How To Live An Active Outdoor Lifestyle

I have found my life to be more rewarding when I can venture outside of just the gym and do other activities from time to time. I’m not going to lie to you, the gym is my normal routine most of the time, otherwise I wouldn’t look like I bodybuild, but I’m not one of these people who is too obsessed not to do anything else on occasion.

Experiencing new things is something that we just don’t do often as we get older because we’ve already experienced so much in life. When you find something that is a brand new experience to you it makes life exciting again!

This is one of the biggest reasons spending time with my son and step-daughter is so rewarding, because it gives me excitement to see their excitement when they experience something new. I can remember taking my son to his first NASCAR race.

When the final pace lap was done with, I walked him right down to the fence so he could experience seeing the cars fly by him at 190 mph. He had a smile ear to ear, just like I did when I first experienced it!


While I’m not one to suggest blowing money on stupid shit, I’ve NEVER REGRETTED spending money on trips together and new life experiences. My next goal is to go on this insane roller coaster with my stepdaughter that has drops of over 300′, and when she turns 18 years old then we will go skydiving together for the first time!

There is a part of me that lives like I’m going to die. While having money is nice you have to remember that the only thing in this life that you can take with you are relationships and life experiences!

One thing that made my life better is when I made a bucket list of new things I’d like to experience and started crossing off the list as I did them. A few things left on my list are skydiving, a Baja racing tour out West, and traveling to other countries.

These are the things that make life worth living. Even if you’re single, why hold yourself back from experiencing new adventures? If anything you have the freedom to do more on your own with less responsibility, so why not do these activities rather than lope around miserable?

I like to categorize some of these bucket list items as low price tag items and high price tag items. Obviously traveling to other countries can be a high ticket item, but maybe your first time white water rafting is a lower ticket item that you can bang out next week if you wanted to?

I can think of a bunch of things that are all brand new within most peoples reach very quickly. Anything from a zip line adventure to hiking a new destination, to seeing one of your favorite bands for the first time! If you put your mind to it then you can begin experiencing the new right away.

Even things as small as an art class, a dance lesson, or a new restaurant can all create new experiences. A wine you’ve never tried, a road you’ve never driven, a trail you’ve never ridden, or taking photographs of new places can all create excitement in life!

Here is another little tip; experiencing the new with someone else will only make you more fun and appealing when it comes to a relationship. I think a lot of women are growing tired of the same old dates and the same type of guys. Be better than the last loser and do things that are actually exciting with someone… if they’re worth the time anyways.

There are ways to be active and alive outside of just going to the gym all the time. There are ways to keep mentally refreshed and excited about your life. And while I’m on this topic, sometimes your damn hormones aren’t always the root cause of your issues. You may be depressed because you’re not living your life to the fullest and deep down you know it!

This is your life, one life to live, SO GET OUT THERE AND GO GET IT!

Lift hard, live hard!- JD

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1 thought on “How To Live An Active Outdoor Lifestyle”

  1. Great post, JD!

    When your son is a little older, I’d recommend a father-son moose hunt in Alaska.

    Partly for clean meat, partly for charity (feed a village and still have enough meat for your family) and partly because you’d be one of the few that wouldn’t have to stop and rest every 30 minutes!

    It’s good to see that not all modern fathers are raising girly boys or ignoring their family and couch surfing. You’re setting a great example here, and we appreciate it!


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