The Best Legal Alternative to Steroids!!

anafuse_400x600As you may have picked up from reading a few of my past articles, I'm very skeptical about a lot of supplements. The ones I do write about are supplements that I feel work and supplements I have personally used and felt like I achieved results.

A lot of reviews you read from people you have to take with a grain of salt, because they are from people who have no reference to compare things to. I however, have that reference. I'm not here to bullshit anyone, I use steroids and I have a prescription for testosterone through my Doctor. My body does not make it's own testosterone and I need it to live like a normal human being.

I was sent a couple supplements from these 2 labs to try out.

One was called “OSTA-SHRED” by Hard Rock supplements, and the other was called “Anafuse” by Vital Labs. To my knowledge these products need to be ordered online and cannot be purchased in stores yet.

Without getting too scientific on you, the “Osta-Shred” is a new type of muscle building supplement called a SARM (selective androgen receptor module). What a SARM does is it acts on different pathways than a testosterone derivative or a typical androgenic steroid, and it gives you all of the benefits without the side effects.

Unlike most prohormones out there (which most are banned now) a SARM does not knock your normal testosterone production in the dirt. You have no issues with recovery at all when you discontinue use!!

SARMS are most commonly sold as a research liquid and they are extremely expensive to buy, and having known little about the I had never used them, up until a supplement pill form was sent to me to try 8 wks ago.

Of course I was extremely skeptical and having been a veteran gear user myself…

I didn't put a lot of faith into the 2 supplements I was sent to try out.

After being on the Osta-Shred and Anafuse for that first week, my preconceived notion that they wouldn't do shit quickly changed.

Most prohormones make me feel like shit, these did not!! I felt incredible on them and noticed an increase in sex drive and well being just in one short week!!

The only other thing I was using was 150mg/wk of testosterone per my doctor, nothing else. I will put that on my son's life that I was using nothing else besides 150mg/wk of test.

On the stack I noticed a slight increase in strength but nothing crazy until week #2. The biggest thing that was happening is I was getting dryer.

The Osta has a built in anti-aromatase/water cutter in it called Arimastane which works like a fucking champ. I was noticeably dryer in that first week.

The built-in AI works.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.03.53 AM

I had to drop my 1/2 mg 3x/wk dosage of arimadex while using Osta-shred because I had a bad reaction and broke out in hives one day, and that can commonly happen when estrogen levels get TOO LOW.

The 1/2mg 3x/wk of prescription arimadex topped with the Arimastane that is included in “Osta-Shred” was too much and knocked my estrogen down too low. You do need a little estrogen to complete a healthy balance of hormones, you just don't want too much.

So I know the product sheds water weight and reduces E1 and E2 levels FOR A FACT. I would compare the Osta-shred to a moderate dosage of Winstrol, I'd say it's comparable to about 30mg/day of winny in terms of solid results.

Week 2 marked much more noticeable strength increases on the stack.

I'm going to be honest and tell you the strength increases weren't huge, but I was dieting along with them.

HOWEVER, I was much stronger in caloric deficit than I have been most commonly in the past. I typically never use things like 125 lb. dumbbells or 10-12 plates/side on leg presses while dieting, especially after I get a few weeks into the diet, but this time I was able to maintain that strength.

Now, on the Anafuse; my original plan was to take 2 pills per day for 8 weeks along with 2 pills per day of Osta-Shred. 2 pills/day Osta-shred is what the bottle says to use, but with Anafuse it's recommended to take up to 4 pills per day.

I tried both ways and when it went to 4 pills/day I saw a huge difference in strength. I went to 4/day after about 2-3 wks on the stack, and kept it at 4 pills per day.

I don't really know the science behind this product, but I know the shit worked for me.



From what I was told the Anafuse was geared more towards growing and the Osta was for cutting. I was just told to stack them both and give an honest review.

The Anafuse ran out first, since I only had 1 bottle and I eventually went to 4 pills/day. I noticed a drop in strength shortly after I got off the Anafuse, but I didn't feel like shit or like I was crashing which is what makes this product so great.

Is your bench press going to go up 100 lbs while taking this stuff? Probably not. But everything you get is smooth and steady and the products don't effect your mood or give you that brain fog that a lot of prohormones can do.

Honestly I used to feel worse on most prohormones than real steroids!! These products don't do that.

I would say it's more like a smooth and steady-wins the race type deal with these supplements. But the best part was I didn't put on water weight or look blurry. I looked sharp and healthy.

I'm not going to come here and lie to you guys, so I honestly cannot tell you how they would do if one was to “bulk up” or eat 5,000 calories a day on them. Maybe strength gains WOULD BE through the roof. My goal was to cut though, and try to retain as much muscle mass as possible. And the 2 supplements helped get the job done nicely I think.

John Doe Training Video While on Anafuse and Osta Shred

This is a training video of myself. The video was shot at the end of my cycle of Osta-Shred and Anafuse. I weighed 214 lbs the morning of that video shoot, I had started my 8 wk diet around 225 lbs. I only came down 11 lbs…

…but I totally recompositioned my body in that 8 wks.

Now remember, I DID HAVE 150mg/wk of test in the mix from my hormone replacement, but what you need to understand is this is nothing “extra” for someone who doesn't make their own testosterone. You can't even really count that, because it's really no different than a normal guy who makes good testosterone on his own, and then throws in these supplements.

Anafuse and Osta Shred Breakdown

Keep in mind I was stacking them both together when using them.

I used 2 pills per day of Osta-shred for 8 weeks, and 2 pills per day of Anafuse the first 2-3 weeks, but then I kicked it to 4 pills/day and ran the bottle out. When I use it again I'm just going to start at 4/day. 1 bottle of each is all you'd need, but if you were trying to use 4 pills/day of Anafuse the entire 8 wks then I think you'd need 2 of those in that case.

Compared to most liquid SARMS these 2 products are much easier on your wallet, as well as your body and recovery. I kept a pretty good diet along with them, since after all that is really 90% of the process. But after using Osta-shred and anafuse alongside my diet, I can say they definitely work!! The strength retention from the Anafuse combined with the cutting and water shedding properties of Osta-Shred made for a great combination.

If you had to ask me at this point in time what the best legal alternative to taking steroids is, these 2 products are my answer.

Take it from someone who HAS USED STEROIDS before and can actually compare results!!


  • noticeable mild diuretic effect similar to Winstrol
  • noticeable definition
  • doesn't bother stomach or liver or effect appetite
  • works pretty fast without any bloating
  • doesn't bother your sleep
  • increased sense of well being
  • increased sex drive
  • increased energy
  • increased recovery


  • better muscle retention in a caloric deficit
  • increased drive and recovery between sets (shorter rest periods)
  • increase in muscle volume
  • smooth and steady strength increases (This isn't a quick gain of fluid and fat, it's more similar to primobolan type gains)
  • no problems with skin (my skin did not get oily or acne covered while using this)
  • Benefits similar to steroids at a fraction of the price
  • increase in sex drive
  • increase in sense of well-being
  • better recovery between workouts
  • no crashing when you stop using it
  • does not require an anti-estrogen to be ran alongside it


So there you have it, my honest review of 2 legitimate supplements to help with your quest in building muscles and getting leaner. If you're looking for something effective that isn't marketed to sell more products to be ran with it (or products for recovery) then these 2 supplements are solid!!

If you're looking for a legal alternative to steroids then this stack is very comparable, and best of all is you won't mess with your normal hormone levels when you stop using these products!! It's like adding nitro to your car, but not inhibiting the cars performance when you aren't pushing the NOS.

For those who follow me, you know I'd never steer you wrong. The truth comes first, and in this world of bodybuilding there are lies everywhere.

Just remember, your diet and training regimen ALWAYS come first, and are the prime determining factor in results.

Over and out!!


>> You can buy Osta Shred here.

>> You can buy Anafuse here.


154 thoughts on “The Best Legal Alternative to Steroids!!”

  1. “My body does not make it’s own testosterone and I need it to live like a normal human being.” How long does it take if you go off everything to make your body produce testo again?

    So would these supplements fuck with my natural testo production at all as an 18 year old?

    • No, I had low testosterone from numerous steroid cycling throughout the past. These are not like that, they will not hinder natural test production or gains naturally when you come off them

        • yea, I don’t see why not, I just used both to cut with myself, try it out and report back to me. I’m curious to know

          • I bought Osta-Shred but now I am worried about suppression of test levels. I wasn’t intially as I took your recommendation that it doesn’t suppress however, the more I look at ostraine and logs that have performed bloodwork(before/after), the more it shows that ostraine surpresses natural test levels, and quite significantly as well. I remember a log which had Total Test at 500 and it dropped him around 100.

            I’m not trying to suggest you are wrong or anything, but can you dig a bit deeper? I would love it if you could flat out tell me I’m wrong, and ostraine doesn’t surpress at all.

          • I dont believe that, no frikken way just Ostarine would drop soneone to only 100, thefe had to be something else in the equation, I just cant believe that

        • Yes, you’ll still want to do at least a mini PCT because even though the SARM itself doesn’t convert to estrogen the elevation in testosterone levels during cycle can cause estro levels to rise up slightly. Actually the drop in test coming off is when these elevations can be more prevalent

  2. Do you think it would be fine if someone around the age of 19 with a few years of training started using these? I know you don’t recommend drugs to younger guys, but would it be that much of an issue?

    • Yes, I would suggest these to anyone looking to help get strong or lean. they don’t knock your own test levels down when you quit using them, go for it

    • Because anything higher than that is pretty much a cycle. I go between 150mg-200mg/wk as hormone replacement, more offten I’m using 200/wk, but I routinely back down to 150mg/wk at times

    • I think so man, just because they work on a different pathway than test derivatives and its more of a natural test boost rather than OTC steroids or prohormones. I honestly didn’t know a lot about SARMS but I like them. The smooth and steady increases is just easier on my system and I felt good on them

  3. JD love the article!
    On the website for Ostashred they recommend running a PCT if you are using it for 6-8 weeks. Do you think its necessary? And what would you recommend?

    • Not really man, I just took a quick photo 1 wk into it and the training video when it was done. Sorry man, just don’t take a lot of pics of myself much anymore

  4. It is said that ostarine can be a little bit suppressive when you take 25+ mg daily after the 4 weeks mark. But nothing too serious, a simple D-Aspartic Acid pct will do the job.

  5. Hey John. I’ve been hesitating to pull the trigger on these two supplements for weeks. I have some questions for you but would rather address them via email. Feel free to hit me up via CMartel [at] ZenAndDebauchery [dot] com. I’ll fill out your ‘Contact’ form too.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Does this require a PCT to run afterwards? I’m waiting to try it after I gain 30lbs naturally (so far I’m on 15lbs muscle)

  7. JD,

    Found out about you from V. Pride. I have some light experience with SARMs, and I did some research on this particular stack, at least what I could find, and it sounds right up my alley.

    I will be running it next week, will be sure to keep you posted on my experience.

    Love your blog, winners fuck with winners, so I’m not surprised to have crossed your path via V. Pride.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. Hey JD,

    You look fantastic. Great shape. I am coming off a big layoff and must get back into shape. What I do is usually train to regain mass before cutting down. Do you think using these supps will help or should I just start the cutting phase slowly along with the supps?

    • I’d train to get lean first, THEN BUILD. Just getting back into the weights after a long layoff will put some size on you right off the bat anyways. And yes, they are both great supps to use for either leaning out or building, I think they’d help anywways

    • Thank you. A typical back day would look something like this; 3 sets of wide grip pullups for 10-12 reps, 3 sets of wide grip lateral pulldowns, 3 sets of bent over rows w/ barbell (I go Arnold style bent over to floor more, you could set a cup of coffee on my back) 3 sets of parallel grip cable rows 12-15 reps/set, 5 sets of 5 on deadlifts (starting w/ 225, 315, 405, 495, 550 if I’m feeling it) I only deadlift every other week, I’m stronger when I do them eo week.

  9. Never tried anything besides food, creatine, protein powder and the like. Would this be ok to use if I’m 26 and two years into training?


    • I’d just keep it in moderation and I think you’ll be fine. I have a few beers every now and then myself and even on a cycle my levels never get bad

  10. John,
    What’s the best way to remove body hair and keep it smooth? Is it necessary to shave with razor ? Or there’s something better you could recommend?

    • I just shave. Doing ur entire body at once takes too long though. one night I will hit legs, couple days later chest, maybe arms a day later, never grew much hair on my back so no need to shave that. I just sort of rotate like that when I shave but even I take breaks from it time to time. It gets old

  11. Great read JD , I rate that Osta-shred(anti e over “Anafuse) could be used during a PCT (with you nolva,clomid,hcg) as it will not hinder any or your natural test production(“SARM does is it acts on different pathways than a testosterone derivative or a typical androgenic steroid, and it gives you all of the benefits without the side effects.”) . Used more like a cruising phase without being on a low does of T (or others) and still shutdown , So this will give you the advantage of both recovery and maintaining / increased progress as you give the boys downstairs a chance to recover before hitting your next cycle.

  12. Getting ready to come off cycle low dose Test 250 and Deca 300 a week. Would you recommend using this as a from of PCT or a bridge to the next cycle so to speak? Thanks love you site.

    • Whatever you feel you do your best with. If cutting up then obviously a caloric deficit and clean foods, if building then a little more caloric dense foods

  13. Currently using this stack with great results.

    A known juicer at the gym commented on my physique saying i look “thicker”.

    visiting my mom she asked if she needed to “buy me shirts that fit” pointing to my restrictive sleeves.

    A random guy on the street noticed me carrying my jug of water. He asked if I was using “cell tech”. I denied. He said i must be on something cuz he knows “the water builds muscles”.

    My gf after not seeing me for 8 days said I looked like a king after she ripped my shirt off. I won’t elaborate what happened next. Haha.

    Some other things i noticed are. ..

    Better sleep.
    Quick QUICK recovery both out of the gym and between sets.
    Facial hair coming in thicker.
    Deeper voice.
    Skins cleared up.
    Minor strength increase on a slight deficit.
    Penis seems thicker and longer while flaccid
    Vascular as fuk.

    My stomach has gotten upset once or twice (took anafuse on an empty stomach). Other than that ZERO negative side effects. I plan to use this stack many, many times.

  14. Hey John,

    Awesome info, and huge fan of your content over all.
    Just wanted your 2 cents: How would you run a cycle with 2 bottles of Anafuse and 1 bottle of Osta Shred.

    My plan was to run Osta for 8 weeks, then begin Anafuse with Post Cycle 3x (The guys on this site recommend an otc PCT). Essentially, I plan to get as lean as possible with Osta then immediately transition into a bulk with Anafuse.

    What are your thoughts?

  15. I have competed a cycle before. It wasn’t much but I got a lot of good results. I am wanting to try some more but I would like to do a little more preparation before hand. I sure don’t want to mess up my nads (I’d like to have kids one day) so I was going to see about getting a proper blood analysis and all but I don’t know how to approach the doc and go about it. I was gonna see if you had any advise. Thanks and I enjoy your articles.

  16. John

    How long do you retain the gains when you go off this stack?
    Do you recommend it to guys who have only been training for half a year?

    • Canelo, as for gains maintained I can only speculate rt now that most gains are solid and you won’t lose them since the products do not negatively effect receptors in any way. I haven’t been off them long enough yet though. And to honestly answer your question on training for half a year and using these products. Nah, I would not use them yet

  17. Hello JD,

    I was wondering if this product would do me good. I’m 24, pretty lean (165 lbs / 75kg), lifted for 6 months before I injured my hand (not in gym). Along with that I’ve been on and off for a couple of years. I’m about to start lifting again and I was wondering if you would recommend taking Anafuse in my situation for a little bit extra gains? I don’t intend on running PCT. I was thinking about ordering 1 can to give it a shot. If yes, what dosage would you recommend? I’ve used only Whey and creatine so far by the way.

    Thank you and keep up the great job.

    • I’d get back in the gym first and see how your gains pan out. I’d use the product when you start hitting a plateau, but not as motivation or a kickstart

  18. Is this recommended to those who have under a year training? If not then when should one use said product? When are genetic limits reached? Thank you in advanced for responding.

  19. Hey john

    Just ordered osta shred and a anz fuse off strong supplements, and saw that they recommend using a pct when using osta shred over 4 weeks.

    My question is do I actually need to get a pct or will I be right without it

    Oh and got your book a while back at the recommendation of Victor pride, bloody glad I did
    It’s great.

    Thanks again


    • If they recommend that then I’d go with it. I didn;t use it but again, I’m on hormone replacement from my Doc

  20. Hey john

    Im considering to buy this stack for lean bulk but i am aware about these 2 supps.. My first question is how to stack these 2 products together during bulk. Finally you mention that “Osta-Shred” is a SARM(i think there are a kind of roids) so PCT is necessary to keep gains and for natural testosterone production right? or it is not necessary for that product

    Thank you

  21. Hi John,

    Do you know anything about the legality of these supplements in nations outside the USA? I live in The Philippines now and I dd a quick search but can’t find any real definitive info.

    Thanks and great site!

  22. Hi… Just started Osta Shred (ordered through your link)…. i’m about 4 days in and I am getting pretty bad headaches. Apart from that I have great energy, increased aggression and just generally feel great. Do you think the headaches are anything to worry about?

    • Are you sure it’s from the Osta-shred? If it is it may be just some onset thing that will subside soon, try taking some Tylenol, if they continue to persist and get worse then I’d say you’d have to come off it right?

      • Few days later. They seem to be getting less, not very strong headaches to be honest, just a minor annoyance at this point. Another quick question, after reading about osta, a lot of people use them for cutting/recomp. Do you think that’s the best use? What about using for bulking?

        Right now I am one week in. Have been setting PBs on all my workouts already. Some days have been in slight deficit, some days in a surplus, probably about maintaince calories so far.

        I’m 5;8, 180lbs, about 14% bodyfat if that makes any difference. Ideally I would like to gain about 10-15 lbs of muscle then get shredded. I bought you book as well btw a few months ago, very good!.

  23. If you liked ostarine, you’ll should love ligandrol. Most powerfull SARM out there. I havent tried any, my friends did, and they got the best results from ligandrol.
    Ostarine is cheaper, so I’m going to try that one first.

  24. Great stuff! Do you think these supplements would be OK to use for someone who has only been working out for 4 months? I can push myself to train pretty hard and 6 times a week. I was thinking maybe I should start off with 1 Osta Shred and 2 Anafuse pills / day. Opinions?

  25. I’m 25 174lbs at 6.31% bf. I’m 4 weeks out from my show. Do you think this can help me dry out and add some more size? I’ve been training for about 8 years and I’ve never used anything like this….it’s all legal right?

    • Yes it’s legal. At 4 wks out you won’t be adding any new size no matter what you use, legal or not. Yes, these products are perfectly legal. The Osta-shred will def. help you dry out, the arimastane in it works very well. The anafuse may help you fill back out while staying dry as well. I liked the products, will be using again very soon myself

      • Thanks. I just got mine in yesterday. Since the anafuse only lasts for 4 weeks how do you recommend stacking them? Use ostashred for 4 weeks by itself then add anafuse the last 4? Then the pct after that?

  26. I experienced itchy hives with another sarm called Ligandrol. So is this consistent with low estrogen, then? I definitely didn’t look or feel dry, but I was eating like a monster. I didn’t even finish the entire bottle because I couldn’t handle the itchy hives anymore. This is Ligandrol from chemtek labs.

    • if it has a built in anti estrogen or ai then its my belief that could be the culprit. From my experience once I dropped my arimadex and just ran the osta it stopped happening.

  27. Received a bottle of Osta a few weeks ago. Started off just taking 1 cap in the a.m. Noticed increased energy, mood, libido right off the bat. On the flip side, had some really bad headaches and sleep problems. After about a week, both those issues seemed to disapate. My only question is that how this product works w/o suppressing natural test production? I have read some other reviews out there, and there is a lot of conflicting info. IMO, I think it doesn’t have the same effects for someone on trt as opposed to a natural trainer.

  28. I ordered both of these pretty soon after this post dropped. I’m on week 6 and have been feeling really good since week 2-3 – I hate the idea of going off right now, I feel like I’m just starting to hit my stride.. Both my bottles are getting low now and not sure what to do next….

    Bad idea to order 2 more bottles to push out 2 or 3 more weeks? Or should I wait a month and start a full cycle again. I LOVE being on this shit and hate the idea of going off completely.

    I was coming into this just on creatine, 32 y/o, lifting pretty steady since 16, haven’t run real gear in a decade, total test levels at 800, haven’t checked them while on cycle. But I feel so much more like a man while on this, I was feeling shitty before, even at 800 test – libido, overall motivation, etc. Now I’m feeling great and I’m just dreading going off….

    • No, take a break. The good thing is you’ll be ready to use them again in abt 6 weeks and it’ll give your body a chance to respond very well once again to them. You will get used to them like anything else if you stay on them

  29. Hey John,

    So I’m confused. I’ve looked at these products online and they seem to be identified as steroids. I thought these products were the closest things to not being steroids.. Maybe I’m just a little bit misunderstood sorry. And if these are legitimate and not steroids, a PCT wouldn’t be necessary?

    • You’re going to find mixed reviews on a PCT. This is my opinion on it; if you are using Anafuse for 8 wks then YES, use a PCT. If using for 4 wks then I personally dont think it’d be necessary. The Osta-shred does not need a PCT, but if stacking with Anafuse for 8 wks then use a PCT.

  30. Hello. I plan to use anafuse-ostarine stack for the next 4 weeks. Firstly I wonder if i need any kind of pct.

    As you mention Anafuse is more for bulk and Osta for cutting. If i want to bulk but i am out of budjet and i use only anafuse(without pct) would i notice great muscle gains? thank you

  31. How many cycles of ostashred and anafuse would you recommend in a year? read that you dont lose gains after the first cycle (2 months) but still wanted to know if its better to do more, thanks.

    • I would take about 8 wks off between cycles, your body can get used to anything after awhile, so you want to definitely take as long of a break off as you were on it

  32. Hey man, thanks for the article. Should I expect any muscle gains on this if only used for 4 weeks? I”m 33 yo 205-210 lbs (15% bf) at 6’2 have been lifting for 5-6 years haven’t been able to grow much further in a long while. Never used anything other then creatine. Also is it ok to just use anafuse without the ostashred?
    Thanks again for sharing that info man!

    • yea, the Anafuse ran solo is fine, I’d seriously run it out 8 wks though man. 4 wks really just isn’t long enough, you’ll start getting mad results right when it’s time to come off. Something like anafuse that promotes such good quality and dry gains is just a product I personally would use for 8 wks. But that is me, I’m not saying 4 wks won’t give you anything, I’d just go 8 wks if it were myself. It’s not like a prohormone that makes you feel like shit and hard to handle for 8 wks, go 8 wks bro, you’ll be glad you did

  33. Hey I just bought anafuse, anyway I’m wondering if it can cause acne? I took whey protein like 3 days and it gave me acne so I’m gonna stop using that and instead eat beef and food.

    • Acne can come on from almost anything, but mostly hormonal. I’m not sure how old you are, but typiCally acne is worse when your a TEEN/EARLY 20’S, it could be from summer and sweating w/ clogged skin pores, whatever. I doubt it’s directly related to protein powder.

  34. i have never really tried supplements but it sounds like a good first 2 to try out so what else would you recommend with these 2? or would these 2 be all i need?

  35. If you had to ask me at this point in time what the best legal alternative to taking steroids is, these 2 products are my answer.

  36. These products wont shrink your testes, will they? (It’s actually a serious question. This is the only thing holding me back from trying these two supplements.)

    • I don’t believe it’s that suppressive that it’s NECESSARY, but if you’d feel better having it then go with a post cycle 3x from vital Labs. There is little feedback on PCT and SARMS, so this is just my personal opinion and feedback I’ve gotten from clients who have used Anafuse.

  37. Hello,

    I train seriously and hard since 1 year and need to break a plateaus. I understand that Anafuse & Ostra aren’t for beginners. Which booster can you recommend me please.

    Thanks :-)

  38. I’m 200 pds. About 20% I work out 6 days a week. I cannot bulk up for some reason. I want to get alot bigger. What would you suggest? These products plus anything?

  39. As a type 1 diabetic could a raise in blood sugar numbers be contributed to the Anafuse? Diet has started the same and am noticing that I am cutting up on this stack, just wanted to get your thoughts on some higher readings.

    Thanks JDB

  40. I just started my (8 week) cycle of Anafuse this morning. At the moment I’m 168lbs, about 20% BF (I can see my abs clearly only when I flex lol). The plan is: 4 capsules of Anafuse + 10g creatine and around 3000 calories a day with (my calorie intake is around 500 calories above maintenance level). Should I expect noticeable mass gain while losing at least some of this fucking body fat? I do Victor’s Body of a Spartan routine.


  41. Hello, i like your site and boldanddetermined. I just read this review and i had a question. I gonna try Osta-shred for 8w, so must i take after that PCT or is just marketing bull*hit? Thanx for answer.

    • There are mixed reviews everywhere so I can understand where it’s hard to make a decision to use it or not to use it. IMO it’s not necessary but cannot hurt

  42. John,
    I’m wondering if it’s a bad idea to use anafuse and ostra shred when im 18 years old and working for 4months.(trained kick-boxing for almost 2 years,2years ago.)

  43. Hi JD, can I add OstShred and Anafuse to my pct (clomid and nolvadex) when coming off of a 12 week steroid cycle? If so should I start it right away when my steroid cycle ends? Thanks

    • You could use Osta-shred for 4 wks during PCT as just 4 wks of Osta requires no PCT, and I think it could give you an edge while in recovery mode at the same time

  44. Two things, generally do u know what supplements or any ways for a 16 yr old to gain muscle and defintion as quickly as possible? Secondly more specifically would it be ok to use these two supplements to get such results at this age.

    • at 16 yrs old I would be using nothing but creatine monohydrate and protein supplements, your natural testosterone is through the roof already!!! I wouldn’t even waste my money

  45. Just purchased the Ana fuse & Osta shred….but would like your knowledge on taking it with TX-3 which is a test booster from Leechek supplements & continue the Tx-3 aftertwards for a couple of weeks

  46. Good article brotha n you look great!! Keep up the good work.. quick question I’m considering asking my doc to prescribe me test due to having low levels my self even tho I’ve never geared up on anything I guess naturally Im on the low side any way how hard is it to get my doc to prescribe it and should I considering I’m 29 and would be 30 soon…

    • Much of this is dependent on the Doc, some are afraid to mess with it while others take a proactive/more aggressive approach. If you’re low then they’ll prescribe it if they know whats up. I’d suggest an anti aging Doc or endo before a dumbass general practitioner

      • Thanks!! Im kinda cool with him since my wife works at the hospital and he is the family doc.. just wasn’t too sure if I should ask him and go that route.. I’ve been training for a few years and I’m happy with how I look but I’m Def open to stepping it upto the next level.. thinking of running the test with lgd and maybe a slight cycle of arimidex considering my doc does hook it up.. what do you personally think?

        • Start with just the test and arimadex, save the IGF-1 for later after you gain some from just the test first. You want to use as little as possible while still making gains, this will produce the biggest and best body

  47. so for a first time supplement user what exactly would be good for me? im 165 lbs and i want to lean out would you recommend these 2 on their own? or?..

  48. Great article man
    Iv been lifting for 5 years and have hit a wall at 87kg lean at 6’1. I was wondering if doing an 8week cycle of Anafuse along with a 500 calorie above maintanence diet. Do you think this will yield good results as I want to avoid using anything hormonal for now. And should I cycle the two supplements??
    Thanks bro

  49. Wondering if I could stack osta shred with super Mandro as a bulk for 4 weeks then Use a pct for 4 weeks, then after a break finish the other half of the osta shred with a bottle of anafuse for a recomp/cut. Any suggestions?

    • yea you could do that, but I’m going to tell you that Super Mandro definitely needs an aggressive PCT!! I think you would be better off waiting 8 weeks between cycles, you won’t be back in just 4 weeks on Super Mandro. I’ve since had labs sent to me from someone and I’ll tell you first hand this stuff will pack on the muscle but DEFINITELY NEEDS PCT AND TIME OFF!!

  50. JD been looking alot on your page. Very interested in your finding on these products. I am 32 starting a new routine and want to know if this would really work for me. I have done a couple cycles and loved them. I have a really good base i just don’t want to waist the money if I am not going to see anything. What’s your in site….

    • I had pretty damn good results with SARMS, I got harder and stayed stronger. I honestly don’t know how they’d be for building up since I have only taken them while cutting. But they certainly helped me out and what I like the best about them is you don’t feel shitty on them!!! I felt an increased sense of well-being

  51. I am a 30 year old male that had a testical removed a little over a year ago due to cancer, would these be ok for me to take? Or have any more risk than anyone els taking them?

  52. Newcomer to your site and I love it. I’ll get to the point: Would it be better to stack another cutting agent with the Osta-Shred as opposed to the Anafuse? I have a fair amount of mass and strength from Olympic and powerlifting and now I just want to cut and lean to look better. Thoughts?

    • I think it’s all diet, anafuse didn’t put any water on me at all and helped with strength while dieting. You could go either way really

  53. Now that Osta-Red is out of stock, how would you run this with Red-PCT involved? Especially with PCT-3X and DAA-Max

  54. John, I was interested reading this. I haven’t much experience of SARMS but they seem to be more readily available these days. I’m interested to read your results and may need to try Ostrarine for myself.



  55. Great articles J.D… i have read all the comments and im still a little confused. So i decided to ask you myself.. “Hypothetically” , I’m 36 1/2 years old and finishing my first cycle with your suggestion through your “The 1 Vial Steroid Cycle for Beginners” with test cyp.. i am eager to do it again but you said to wait 8-12 weeks to do another cycle to give my body rest from test.. Can i use this Ostra-shed and Anafuse cycle during those 8-12 weeks between test cycles? please advise . thank you.

    • yes, you can, but this is going to be more of a cruise to help keep gains, it’s not going to ensure a full natural test recovery

  56. I plan instead of stacking im doing a solo run with ostarine for 8 weeks then during pct which would run for a month i would do a full cycle of anafuse then after finishing anafuse im restarting this run again. Is it ok? Or should i also run a pct after anafuse and if i should take a break after anafuse?

    • I’d run a PCT and take a solid break, this way you won’t get too used to it and you’ll react better the next run, as well as recover in between

    • yes, it shouldn’t mess with glucose that bad if any, at least it didn’t with my experience. Almost all prohormones will, but SARMS don’t seem to do it so much. If it does throw you higher then the one thats going to do it would be the anafuse, not the ostashred. If this happens then drop the anafuse and continue with the ostashred or adjust medication accordingly to continue to use them both

    • it’s a very gray area right now with SARMS market, however there are still a few that produce good results. LGD is one still around that works well


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