Ostarine for Women? YES!

I often get comments from female readers and clients asking if Ostarine is suitable for women. When it comes to taking anything to get results women definitely have it harder than men. The problem is that almost anything that provides faster results for women also has de-feminizing effects as well.

Don't let some of the figure models fool you; take away the makeup, hair extensions, bleached blonde hair and the tan, and you'd be surprised to learn that a lot of these women have lost their feminine features.

If you're cool with that then that one is on you, but I know a lot of women who would like to stay feminine while trying to harden their bodies and/or put on a little muscle at the same time.

Women can go as high as 25 mg but this would be best kept to a limited time-frame such as no more than 4 weeks. (using 12.5 mg/day first 4 weeks, bumping to 25 mg/day the next 4 weeks).

I prefer 8 week cycles as opposed to 4 weeks because I don't care what you're on, 4 weeks isn't enough time for gains that are sustainable.

This brings me to the next reason Ostarine is the best thing a woman could take aside from staying feminine (since Ostarine has no androgenic activity!)…

The gains on Ostarine are sustainable!

Sure they may be a little slower but you end up keeping your gains, unlike steroids where as soon as you stop using them your gains go away.

Ostarine also has no water retention with its use, this makes it a very good hardening agent for anyone and for women it's really the fine line between looking hard and feminine at the same time!

Ostarine is the perfect supplement for people who dislike needles because it doesn't cause liver damage like other methylated compounds do and it's in ingestible liquid form.

No needles = no problem with most women

I've personally found that Ostarine works it's best when used as a recomposition tool, ESPECIALLY in women.

The strength gains that are relative to men while taking Ostarine are far greater with women when looked at in comparison, I've seen women who have literally doubled their squat and deadlift weight while using Ostarine.

Because women react so well to this compound and the strength gains it provides, you may not lose a ton of weight while taking this, but you'll change your body proportions while using it.

For some odd reason it always seems like women get more strength gains from this than men do.

It may be due to the increase in free testosterone while using it compared to usually a smaller increase in men, but women always gain a shit-ton of strength on Ostarine.

I knew a girl who was using 50 mg/day of Ostarine (by mistake before she contacted me) and she didn't have any side effects other than claiming she was experiencing a super high sex drive and couldn't get enough of it.

But no masculine changes, no de-feminization at all, nothing but huge increases in strength (and this was during a strict cutting diet w/ limited caloric intake) So it's safe to say 12.5 mg/day is fine, and like I said even 25 mg/day the last 3-4 weeks is fine.

I personally see nothing risky with women using Ostarine and I work with plenty of women who use it!

As for recovery on Ostarine, an aromatase inhibitor for PCT is still recommended but at a much smaller amount than men would use.

Since women don't have to worry about estrogen rebound like men do, they can get away with less PCT.  Women can have huge fluctuations in estrogen levels anyways so this really isn't an issue.

What the PCT is more used for in women is to bring the SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) back into normal range as quick as possible.

So with women it's more like a smaller PCT or even a “mini-PCT”.

If I had to compare Ostarine to any other drug that is commonly used by women for physique enhancement then I'd have to compare it to Anavar.

Ostarine is very similar to Anavar when it comes to women.

They can get great results on a small amount, they react better to it than men, and gains are slow and steady and more easily kept.

Gains are even more sustained on Ostarine over Anavar, so this is one light where Ostarine shines even brighter!

Ostarine is exactly what you want if your a female who is looking for an edge without looking like a man!

Here is a typical 8 week cycle I would have women run:

WEEKS 1-4: 12.5 mg/day Ostarine, taken once per day with breakfast

WEEKS 5-8: 25 mg/day Ostarine, taken twice per day, 1 w/ breakfast and the other before bedtime.

WEEKS 9-12: 1 PCT capsule per day (the beauty of this is you'll have enough left for another cycle since you don't need as much as men or need to use an aromatase inhibitor during cycle).

I would suggest combining the cycle with a good fat-loss diet for a good re-comping effect.

You would be amazed at what an 8 week diet and just Ostarine can do for you!

Ostarine is one of the best standalone products on the market for women.

And for any of you fellas reading this, if you want to increase your woman's sex drive, have her use this for 8 weeks. You can thank me later!

There will be more to come on Ostarine for women and I'm going to start writing some articles on training for women as well.

Due to an increase in the volume of emails from female trainees, I think it's necessary to put out some training info for women once in awhile as well.

Everyone wants to look good right? Hey, there's no harm in that!

Cut up hard- JD

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100 thoughts on “Ostarine for Women? YES!”

  1. Great info as always. What in your opinion is the best supplement for women to lose fat? Preferably powder form. But anything will do

    • Cardarine gw is really good at 10mg/day, it increases oxidation in fat cells and you don’t get the jitters like a thermogenic would give you. Clen works well but I’m not a fan due to the stress it can out on your heart

      • My carderine is 10mg but bottle says take 2 with breakfast. I need to lose fat before cutting up so do u recommend just carderine first to achieve my weight/fat loss before taking Osterine or should i take both simultaneously? I want a feminine lean semi muscular look. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Absolutely unrelated to the subject.

    After a lifetime of eating ice creams and not doing any sport (5’6, 150lbs, skinny fat), my health has declined so much I need to make a change. I already fixed my diet but the doctor says I can’t lift weigth because of a spine injury I had a few years ago. I must first fix my body with bodyweight training because it’s too broken to lift right now.

    Do you know any good program that I could follow?

  3. I’ve seen some concerns over usage of ostarine for women due to it being a derivative of bicalutamid and so could possibly cause birth defects in future children. Thoughts?

    • I cannot accurately answer this, studies on this topic are not conclusive from my understanding. It may not make the birth control as effective

  4. My wife has been doing some research, but she ended up with Osta Shred. Do you have an opinion on Osta Shred use for females given the extra ingredients in it. Also opinion on PCT as she also got a bottle of PCT 3X. It hasn’t come in yet, so I was asking before she started.


    • She needs to take just 1 capsule per day and only do it for 4-6 weeks. For the PCT 3x just cut dosage in half for a female. Thanks

      • Is the estrogen blocker the reason that you recommend a shorter cycle than with Red. Also with Red you mention doubling up the second month. This has me wondering if I should just get the Red so she can stay on it longer.

  5. There’s lots of truth to this article. The weight I can lift is doubled, and not only that but also reps. I also have noticed I’m not as sore, so great recovery. Awesome libido booster! Where’s this stuff been since 3 kids have worn me out! Overall a sense of well being.

    I would say thought it might mess with women’s cycles. I’ll be keeping record of my findings. I stumbled on info on Ostarine because of my past involvement with race horses. It’s only been 7 days, I see a huge difference.

    • yes, I’m assuming you’re a female. The good thing about MK-677 is it has no effect on cortisol elevation and is claimed to reverse diet induced catabolism. One thing to add to it would be the supplement huperzine-A because it can prevent the desensitivity of GH pulses after the first 24 hour half life and continued dosing. Use 200mcg/day of huperine-A. A decent dosage for MK-677 would be 25mg daily for a female, and 10mg daily of GW. You’ll definitely see the stamina increase from the GW at 10mg/day as a female. I would use in 8 week cycles, just my .02- JD

  6. Hello John, I am a new bodybuilder and I am 53. I have been taking Red for a week now. Because of my age, will I see growth. I lift like a bodybuilder and eat clean. No starchy carbs, 2 tbs flax oil, and 2 tbs of almond butter for fat per day. I do lose 1 pound a week cause my body fat is still at 20 percent. My goal is to be able to compete in one year and my fat percentage has to be between 8 to 10 percent. Will Red help this process and muscle growth. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

      • Hey, my partner is going to use this for cutting.
        The only AI we have is exemestane and anastrazol ( I use these ) I’m guessing these will be way to strong for her to use as a PCT?

        She is using Ostarine along with T3 for the cut
        And after she is going to use Anavar to bulk up.
        What is the worse that could happen if she doesn’t bother with any form of PCT?

        • Nothing, it’ll just take a little longer for her to return to normal feeling again. But the threat of not recovering the way a guy would would be far less than irreversible masculinization side from abusing the gear or cycling the wrong gear for a female. However, these products sound fine for women and I’ve personally known women who even used non-common gear for females, such as anadrol,tren, and halo, and they didn’t have bad sides because they didn’t run them long enough. If this helps any -JD

    • I have been taking osterine mk2866 by sarms and haven’t noticed any of the symptoms above. No muscle increase, no strength increase, no increased drive. Any idea what could be happening? Has this been known to cause yeast infractions ?

      • it could cause that due to hormonal changes, sure. But if you hadn’t noticed any other changes or gains then who knows, it could be anything. No increased sex drive? No increased strength yet?

  7. So is this product no longer available? I took mk-2866 in a green bottle liquid form. I had crazy stamina and strength, amazing gains and fat loss. I stopped after 7 weeks because I had bad red bumps like acne around my nose. Even 11 weeks later I still have redness and a burning soreness around my nose after taking this. I’m 31 and I haven’t had any acne for 12 years. Is this normal? I want to take this again but I’m Leary of my pretty skin!

    • I imagine the acne is a hormonal shift and you just got it around your nose because that’s where you break out at. No different than a teenager who only gets it around the chin or forehead or whatever. If it were me I’d hold off until my skin cleared up. It’s normal to break out in places where you’re prone to breaking out or breaking out period, and yea, its normal on anything that can shift hormones

  8. hello everyone.. my question is that for female mk 2866 25mg and gw 501516 7.5 mg per cap does. i used lgd and gw with clenbrutol. and it was great reults.. my perioud cycel was disturb on cycle… i was stared warried. i stop lgd after 4 weeks. after 2 to 3 momths my periouds cycle as normal as before.. its been 6 months now i didbt take pct as well.

    now i want to start mk and gw but now i m scard of that about my period cycle. any suggetion if u have experiance then pls share…

  9. Thanks for sharing this info. Red supps no longer sells osta-red. Do you have any other companies in mind that you recommend?

      • Hi John- I actually just today bought a bottle of Ostarine (Osta-W) 60 capsules from the Superset Sports Nutrition store. Is it not real since it is in capsule form???

          • Ok good- thank you! I am a newbie and am just learning about SARMS. I have read on a few sites that ONLY LIQUID is legit since it is apparently illegal to sell in tablet or capsule (powdered) form……… I wonder why there is so much bad/misleading info out there??? It’s especially hard for a beginner like me. Any other helpful info. (personal advise or links) you would be willing to share would be very much appreciated :)

    • GW is one of the few things that is mild but highly effective. 10mg’s a day is good for a female for periods of 8-12 weeks. You could begin right now, but just remember if you get under about 13-14% bodyfat it may begin messing with your menstrual cycle.

  10. So the only thing I can’t find is the age factor. Maybe I missed it but I have a female friend just wanting the edge who is 19 almost 20. Is this something that you would recommend? We’ve been told by numerous sources lgd is good and bad but I feel it’s not researched enough to risk her taking it. Could this be something she could try?

    • I’ve heard of LGD working well for women but honestly never trained one who used it, only Ostarine. One thing that would definitely help is to stack Cardarine GW-501516 @ 10mg/day along with whatever she is using, it’ll help oxidize fatty acids for improved performance and faster bodyfat loss

  11. Hi John..i am a 51yr old women very menopausal which frigging sucks as i hav gained weight around my midriff..i do weights an eat pretty clean..i hav bn advised to try the ostarine to help with some weight loss..any thoughts on that?????

  12. Heyy. I am indian aged 19 i’ve strted gyming. My weight is 92.5 pbs and my height is 161 cm my body fat percentage is 11%. I totally wanted to gain weight and grow some boobs and booty. So thought i’ll strt working out. Its been a month i joined now. I gained about 2lbs. Without any protein powder or anything. Now to speed up my weight gain provess my trainer has suggessted me to take the S ARMS OSTARINE. With a protein powder named muscle tech by mass tech. And also some creatine. I want to gain weight so that i look my age and not like so aneroxic patient.. How do i go about my growing progess. And by taking the ostarine red will i not grow any boobs and butt?

  13. I’m a 43yo woman. Been lifting with my man for a few years. Paid an obscene amount for OstaShred and fricking LOVED it. Yes, I am stronger on it, but more important, I’m seriously leaner. Quads feel tighter, arms more definition. Feels like I have no body fat. SO GREAT! Found some in powder form for half the cost, and now I hate cycling off it because I feel relatively flabby (no one else would notice, but you know what I’m talking about.)

    My question, and I have yet to find an answer: WHY do I have to cycle off? I’ve been taking, IDK, about 20 mg/day for 6 weeks, 4 weeks off, 6 back on. I know that’s not correct … I just hate not taking it.

    All I can find online are warnings (to guys of course) about feminization. Not an issue for me. So…why?

    • best answer I could give you on cycling off is because you don’t want your hormones used to shifting out of place for too long. Long term side effects for women? Not really any studies on that I’m familiar with, but I’d think it would throw normal hormone fluctuations off in the same manner that a man would experience if he abused anything that elevated his normal testosterone levels.

  14. Hey I just got my ostarine in the mail, I’m an avid boxer and am wanting to get more lean. I’ve been reading all over that 10mg for 30 days is good with a 5on 2 off day rotation. Is this true? Is four weeks long enough? So much mixed information on the internet, lol help?! Is there aftercare instructions for women? I’m 5’2 and 156 pounds, active and love cardio but want to build my butt as well. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated! 😊

    • You can use it everyday, no need for the 2 days off. 4 weeks will yield decent results but I think 8 weeks is more time to see changes myself. AS for a recovery with women, you don’t need anything like male would, your estrogen: test ratio will balance itself back out once the product is discontinued. You won’t have the issue a male would of trying to raise testosterone back up once it’s over with

  15. I just started bio-gen’s osterine (female)

    (2S)-3- (4-cyanophenoxy)-n-(4-cyano-3- (trifluoromethyl) phenyl) -2 methylpropanamide 20mg
    N-methyl-d-aspartic acid. 10mg
    5a-hydroxy laxogenin. 20mg

    Was told to take 1 tablet daily for the next 90 days. First question, is that too long to be on this? And second, as a female, do I need to pair it with the red-ptc mentioned in the article after I’m done?

  16. Hi: I am a woman 60, good shape but want to be stronger muscle wise and feel stronger overall.. I have researched ostarine but still do not know if this is correct for me. I do not, at this time, lift weights so is ostarine still ok for me to take? I take bioidentical hormones (biest, progesterone & a bit of testosterone). Will ostarine interfere with those? Do I need to take anything with the ostarine? I live in a rural area and cannot find anyone local who can assist me – any info you can provide or point me to websites would be greatly appreciated. thank you,

  17. I just started taking Ostarine. I am currently 21 yo, 5’4” and 175 pounds and I want to lose body fat. Would it be safe or would you recommend that I also take Cardarine with the Ostarine? Thank you !

  18. I am a woman looking to start ostarine. I have the nexplanon implant for birth control. I also take adderall as needed. Would there be any bad drug reactions to these while on ostarine?

  19. I am a 63 year old woman, no HRT, and wanting to try astarine. I visit the gym 2x week and am very healthy, take synthroid (total thyroidectomy). Is there a website somewhere, or links to somewhere to indicate on/off cycling for Ostarine, and Cardarine? If I took both of these would I drop some weight? Would these interfere with my synthroid blood levels?

  20. Do you know if the Ostarine MK-2866 from Sarmspharm.com is the real thing? What about from IRC.bio who sells MK-2866 (Ostarine) – Powder, 1000mg? Or OSTARINE MK-2866 – 100 TABLETS from peabody.co.uk?

    Where can I get both Ostarine MK and Cardarine 501516 that are both legitimate?

  21. Hi John. I am currently on the depo birth control shot and estrocort.
    I am about to start a cycle of Ostarine and Cardarine. What would my dosage for the cardarine be with the ostarine? I am a 21 yo female figure competitor (5’3, 150lbs).
    Should I stoip the estrocort while on these? Thank you in advance,

    • When used in low amounts for limited periods of time then no, if abused then maybe? I cannot answer this question accuratrly, however I’ve not heard of this from any specific female -JD

  22. yes I am a new bikini builder and I am hoping to do my first show in july. I am currently taking 10mg of mk 677 and 20 mg of mk 2866 ostarine.. what would give me the best results as I like staying more of the thicker side of bikini girls than the skinny ones lol

    • It’s really more diet than anything. In terms of performance enhancement you’re using enough to stay bigger than most females. Thanks for reading -JD

  23. Hello I am 7 weeks out my upper body is lean but last show judge said my glute need work it’s rhe most struggle for my glute and leg so I am on second week of liquid Ostarine 1ml and 50556 1ml been training and dieting any suggestions? Do I need to add anything else or email me where to buy the supplements you recommended in case this liquid sarms aren’t as good

    • unfortunately most fat loss is systemic, meaning that your trouble areas will be the last places to lose fat. I do not know anything to specifically target fat loss in thr glute area outside of rubbing preparation H hemmerhoid cream on glutes to tighten skin up. Keep dieting and doing cardio, maybe switch to stairmaster as primary cardio. Best of luck! -JD

  24. 10 weeks out from first bikini show.
    Think I could use your suggested cycle for 10 weeks instead of 8? Break it into 5 weeks for the 12.5 and 5 for the 25mg? Thanks!

  25. Hi John

    Just began an Osta cycle I can say the progress is slow but steady. I started at 10mg (it’s liquid so about 0.3mL) for my first two weeks then bumped up to 12.5mg (just over 0.4mL). I’ll slowly keep bumping but plan to stop around 15mg.
    I know you said there would be interruption to my menstrual cycle but I haven’t had any, nor do I have increased sex drive. Should I be worried. I did science.bio so reputable source. Could it be it just works different for me?

    • Yea, by now you should be seeing something. Switch brands next time, it’s a liquid, they’re hit and miss

  26. I am a woman and looking to –LOSE POUNDS! . I’ve read all the info and dosages, etc, but 1 week in with Cardarine and no results. Also still tired. I want to stack Cardarine with Osterine, and know for women should do about half of what a man would do. BUT….. my question is what all do I need to be doing to make this work, and work more efficiently? Exercise my normal 1 hour a day with these meds, will that be enough to see difference? Or do I need to be doing all weights or what and how much? Everywhere online it talks about the info about the meds, BUT NOWHERE does anybody say what you should do with yourself while on the meds.

    • You should lift weights and do cardio both, if you were working out 1 hour a day I would split it up into 30 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minutes of cardio. Definitely not magic and most wouldn’t notice anything from it if they didn’t diet tight and go to the gym, best of luck! -JD

  27. Hi John! I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 4 years now, I train about 2-3 hours 6 days a week, i wan’t to know if osterine will help with
    strength gains? im 13% fat, im am looking to increase muscle a little more, like 6-8 lbs. if osterine is the way, what would be a good dose for me? :)

  28. Which of these SARMS for women have or DON”T have stimulants? Essentially I’m wondering if I take Cardarine and Stenabolic, stacking them, can I still have coffee in the morning or will that be too much stimulant. I don’t want to do something unhealthy by over doing something. Or maybe there is none, but I don’t ever see anything written about if any of them give energy or not and if can do other forms of stimulant with it or not. Thank you in advance.

    • Yes, you can still have coffee. These SARMS don’t work by the same mechanism caffeine does, caffeine raises your heart rate and SARMS cause fat oxidation in your body for more available energy. It’s really apples and oranges -JD

  29. Starting 6 week cycle Ostarine
    3 weeks @ 12.5mg/day with breakfast
    3 weeks@2x 12.5mg/day with breakfast&bedtime
    Looking to start tribulis during week 5; wondering if you can recommend a dose of trib and for how long I should run.
    Also, estrogen blocker recommended or not?

    Thank you in advance

  30. Hello, I’m planning to stack ostarine and cardarine for about an 8 week cycle.

    I’m female, 38, 5ft2, currently 127lbs, measured at 24% bf on a BodPod. The goal is body recomposition, I want to tighten up while building a bit of lean mass. I typically train twice a day – about 40 minutes of lifting in the morning, followed by 30 min cardio and then another 30 min cardio at night (some nights I scrap the evening cardio.)

    My diet is fairly decent. 80% on par and the other 20%, I eat like a total A-hole.

    I had planned to compete in Bikini and eventually Wellness, but Covid and the Ontario government had other plans.

    What would you suggest a reasonable dosage for this type of stack to be? Would it be beneficial to also take Milk Thistle?

    • yes, I strongly suggest milk thistle as these products do increase liver enzymes. I would use 10mg/day of cardarine throughout and keep the ostarine dosage to 12.5mg daily for at least the first 5 weeks, if you are doing fine with 12.5mg daily then you could bump to 25mg daily, but just do that for the last few weeks (and I also only suggest 25mg/day when someone is in caloric restriction and wants to recomp and avoid catabolism AKA precontest prep. Thanks for following! -JD

  31. Hi … new to the forum.
    I am a female 5’4″, 124 lbs, 20 yrs and I am a competivite sprinter.

    I am interested in the powder form of Ostarine for strength for running.
    I was thinking about a 4-6 weeks cycle of 1 gram per day.

    If I cycle with this low dosage,would I really gain any strength to compete with other sprinter. Would I need a post cycle therapy? Where would you purchase powder Ostarine?

    Your thoughts, opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Hi I’m Looking to stack Nutrobal and Osterine together? My goal is to lean out but also build muscle will I get those results on this stack?


    • possibly, but start low on dosage. Some women get great results while others eat everything in sight and gain weight. It depends on the goal, but if you are focused on losing fat then more isn’t always better- JD

  33. Hi John

    I am a 29 year old female, I got Ostarine Mk 2866 from Performance Lab (trianlge green pill)? I got it 2 years ago can I still consume them?

    I have been training years and struggling to put on muscle, will this help me gain muscle and shred?

    I am 172 and weigh 63kg. Can it have any adverse negative affects?

    • I think it would still be fine to use it, I would just be conservative and start at 10-12.5 mg/day and if you do fine with that dosage for a few weeks then you could bump up to 25mg/day. I wouldn’t use more than that though, thanks for following! -JD

  34. I’m very interested in this. I saw it increases free testosterone which could cause breakouts. Do you know if acne breakouts are reported with this product?

    I previously took a small dose of testosterone weekly and loved the increase in energy and labido, but the hormonal break outs were horrendous! I was even taking 100mg of Spironolactone daily to stop the breakouts, but it didn’t help. I ultimately stopped taking testosterone and my labido and overall energy has plummeted.

    • thats because of hormone fluctuations so yea, both ostarine and testosterone can do it. Once it becomes more regular it seems to get better for most ppl

  35. Hi, I’m 52, female and in menopause. I’m on HRT estrogen patches and progesterone tablets. Is it ok to use Ostarine whilst on HRT? Im struggling to increase the weight Im lifting and suffering with joint pain so need a hand to progress in lifting. 🙏

  36. Guys and girls, if you are under 26/27 at the minimum,

    Do not touch sarms or steroids (AAS).

    A 19, 21, 23 year old etc etc and no one including JD is replying???

    At 19 and a guy, I get it, you want to just be your best you.

    But you have so much natural hormones in your body, you are still growing physically no matter how mature you are or think you are.

    People don’t want to hear this but I do work for, in my opinion, the best sarms co. in the uk, I help ship all over Europe, Scandinavian and continental customers go crazy because it’s liquid and as fairly priced as possible, it’s r Chem I help but I won’t give anymore info. because it’s not my place to quote sources.

    But you need to be training for a good 5 years minimum, professionals will say 8, before you reach your natural max and plateau.

    A lot will ignore this but I promise you, sarms and aas can be great, I’m on TRT so I know enough plus I do lots of research before trying anything,

    I guess Cardarine and SR9 are ok as have benefits and are not hormonal but you’ll say oh I only want to try this and then you’ll be taking RAD and LGD, trust me.

    Please, trust me,

    Without being harsh, and I know I’m gonna get a few legit responses and loads of, I have an under active thyroid, my family has a history of xyz…..

    You DO NOT NEED PEDs under 26/27 at a minimum, I’ve even seen comments, I’ve just started getting into lifting and I want something to abcd etc. etc.

    You need to sort your diet out, it needs to be on point and you need to fix your sleeping, I’m currently finishing an ostarine cycle with GW and SR9 with some mast prop added to my trt,

    This is working great for me after years of experience with peds and I still haven’t touched eg yk11 or deca or diababol or equipoise or Winstrol etc etc.

    In your 20s if you generally for 95% plus of people, a high protein low carb medium fat diet with strength training and maybe some l Carnitine and creatine, will get you better results than someone like me at 40 who’s sleep isn’t what it was when I was 21/22/23 etc.

    My diet is now better but if I had trained and eaten properly then, I could have built myself physically into a beast with less effort.

    If you aren’t getting the results you want and your under 30, you need to review all the basics first before touching a ped, life is a marathon, not a sprint and the sooner you start messing with your body chemistry, first off, you’re body still has loads of test and growth hormone you should be using as much as possible, plus you are affecting your body artificially so young, you’ll be on stuff forever,

    Few ppl unless they don’t like it for some reason, only do one cycle, and you’ll be 24/24 and your friends will want to go out and you’ll either drink and cause potential issues, or want to but don’t because you’re on peds,

    Even mild liver effects, you don’t want to start nipping away at your liver and potentially heart etc.

    Just don’t. Trust me.


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