The Top 9 Essential Health Supplements for Bodybuilders

When I first got into the supplement game it was when I was around 19 or 20 years old.

I can remember hearing about Mark McGwire smashing the home run record and he owed it all to “Androstene” (at least so we thought). So my friends and I all jumped on Andro poppers by Pinnacle Nutrition and chewed them up like Tic Tacs, hahaha.

Of course there was always protein powder and creatine that was drilled into our heads back then, these things we “had to have.”

As I progressed with bodybuilding and grew older and wiser I came to realize that essential health and nutrition was far more important than some over the counter performance pill.

There are supplements that I now stay on as a daily staple because I just feel better on them and I perform better also.

Here is what John Doe uses as essential health and nutrition supplements.

#1 – Multi-vitamins

I take multi vitamins because I know with all of the hard work I'm putting into the gym that my body needs a steady supply of essential vitamins that I may not get all from food that day.

#2 – Joint supplementation

I didn't start needing a joint supplement until I got a little older, but I have little aches and pains from years of working out hard.

I have a triceps tendon that bothers me on heavy tricep extensions, and knees that will seem stiff until I get them moving around and warmed up.

Using a joint supplement seems to lube up the joints and make everything start working freely and pain free!

#3 – Cialis @ 7.5 mg/day

Cialis has huge benefits outside of just performance enhancement in the bedroom!

It's good for blood pressure, improved mood, increased pumps in the gym, and prostate health to name a few.

Cialis keeps the heart pumping blood stronger since it relaxes the smooth muscles internally, so it's definitely a healthy addition to your supplement regimen/lifestyle.

#4 – Red Monkey mood enhancement formula (discontinued product) 2 times a week

Red Monkey's main ingredient is phenibut which improves social well-being and interaction with others, as well as overall mood.

I take this supplement twice a week because phenibut is a supplement that you can get used to/immune to pretty quick.

By taking it just twice a week you can be assured it's stronger and works good each time.

It's tough to explain this one unless you've used it before, but it seems to help with anxiety and improves my interaction with everyone I come across on the daily.

#5 – Vitamin D3 @ 5,000 iu per day

We do not get enough sunlight as people anymore, therefore supplementing with D3 can improve mood and overall health.

Vitamin D3 is what is given to us when we go outside in the sunlight.

It's been suggested that we our bodies were designed to get at least 8-12 hours of exposure to the sun every day, which most of us are not anymore.

Supplementing with D3 can assure you that you're getting the same vitamins that 8-12 hours of sunlight exposure can provide!

#6 – Melatonin @ 5mg/day before bed

It's been shown in studies that taking melatonin can improve natural IGF-1/HGH levels by as much as 50 points on the reference scale!

It also helps me fall asleep, especially during periods of dieting hard when sleep becomes an issue due to hunger.

As we get older our sleep tends to get worse and worse. There is a reason for this; lower IGF-1 levels.

Have you ever seen how a baby sleeps? They sleep so sound and deep because they are full of HGH/IGF-1.

As we get older our sleep gets worse because of this lack of HGH/IGF-1 (IGF-1 is the direct factor which is produced by HGH levels)

Anything I can do to help me sleep better naturally I'm willing to give a shot!

#7 – Essential enzymes

As we bodybuild our caloric/nutrition needs go up as well.

Food is needed for recovery and we want to make the most out of the things that we eat.

This is where essential enzymes come into play.

Essential enzymes can help to metabolize your food faster and can aid in digestion.

They aren't a big deal if you're younger, but I'd say they're a wise addition for guys in their late 20's – 30's and up.

#8 – Arimistane

I'm on testosterone replacement therapy through my Doctor.

When you get put on hormone replacement therapy (or if you use Ostarine) one of the main concerns becomes keeping the appropriate balance between testosterone and estrogen levels.

As testosterone goes up estrogen levels can often go up alongside of it. This is where Arimistane comes into play for me.

Arimistane is very similar to the aromatase inhibitor Arimadex. This product keeps my estrogen in check the same way Arimadex does and it's cheaper for me to use than Arimadex.

All I use is just 1 cap 2 – 3 times a week during my testosterone replacement (which is usually 150 – 200 mg a week) and it keeps my estrogen in check.

You could also use this product for traditional post cycle therapy if you were running an Ostarine cycle or steroid cycle.

9) Whey Protein

While I am not an advocate of living off protein shakes alone they can help you get your protein intake up when you’re trying to build muscle or prevent muscle loss while dieting.

Unless you plan on eating nothing but meat with almost every meal I would strongly suggest a protein shake or two each day to help get your protein and calories where they need to be.

I’ve always believed that the best diet for anyone is a diet that they can stick to!

For myself, eating eggs a couple times a day, meat a couple times a day along with a couple protein shakes each day is a long-term diet that I can stick with.

Consistency is what pays off here when it comes to bodybuilding and getting in shape. 

Protein shakes are also a cost effective way to get enough protein into your diet.


18 thoughts on “The Top 9 Essential Health Supplements for Bodybuilders”

      • John,

        The link is still not working. I tried several ways and in different computers. It just directs you back to the articles directory. I hope it can be fixed. It was a very informative article! I am trying to remember the link you gave for ordering it. I am not sure if it was
        Was that correct?


  1. Would you recommend 10mg 3x/week (Monday – Wednesday – Friday) with 1,500mg Citrulline daily for a young powerlifter age 23-26?

    I wanna find out the benefits and pump I can get from using it pre-workout

  2. Would you recommend 10mg Cialis 3x/week (Monday – Wednesday – Friday) with 1,500mg Citrulline daily for a young powerlifter age 23-26?

    I wanna find out the benefits and pump I can get from using it pre-workout

    • in my opinion, do not use preworkouts, except when in competition or 4 weeks prior competition. You dont wanna get used to preworkouts because they can (long term) cause a lot more problems than benefits

      To name a few, you can fry your CNS which will make you more prone to overtraining and thus your performance will stall. Also, you can get addicted to the feeling a preworkout gives you, making you feel numb if you do not take your preworkout – which that in turn can make lose a lot of money on preworkouts which have not be proven to help with your progress anyway. Black coffee is all you need.

    • nah, you don’t need cialis at 23 years old and although it gives good muscle pumps it’s nothing I’d bother with yet myself

    • because it’s not what I use as a staple product. This article covers essentials to my normal regimen, Ostarine is something I use every now and then but not all the time

  3. Have you tried Ursolic Acid? What did you think of it?

    Many claim that it promotes muscle growth and fat loss. I’ve tried it for a little more than a week now. Although it’s too short of a time to see any muscle or fat change, if there even is any, my sleep’s gotten insanely better. I sleep like a fucking king right now.

  4. Hey John, what are your thoughts on ZMA? I’ve been taking it for about a week but its been making me feel really tired in the mornings so I might stop taking it.


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