Yoga for Bodybuilding!

I know what you're thinking…

“Yoga for bodybuilding!?”


The benefits of yoga for the modern day bodybuilder can not be emphasized enough!

Sure, some guys will laugh at you and make a mockery out of what you're doing, but those are the ones who aren't serious and will never have the type of build that turns heads wherever they go!

You see, yoga can do a number of things to help your muscles and recovery.

Not only can yoga help you grow faster, but it can help you rest better at night and feel loose and limber the next few days following a yoga class.

Now, I myself benefit more from taking classes since it takes a lot of discipline to stretch that way for an hour or more.

I also don't know all of the proper yoga poses so it helps to have an instructor show me.

Yoga is also a great atmosphere to be in.

The people around you are relaxed and usually very friendly people to talk to after class (listen to the podcast for a secret tip!)

Anyways, thanks for listening and stretch it out hard -JD


2 thoughts on “Yoga for Bodybuilding!”

  1. Hello, love your brutal humor, great podcast!

    One question: when I did overhead presses and barbell curls, I cheated on lasts reps so get all from my muscles.

    So I bended backwards like i want to do bridge, you got me.

    And now I have strange sensation in middle back. It doesn’t hurt, but strange feeling that my spine is not ok.

    What recommendations do you have?

    I tried different stretching and cracking my back and that didn’t work.

    • depends on how long ago it happened, but my recommendation would be spinal decompression (or laying on an inversion table that stretches the spine out) possibly a chirpractor visit. And stop doing that movement , best of luck -JD


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