Steroids, Health, and System Sync!

I have several years of experience in the field of anabolic/androgenic steroids.

I have friends who have more experience than myself, and there is a common denominator with most all steroid cycles. The common denominator is system synchronization, and what to do in order to keep it right!

You see, anytime you throw in an exogenous substance, whether it be a hormone derivative or not, you can severely throw off the way your body operates.

Some of this can actually be counterproductive if you aren’t careful.

Going too high on the dosage can cause this, compounds your body doesn’t work well with, rising estrogen/estradiol levels, compounds that interrupt sleep, are among just a few examples.

My very first few cycles in my life I felt incredible on. I felt like superman, and you couldn’t bring me down.

As time went on there were cycles I tried that made me feel like absolute shit. Sure, I may have gotten stronger and larger, but my general well-being wasn’t well. I began to notice symptoms of lethargy, stress, insomnia, and anxiety, to name a few.

I got sicker than a dog the first time I took HGH because I ramped my levels up too fast. Steroid cycling became something much different than it did when I first began. It took me a long time to realize things that I was doing wrong and finally correct them.

For starters, if something is making you feel like shit (outside of dieting for a competition, which is normal) quit doing it. Just stop fucking doing it right now!

I want you to ask yourself a simple question. Did you get involved in this lifestyle to feel good about yourself and get strong, or to feel sick and decimated?? Then why in the fuck are you continuing to do things that make you feel the total opposite of why you got involved in this?

So what if you’re getting larger or more defined, if you feel like such shit from it then what is the benefit to begin with? Are you doing bodybuilding for you or everyone else? Ask yourselves that for starters.

Putting your horse before the carriage.

There are a lot of guys who are skimping with things they should pay closer attention to, and focusing on things they don’t need to be worrying about yet. For example, let’s say John Doe has an extra $300 and wants to get a few things to jump on. Do I have enough money for a small cycle?

The answer is no, I do not. If I do not have the money for HCG, Arimadex, syringes, and everything else I need to go with it, then buying a few vials and jumping right back on is the wrong way to go about it.

A lot of guy’s think that just because they have an extra hundred dollar bill, they can go get something and become better. This is the wrong way of doing things friends. Especially if you don’t have the fucking groceries to begin with! How stupid they are to go buy a cycle with money they should have used for chicken, lean beef, eggs, yams, and everything else a bodybuilder should be eating to grow.

I’m the total opposite of that, I will spend money on the small things before ever considering anything else to try to enhance my look, and even then it’s never coming out of a regular budget. There is no point in trying to run test/Dbol/and Deca if I neglect to purchase Arimadex or Aromasyn.

Then I’m another guy who may be wondering what the hell is wrong with me when I’m on a cycle and feel terrible. Not to mention, what if my starting estradiol levels are high anyways, but I neglected to get the bloodwork done before I got everything and jumped back on? It’s pretty stupid don’t you think? This is the fine line between reckless and proper usage right here. THIS MY FRIENDS, THIS, is what causes adverse effects and damage!

Put your health first, then if you want to cycle moderate amounts in a responsible manner, more power to you!

I come across too many guys nowadays who want steroids to be the motivator when it comes to getting back on the right track. It should be the exact opposite! They should be getting back on track first, and then look for enhancement if they choose to do so.

These guy’s are always the same, they never seem to gain much, and are always in and out of the game. They never really seem consistent, and the sad part is they are usually running WAY MORE GEAR than myself! I get asked in the gym all the time “What are you running right now?”

I tell the guy the truth, and he is in disbelief.

What he doesn’t understand is how meticulous I am about everything in the equation before it ever comes to the gear. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put off a cycle for something else.

I’m honest with myself, if I haven’t been hitting enough meals there is no reason to cycle. If my sleep has been bad, there is no reason to cycle. I look at every single factor that ties into the others, and only if I can say that everything else is damn near 100% will I jump on any enhancement outside of my normal hormone replacement.

Put health first

I’m 34 years old myself, and I have a long ways to go in this life. Every once in awhile I need to remind myself of that. Bodybuilding is supposed to build you up, not constantly tear you down.

The big misconception is anytime that you’re getting physically larger then you are “building up”. Not true. Just because you’re getting physically larger doesn’t mean you can’t be breaking down in the process. By that, I’m speaking in terms of general health and blood levels. Without health, there is no physique! I repeat, WITHOUT HEALTH, THERE IS NO PHYSIQUE!

If I cannot see the big picture at my age, then good luck making it to 80 years old with my life. I’d be lucky to see even 70 years old. If all I did throughout the year was look for what to use next, I’d be hard pressed to live a fulfilling life without things going haywire at some point.

Taking pills and shots short term is fine, but when you need to take them every single day just to maintain some degree of normalcy (because you fucked that up on your own) that gets old real quick. You don’t want to be that guy who is on so many prescription meds that the Doc doesn’t even know what is doing what to him anymore. You don’t want to be that guy on dialysis who is sitting in a God damn waiting room twice a week, instead of spending time fishing or taking his grandchildren someplace.

Trust me, I know how it is with bodybuilding. It’s extremely difficult to be motivated when you’ve seen yourself at a certain level before, and know that in order to go beyond that level you’re going to have to get more extreme than last time. And last time was about as extreme as you could get, going 110%.

I understand where some of you are at. But if there is any knowledge I can share here it’s this; take a few steps back and look at the basics and your overall health before ordering anything new or continuing to blast, blast, blast. There is going to have to be downtime to get everything back in sync, THERE HAS TO BE!

This isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Remember that!

Over and out!


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13 thoughts on “Steroids, Health, and System Sync!”

  1. Awesome post John!

    It seems that a lot of people are willing to put their health on the second place, in order to get something NOW! This couldn’t be more true for using steroids.

    I mean, what’s the point of looking jacked and shredded if your health is a freaking mess.

    Health is wealth, movement is medicine.

    Really great post my friend!

  2. When I go to my doc for blood work, what things should I look for? Is it ok to tell the doctor I plan on cycling and want a check up?

    • Biggest things u need to look at are cholesterol values, liver values, hematocrit, and red blood cell count. Ask your Dr to explain this to you on the blood work and what symbols.mean what.

  3. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to write this out, not only write it out, but to write it out truthfully and say it how it is. For me, I need reminders like this. After reading this I realised that my direction was a bit off track. Think I need to bite the bullet and go down the trt route for a better quality of life. Thanks john, as always

  4. Hi John
    Victor prides blog Brought me here.
    I am 26 years old. I have been training for 6 years. Am well constructed. I want to inject 8 weeks long, testosterone every week 250mg. Would like to be ready for Model picture for big fashion labels.
    Many consider it a low dose (Bodybuilding forum and so on). I think that Is a good dose and because it is low I will have no major side effects.
    My question: it will stop my own testosterone production, I needed a post cyle therapy?

    Thanks and regards


    • yes, still be better to have PCT even at a low dose, and it will stop you short term with your own production, but you should bounce back quick

  5. Hey John, great website! Love all the information and the personal stories and experiences you have had with using AAS and training.

    I have already ran one cycle of test E and tren Ace along with Nolva afterwards. I had great results, had a slow ramp up on dosages, and everything went great. I added about 15lbs of mass and dropped 40lbs of fat, and strength gains went through the roof. I have managed to keep all my strength gains, and my results during the winter, but I added some fat too.

    So getting to my question here, I am trying to bring up some lagging bodyparts, traps and arms to match my chest. I have done tons of research, and I am always so mixed up because the opinions are just way too inconsistent.

    Would sus250 be good to stack with anavar and aromasyn?

    Also keep in mind I have been training solid everyday for 6 months, my diet is spot on. Talapia, chicken breast, greens, yams, tuna, rice etc…… If it isn’t that, I am not consuming it. 6 meals a day, 3 of them shakes. (I am also a little on the heavy side, about 265lbs at 20%bf) I know you might tell me to not bother with it, since I am heavy, but my arms will not grow and dropping weight isn’t that hard for me. I just lost 35lbs since my diet went perfect.

    Thank you sir.

    • Personally I do not think sustanon is a good choice for you right now, there are a couple esters in there that are very long acting and will put on more water weight, combining that with Anavar would be waste. Anavar is such a quality compound and it can definitely help you look harder, but to throw it in with Sus250 @ 20% bodyfat is not something I would do. At 20% bodyfat you’d benefit best from testosterone propionate stacked with anavar and aromasyn. I would go with 300mg/wk propionate and 60-80mg/day anavar for a 10 wk cycle, using anavar the first 8 wks, or all 10 wks if money allows. Var can be pricey but it’s a damn good steroid.

      As for bringing up lagging bodyparts, a lot of it is just time. I had a weak chest that used to be overpowered by my lats and shoulders, probably the first 3 years I trained. I’ll give you a little secret though for your traps, use 45 lb plates for shrugs if you can. If your 45’s have holes in them to grab them, then just use a 45 lb plate in each hand and shrug it really slow and as high as you can go. Because the plates ride close to your body and are more in line with the traps if you drew a vertical line from your hands to your traps, you can pull them higher and get more squeeze. I haven’t shrugged with more than a 45 lb plate per side in the past 6 years, and my traps are large and usually striated from the back.

  6. Right on John, I was afraid about the water retention I have been reading about on various websites regarding the sus250. I am on the cardio and diet hard to get below 20%, I think I am on the verge of breaking through this barrier. Money isn’t really an issue, I work a hard job to get what I need and it pays good. Thanks, the only issue with this is going to be the fact that I can’t get aromysin, I can only get arimadex…….

    As far as shrugs, I will do that. I use to do them that way, but thought the good ol’ heavy barbell shrug was where it’s at. I actually just did shoudlers tonight, and I shrugged 405 for 10, but I had to go over/under on my grip and I don’t like that. Plus it doesn’t feel good on the back. You may laugh but one armed shrugs on the smith press seems to pretty effective for me right now, I will definitely trade out traditional shrugs for the plates! Thanks sir!

  7. Yeah, I just did a bunch of research for about 5 hours lastnight. It turns out that Arimadex binds to the aromatizing receptors only while taking it, it unbinds when done taking the compound, and you can possibly have estro rebound. It also raises cholesterol, and doesn’t raise IGF-1. Aromasin on the other hand is the opposite, it permanetly binds to the aromatizing receptor until your body gets rid of the cell, which is why people call it a suicidal haha. It lowers cholesterol and raises IGF-1.

    So now I see why Aromasin is recomended alot more than Arimadex. Thanks for the advice. I picked up both sir. I might be in touch with you on how it goes, if you don’t mind sir.


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