Testosterone Replacement Therapy & having something for yourself in life!

In this podcast I speak about testosterone replacement therapy. I give my opinion on getting on testosterone replacement therapy along with a few things to consider when looking into test replacement.

I explain the difference in testosterone levels in terms of where you fall on the overall outlook of things along with which options that are available for raising testosterone levels to feel your best.

Life is just not as rewarding with low testosterone levels. Some people feel like injecting testosterone isn't normal and will only cause harm. The polio vaccination probably didn't seem normal at first either.

Some guys have very good testosterone levels and others have decent levels which could still be improved without needing testosterone replacement therapy.

However, some guys may be in the dirt and need clinical help. I offer up my advice and personal experience with testosterone replacement therapy.

If you enjoyed the podcast and would like more detailed information on hormone replacement therapy and training to look jacked and lean (while making health a top priority) then be sure to pick up NO-BS BODYBUILDING: The JDB Bible for Advanced Health and Fitness.

NO-BS Bodybuilding covers a lot of areas other reference guides don't: such as interpreting your blood-work, what to ask the doctor, and how to stack other steroids in low dosages safely alongside testosterone replacement for great results!


In this podcast I speak of how some men slowly lose themselves as life goes on, and why it's so important to have something for yourself. There are so many parts of life that need to be fulfilled in order to feel at peace with yourself.

Some men fall into the category of thinking that the only thing left in their life is to bring home a paycheck and remain miserable in all other areas of life. They can easily fall victim to alcoholism, drugs, and severe depression.

They lose touch with who they are and forget about the type of person they wish to be! I say, don't live like this! If you truly want to change then it's possible to change your situation in life!

Thanks for listening guys.



20 thoughts on “Testosterone Replacement Therapy & having something for yourself in life!”

  1. I was at 500 T level and went on it anyways. It changed my life. It’s hard to believe the difference when my T levels were already average. For me the difference was mostly mental but my workouts didn’t feel like a drudgery. At first you feel like a God. You’re so amped you can’t sleep if you don’t work out that day. But if you don’t sleep, it doesn’t matter because all of a sudden you don’t need as much. Depression, anxiety, and all kinds of mental shit gets wiped right out. I immediately started my second life. I lost 50 lbs, divorced my alcoholic crazy abusive ex-wife, got custody of my kid, and started banging women left and right. I finally had the balls again, that I lost during 15 years of marriage, to take charge of my life. Of course, I started craving sex like a fucking animal and my attitude towards women changed. When I look at a woman I literally salivate like a fucking Lion who hasn’t eaten in days. What’s weird is I actually became sweeter towards women, and man do I get a lot of honey, I have women driving thru snowstorms to suck my dick. I eat women up and it makes them feel desired, sexy, beautiful, and wanted. All new shit since I started injecting T. Within the last year I went off it for 3 months and man what a shock. Started feeling like an old man again. Takes time to see the full benefit but holy shit what a difference. I usually am at about 1000 T level. That’s where I feel best without causing too many side effects. One recommendation is get RX acne medication. Pimples and cysts can be a pain. I get Tretinoin for my face from India for like $10.

  2. Question-

    Do you beleive TRT, HGH, or steroids increase hand and wrist size? What is your experience or do you have references to anything on this topic. Thanks.

  3. Hi John. I would like to know if it was possible to do cycles for more than 10 years and even after having stopped I will not need to be under TRT because the problem is that here in my country, in Africa hospitals do not do it yet ( I mean TRT) and frankly I do not want to travel outside every month or every week to do my TRT.

    1) So I would like to know if it is possible for me to do my cycles without feeling like shit in my old age.

    2) Now I would also like to know if with testosterone enanthate purchased on the internet I can do my own TRT. Before the end of this year I will purchased your 3 ebooks to take advantage of the deal if it pleases God.

    I have been researching steroids for 2 years but except RICH PIANA and maybe Bostin Lloyd, only you have a simple and true approach. I think your approach is the safest and the best.

    Best regards

    • thanks, I would at least try to get the bloodwork done once a year if you can. There are online medical labs where you can purchase labs and go to nearest office to get the blood drawn. After cycling on and off for 10 years I highly doubt you’re going to recover well between cycles anymore. Thanks for reading, shout out to Africa! -JD

  4. Hi John, slightly off topic, what are your thoughts on the Carnivore diet that Victor Pride keeps praising at Bold and Determined? Are carbs detrimental to testosterone, even complex ones like oats, sweet potato, brown rice, vegetables etc.? The benefits sound great but, i don’t know, it seems very restrictive. I love steak but yeah I don’t know.

  5. Hey John,
    Really digging the podcasts already. So far, I’ve checked out the one where you discusss saturated fats and high protein diets. I’d agree that you have to try things for yourself to see how your body reacts, since everyone is different. Though ever since Victor touched upon animal meat, I’m thinking that’s one of the best ways to go.

    Anyway, what’s your stance on only body weight vs weight lifting? Especially for hard gainers. I was thinking I could cycle weights one or two weeks and body weight for one week so I don’t beat up my joints. What are your thoughts on this?

  6. Hi

    I have been on TRT now for about 18 months and my Dr still does 3 monthly bloods, just because it is free in Australia. Is there any thing that you can take that doesn’t effect the testosterone level when I have my bloods? He only test testosterone levels and once a year we do a full test.

    • Your best bet is to run shorter cycles of 8-10 weeks and come off everything (including your TRT) 2 weeks prior to the tests -JD

  7. Hey JD. Absolutely love the podcasts. I came across your page a while back when I was looking up Super Mandro. I forgot about until here recently and I am glad that I have remembered to come back. Anyway to my point, I just ordered Red Beast and PCT 2.0 and was wondering if that would be a good start for low test. I haven’t had bloods done yet, but figured I would try these first. Your time is appreciated.

    • Well, without having bloods it’s tough to say how low is low. You’ll feel much better on it and you’ll see gains, just make sure to get tested at some point after you stop using it, probably 6-8 weeks after discontinuing it (since then you’ll get accurate reading on test, it’ll naturally come back higher on Red)- JD

  8. Hi John,

    Can I please ask your advice on my current TRT protocol of test cyp 150mg per week split into 2 injections with 0.25mg Adex at the same time will I get the same result from 1 times per week frequency?


  9. Hey John,
    I notice you use once a week shots around 200mg and HCG I’ve heard you mention as well, and that you’ve mentioned using arimidex. Is there a general trt program you’d recommend that you wouldn’t need to use aromatase inhibitors for?

    • It’s difficult to make a generalized statement that covers everyone but from my own experience I can personally run 200mg a week of testosterone and 500iu a week of HCG without issues. But some guys may need a small amount of adex , say .5mg twice a week. Bloodwork is really the only failsafe measure to know for sure

    • About 1200-1500 ng/dl day of a shot, and no less than 500-600 a week after an injection, USUALLY. Now, I think it’s a wise idea every once in awhile to back it down to true TRT and do 100mg-150mg/wk of test for a while, but most of the time I’m doing 200/wk and I don’t get issues from that


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