Stop Cycling Through Supplements

Most supplements are sold to guys who want to “try it out”. They aren’t going to be repeat sales. The guy is going to half-ass it like he’s supposed to, lose interest or motivation, and discontinue and never buy it again. He will then bitch about how he got nothing from it, and nothing works for him.

Who is to blame, the supplement or him? Well, maybe both!

I can say with 100% confidence that MOST supplements are a waste of money.

After being in the gym and around the industry for almost 20 years, supplements are sold on the basis of false hope. People wish so bad to be big and ripped they’d drink cat piss if you told them it worked.

Some supplements do work though, and the supplements I usually take are mostly “staple supplements”, things I stay on all the time for health reasons. I do not cycle things like fish oil, multivitamins, liver tabs, protein powder, or antioxidants. I do not cycle testosterone, HCG, or Arimadex.

All of these things are factored in as a normal monthly expense, and to do it right can be costly.

Health costs money, and looking real good is a luxury nowadays. I’m guessing $200 a month for myself in terms of my hormone replacement and some staple supplements, yeah 200$ easy. This is not adding anything special, or “cycling”. But slow and steady is what wins this race, my looks and performance will usually be better than some frat boy who wants to drop $80 on some prohormone and try it once.

This way of taking things is a big reason I won’t try some expensive protein powder or hottest new product, I simply cannot afford repeat sales so its a waste. A $30 jug of whey isolate every 2 weeks, that I will do consistently over and over again. A $60 worth of Carnivore or Isopure? Nope! And truth be told I’d rather have it from food, but the powder makes for convenience and cost effective when compared to the price of meat.

Now, let me play devils advocate for a minute. NOT ALL supplements are a waste, I said MOST.

This is where the user is at fault here… if taking steroids takes several weeks to see results, what in the fuck makes you think drinking a powder will yield you results in 3 days? Absolutely not! So commitment to consistency and taking something long enough is a crucial factor here as well.

In my next post I’m going to provide a basic list of staple supplements for strength AND health, and break down the monthly cost to the user.

Train hard! -JD

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15 thoughts on “Stop Cycling Through Supplements”

  1. This post made me think of a few friends. Always dabbling in the newest product and expecting to magically pack on ridiculous mass or shred up. The only thing that’s gonna do that is busting your ass in the gym and putting in work, as you said some supplements have their place, but they will not replace YOU as the driver on the journey to reach whatever goal you have. Thanks once again for a great post!

  2. I’d only use protein powder for cutting because then I have more “free” calories to go into other food due to it’s high protein /low calories per serving. Like normal I just eat and drink lots of whole eggs but that comes at a price of burning into my cutting calories and so I can’t eat as much other food.

    Creatine mono was fun because I felt full a lot of the time but also bloated. Felt slightly stronger as a result and it’s cheap.

    Pre-workout I’m yet to try but sometimes I just have a heavy coffee and that does the trick.

  3. Thanks JD for this information. Like you, I believe that there is value to some supplements. I am a supplement user as well. I plan on TRT as well. For the long term.

    Also, do you think that metphormine is a better replacement to humilin R when combined with HGH?

  4. John what are your views on high volume low weigh, low rest periods like Sergei nubert used?

    can a natural use it?

    Have you or anyone else yoy know tried it?

    • My opinion on volume is that if used periodically it can set my body up for new growth, but only when I go back to high intensity and low volume. The high volume just puts a demand on my body to grow, but only when it gets a break again. I’ll use the volume for about 4-6 wks and then when I back off, this is when my body seems to respond the best, but the volume helped set me up for that.

      A Serge Nubret routine for a natural bodybuilder is about as useful as a snow shovel in Florida. This routine is a complete waste of time for a natural

  5. john what workout should a newbie do?

    I have heard stronglifts, SS, recommended to newbies a lot.

    should I do this routines even if my main goal is bodybuilding?

  6. greetings John D.
    I trust you well brother.

    Have you posted a follow up article with regards to the supplements you feel are better? If so what is the title so I can search and read up on it.

    Once again your input is truly valuable and sincerely appreciated by .

    Take care friend.

    • Not yet man, there aren’t too many supplements worth the money in my honest opinion. But this is a good idea for a follow up article, and I’ll get on that soon. Thanks for following the site-John

  7. Greeetings John D

    Thank you for getting back to me. .Will be looking forward to the article.

    Once again ..appreciated. ..

    Take care now.


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