10 things you can do to be more attractive to women RIGHT NOW!

Women are desperate for men to start acting like men again.

This whole generation of little boys trying to cater to her every waking need is NOT ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN!

Any woman who prefers one of these softly spoken men who is passive and just sort of a “go with the flow” type asshole, is only coming off attractive to women who are afraid of men to begin with!

Now, I’m a married guy myself, but I still know what is attractive to my wife.

I continue to do these things to this day and one of the most important rules of attracting/keeping good women is…

#1 – Do what the fuck you want, they’re just along for the ride!

Yes, pick out fun and interesting thing that YOU WANT TO DO AND IF THEY’RE NOT WORTHY ENOUGH THEN TO HELL WITH THEM!

Besides, chicks are like chameleons anyways, they change depending on who they’re with.

You could take a girl hunting who doesn’t give a damn about hunting, and now all of a sudden her interests in social media are hunting because she’s dating a hunter.

Live a life that you want to live and let them enjoy the ride! They’ll be relieved that they have a man who can make great decisions and follow through and take action. They don’t know what they want anyways, give them a little push!

#2 – Lift weights, be confident!

Taking care of your body is attractive to females.

Hell, a female that takes care of herself is attractive to me.

I look at it like this; respect begins with yourself. If you treat yourself like shit then why would anyone else expect you to treat them well!


When you walk into a restaurant you want to feel like those bitches are breaking their necks to look at you, and your girl is going to pick up on that and appreciate who she is with!

It’s like saying, “Bitch, keep up your shit and I’ll be gone tomorrow.”

#3 – Keep a clean home, apartment, and vehicle

One guy drives a dirty new Mercedes and another guy drives a clean and waxed Honda Accord. You know who is more attractive? The guy with the clean whip! Nobody wants a guy who can’t take care of his shit, nor appreciates it enough to clean it!

Keep a clean place to live in and hang some photos or artwork on the wall. Actually try to look like an established grown-up here. A blank wall says “boring and depressing” to a girl. Some slight and neat arrangement and decorating can go a long ways.

Basically it will make then feel a lot more comfortable to be there at your place. Having a good bed helps also, a nice TempurPedic bed that they don’t want to get out of! Nice silk pillow covers help too.

Make them feel comfortable and also make them feel like you have enough to offer most girls to make them happy.

#4- Fuck Netflix and Chill! Music, drinks, and candles/ dim lighting

Play some low volume music and actually have a meaningful conversation where you LET HER TALK.

Follow up questions are fantastic too because so many guys seem to ignore getting to actually know her and only care about knowing her physically.

Newsflash dumb asses… the more she feels like she knows you and the more comfortable she is, the more open she’ll be in bed and the more YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU WANT!

But on a serious note, it does feel good to have a connection with someone first. But fuck television, it’s a distraction! “Netflix and Chill” is for little boys and candles, music and drinks are for men. Remember that shit!

If you need a music playlist then here, download my recent shit (begin the playlist after dinner and into the drinks when you’re hanging out on the couch):

  1. Deftones – “Entombed”
  2. Kings of Leon – “Sex on fire” (subliminal messaging here. LOL)
  3. lovelytheband – “Broken” (it’s a happy song that is a buffer between the rapist tracks we will get into soon)
  4. Enigma – “Sadeness” (juices are now flowing, she wants it)
  5. Rob Zombie – “Thunderkiss 65” remix off the album Mondo Sex Head, by this point you should be destroying it, wanting to beat your chest like a gorilla in a display of alpha male victory!)
  6. Kings of Leon – “Closer” (Okay, let’s calm down just a bit after Rob Zombie, we don’t want to freak her out too much… yet!)
  7. A-ha – “Take on me” (yea yea, it’s 80’s, I get it, but we want her to feel loose and have fun here, plus it was on the movie Deadpool so it’s all good! Right now you’re just the fun guy, Rated R is yet to come… but it will my friend, Rated R is on it’s way!) (If you’ve lasted to track 7 then you should have a good comfort level by now, and that’s great! Because what’s coming next is the lasting memory that says that she’s with a BAD MOTHERFUCKER!
  8. Enigma – “Mea Cupla” (tear that shit up, fuck gentle at this point, destroy that shit!)
  9. Massive Attack – “Risingson” (at this point you’re no longer “Mr. Nice guy” welcome to the bad man, grab that bitches hands and restrain her while you destroy it, you’re training her now, sort of like breaking a horse. Yank on her hair and smack her ass and if she tells you not to smack her ass then tell her to shut up because you like doing it)
  10. Sade – “No ordinary love” (sort of the wind down song here after she has been destroyed)

Remember fellas, first impressions are the best. Fuck Netflix and chill.

I’m guessing by song #s 4 – 5 you’ll be face deep in pussy. Dudes, listen to me, I know what I’m talking about here!

“But John, I know jack shit about alcohol! What do I provide to drink?”

Bring two different selections is my advice, that way she has an option if she doesn’t like one of them. But she may just drink both of them!

    1. Kettle One Vodka w/ tonic soda and a fresh lime to cut into pieces
    2. Ruffino Prosecco (it’s quality, not dry, and very drinkable!)

#5 – play to your level, but constantly level up!

Bro, if you cannot afford a steak dinner then take her to a place more affordable. But you get the bill and provide the entertainment.

Let me tell you something; a guy who takes a date to a Wendy’s and pays for the dinner gets more respect than a guy who goes to a steakhouse and tries splitting the bill up.

Money low? APPETIZER AND DRINKS! Split an appetizer and make the focus on alcohol. A few drinks in and she won’t give a damn if she’s drinking at the track side tavern.

Look bro, most of us are middle class. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you can keep climbing up in the world… chicks want men who can provide, period. It doesn’t take a millionaire to provide, listen to, and respect REAL WOMEN. Just handle shit!

#6 – Cook dinner at home

Cook dinner, invite her over at a certain time, eat dinner and have a few drinks, then FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER!

Cooking dinner always goes a long ways, it’s a touch from the heart!

Some easy recipes to make are chicken Parmesan, grill some steaks, or spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread.

If you really are a dip shit, then go buy a Stouffers lasagna tray, cook it, then carefully transfer it to your own aluminum tray and put foil on top of it like you made it.

#7 – Don’t fall in love just because your dick is hard!

Enough said!

#8 – Don’t always be available

You should not always be available anyways, you’re working on yourself as numero uno.

Now, once your officially dating it’s a different story, but don’t be that guy who is just convenient.

Also, if she constantly brings up other dudes in conversation with you, or continues to talk about her past non-stop then bang her brains out and then literally tell her you’re going to bed because you have a big day in the morning.

Don’t even entertain that shit, because that is a bitch who isn’t serious to begin with, or over something from the past, one or the other.

#9 – ALWAYS level up

Continue to work on improving your situation in life regardless of who you’re seeing. Remember, the higher you level up the more choices you have when it comes to getting quality pussy! YOU COME FIRST, ALWAYS!

#10 – If the bitch doesn’t do anything but spread her legs, find one that offers MORE!

Let’s face it, spreading their legs is easy. It’s the ones that offer you drinks, massages, and put their phones away when they’re with you that are hard to find now!

Look for other areas outside of just physical company. As much as I love sex with beautiful women, a real connection still means something.


That’s right, it’s easy for us to think in the back of our minds, “Oh Geez, she needs to be up early to go to work, I can’t do that.”

“She won’t do that yet, she doesn’t know me good enough.”

Make her know you and speed up the process. Why would you wait a month when someone with more guts than you would get it in 2 days?

Also, if she’s THAT EASY wouldn’t it be nice to know now?

Women love to make stupid and impulsive decisions.

They love going to work feeling like complete shit and walking around with sore vaginas , telling all of their “girlfriends” about that R-rated motherfucker that destroyed their world last night!


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14 thoughts on “10 things you can do to be more attractive to women RIGHT NOW!”

  1. Lol luv the article
    One word Confidence. You enter a room u own the room. Not arrogant confident.
    Been told so many times by ladies I love your confidence and warm heart. Warm heart because like JD says listen to them. Most of the time they don’t want your opinion or answer they just want you to listen and understand.
    Be a gentleman u will be amazed!!!!!
    Guys have lost that.
    That’s your queen and no one fucks with your queen
    Finally he’ll yes get fucking ripped up show the muscle u trained so hard for. Not show ripped just abs showing with good definition and vascular.
    Chicks don’t dig huge mass dudes. I know I know but it’s true.
    They want the athletic look 99% of the time
    The feeling when u take your shirt off and the ladies are like DAMN it’s intoxicating!
    It’s what gets them into u initially before you say hello.
    Good luck

  2. Great post John. U nailed it w #3. You see sum dudes out there w things like McDonald’s wrappers in their car thinking they’re gonna sum..! Notta f*ckn chance my man. And if they do, I would like to see (or not) the quality of that!! Ha!

  3. Another excellent article, and real advice for real men! You are already killing 2019. Will be picking up shredded ops asap!

  4. I second Jon Doe on the Red Monkey plug.

    Note: for addictive personality guys do not mix phenibut
    with alchohol!

    But for guys on the quieter side who want to talk more
    or have anxiety a single drink with a few capsules of that
    stuff works wonders.

    In addition to art on the walls, I would add books on the shelf!
    Quality women will take notice to these and comment on them.
    This is especially true for the big guys reading this who
    have women who might think they are just a meathead!

    Keep up the great articles! I told my friends the fat chick story
    and the mall fat chick story and they LOLd.

    • Holy shit man, I forgot I shared the fat chick story from the mall, God damn now I’m reliving that horrible memory! I agree on the phenibut with just a couple drinks, that’s the winning combination right there. It’ll loosen up the personality, you’ll feel pretty euphoric, and I could definitely see it helping you bang chicks!! -JD

    • Absolutely!! We have all been there man, I remember driving to meet a chick one time and literally throwing stuff out of my windows (I don’t condone littering, your dick makes you do some bad things )and do you know what? I banged that chick thanks to throwing those wrappers out of the car! (At least I’d like to think so, LOL!!)


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