycle Recovery Explained!

SARMS are the closest thing to steroid-like results you’re going to get on the market now, minus all of the negative sides of steroids since SARMS only act on androgen receptors.

This means that SARMS like Ostarine put your body in an extreme anabolic state without the same risks that certain steroids will give you, such as gynecomastia (“bitch tits”), shrunken testicles, oily skin, and an aggressive demeanor.

Now, don’t take what I just said the wrong way here; I said “the same risks” as steroids, but I didn’t say NO RISKS. Yes, there are side effects from SARMS to a lesser degree than steroids, but it doesn’t go without ANY RISKS.

Think about this for a second, do you know of any drug that produces successful results that goes without side effects? Anything from Tylenol to NyQuil to agents that help put your muscles in a more anabolic state all come with at least SOME minor side effects.

I’ve been using RAD140 with YK11 now for the past couple months and I’ve gotten insanely strong from them and have packed on a shit-ton of size, but my skin DID BREAK OUT a little bit. Did it break out to the same degree it would on a full blown steroid cycle? No. But was there at least a side effect from the SARM combination? Yes.

So what these SARMS do is they cause your body to release more testosterone. When the SARM(S) are discontinued your natural testosterone levels will be down to some degree, just not quite as low as coming off a steroid cycle.

Now, from all of the feedback I’ve received from people I’ve worked with, I think it’s safe to say the general consensus is 6 weeks on recovery time from an 8 week run of SARMS.

This is a 6 week recovery time WITH PCT (Post cycle therapy). A lot of people think that PCT is magic and it’s not. It almost always still takes time to recover even after PCT is discontinued!

But 6 weeks is roughly the average recovery time and this is coming from guys getting blood work done, not just speculation and guessing here!


I see this trend a lot now, guys want to use all of these different post cycle therapy methods when the truth is they’re going to do more harm than good.

Yes, there is such a thing as driving estrogen into the dirt, and as men we do need SOME ESTROGEN. You see, it’s all about the balance of test:estrogen that makes us perform our best.

Drive estrogen too low and guess what? You’re going to get all of the symptoms of no testosterone and then some! Let estrogen ride too high and not knock it down with any post cycle recovery and guess what? You’re going to get all of the symptoms of low testosterone and high estrogen!

So yes, some PCT would be wise, you just don’t need to be using 5 different things when trying to recover from a simple 8 week SARMS run!

A good 30 day blast of arimistane is all that’s needed when recovering from a SARMS cycle. Arimistane is a synthetic version of the aromatase inhibitor “Arimadex” and it’s extremely efficient for SARM cycle recovery. Also, it’s legal… for now.

Dosing after an 8 week cycle of SARMS should be 3 capsules per day for 30 days. This will help your normal testosterone levels bounce back the quickest without driving you into the ground from anti-estrogen abuse.

Think of it as the perfect amount to get you recovered the quickest, not overkill. Like I said before, PCT drugs in themselves occasionally cause more issues than even using nothing at all!

After your 30 day cycle of Arimistane you should find that you feel back to normal about 2 weeks later. Some may recover faster and others slower, much of it is dependent on factors such as dosages used and users age.


As a female who has used SARMS, you don’t need to worry about a PCT because you’re not trying to do the same thing a male is trying to do.

You have elevated testosterone on the SARMS but levels will naturally come back into normal range after discontinuing the cycle. You aren’t trying to bring natural testosterone levels back up to 700 ng/dl in the way a male would, so this isn’t an issue for you.

My advice for females is to just take time off in between SARM runs and don’t live on them!

Women also react to SARMS easier than men and I’ve seen women who have doubled their lifts within as little as 4-6 weeks of SARM use! Because women are more sensitive to using SARMS it doesn’t take the same dosage a male would need in order to get the same results.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that mg for mg the reaction is stronger in females, so there is nothing you need to do when you drop the SARMS to control estrogen and testosterone, as testsosterone will fall anyways and estrogen should fall back into normal range relatively quickly.

Also keep in mind that SARMS such as Cardarine and SR-9009 that are fat cell mobilizers are not working in the same manner as other SARMS geared towards strength are (Ostarine, Ligandrol, RAD 140, etc).

So this means that there is really no recovery from them at all, even naturally. You’ll simply discontinue them and go back to normal.


Hopefully I have answered a lot of your questions on recovery from SARMS. It’s perfectly understandable that people would question recovery before deciding to use them, or put anything into their bodies, and that’s a good thing!

You should always familiarize yourself as much as possible with anything you consume.

Train hard… and smart! -JD

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31 thoughts on “SARMS and Post Cycle Recovery Explained!”

  1. Thanks JDB,

    I just finished 60 days of Ostarine(30mg a day) and I’m waiting on my 4th bottle to come in the mail. By the time the 4th bottle arrives I will have been off Ostarine for 2 weeks. And then I will take 20mg for 30 days. Followed by your recommendation of Red PcT.

    I’ve been off Ostarine for a week and I feel fine. No bloodwork though.

    I love Ostarine! I’ve never done steroids but this stuff is amazing. I plan to use it on and off for the rest of my life.

    I’m 30 years old, I’ll get some blood work done the right way on my next Ostarine cycle the proper way and post the results for all to see.

  2. Great article, I love using sarms. Ostashred is still my favorite bodybuilding supplement ever. I enjoyed it even more than when I’ve ran test and prohormone stacks. The lack of side effects and overall sense of well being is what makes it leagues above the rest.

    The undergrounds secrets #3 email you sent out was good reading. Looking forward to part 4 and beyond.

    Thanks again brother!

  3. As of late 2017, there seems to be a crackdown on dietary supplements that contain SARMs. The more reputable supplement sellers and manufacturers are discontinuing supps with ostarine, for example.

  4. Hey John.

    First of ALL thank You for this awesome site. I’m a big fan and reader.

    I’m 35 years old, ~13% BF, eat really clean and have been training for at least the last 10 years.

    Never used AAS.
    Instead, have greats recent experiences with SARMs ( Nutrabol, Cardarine and S4 ).

    I’m really considering to put some T on my next SARM cycle.

    My big concern is:


    Even in that low dose…

    Finnally, please critic my cycle Below!!

    My goal is to reach 1 digit body fat adding muscle and without taking a Lot of stuff.

    Weeks 1 – 8
    TEST C – 250 mgs EW
    S4 ( Andarine ) – 50 mgs ED

    Weeks 9 – 10
    GW ( Cardarine ) – 20 mgs ED
    Arimastane – 50 mgs ED

    Weeks 11 – 14
    GW ( Cardarine ) – 20 mgs ED
    NOLVA – 40 mgs ED

    Weeks 15 – RESTART from begining

  5. Yes, I did a 8 week sarm cycle, I didn’t get on my pct until 3 after the sarm cycle ended. My test levels are very low. What do you recommend. Should I finish my pct red 40 for 30 days and get my levels checked again. Thank you Jeff

  6. I took a 6 week cycle of LGD 4033 with NO PCT only took a regular Testosterone booster for about 2 weeks. Am I totally screwed? It’s been almost 2 months since my LGD cycle ended & I dont feel as horny as I used to? Could I still recover? Please help.

  7. doubt the negatives that you claim are real.

    in many cases and in peptides like lgd4033 which is currently the strongest sarm, they went up to 22mg/day and still not negatives were observed, as per the rest, since sarms are not hormonal, they cannot become estrogen or activate progesterone receptors (probably not affecting prolactin ones either), thus the term in their name (selectivity) is not a fancy thing, it actually is valid (matter of the fact the reason why the moved from steroidal sarms to non-steroidal like osta, because of the much higher selectivity and activation of only some tissues) what that means is that in order to really get a nasty side effect from it you either got a fake product (And it was either a prohormone or an design steroid for example methylclostebol which is still marketed in many countries as a dietary supplement, as well as many 19-nor derivaties and not referring to useless modified dhea 19nor derivatives, the actual 19nor-testosterone))

    other than s4 (and still not for all users) sarms have virtually no sides, supression is often unseen especially for ‘low’ dosages (depending the purity, the substance, the lean muscle mass of the user etc), and in many cases even 12 weeks on 20mg on osta (or matter of the fact 12mg of lgd4033 of the same length) and people don’t even notice their balls shrinking, you’d have to go beyond that or do dosages like this in combination of sarms or testo (which is probably not necessary if for example you get same gains as superdrol from the same mg’s from the lgd, but with not the sides and maybe, just maybe a not even noticable drop in natural testo, why not take it and still not for all likely,) really why not doing it anyway? (if it was a serious issue of shutting down like with superdrol or trenbolone etc, or ridiculous hepatotoxicity whatsoever fine, i’d be with you, but claiming problems when there are not even noticeable, what can i san man, i find it too far stretched)

  8. Hi there,

    I just finished a 8 week cycle of GW-501516, S4 and MK-2866. I was told to take clomid and nolva for pct for 4 weeks. I’ve done just a week and this stuff is horrible and seems like a massive overkill. I have some arimistane on hand, do you think I’d be better switching to that? My libido seems fine, I’m 30 years old. I feel like the clomid and nolva are doing more harm than good. Any advice would be great thanks.

    • Much of the time the damn PCT drugs are worse than using nothing at all. Everyone goes overkill like a motherfucker on PCT like they’re in panic mode. Drop the clomid and use 10mg/day of nolva with the arimistane (use whatever dosageindicated on bottle of arimistane) The thing about nolva is it’s inferior for estrogen suppression, it keeps estro from binding which is why its a SERM (selective estro receptor module/ keeps estro from binding but not formation of it) but NOLVA IS ACTUALLY SUPERIOR FOR STIMULATING leutinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone (what tells your nuts to produce testosterone) therefore the use of nolva during PCT warrants a legitimate purpose when combined with the AI. Hope this helps- JD

  9. Just finishing cycle of osterine, anderine and carderine. Been taking arimistane the last two weeks. What dosage should I use on the nolvadex and for how long?
    Should I use a supplement testosterone booster as well? Thx

  10. my friend recommended me osterine, for 60 days…..and he says that their is no need of PCT required after osterine….U can stop osterine ,,,so it is correct ?

    • Yea, probably better to use a PCT though, but even without a PCT levels would return if enoigh tine off was taken

  11. i live in canada and it seems pretty hard to get good Ai and pct im new to all this i have stuff like dim,apigenin, daa, otc test boosters i was gonna run an ostarine rad 140 cycle but yea like i said cant seem to find any of the good stuff already bought the sarms now im scared haha would any of the otc stuff work? any suggestions

  12. Hey John tons of useful infos, i’ve a quick question for you. I recently did s-23+yk-11 for 3 weeks (actually yk-11 for 2 wks), 20mg the first and 10mg the second. Got some bad acne on arms, libido crashed along with low test and “gummy dick”. I decided to discontinue the cycle immediately (in the past i did a rad-140+osta without any issues). Will probably try to recover with a mini pct of Nolva only for 4 weeks at the lowest dosage possible (around 20mg). Do you think it will work or am i doomed forever :D?

  13. Can I run Ostarine straight out of a 14week cycle of Deca/Test{cyp}?
    Should I pct between? I am guessing yes??? I was on under 250mg Deca and 200mg Test cyp./week for 14 weeks ( Wish I could stay on that cycle forever haha). Lastly, if I have Arimidex(non synthetic version) for pct post Ostarine may I use that? Should I leave the Clomid/Tamox out completely? I really appreciate you sharing with all of us. Your knowledge is invaluable.

  14. Hey man, did 8 weeks ligandrol ostarine, running a 4 week PCT of natural test booster and some estrogen supressor. Already had blood work done and test levels are normal (425ng/ml) libido etc also normal, so i can assume this kind of PCT works fine for me? Already used AAS, so I think my body didn’t took the sarms to hard, but got modest gains (also took really low dose) thank u for the info

    • All depends on,how long afterwards you did the labs. 6 wks later is a lot different than 3 wks later

    • How long after PCT were labs done? I’m asking because you can’t always assume you’re out of the woods if it hasn’t been a few months


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