My Secrets to Clear Skin Part 2

I place a lot of emphasis on my skin as well as my muscles.

It sucks to have a large and muscular physique, just to be embarrassed to show it off because of shitty skin.

Diet and cleansing play a role in clear skin, but most of the negative issues we face with skin are really due to hormone levels in the body. This is the #1 reason why you experience acne outbreaks as a teenager more than an adult.

Guys using steroids often face severe acne outbreaks on their shoulders and back, and this is usually worse when they discontinue use and go into recovery mode.

Some of the things they use for recovery can make it even worse than using nothing at all.

It's really a double edged sword here: on one hand, recovery drugs will help your body produce it's own testosterone again much faster.

While on the other hand, because you're introducing an abundance of female hormones to get your own body to counteract it by making it's own testosterone again, you're often faced with acne as a side effect.

The biggest culprit of acne is the dreaded “estrogen rebound effect”

This happens when you discontinue either a cycle of steroids or EVEN SOME SUPPLEMENTS THAT REQUIRE A POST CYCLE THERAPY REGIMEN.

The biggest protocol here is to stay on some sort of aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Aromasin throughout post cycle therapy, in order to keep estrogen levels at bay.

It's also not a bad idea to include these throughout the cycle, because almost any time testosterone levels go up, so do estrogen levels.

The key is to keep testosterone high and estrogen in normal range (low normal is even better)


#1 – Start rubbing deodorant on your acne before bed at night, this will help dry it out.

#2 – Start using Dawn liquid dish soap to wash yourself with.

This will help cut oil better, and since your sebaceous glands are going nuts producing excess oil, it's a wise idea to use something stronger such as dish washing soap to shower with.

# 3- Try to shower twice/day, morning and evening.

#4 – Stop wearing tank tops for now.

By wearing a tank top, your sweat and oil just sits there on your body and isn't absorbed by anything. A T-shirt is the better route to go here, since at least the fabric will soak up more of the oils/sweat on your body.

#5 – Start using pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5).

Pantothenic acid works by increasing the rate of oil breakdown, so not as much oil = not as much acne. 500 mg/day is a good starting point for dosing, and once acne begins clearing up I would drop to 250 mg/day and carry on for an additional month.

#6  – Try to clean up your diet.

While diet is a very small portion of acne issues, it does play some role. I would try eating more whole, natural foods (any food that spoils if not eaten within a few days, and isn't in an air sealed bag). And I would eliminate dairy products altogether. I can remember a long time ago when I tried the “gallon of milk per day” routine to try to gain mass, my acne got terrible. So I can definitely attest to this myself!

#7 – Avoid sweating.

This one is difficult because without the gym you'd rather die right? I would suggest avoiding any type of intensity that is going to cause you to sweat excessively. For example, if you normally hit your cardio for a hard 30 minutes, maybe adjust to a slower paced 45 minutes, at least until your skin clears up.

#8 – Seek out a dermatologist and be honest with them… sort of.

I would tell them that my acne was caused by a product I purchased from the vitamin store (think of a pro-hormone here) because if you get an asshole who jots down “Patient took 1,000 mg/wk of testosterone and has severe acne,” I would be afraid insurance wouldn't cover it if they looked into it. If you have access to a dermatologist and the financial means/insurance to do so, then definitely DO NOT WAIT. You don't want permanent scars for the rest of your life because you didn't address skin issues early on.

#9 – Use an exfoliant a few times/week to clear off the outer layer of dead skin.

On top of using your dish washing liquid soap, it's not a bad idea to at least use an exfoliant a few times/week to clear off the outer layer so the soaps/products can get down in there deeper. Any cheap exfoliant will work, they all pretty much operate on the same mechanism of providing some sort of gritty base to abrade the skin and clear off the dead cells. Use this on your face as well as shoulders, and if you can get someone to scrub your back, then do that as well.

#10 – Use products that promote lower estrogen levels.

…and get your hormones back into normal range (or products that hold estrogen at bay) while on a cycle or EVEN SOME SUPPLEMENT CYCLES!

As long as hormones stay fucked up, so will acne! The trick is to provide a steady hormone ratio the entire time.


Look, have you ever heard the expression: “You gotta pay to play?” Well that's sort of the case here when it comes to hormones or hormone precursors.

Like any other medication you could put into your body, there can be side effects and something creeping up on the back end that you don't yet know is coming on!

It's part of the game, I've been there before myself. I'm someone who had to go to a dermatologist before because of my shoulders and back acne!

How to get a perfectly clear face using this 3 step system

This one is strictly from self experimentation lately. But I'm going to give it you straight here, and let me tell you guys that my skin has never looked better on my face before this.

I recently turned 35 years old. Now, I know that doesn't sound old to a lot of my readers, but let's face it: this is the age where wrinkles become more apparent and you start showing your age more.

I saw a photo that was taken of myself on my birthday outing that evening and all I could think was: “Man, I'm starting to look older… this shit sucks!”

So I took some proactive steps to try and prolong the aging process as much as possible, and I think they are working pretty fucking well!

I have already noticed a major difference and I've even had compliments lately on how I'm looking younger.

People have asked me what I'm doing different, and it's so effective that I almost don't even want to share this with anyone.

It's a simple 3 step process that I do twice a day. But before I explain what this is, let me ask you a question. Is your face worth $50 a month? Because that is about the cost of this, including razors.

Before I get into the 3 step process I will tell you that razors have a lot to do with this. If you think your razor is good for one more shave…throw it out and use a new one.

Fresh razors will help avoid razor bumps, ingrown hairs, blemishes, and razor burn. Stop being a cheap ass and start using more razors.

Okay, now onto the 3 step process. You will do this twice a day, morning and evening before bedtime. It's pretty fucking simple and you'll see results almost immediately!

  • Step #1- Cleanse your face with Olay Age Defying Cleanser first.
  • Step #2- Apply a generous amount of Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner to your face. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball and apply it in a circular motion to your face, use a generous amount. Let it dry for a few minutes, it's not made to be rinsed off. This product helps lift out impurities and has antioxidants and vitamins that protect your skin. THIS PRODUCT HAS MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY SKIN TONE!
  • Step #3- Use an oil-free antioxidant facial moisturizer.


Treat your neck like your face, use the 3 step system on your neck too.

It's easier if you are clean shaved (refer back to the fresh razor lecture). When the neck becomes as smooth and as clear as your face, it stands out to people.

So the estimated monthly cost of all this? Probably around $50 (including razors) but it's well worth it. Think of it as paying $50 a month for confidence.

Everyone sees your face so why WOULDN'T YOU want to take care of it?

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm interested in hearing anyone's success stories on what I've talked about here.

Until next time, cleanse hard!



8 thoughts on “My Secrets to Clear Skin Part 2”

  1. I have had great results keeping bacne at bay on cycle, by using Nizoral shampoo as a body and face wash. It is an anti-dandruff shampoo that was recommended to me due to the anti-androgen effects of the main ingredient (ketoconazole). It only penetrates the outer layers of your skin, so the anti-androgen effects don’t impact your muscles. I have only done a little research into the science behind it, but I have found anecdotally that I was able to avoid any significant acne while on a pretty healthy dose of trenbolone and masteron (two highly androgen in steroids). I was actually getting a bad breakout when I first started using it and my skin cleared within a week. Do you have any experience with using this type of shampoo for this purpose?

    • never used it for acne, but good to know. I just found out through my friend that Benzyl wash 10% is now available OTC. You used to need a script to get it at 10%, hell even at 5% you needed a script!!

  2. Would you use theses supplements after getting off of Clomed? My T is in the 1,000 range and I’m planning on stopping use at the end of the year. I am worried my T is going to crash and hormones will be out of whack.


    • yea, honestly during PCT you’ll be looking at bad skin regardless, I’d just use some sort of cleaner/exfoliant and ride it out until your hormones are stable again

    • I have since replaced with this regimen, this is far superior. The toner is definitely good stuff, I use a pretty generous amount of it and let it sit there and dry for a few minutes before the oil-free moisturizer. I would easily drop $20 on this per month for clearer skin without thinking twice about it


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