Comradeship is Formed in Battle

I think a lot of guys have a distraught view on what comradeship really means. By definition the word COMRADESHIP means to form a bond or friendship under common aims. This does not mean that someone who only calls you because they want something is your comrade. This does not mean that some random fuck you see in the gym who yacks on his cell phone instead of busting ass is your comrade. This doesn't mean that one of your coworkers who doesn't pull his own weight is your buddy. All of that means nothing!

A comrade would be someone who goes the distance training with you in the gym. They are willing to go through the same hell you are to build a good body, and there becomes a mutual respect for what kind of work you're putting in. A comrade is a friend who helps you paint your house or maybe lay some bricks in the hot sun, and when you're done you can have a beer together and be proud of the hard work you've done. Then maybe he might need help one day and you help him work on his house. This is friendship people, not some flake who only wants something from you.

Let me tell you this much, unless you have friends like this then you're better off on your own. Most people don't have the drive or motivation to live like you might, and their friendship will be of no benefit to you. Don't waste your time with people like this. Unfortunately, this is hard to find nowadays. But don't be like everyone else. Be honest, hardworking, true to yourself, and have self-respect at all times. The one thing you'll always have is yourself so why not take care of it?

If you cannot treat yourself with respect then you'll never be able to treat anyone else with it. Why would you not want to look your best all the time? Why would you not want to have this great Greek-like build people take notice of?  Never ever look down on yourself or talk bad about yourself, never doubt yourself. Live to your own standards and make them high.

If you tell someone you will meet them at 8 am then you better have your ass there by 7:45! If you're just on time then you're late in my book! Take notice of how all of these pieces of shit act today. Do you think most people show up on time or are late? How do most men shake hands now? Exactly, like fucking pussies! Don't you dare dumb down your masculinity for some fucking pussy. If you shake his hand and feel like you're gonna crush it, it's his damn fault, not yours! If some woman doesn't like your straight forward approach and muscular build and confidence, then shame on that bitch for not knowing the difference between a man and a boy!

I'm getting off on a tangent here, but bottom line is this… somewhere out there, there are people who are true, sincere, and tough, guys who would go to war with you, but they're few and far between anymore. If you meet them and have just 1 good friend then you're doing better than most. Other than that, you'll get further on your own, don't get distracted by idiots!


4 thoughts on “Comradeship is Formed in Battle”

  1. Met by best friends hiking and canoeing in Sweden and Asia. The few weeks I spent there with them built stronger friendships than 2 years at school ever could. Accomplishment and beating challenges is the real and best way to building unbreakable bonds with other men.

  2. Very true. Lots of pussified guys out there consciously or maybe subconsciously out for themselves. You always gotta respect urself and put urself first because others will disappoint u if u expect too much. Just don’t let the bad ones slip by if a good opportunity arises to make a good friend.

  3. If you shake his hand and feel like your gonna crush it, it’s his damn fault, not yours!!! If some woman doesn’t like your straight forward approach and muscular build and confidence, then shame on that bitch for not knowing the difference between a man and a boy!!!

    Amen John Doe. Amen.


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