The demise of men and low testosterone!

I was leaving the gym today and one of the girls at the front desk spoke to me on the way out.

Now, this girl wasn’t necessarily speaking to me in any specific sort of way outside of just the normal courtesy of gym employees at the front desk.

I honestly don’t care who you are… fat or thin, rich or poor, I’ll always give someone who is willing to speak to me the decency of good conversation.

I had asked her about her classes in college and she shared a bit about her major, minor, and class schedule with me.

“I’m taking a class on men and masculinity.”

I replied to her, “Oh wow, that’s great, masculinity is certainly a dying trait.”

“This is more of a class on how we have been taught all the wrong things about masculinity” she said.

“We have been taught that men aren’t supposed to be emotional and that the traditional male role model hasn’t been the best thing to learn from.”

Well that just struck a fucking nerve with me like you wouldn’t believe.

It was right there that I realized that colleges are actually grooming kids to frown upon masculinity in it’s traditional sense;

A strong willed man who is assertive with his decisions, who has a killer instinct mentality, and has no room in his life for weakness… IS FROWNED UPON!


I didn’t bother debating anything with her other than saying,“Well I think the lack of male role models and father figures to kids is the root of problems now” and she pretty much looked at me sideways.

You see, debating with a stupid fat chick who hasn’t been out in the real world yet outside of her p/t desk job at a gym is a losing cause because she’ll never understand.

Furthermore, you’re battling a bullshit agenda that colleges are pushing on young and impressionable people who haven’t yet been in a sink or swim situation.

So whatever.

She seems like a friendly girl but I have to call em’ like I see em’; she’s fat, single, entitled, and will probably remain that way for a long time! A psych major…OF COURSE!

These types are a dime a dozen now and what’s even worse is that men are conforming to these beliefs to appease women that will simply get fatter, walk all over them, and never give them any respect if they so much resemble an inkling of masculinity or testosterone.


This isn’t necessarily a matter over being sensitive and understanding or hard, stubborn, and strong.

This goes much further beyond the nonsense rhetoric that society and the media wants you to swallow whole.


Yes, believe it or not it’s true; testosterone is what gives you the ability to be strong, to go after what you want, to go after relationships, and when the shit hits the fan you can be the rock of the household!

Let’s say you go and get the mail and you get overwhelmed by bills. You can either fucking deal with it and come up with a game-plan to keep on keeping on, or you can fall apart in front of your family and start crying like a little bitch!

Do you not think your family isn’t going to freak out more when someone who is supposed to be a leader begins losing his shit?

Now, I’m not here to get into a debate on sexuality, gender, or any of that. I’m just saying there is some fucking merit to being a hard-nosed son of a bitch at times!

I have a nephew who has been raised by 2 women. He was always left by himself to play video games and he was never shown anything in life from a male perspective.

I took him to the rollerskating rink one day with us, and before I could even get his roller skates to him from the rental desk, he began crying like a little pussy!

I said, “Dude, what’s wrong?”

“I’m scared of rollerskating because of all of the other kids out there and I just can’t do this.”

Mind you this kid is almost 12 motherfucking years old!

Now, the estrogen in me would have said “Oh, poor baby, it’s ok to be scared sometimes. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, go get some cotton candy and play the games.”

The testosterone in me said to him, “Listen up, quit being a baby about it, if this freaks you out then you’re going to have a real tough time in life! Now trust me, put the skates on and I’m going to show you how to do this shit. This isn’t just about skates, this is about conquering your fears.”

10 minutes later the kid was rollerskating and having a blast!

But I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Jesus H. Christ, this kid is going to be old enough to drive in 4 years and he’s crying about this shit? He isn’t going to amount to shit in life if he doesn’t start tackling shit!”

I look around and it’s so fucking bad now. You know there is a problem when my 10 year old son starts talking to kids 2 and 3 years older than him like they’re fucking babies!

See, I don’t do that shit, I expose my kid to risks and conquering fear.

As far as I’m concerned, everything “wrong about masculinity” that fuckheads want us all to believe is what has propelled my son to be a MOTHERFUCKING WINNER!

So no, I don’t agree that men should just conform to being pussified to artificially change the way nature intended us to be!


The prison system is where society sends fuck-ups. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we have all done some things that could have landed us in the joint for a bit if we were caught.

But I’m not talking about a couple stupid random things here; I’m talking about the type of males who have been career criminals.

They started in juvenile detention, graduated to the adult penal system, got released time and time again and went right back!

Do you know what 90% of these guy’s have in common?


You see, it wasn’t that their mothers were necessarily bad people either.

Many of their mothers were off working 2 jobs and trying desperately to do everything they could to make ends meet and provide.

But the one thing they couldn’t do was be a fucking man! No matter how hard they may have tried they simply could not do what a good, positive male, with some fucking testosterone could do!

So where did these fatherless children turn?

They turned to gangs, crime, and whatever got attention that they so desperately craved since that positive male influence wasn’t around.

The ramifications of getting in trouble or locked up simply didn’t outweigh the desperate cry of “Now you notice me?”

Maybe acting tough was all just a front, since deep down on the inside they were in pain from lacking a positive male role model.


You see, I’m just sick of hearing this negative shit about men, masculinity, and males.

If you attend a church on mothers day all you’ll hear is praise to the mothers. If you attend a church on Father’s day all you’ll hear is bashing!

Now, I actually agree with the statement that men are failing. You’re damn right men are failing!

But are men failing because they are trying to conform to a society that they feel will only accept them if they change the way they’re programmed?

Are men failing out of laziness?

Or are men failing because of an absolute chain reaction between environment and upbringing?

See, I’m sorry but I don’t buy the “chemicals in food” excuse as much as people tout it! Men have simply put up with far too much bullshit for far too long.

Men need to quit changing who they are in order to earn attention from women who don’t even know how to be motherfucking women!

Fuck this whole “love your body no matter what” movement. Bitch, you’re a fat fuck, through and through! And this goes for the dad-bod pussies out there as well!




This is a very dangerous situation for you.

One day, that same female that once thought a “go-with-the-flow” pussy was the best thing since a slice of bread, is going to be getting some testosterone filled maniacs dick crammed down her throat!

And do you know something?

Your bitch ass could walk in on it and that dude senses your estrogenic bitchness, and he’s going to look over at you and be like, “Yea, she’s sucking my dick…what the fuck are you gonna do about it?”

And man, you’ll just turn around and cry while he blows a few landing strips on her fucking face!

You still think it’s cool to be a passive, estrogenic asshole? Nah man, it ain’t cool. You don’t want to be that guy!

Just go pound a breast cancer pin into your dick and sit down to pee already!


Did you know that guys on wall street take testosterone because it makes them fucking sharks?

It’s true, those guys in suits that play big boy games with money often use testosterone because it makes them more aggressive with decision making and conquering shit! They may not even lift weights on a regular basis and they are injecting testosterone.

Real women are attracted to this trait! I’m not talking about stupid chicks that don’t know what they want here.

I’m talking about REAL WOMEN that seem to be attracted to REAL MEN.

Many men do not realize this; they don’t know that there are still real women out there that appreciate real men. Do you know why?

It’s because their testosterone is too fucking low to remove the blinders!

You see, rather than stepping out and taking the bull by the horns, they assume try to pull whatever they can (which is usually Mary Jane fatass, the fat cunt feminist!)

Testosterone is what makes a man a man! It simply gives you the ability to go out and conquer shit rather than pointing the finger at everyone for all of your shortcomings!

Not everyone likes a go-getter sort of alpha dude either. But those people shouldn’t be your type of people anyways so fuck em’!

Real dudes with some testosterone run with other real dudes with testosterone. We understand one another, and when someone is down we don’t tell them everything will be okay. No, we tell them to get the fuck up and push on!

Life isn’t fair and can often be cruel at times. Acting like an “understanding and compassionate pussy” just doesn’t get the job done sometimes!


That’s right, you’re a dude…test is your control center! 

This isn’t just about some sex drive or acting a certain way to people here.

This is about assertiveness, confidence, being youthful, strong, healing, and moving forward!

Without proper amounts of testosterone you will falter in every one of these areas!

You will lose the ability to look people in the eyes when you speak, you’ll lose your confidence.

You’ll get fatter and stay fatter, and you’ll cry like a bitch over anything. You’ll cry watching the movie Shrek or seeing a dead deer on the side of the highway.

Your little limp dick will disappoint anyone you show it to!

There is a pretty big misconception that taking testosterone will make your shit stop working.



Testosterone is what makes a man a man, it’s simply nature! Stop letting fucking society try to convince you otherwise!

Stop being ashamed of lifting weights, wanting to bang chicks into oblivion, and being strong and assertive.

These traits should be celebrated nowadays, not shunned!

I walk around and sometimes ask myself, “Do any of the males in my presence resemble anything remotely close to how a man should really carry himself?”

The answer is usually no. It’s to the point that if I see one I want to give the guy an award!


You’ll never realize how half empty the glass really was until you get normal levels of testosterone back!


So here is the deal here; how low is low and how do you get your testosterone higher?

For starters, sometimes you can just tell when your testosterone is low if you don’t have a sex drive, often have terrible anxiety, terrible sleep, and you can’t seem to drop fat no matter how hard you try or despite eating clean.

But getting bloods done at the Doctor’s office is really the best way to know where you’re at.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you guys here, if your testosterone is absolutely IN THE TANK then you’d be best just getting testosterone replacement therapy.

By “in the tank” I’m talking about levels below 200 ng/dl.

However, I cannot neglect the fact that getting involved in routine exercise and a better diet can raise testosterone levels in sedentary males with above average fat and estrogen levels.

So let’s say you come back sort of low, but on the fence..

this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot bring it up with a lifestyle change, if you haven’t been trying beforehand anyways.

I would recommend using a natural testosterone booster if this is your case. I would combine a natural test booster with a good diet and exercise and see what you end up with.

Estrogen is another culprit that decreases sex drive, makes you puffy and emotional, and is just better at lower levels in the male body.

If your estrogen is out of whack then you need to lower it. Often times it’s the ratio of testosterone to estrogen that causes more harm that any single measure of a particular hormone.

So, the way I see things here, you have 2 choices;

Get on testosterone replacement therapy through your doctor or take a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

It’s either you do that or you live out the rest of your days like you have a vagina! NOT COOL!

Life is just better with good levels of testosterone.


PS – If you’re interested in learning about other types of steroids and how to use them safely then be sure to pick up my e-book Straight from the Underground, the most informative source of anabolic knowledge from true experience available online!

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20 thoughts on “The demise of men and low testosterone!”

    • thanks, not formally, no. I’m in the process of working on Shredded Ops 2 rt now. But this is something I’ll definitely keep on the back burner for down the road, thanks -JD

  1. Hey John Doe This was a really good article about men and Testosterone thanks! I’ve been taking red beast and noticing some results I’ve also tried Red growth but Red supplements doesn’t make it any more 🤷‍♂️ I was thinking of trying some Sarms, i’ve never tried them before can you give me any advice of what ones I should use who I should buy them from I am 62 years old and I’ve been working out for 30 years I appreciate any help in guidance you can give me thank you Dan!

    • I did an article awhile back on RAD-140, just do a search for RAD-140 and I explain some SARMS there. MY favorite stack was YK-11 and RAD-140, hands down -JD

  2. Perfect man!!! Yesterday at my 10 year old daughters softball game, a dad on the other team was heckling and making fun of all the girls on our team. I was in the middle of dads who were bitching and crying about this dude but wouldn’t say shit to him. I hopped the fence, ran across the field, hopped the other fence and snatched that fucker up by the throat. He literally pissed his pants. Parents on both teams gave me a standing O. Don’t go through life as a pussy – get the test up and be a fucking man and by all means defend your family at all costs. I don’t care how big you are, you mess with my family and I’m coming for you. It just blew me away that these dad’s are going to let some asshole talk shit about their daughters and not do a damn thing about it. wtf.

    • This story is one of the reasons I grew up hating team sports and got into bodybuilding. It all just seemed childish to me when I saw these people living through their kids and getting bent out of shape at the games.

  3. Hey John,

    Great article, one of the razor manufactures tried making us men for ashamed for having dicks, cost them big time…toxic masculinity bullshit.

  4. John, nice job, keep preaching and teaching brother! I’ve read most of your e-books and post and you helped change my life. Four years ago I was that fat low test guy. Stumbled onto your post and started working out, test replacement and a little more and now I’m a 57 year old with a kick ass body and attitude. Thanks for the info and keep it up.

  5. The other day, one of my friends was talking to me about one of his male twentysomething coworker who is apparently “very emotional” and easily starts crying when things gets stressful.

    What the fuck?

    The first word that came to my mind to qualify that guy after hearing that BS was “pussy”.

    I’ll never trust a man who falls apart each time life gets though. As men, it is our duty to be strong and capable to fight back when life is being a bitch.

    Nice article, keep spreading the truth John.

  6. You hit the nail on the head with this article. I couldn‘t have written it better myself. I‘ve seen quite often some girl yelling and fighting with her boyfriend out in public and he looks like a little soy boy and he‘s yelling and everyone looks and grins and looks the other way. I was in a fight with my girlfriend once outside and I completely lost my shit. I never put a finger on her but raising my voice put everyone into a panic. People ran over and tried to act like some kind of hero, others called the police, some old woman is lucky I didn‘t choke her death for interrupting me yelling at my girlfriend. Now I generally wouldn‘t do this in public but there‘s only so much shit a guy will take.

    When a dominant man gets upset and shows dominance, simply by how he talks and the aggressive look his body has, everyone around goes into a panic. And to be honest knowing that when you show anger it gives people this feeling feels DAMN good.

    Super read John, thank God there‘s still some guys out there that get it.

  7. I played football — Varsity, JV, pee wee. 1984-1991. It was common that there was almost always one, two or three dipsh*ts that would act up at the game and pretend to be tough guys and heckle or yell at their kids for not being good enough. I remember my Father actually confronting them in the parking lot, he was kind of cool about it and basically telling them, knock it off or I’ll knock you out. He was a bit of a jeckyl and hyde type floating between an Alpha on some days and a real beta on others… but people took him seriously and often other parents would back his play and step up. I played sports for me, not for anyone else and I was never encouraged to play for anyone else, it was about having fun. Whatever happened to that?

    • Days are gone man, got parents believing their kids are being scouted in the 4th grade for the NFL. They put a lot of pressure on kids now, seems to me They re there to ride the hell out of them but not spend any time with them outside of that. It’s sad

  8. Also, as an aside, women can SMELL when your T#’s are substantial. Not even remotely a joke. I was nothing special to look at and they’d engage me regularly, I mean really hot, fit women almost 20 years younger than me. No joke, I didn’t even try to acknowledge them and they’d come by and chat me up between sets. I noticed this about 4-5 weeks into my industrial TRT run. Even now, it really gets my wife irritated that random women chat me up and actually step in front of her. It is kind of awkward at times. (And no, not every time we are out or every day, but often enough that it is no coincidence)

    • I don’t get that anymore. I get the ,”Jesus Christ he is gonna kidnap me and rape me” reaction. Usually… ;)


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