Stop running around the gym LIKE A CHICKEN W/ YOUR HEAD CUT OFF!

It can be easy to get so consumed with trying to do everything in the gym that we can often lose 100% focus on a few things that could benefit us more.

Sometimes we can become mind-scrambled in the gym and having too much to think about can derail a really good potential workout session.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have all sorts of equipment and options but what if the one thing that is preventing you from getting a better workout IS HAVING TOO MANY OPTIONS?

Maybe I think too much sometimes, but I have found great benefits to understanding and explaining the mentality of bodybuilders in a way that is easy to understand and can help people get better gym sessions!

And for the tried and true fans, a few rants just so we don't break habit here!

What can I say, it's therapy for me! Enjoy -JD


2 thoughts on “Stop running around the gym LIKE A CHICKEN W/ YOUR HEAD CUT OFF!”

  1. another awesome podcast JD! yeah people get way too scatter brained at the gym, changing the routines or muscles worked every week trying to achieve “muscle confusion”. I have been consistent and it has paid off like crazy. Its good to hear a different side to your podcast that you can have fun and shoot the shit, not everything has to be super fucking militant. Also agree on people blasting music out of their phones, it is ridiculous and it is a sign of super low class, regardless of race, etc. Looking forward to the next podcast!!


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