Everywhere you look now, someone is talking about the benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

People are talking about improved sleep, better looking skin, more energy, and increased energy and sexual function with HGH therapy.

We hear of men and women using HGH at just 1-2 iu’s a day and benefiting from it, and we hear of bodybuilders taking as much as 20 iu’s a day and making DRASTIC changes in hyperplasia (development of new muscle tissue) and muscle growth.

This fountain of youth drug sounds like the best thing since a slice of bread. But there is a lot about HGH you may not know about. There is a dark side to HGH that isn’t all peaches and cream.

When I first used HGH about 10 years ago I used a brand called Kexing. Kexing was a 192 aa and not a 191 aa, and a lot of people claimed it was no good because of that. Well that was false, it worked pretty decent for myself as well as the guy I got it from (who was a monster and had been using HGH for several years).

I ran it for about 4 months and then switched over to a brand called Hygetropin. These were the unlabeled brown tops that were the originals when Hyges first hit the scene. They were stronger than hell and worked very well.

Here is where I fucked up; I took my dosage too high too fast.

You need to ramp up dosages with HGH very slow, you don’t want to start off using 8 iu’s/day. The proper way to use HGH would be to start off with 2-3 iu’s/day for a solid month, then try to go to 4 iu’s/day for another month, then ramp up to 6 iu’s/day another month, etc.

I decided that I would go from the 4 iu’s/day of Kexing I was using to 8 iu’s/day of Hygetropin. I did this for a week and I was fine. But everything that happens with HGH is based on what you did the week prior, and once those levels built up my body reacted in a very bad way.

I felt like I had the flu, and I couldn’t even eat half a banana. I had no taste for food at all, and this was on a trip to Florida. My stomach felt like a rag that was constantly being churned and twisted. I had bloating and gas that would make a dog leave the room. I’m talking about nasty gas that I couldn’t control that smelled like sulfur.

I was in a hotel room on my trip and vomited. I’m not talking normal vomiting, I mean like projectile, exorcist style vomiting. I wanted to take a gun to my head I felt so rotten.

This trip was the most miserable trip of my life, and the worst part is there was nothing I could do other than ride it out and let the levels come back down when they were ready to.

I came off the HGH for a few days, and then got smart and took my dosage back down to 3-4 iu’s/day for a good while. I used the HGH for a total of about 6 months my first go around, and my muscles were denser looking and much bigger.

I didn’t need to use as many anabolics during this time either. The synergistic effect between the HGH and the little bit of gear I was on was enough to put me into some new growth.

Honestly I felt like absolute shit the entire time I was using it. I was not motivated to train, I was sleepy as hell pretty much 24/7, and the hand numbness became very annoying (another side effect of HGH). I didn’t touch HGH again for several years.

My next bout of HGH was about 4-5 years ago

I started with Riptropins and then went to using Keffei blue tops and a brand called Asunme. Again I had some pretty good results, and I didn’t go above 6 iu’s/day.

I would run it as many days in a row as I could stand, and then take a couple days off. I felt much better the days off, not so tired. I believe my muscles looked denser while using it, similar to the first time. I may have lost some body fat, but nothing that was miraculous. I slept deeper and my skin did look better on my face.

Was it anything that was worth $1000? FUCK NO!

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I got to the point with bodybuilding that I stopped looking at physiques that were morphed and cartoonish looking and began aspiring to look more like the bodies of the 1960’s and 1970’s. I started seeing the direction the stomachs were going and the waistlines and decided that I was not a fan of modern day bodybuilding.

It was so bad that competitors not only had these huge pregnant looking guts, they couldn’t even control their midsections on stage like they needed to in order to pose or try to hide it. The last of the great bodybuilders IMO was the Kevin Levrone/Shawn Ray/Flex Wheeler era. And I’m pretty sure HGH was being used to SOME DEGREE, but not like today.

I am glad that I never stayed consistent with it because my waistline didn’t take the hit from it. My midsection didn’t take the hit from it either, and my physique has remained closer to the type of body I find appealing.

Benefits of HGH depend on how you’re using it

I AM NOT SAYING THERE IS NO BENEFIT TO USING HGH, but I’d have to say it depends on how you’re using it. IMO high dose and prolonged usage of HGH will absolutely destroy a physique and cause irreversible damage.

Abusing this drug will destroy the facial structure of a person, as well as the cranium. I’ve seen guys go from a handsome and chiseled looking face, to that of a mutated freak.

HGH is a great way for a guy to eat more garbage and stay lean. The days of discipline and working hard are pretty much over if you’re using enough HGH.

With enough HGH it really doesn’t matter as much if the diet is clean or not, just get enough protein, Burger King 3 times a day is OK. This makes it much easier to get up to 275 lbs and stay fairly lean, if you don’t mind a gigantic GH gut and a Frankenstein head.

Get ready to go up a size or 2 in sneakers too, because your feet may grow more.

Day to day functioning on high doses of HGH will be very difficult. You may find yourself feeling like a zombie, not thinking clearly, lazy as hell, and so tired that you don’t even feel safe driving your damn car at times.

There were times when I would have to pull the car over and have my wife drive because I was too exhausted. This lethargy can affect many things, including work performance and comprehension. This was when I said this shit wasn’t worth it.

HOWEVER, for someone in their mid 30’s and older, who has REAL HGH, it can be beneficial when used PROPERLY. When I say used properly, I’m talking just a couple units a day. To use HGH to try to actually grow, the side effects were so nasty that I didn’t think it was worth it.

Issues with HGH

Something else about HGH is sometimes you almost have to eat a little dirty.

It has a tendency to lower your blood sugar and make you feel hypoglycemic from time to time, so often times a cheeseburger is actually more beneficial than a skinless chicken breast. But guys get carried away with it, they eat massive amounts of junk.

But you may have to throw in a little on occasion. The other side to it is if you already have blood sugar issues, HGH can cause the opposite effect and raise it.

This is a reason I can no longer use it even if I wanted to, I have issues with glucose already, so taking HGH isn’t a good idea for me.

Another issue nowadays is the legitimacy of HGH and knowing that what you have is real and dosed properly. This makes trying to even run it at a replacement dosage difficult.

What you think may be 2 iu’s is really a half unit. You may have just purchased 8 kits of HGH and you’re only getting the equivalent of 3 kits. Congrats, you just blew a bunch of money for very little benefit.

You definitely want to make sure your HGH is very real and most generics just aren’t real. Pharmaceutical grade HGH is what you want, something like Norditropin or Humatropin. These are very expensive but you know what you’re getting.

Generic HGH is a crap shoot nowadays, and the only way to know if it’s decent is to have it tested or have a good level of trust with your source.

Something else about HGH people don’t consider is the effects on the pituitary gland. If you take too much testosterone or use it for too long your nuts quit producing test, well the same holds true for HGH. Your own pituitary stops making HGH or produces much less from that point forward, so you might be worse off than before you started.

The upside to HGH is the results don’t just go away like they do when you stop using steroids. It seems to be muscle that stays with you much longer, since the HGH actually made new muscle cells, where steroids just made bigger cells.

So if there is any benefit to it, that is one of them. With that being said, I have found injuries to be more common with HGH, since there is new muscle cells, but since they are new they are not as strong and established yet. I always found higher reps to be more beneficial with HGH use, since they were just safer.


The development of secretagogue’s is really the new thing with increasing levels of IGF-1 and HGH in the body. The science behind them is they don’t shut down the pituitary after use since they simply activated it more, and the body did not detect them as an exogenous source of growth that wants to bind to whatever tissues it can.

So unlike HGH, the gut growth isn’t going to happen. HGH will bind to any receptors it can, including the organs and intestines, not just the muscles.

Secretagogues such as Sermorelin, CJC-1295, CJC-1293, and Hexarelin do not do this. They can be manufactured cheaper than HGH, and seem to be more readily available.

To be totally honest with you guys, I’d put my money on secretagogue’s over HGH now. HGH is way too much of a crap shoot nowadays, and pharm grade HGH is just far too expensive.

Unless you become friends with someone who has AIDS and wants to sell you their HGH kits, I’d personally go with the CJC’s or Sermorelin runs myself. This is the next step for me anyways, since I can’t even use HGH if I wanted to, because of my glucose issues.

I wrote an article called The 20 Week HGH/IGF-1/insulin blast awhile back. I talked about a 20 week run of HGH/IGF-1, and insulin, with the insulin and IGF-1 used in 4 week blocks.

If you were to do something like this and had REAL HGH then I would run it. Just a couple iu’s a day of REAL HGH, and then come in with the IGF-1 and insulin. But to use several iu’s/day of HGH for years, not me.

You may disagree with me here, and that is fine. I’m speaking from my own experiences here, I did not feel good on higher amounts of HGH. It’s very easy to feel like you need to use this stuff with all the talk on HGH the past few years, but this is no miracle drug.

You have to go through some serious $$$$$ and living hell to get some mass from HGH. It was a commitment that I didn’t think was worth it myself. That is why my talk on HGH on here is very limited, I just don’t place much emphasis on it like everyone else does.

If you think you need to have HGH, go pull up some pictures of Arnold, Serge Nubret, Frank Zane, or Franco Columbo. You might change your mind.

I will have more talk on Secretagogues in the near future. I will share my personal experiences with them when I use them.

But to sum all of this up, does HGH have it’s benefits when used in proper amounts as a form of replacement, and when using REAL pharm grade HGH?


Is it worth running a bunch of different generics to find something legit, spending thousands of dollars, and walking around pregnant-looking for 20-30 more lbs of muscle?


Stay safe, train hard!


To develop the body of your dreams and learn all the best steroid cycles and secrets…Straight from the Underground ebookYou need to read Straight From the Underground – the ultimate reference guide to steroids.



43 thoughts on “HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH) 101”

  1. I purchase a copy of your ebook recently and I find it very informative. I just have a question. Im currently on HRT and my doctor prescribed me Test C and HCG. I was told to take HCG about 2 days I give myself Test C. Im also hearing from other bodybuilders that HCG shouldn’t be used the same time as Test C. What is your opinion on this. Also, is HCG the same or similar with HGH as far as the potential of giving you the big gut and changing of facial bone structure?

    • No, HCG is totally different than HGH. The HCG is to be used during your HRT to keep your balls from shrinking, it stimulates the Leutinizing hormone in your body to send the right signals to your nuts and keeps them from shrinking. You wont get any sort of gut on HCG.

    • If you are trying to use HGH to grow with, you need your dosage at least 4iu/day. You’ll be using a minimum of 1 kit/month. Run 4iu’s/day for a minimum of 20 wks, or run 2iu’s/day and combine IGF-1 with it.

  2. Hey JD,

    Thanks for the info and your wealth of knowledge. I also purchased your book and will be emailing you soon with some questions. Great Book.

  3. Hi there John I’m very impressed with your sight ,I’m planing on competing again I left the sport 22 years ago I feel I have unfinished business .I liked what u said about your 20 wk gh gf1 slin AAS i have been trianing now for 3years now this year i have been trining 2x day 4 days on and 3 days off due to work 12 hours on those days its been great i have been looking into doing carb backloading for the days off i’d like your imput on that ,and on the training days i would follow your proticall using. A little history on me i competed in the early 90’s my off season wieght was 310 6’2″ bf was 16% my contest wieght was 256lbs at 2% bf lots have changed since i was on stage but i miss how that all feels andi need to do it again to see if i stii got it i just do maintinace doesages AAS and 2IU’s gh 5 days on 2 days off for a year using Kintropin and i know its good becuase my feeet grew 1″ please let me know what u think thanks

    • Sounds good man, as for carb backloading if it works for you then go for it. I personally feel that your body gets x amount of nutrients and calories per day and that is that. I wouldn’t overthink the process too much, just clean up the diet and slowly dial it in. Hit the 20 wk HGH/IGF-1/Insulin run from now until February, and then go right into shredding up!!!

  4. Hi John

    Just found your site and bought your e-book (friend bought it for me). My question is… Firstly I am 46 years old. I train 3-4 days per week. I put on 12kg (fat) in 18 months (diet was ok not the best but ok) went to the doctor found out my thyroid was f#%^ed now on t4 and have lost 10kg and 5 inches off waist. (I am still a bit fat and I am struggling to recover and grow. I had test levels tested and doc said I have test levels of a man in their 20’s. I cut out gluen, milk, all sugar, eat 4 meals a day with protein source and green veges at every meal (scared to over eat as I don’t want to get fat again). What gives?? If my thyroid is not functioning properly then is there something else also that may need addressing eg using growth hormone (it is part of thyiod function.. right?) What do you recommend I do?

    • HGH will knock your thyroid down actually. If your thyroid is chekcing in good with the T-4 there should be no reason you cannot lose fat. It may just take more time and dieting

  5. Hey new to your site I heard about it from Victor. I have a quick question. I am interested in HGH, but I would rather increase my natural levels. I’ve been doing this by taking Gaba. Is that a waste of time and money?

    • I’m not familiar with this product, but I think any supplement claim to increase natural HGH levels is highly exaggerated. It’d have to be a peptide secratogue at minimum for me to spend my money, but tthat’s just me

  6. Sir, is it mandatory to take insuline with hgh otherwise you will increase the chance of getting dibetis??and plss give the detail information to me whether i will be taking steroids or hgh ??which will be safe for me,i am a beginner i havent used anything till now but i am thinking to go for a cycle .and plss suggest me something and a detail cycle .thanking in advance if you can take the trouble and help me out sir :-)

  7. hi joe
    how u doing
    well i m 38 yr old guy , going to use LILLY HGH for the 1st time, its been 3 days now i m using it, i want to 4ius every day, cud u pls tell me how much it is on u-100 syringe marked 10,20,30,40 – 100 units and u-40 marked 5,10,15,20,25- 40 units.
    i wud be taking 2ius in morning and 2 ius in evening… how much wud be 2ius in u-40 anjd u-100 syringe??
    i m taking ely lilly hgh of 6mg (18iu) , with dileunt contains 3.17ml

    • on a u-100 syringe each ten mark represents a single unit. so on a 1ml (100 iu) syringe the “20” mark would be 2 iu’s of HGH

  8. Hey john, my doctor wants to put me on 0.15iu hgh twice a week and is about $1800 for 10 weeks. Does this sound right? Sounds a bit low. Trying to loose bf and gain muscle same time plus improve skin after 7 yrs hard mil deployment.

    Im already on 600mg/3cc depo test + 0.50iu hcg + 1/2 tablet anazdarol (anti estrogen) per week. I’m 6′ tall, 250lbs, 17% bf (almost all on belly, elsewhere bout 6% bf). I’m strong, lots of endurance, but belly fat just won’t go away.

    If I hear back from you in 12 hrs, super awesome to see if the $1800 for hgh is worth it.

    Thanks Bro

    • hell no its not worth that much!!! What a complete ripoff, that isn’t even 1 kit worth of HGH and he wants $1,800? Dude, save your money, 0.15 iu twice a week will do jack shit!!!

      • How many iu’ would make blast off the belly fat, improve skin and go well with the 600mg depo test for me scale mass? Thanks for the awesome info Bro!

          • Yo John, the doc did my blood work and it turns out to be 0.25ml three times a week (3.8iu 3x week or 11.4iu/wk). Man, it’s $1700 for 10 weeks (omnitrope 17.4iu/vial). Sounds good? how soon would I probably notice changes in body fat/lean muscle ratio and skin. Sounds more reasonable money wise? Anything else you’d expect? Thanks as always my Bro!

          • You will notice slight changes at first like better sleep, improved skin, but in terms of fat loss it really takes a minimum of about 12 weeks to see noticeable changes. Hgh is something you.need to stay on awhile, like 5-6 months at least. It’s worth it if you have the money for it, but if its a big hit to the wallet then no it’s not worth that

  9. Hey john what dose would you start with mk677?? I just bought some and am trying not to get all bloated and watery and stay lean..I know the recommended dose is 25mg but didn’t know of I needed to start with that. I have heard that pumps and muscle fullness you obtain is awesome from it, just wanted your input from it..any info would be great man thanks..I’ve bought both your books and they are full of great info and I have gotten great gains from the low dose cycles you recommend and feel very healthy and lean.

    • 25mg would be a good dosage to start with and stay with, the shit will make you eat everything though!! If gains is what you’re looking for then mk is where its at, but good luck staying lean on it. It makes me so hungry that 1 month is all I can take, I’ll throw on 20 lbs in a month EASY when I’m using mk-677

  10. I used 10 iu per day for 25 days to grow taller and i grew 1 inch. I ganna be 6″2 soon lol u mad bro? I can link you a good pharma grade from china. it works bro..

  11. Hey mate, I have an amazing pharm grade HGH connection. In your opinion what is better to get, Jin or Hyge and why?
    Really appreciate your advice! Also lovig your podcast since coming across your content

    • Haven’t used either of them in a long time. If you had asked me this 5 years ago I would tell you jins

  12. Hi John,
    I know this is an old post, but recently got hold of 200IU of hgh. I’m wondering with this amount how would you best use it for a cycle? It it better to use a low dose daily eg 2IU and make it last 3 months, or shorten the duration with a higher dose? For background, I’m also on a testosterone cruise at the moment and am looking to tighten up/cut a little whilst maintaining (or even gaining) strength/muscle.

  13. Thank you! And I take it from replies to others that 2IU/day should do the trick for me over that period of 100 days, for tightening up.

    • It should, however during the onset don’t be shocked if you hold a bit of fluid. Your body needs time to adjust to it, the first month or so I always held a tad bit of fluid and was tired. But you’ll adjust and then the fat loss and recovery will get faster. Thanks for following! -JD

  14. Hi, I’ve read about interactions between hGH and TSH, thus messing up (decrease) T4 + T3 ; have you ever experimented such thing ? And have to take T3 ? Thx ! (ps: love all your ebooks and podcast, keep it up!!)

    • Thanks for following. This is person specific but it usually happens with a higher amount of daily HGH injects (4iu+ per day) I don’t see a reason to mess with T3 or T4 unless you are dosing higher and as always, make sure you are getting labwork done regularly (at least once every 6 months or so). Personally speaking I take script T4 at 100cg daily due to a low thyroid level anyways (one of the side effects of being an insulin dependent diabetic)

  15. Hey John,
    How to keep prolactin level low while using HGH. I’m on TEST E 600 MG, EQ E 300 300MG AND MASTERON E 300MG PER WEEK. But when I use HGH my prolactin goes up even on 5 ius a day and gives me ED issues similar to deca dick. I had to use cabergoline but don’t want to keep using caber. Some times issue gets worst then cialis and viagra even don’t work.
    What should I do?

    • Are you sure the HGH is legit HGH and not something else? You say “even on 5iu’s a day” like that’s a low dosage, it’s really not if it’s legit HGH. Lower back to 2iu a day or take a break from it until you get back in range, but you are right, living on caber isn’t a good idea


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