I received a comment from a middle aged male who wanted to know the biggest difference in terms of results and side effects from prohormones, natural testosterone boosters, SARMS, and anabolic steroids.

All I can accurately do is give my personal experience on them and my opinions based on my own experience and knowledge.

If you're interested in hearing my take on natural testosterone boosters, prohormones, SARMS and anabolic steroids, then give this podcast a listen.

It's no secret that the guys who look far better than average are using something to gain the edge!

The fitness industry has painted a beautiful picture that you're just not determined enough, just not disciplined enough, and you have to “WANT IT” more.

I'm just going to call a spade a spade and tell you that it takes all of that PLUS THE EDGE to set yourself apart from the average motherfucker!

Enjoy -JD



    • no steroid is going to magically do this without dieting and cardio as the main priority of the regimen. But anavar at 10mg a day x 8 weeks is good for females. Most girls are using anavar, clenbuterol, and cycling T-3, as per injectables I feel like EQ and primo are the 2 best suited for women, just my opinion -JD

  1. John, enjoyed the podcast. Very informative. Quick question about Red Beast though. To my understanding, this product is supposed to be 100% natural. If this is the case, then why do they (manufacturer) recommend that user cycles this product? Couldn’t it just be taken indefinitely?

    • Yea, you could take it indefinitely, but usually manufacturers assume people won’t stay on something indefinitely. It’s sort of like aspirin when it comes to ppl taking 81mg daily of baby aspirin, it’s not directed that way by the manufacturers but people do it as a staple health measurement to keep blood flow better in their bodies -JD

  2. Great podcast John and very informative.

    I had a question and maybe you’ll be able to offer some guidance. About 7 months ago I was taking MK677 and a cap a day of the original Red PCT. I started breaking out like crazy on my face and stopped taking both and eventually got on accutane when it wasn’t getting better. Also at the time I started kickboxing again after I ended a relationship so maybe all the sweat and stress contributed to the acne.

    I’m contemplating starting testosterone soon but the biggest thing I’m concerned about is whether my acne will come back again. Would I be better off trying Red Beast/Growth first? I still have another cycle of the original Red Ostarine left and a couple bottles of original Red PCT too. Are these things okay to take while I’m still on accutane or should I wait?

    Thanks! And by the way, Shredded Ops is killer and you were right about sitting in the parking lot contemplating whether or not to work out haha!

    • The acne is caused from jumps in hormone fluctuations, once you level out it starts to subside. Yes, sweating makes acne worse because the sweat spreads the bacteria, so most commonly you will need an antibiotic as well as a dermatologist scripted Benzyl wash, on top of possibly a topical ointment for acne that is cystic if it gets bad enough. I’m not going to tell you that this won’t happen on Red products because they do raise your testosterone.

      HOWEVER, you won’t get it nearly as bad as you would with full blown testosterone cycle. I hate acne, pisses me off when you’re building all of that muscle or cutting up and the skin looks terrible!! -JD

  3. HELLO JD,
    Thanks for the podcast. Good info as usual. Ive been using the RED supplements products and i think its helped me. As far as steroids or anything more.hardcore than store bought supplements ive never done them and probably never will but i have thkught about it. I really dont know where to get them and more importantly how to use them or how to tell if what im getting from someone is real and not fake. Im already big at around 260 but that includes a lot of fat. My goal now is too get lean and not have this gut anymore.
    Well that’s all i got for now. I look forward to the next podcast. Tim

    • I explain everything about using them in “Straight from the Underground”, in terms of acquiring them, best of luck to you on that one -JD

  4. What thoughts on 4 andro? It supposed to be a two step conversion to testosterone. The highest dosed product out there right now is 330mg a day. But I have heard people say you need double that to see any results as a test base. Do you have any experience 4 andro and is it a decent alternative to test?

    • hey, sorry man, not really experienced with 4-andro so I don’t want to talk about something I don’t know about -JD

  5. Jd, loved this podcast. I’m a middle aged guy that used gear in my 20’s& early 30’s. The last year I have used some of the pro hormones and test boosters that are available, with mixed results. Had considered sarms but concerned with the recovery. The podcast helped clear up some of the questions that I had concerning these compounds
    Thanks JR

  6. I was wondering how you would recommend taking Red Beast and Red PCT 2.0. I have been taking them for 5 days now, and have had a constant headache the whole time. I was thinking of taking a full day off, then only starting back with beast and then run 2.0 after my cycle of beast?

    • This actually isn’t a common side effect at all. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but whats your dosing of them? Try lowering the dose for the next week, take it down to 1 pill per day of each and then see if it subsides. Any other issues like stress, sinus issues, work stress, etc etc?? Just trying to rule it all out first -JD

      • Thanks for getting back. I was taking the recommended dose for each up until yesterday. I decided to stop at 2 each for the day. Headache subsided by late last night and did not wake up with one this morning. Last dose of the day was around 1pm yesterday. I have already taken one Beast this morning after gym, but have not taken 2.0. Thought maybe if I took them one at a time spread out today, I would be able to tell which one might be causing the headache. I do have a little sinus problem, and actually was thinking the same thing, but since I woke up this morning still with the sinus issue and no headache, I am thinking it is one of the Supps. Also maybe taking both together does not work well for me.


          • Just wanted to get back about the headaches I was having. For what ever reason, taking both at the same time gave me the headaches. When I took them at different times, no headaches. I ended up taking 2.0 in the morning and Beast before bed. Also a quick question, just started taking growth today. Over on the website, they say to take growth by itself them beast and 2.0 afterwards, but you say take beast with growth. Is there any advantage either way? Thanks for your time and help. Love the site and podcasts.

          • Thanks for following. I MYSELF recommend the stack of using the neatural testosterone booster throughout the entire stack, where as it’s sort of loaded right off the jump so its already kicked in by the time you discontinue Red Growth. But this is the way would design the stack from someone with a more steroid experienced background, concerning frontloading, cycle curations and such. My belief is if you’re going to throw ANYTHING AT ALL into the mix outside of food, then bang that shit hard and get as much out of it as possible. -JD

  7. Hey JDB,
    Lovin the shredded ops workouts and info great book. Took your advice a while back, Oct 2018 and got on TRT, seen my test go from 300 to almost 1000. Unfortunately today I was informed that insurance are no longer going to cover it so now I’m a little concerned on what it’s gonna be like to come off it. While on it my A1C is down and I am feeling much better, diabetes is under control. Any suggestions or advise moving forward? Might even be interested in taking this off-line and hiring you to look at some test results??

    • Insurance doesn’t mean you can or cannot use it, if it’s a medical need then the doc will keep writing the script. Find out what paying out of pocket for test at the pharmacy costs (I’ve actually heard it’s not that bad, under 80- some places) but fuck coming off it man, all it’ll do is make u depressed and make life shit

        • I’ve used DHEA and also 1-DHEA while on TRT, I noticed a slight inscrease in strength when using those. I have no experience with pregnalone. I don’t believe either of the compounds are neccessity on TRT but can benefit. Here’s one use for DHEA nobody EVER TALKS ABOUT…it can help crashed estrogen -JD


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