Old School Mentality: How To Bodybuild Like A Real Man

Sometimes it’s hard to walk my own path in a world full of distractions. I don’t necessarily think the world has changed for the better, not from my point of view. We live in a world where there is more information at your fingertips and instant gratification, but the value of hard work and the fight is gone with most people.

Think about this for a moment; take a look at old time bodybuilders who had no supplements or over the counter products to use to build their bodies. Go take a look at a guy like Steve Reeves. Reeves was bodybuilding in a time before steroids were prevalent and he had a great body!

I don’t mean “great” as in he would win any titles today, but I mean great in that the guy just commanded respect with his look. The wide shoulders, V-taper, and great proportions made him someone with a great build.

If you were sitting in a restaurant and Steve Reeves walked into that restaurant, I guarantee that even in this day and age, people would be breaking their necks to look at Reeves, men too!

Steve Reeves didn’t have a cell phone to play around with between sets. I’m sure he wasn’t worried about fucking around with a radio or CD player in his car instead of keeping his eyes on the road as he traveled to the gymnasium.

I highly doubt he took half of his workout to bitch to everyone about his life and all of his injuries. Do you get my point here? But guys now don’t want to work hard, they just want to know what they can take. No supplement will ever substitute for hard work. Yes, I advertise ones that I think definitely work, but without my discipline they’d be nothing.

I think sometimes the real distractions aren’t even in the gym, they’re outside of it. We live in a day and age where things have gotten too easy, too convenient, too distracting, and too fucking stupid and time consuming if you ask me.

I think a lot of people are lost and they don’t know the true meaning of life anymore. It’s not always about blowing your money on the next high; by high I mean materialistic shit we don’t need to spend our money on. It never provides anything but short term gratification and then we are onto the next big thing. It’s taking away from real values in life.

I’m not telling you that it’s fine to accept mediocrity in life, or to stay in one position in life without trying to climb higher. What I’m telling you is if you can let some of the bullshit go you’re going to find yourself a lot less stressed out and you’ll develop a clearer vision of not only what makes you truly happy, but it’s going to help you build your body too!

What I’m talking about here is a certain frame of mind that is difficult to develop with all of these nonsense outside influences in life, but one that is going to be much more rewarding than living like everyone else does.

This is much worse in westernized culture, but if you try hard enough you can drop the nonsense and live a more pure existence. What I’m talking about here is OLD SCHOOL MENTALITY!

You guys have to understand that what I write is based on things I go through and struggle with myself. I’m not perfect by any means, but I strive to become someone that I want to be, not what anyone else thinks I should be.

So I’ve developed some new goals and things I’m trying to change myself in order to enhance my life. I’ve come up with a list of “Old school rules” to live by, that may not only give you a clearer path with your quest to build muscle, but enhance your life in other ways.

I’m talking about better sleep quality, more free time, and a sense of more freedom to do what you want.

Come back tomorrow to read … 10 Old School Bodybuilding Rules To Live Your Life By!

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8 thoughts on “Old School Mentality: How To Bodybuild Like A Real Man”

  1. Great Post John and I can’t wait to read the one tommorow!

    I’ve been curious, do you blog full-time now or do you do this alongside a day job? If so, what do you do?

    I’m working on getting my own side business going! Definitely a hard process so I respect anyone who has gone down that path.


  2. i love the old school mentality. The gym is about sculpting a masterpiece through Blood, sweat, and tears…not Facebook or the walking dead latest episode for 5 minutes between sets.

    I lift at planet fitness a few times a month and I see the worst of the worst there.

    Ya know, the guys and girls that haven’t made any progress all year because they don’t have a JDB or VP kicking their ass into high gear.

    Then you got the 20 year old dressed head to toe in Matching gym gear making sure he flexes real hard between sets and high fives his bros after hitting a new Pr on swinging bicep curls.

    Not me man. I’m lifting in the basic hanes t shirt and shorts and grinding hard every single set like im at war!

    The primping and preening chicks are good eye candy at the gym and often get me motivated to grind out a few more reps but dudes are starting to do it now.

    Everybody is saying LOOK AT ME, but there’s nothing there. The old school dudes always have the best physiques and seem to be training In the same wrestling shoes and sweats they wore in college!!

    Love the honesty you bring dude and I’m pumped to read your article tomorrow after I get back from the lake with my hot slam piece!!

  3. I have been fortunate enough to find a gym that is a lifters paradise. It’s not a meat market, real guys and gals with the old school mentality that just want to lift and sculpt. It is not fancy or elaborate, there is no sauna or hot tub.
    You hit the nail on the head JD, I can’t wait to see what you got tomm. Reading your stuff help keeps me motivated man, keep it up.


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