15 Differences Between Modern Bodybuilders and Old School Bodybuilders

So why is John Doe such a big fan of old school bodybuilders, you may ask? Well, I’m interested in the old school for a number of reasons.

1. Guys trained harder

2. Pics were taken of them because their physiques were deserving of it. They didn’t take a bunch of selfies and plaster it all over Facebook like they were some big star.

3. Nobody self promoted themselves. It was simple back then; you brought your balls to the gunfight or you stayed home.

4. Motherfuckers weren’t constantly crying about what they didn’t have or needed to get. They used what they had available and busted ass.

5. Many of them had legitimate jobs and were respected for other things besides bodybuilding.

6. Guys didn’t nit pick over how many meals they hit that day. Remember, this was before the microwave hit the market.

7. There was a greater sense of brotherhood and they stuck together. Guys nowadays are fucking assholes.

8. They actually went out and did stuff; they didn’t remain recluses who were afraid that any little thing they did was going to hurt their precious bodybuilding.

9. More guys openly talked about steroids. Yes, they busted ass but they didn’t chalk up all of their results because they used the newest and hottest supplement on the market.

10. Being big and strong was what girls wanted, and the ideal American man.

11. They had better balance between size and definition. No they weren’t as lean as most competitors today, but they still had the strength to boot. They carried a more well-rounded look all year rather than look shredded for a week and fat the rest of the year.

12. They competed more often. Guys nowadays put so much into just 1 show a year

13. They dressed nicer. They wore form fitting clothes and could still wear a suit and tie. These idiots now all rock these retarded xxxxl sweatshirts or hoodies. Why the fuck would you bodybuild just to hide your results and hard work? It makes no sense to me.

14. They had personality. It wasn’t like talking to some zombie. Talk to most guys nowadays, you’d have better conversations with a wall.

15. They didn’t suffer through life just to pay for fucking steroids.

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10 thoughts on “15 Differences Between Modern Bodybuilders and Old School Bodybuilders”

  1. Oldschool it is my friend! Nice post as always, I really like your non-bullshit attitude.
    Especially #7 stuck with me – guys in the gym nowadays are fucking impolite cowards. Everyone is jealous of the other guy and with most people you can’t have a simple conversation.
    Bodybuilding is fucked up, there are so many false rumors, discussions over who is natural and who not, what supplements work (none) and pretty much everything that is debated is nonsense. You once wrote that bodybuilders stick with bodybuilders because they are much alike, but for me nowadays I don’t want to even hang out with most guys.
    Oddly enough quite everyone you talk to considers training than more than 45min three times a week as overtraining.
    I bust my ass in the gym for three hours six days a week and this is where my gains came from.
    The role model for success should be Arnold and the rest of the 70s Bodybuilders, not some pregnant looking cow like medical freak.

    However, appreciate this post, keep ’em coming!

  2. 100% agree. The other day I was watching the “World’s Strongest Man” from 1977. And guess who made the finals? Franco Columbo and Lou Ferrigno. I think hell has a better chance of freezing over then seeing Phil Heath or Kai Green compete in the World’s Strongest Man.

    The old school guys were built like greek statues.

  3. Excellent post and point JD. I couldn’t agree with you more especially with point number 10. Being big and strong was what girls wanted, and the ideal American man; so true. Now in todays day we see mostly little metro sexual panty waists showing their teny tiny abs. The current culter in what a man is suppose to look like is a bunch of horse crap.

  4. My sentiments totally. It seems like the IFBB pros today, focus more on how many meals they can eat a day, rather than their training. It’s no wonder most of them have huge pot bellies. HGH and insulin abuse, and gorging themselves on fast food, pizza and ice cream 5-6 times a day in the off-season, or eating 12 0z cuts of steak and chicken breasts – 10 times a day (like Phil Heath does), will wreak havoc on your gut in no time flat on a person 5’10 or shorter. In addition to their stomach walls being stretched by the the extreme volume of food, the excessive amounts of protein and fat will eventually cause irreversible damage to their organs. It’s no wonder some of theses “mass monsters” don’t make it to their 50’s


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