Active Outdoor Lifestyle Tips Part 3: Camping, Hiking and Hammocks

I have found my life to be more rewarding when I can venture outside of just the gym and do other activities from time to time. I’m not going to lie to you, the gym is my normal routine most of the time, otherwise I wouldn’t look like I bodybuild, but I’m not one of these people who is too obsessed not to do anything else on occasion.

Experiencing new things is something that we just don’t do often as we get older because we’ve already experienced so much in life. When you find something that is a brand new experience to you it makes life exciting again! Here are some ways I make life exciting again.


I used to go camping a lot more when I was younger. I got out of it for awhile when I was single and recently got back into it as I realized that many of the places my son and I ride motocross also host camping facilities. We ride motocross during the day and then camp out at night.

I know that during camping trips I’m going to be extremely busy building fires, putting marshmallows on a stick for my son, roasting hot dogs, pulling shit in and out of my Jeep, setting up and taking down a tent, and everything else that goes along with camping. But I believe it’s a really good experience for kids to have where they’re in an environment with no electronics to distract them and just sit down and talk to you.

We talk about all kinds of stuff when we go camping. I learn about girls in his school he likes, what he says he wants to do when he gets older (he tells me that he wants to be an architect and drive a Ferrari), things in his life that he wants to do, he talks about everything with me.

I will show him how to use a pocket knife, start a campfire (yes, sometimes even without a lighter or matches survival-man style) put the tent up and take it down, search for wood that will burn, and we occasionally get some hiking in. Every time we go camping it’s a rule that he has to take a sip of beer with me. His first sip ever was an IPA that was 7.5% alcohol, hahaha. He hates the taste of beer, that is a good thing I suppose.

While some might think this is terrible, the last time we went camping I had him at an outside bar at midnight and he sat there and drank a Coke while I had a beer. We sat on bar stools next to each other and listened to music when most kids should have been in bed, and CERTAINLY NOT AT A BAR. But I’m not every Dad, and my son isn’t every kid. I don’t know, maybe this is a bad thing to some people but fuck it!

When I go camping I stray off my diet. I will eat things like hot dogs, roasted peanuts, pizza, marshmallows, and drink beer. I can always get my body back on track within a few short days later, but I won’t be able to get my kid back when he’s grown up. Sometimes we do what we need to do when we need to do it!

Bodybuilding doesn’t mean 2 shits if you can’t spend time with your family and bond with them! Nobody cares about how big your muscles are when all you ever do is neglect them. All of the times I’d ever come off my diet were mainly for family time. And you know what? I still carry a large and lean body and those camping trips never hurt me….not a damn bit!


Hiking is a great outdoor activity and I like it even better when there is a destination and reward to the hike, such as a waterfall, a mountain peak, or something cool to see. Hiking is also great for your kids because it teaches them that at the end of hard work there is something amazing to be seen sometimes.

Hiking is also easy, nothing is required other than some shoes/hiking boots, water, and a few snacks! While everybody else is out and about blowing money on retail bullshit you’re actually doing something with real meaning to it!

Hiking is also a great date idea because it’s something you can both work towards physically while still giving you a good opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Maybe it’s not a good first date idea, but a second or third. Nobody wants to be committed to being around someone annoying for a 3 hour hike, which is why I say it’s probably a better second date idea than a first.

Forget about eating perfectly clean during activities like the ones I’ve mentioned in this article. I would reserve days like these as an off-day from your diet and/or a cheat meal. Also know that it’s not the same as sitting on your ass and eating junk all day. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a granola bar gets burned up a lot faster when it’s during a hike, bike ride, or while consumed from moving around constantly while at your campsite.

I eventually just learned to prioritize my life and my meals around activities that made life more rewarding and fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hard on my diet pretty much 90% of the time, but I’m not someone who doesn’t stray off it a little to enjoy life sometimes!


I don’t know about your area, but hammocks are a big thing where I live. There are these super lightweight hammocks made by a company called Eno, and they’re easy to set up and a great way to relax! I bought my wife a 2 person one for her birthday and we occasionally bring it with us if we go hiking or someplace outdoors on a nice day.

These hammocks are durable, affordable, and easy to use and fit nicely in a small pouch. There are even accessories you can get for them such as mosquito nets, rain fly’s, lights to string around them, pads to go in them, and only God knows what else. A lot of Boy scout troops use them now instead of tents from what I was told from a Scout leader.

You’ll need to get a strap system along with your hammock in order to make it easy to tie off between 2 trees. I believe my strap system will cover any distance within 12′ of 2 trees, so all I need to do is find a couple trees close enough together and within 2 minutes I’m set up.

The hammock is also another great idea for your date! You can hike someplace together and then lay in your hammock together and just talk. Then when you get back home you can have sex with the girl easier. Look, all you’re doing here is warming up the oven before you stick your bun in it!

Thank you hammock! Thank you hiking!

By the way, if you like to go hiking and she doesn’t… NEXT! Who wants a girl who only wants to wear make-up and shop for bullshit that is meaningless? Fuck that shit, women like that are never happy!

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4 thoughts on “Active Outdoor Lifestyle Tips Part 3: Camping, Hiking and Hammocks”

  1. Hi John Doe. My name is Scott. Born and raised in Philly. I just wanna say your one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met . Even though we haven’t met. I relate to the fact you have no filter. I share the same attributes. I myself enjoy the gym. Although not nearly the size or muscularity as yourself I still get it in. I’m a residential painter by trade with lots of exterior work which is physically demanding and the gym is what keeps me strong still at 44. I also love being outdoors fishing being my favorite. Hiking ,biking ,camping you name it. If there was 48 hrs in the day I would do it all. I enjoy your tips on the gym as well as living life. Not too many people with much positive things to say anymore . Maybe its where I live . Who fuckin knows. Well that’s about it .I don’t want to give you a bad vibe. Not looking for your hand in marriage. Haa. Stay cool bro.


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