Let the Blood Spill is Now Available!

Let The Blood Spill isn’t your typical guide to fitness.

This ebook details an intense program for the hardcore bodybuilder!

Do you have what it takes to conquer this program?

Are you ready for a program that will walk you through the gates of hell and out the other side?

Do you have a warrior’s mentality?

If you think so, then this fuckin’ book is for you!

let the blood spill ebook



Why is this highly anticipated bodybuilding program your ultimate resource for the gym?

Look at Let The Blood Spill as your battle guide!

Utilize it to conquer and overcome. Transform your body and mind from that as a human, to that as a God!

This book is unlike any of the others I have written.

I dug deep, channeled my inner wolf, and let the blood spill on every page!

This is an extension of myself set in writing for others to partake in.

From it we will form a pack, a pack so strong that nothing could stop us; a pack of alpha wolves, GODS OF IRON!

Take what I am giving you and bring forth it’s rewards!

Unlike all other bodybuilding programs that serve as one size-fits all routines, Let the Blood Spill goes far beyond that!

Not only is the diet layout instructional to tweak to your current stature, the program is intuitive and details how to customize sets and reps to break through your own limitations!

The workouts, sets, and rep schemes are all well explained.

If there was ever a book that read like a coach was talking to you about how to get through a hellacious bodybuilding workout, this would be that book!

So many other programs simply leave out all the necessary details that people are afraid to talk about.

Well, I don’t leave out anything in Let the Blood Spill! This program goes beyond your typical set and rep schemes and basic workout splits.


Let The Blood Spill on iPad

The hardcore workouts and level of intensity this program brings not only takes experience, but it takes an inner strength that many people just don’t have if they’re new to the gym.

This program takes the bodybuilder outside the realm of what is considered “normal” in the gym, and forces you to tap into a strength that you probably didn’t know you had.

And one thing is for certain; that strength is going to grow stronger and stronger by the day as you journey through the war zone of workouts that you’re about to face head on!

If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at what it takes to get the edge on bodybuilding, then look no further than Let the Blood Spill!

This program is set up in a way that forces you to adapt to new techniques, sets, and rep schemes that will transform your body in a way that will be unrecognizable when it’s all said and done!

This will probably be the hardest bodybuilding routine that you’ve ever done. But as you go through it you will begin looking at weights and muscle building in a whole new way!

What seemed like hitting a brick wall today will be the limitations you smash through tomorrow!


I talk about everything that I personally do and favor in this program. All the behind the scenes shit others leave out, I talk about in detail!

If you want to know about the performance enhancing drug stacks I prefer and why, the pre-workout regimen I utilize and why, and methods to the madness that few bodybuilders have the balls or knowledge to explain, it’s all included in Let the Blood Spill!

This book gets straight to the point and everything involved revolves around the program.

There is no bullshit filler material, no hiding of valuable information, and no sugar coating what it takes to perform at a high level in the bodybuilding/physique development arena!

Everything from the workouts to the diet, to the performance enhancement stacks, to the warrior code included in each chapter serves as the battle armor to get you through this war!

Let the Blood Spill is a routine that tears down the mental boundaries that people place upon themselves in the gym!

It’s a program that goes far beyond the realm of normal thought processes in the gym, and it can fire you up again if you’ve grown bored with the same workouts!

Do you have to be a little crazy to do a program like this one?

Probably so, but over the years in the gym I’ve learned that calm and cozy doesn’t get the fucking job done!

So how exactly will this program benefit you? 

Let The Blood Spill ebook

Well, it’s something that will give you new levels of motivation in the gym.

If you’ve grown stale from the same old type of exercises, rep schemes and workouts, this is a program that will be like a breath of fresh air!

If you’ve ever wondered which performance enhancing stacks provide a look that’s as hard as nails without a bunch of shit water weight, then take a look at the list of 10 different stacks I would highly recommend complimenting this routine with!

You see, I have grown sick and tired of all the lies in the fitness industry.

I think we have enough idiots claiming to be natural when it’s obvious they’re using more than just creatine.

These morons want you to believe that you just don’t want it bad enough, that you’re just not blessed with good enough genetics, that you’re just not doing the right kind of workouts.

A true bodybuilding program that is effective, provides more than just a few exercises and some basic eating regimen that the author probably doesn’t even follow exactly as it’s laid out.

A REAL BODYBUILDING ROUTINE details how to customize the diet for your own current stature and how to tweak a routine to the best of your own abilities!

It’s just not as easy as saying “Here, now go do this”, which is why I turn killer bodybuilding programs into books. I do this because by the time I detail everything out, it takes a short book to explain!

You see, I always believed in tapping into the mentality of the bodybuilder.

I know how to explain things in a way that better mentally prepares people than a 1 page magazine layout that is supposedly “the secret to bigger arms”.

What a bunch of shit!

You need to come get it from someone who is real, someone who actually gives a damn about explaining the truth about what really works and what doesn’t!

You need Let the Blood Spill because it’s written like I’m in the gym explaining everything to you.

let the blood spill ebook 3

It’s written by someone who actually enjoys seeing people prevail with their physique goals!

I want to see you get jacked and shredded. I want to see you get through life’s shit by using the gym as your vehicle to drive away from all of the distractions that keep you living a boring existence like everyone else!

Let the Blood Spill is the ultimate resource for those who want that perfect combination of muscular development to a hard and lean look!

If you’re like me, there is a fine line between muscular size and development and that streamlined waist and appearance that people find desirable.

You need this program because this program IS THAT FINE LINE!

If followed closely, Let the Blood Spill will be that X-factor that breaks necks when you walk by people!

Not only will this routine develop your body, but it’ll give you a strong and steadfast mind that will be prepare you to take on anything life throws your way!

This routine isn’t just about lifting weights; it’s about lifting yourself to levels that maybe you didn’t believe you could get to!

If you’re truly ready to get serious, truly prepared to put yourself to the ultimate test, and truly craving the type of intensity that is going to set you apart from the rest of the one’s in the gym just going through the motions, then you need Let the Blood Spill!

As demanding and brutal as this program is, this is mental freedom!

This is the type of workout program where you leave the realm of normalcy and the limiting thought processes that so many of us have in the gym.

You will feel alive and your mind will let go of what holds you back!

Sometimes, when you get ugly in the gym, beautiful things can happen!

Let the Blood Spill is finally here!

How far will you go to get the look you want?

Come find out and prepare for war! -JD

PS – You can buy Let the Blood Spill right here!

Let The Blood Spill ebook


4 thoughts on “Let the Blood Spill is Now Available!”

    • Different workout structure and diet routine. Let the Blood Spill has a few different high intensity techniques/exercises that Shredded Ops doesn’t have. Also, although both have laid out diets, the diet in Let the Blood Spill is a little more modified to accommodate more demanding workout days and switches back and forth between below maintenance calories and maintenance level calories on other days to help recovery from the extreme demands of the routine. Also, info on performance enhancement and preworkout/post workout drug/supps regimen in Let the Blood Spill. Both are very good workouts, I would say Let the Blood Spill is a little more extreme in nature


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