Steroids and Fertility

This podcast is all about steroids and fertility.

I think a lot of guys want to know how long they can use steroids, how many cycles they can run, and what types of cycles they can run before becoming impotent.

There are guys out there such as myself who had to come off cycle to be fertile again, and then you have guys that get girls pregnant while on massive cycles!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you're on a cycle that you can't get a girl pregnant!

But also don't make the mistake of staying on something when that's the reason for your impotence, and you want to have kids someday.

Also, in now way am I saying that fatherhood is for everyone, especially with the types of women around nowadays!

They're not good mothers and they can destroy your life.

There is going to be a giant population of cougars running around out there on the verge of homelessness soon.

That's right, as soon as that baby daddy money runs out and the kids are over 18 years old they're FUCKED.

Now their looks start to fade a bit and that support system becomes harder to find! I'm just sayin'…


If you think that you're not in this podcast category I'm speaking about, but you may have low testosterone, then you could always supplement your diet and training with a natural testosterone booster such as Red Beast.

Red Beast will bring testosterone levels up higher without estrogen conversion and it's a way to gain the edge on training & development without resorting to steroids.

Also, remember that fat intake has a lot to do with hormone production also, so I never advise anyone to eliminate all of the fats in their diet if a naturally high testosterone level is what they're looking for.

The only time fats should go below 80-100 grams per day is when an athlete is on TRT under a Doctor's care (testosterone replacement therapy).

Enjoy the podcast and I hope this answers some questions out there!

If steroid cycles and templates from an experienced user is something you're looking into them be sure to check out my underground steroid guide STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND, for the best and most effective ways to use anabolic steroids, HGH, and peptides!



13 thoughts on “Steroids and Fertility”

  1. Bro I just listen to the whole thing. You know that hit home hard as hell. My wife has been wanting a baby for a long time. I been married almost 8 yrs now and Ive been trying since day one. Ive been on test since 2015 January. The last 8 months I really cut back on test at 50 ml of sustanon 250 2x a week. B4 those 8 months I ran heavy cycles. Not once coming off test. I was afraid of losing libido. I do have 2 daughters with another woman but my wife really deserves this. The way I seen her smile when I gave her a little teddy bear looking puppy was a smile I have never seen. She was so happy. I was amazed. I went to a endocrine dr but at that time I couldn’t afford to by penny candy. Ive tried every long ester test for best results but sustanon seems to work best. Im willing to try for her but I told her that I will go to shit she doesn’t care. Writing this chokes me up. I know ill never find another woman who does what she does for me. She has kids also her youngest is my step son. Your right spot on about those Dr’s pulling bullshit on trying to treat you. She has been checked out and her dr said there is nothing wrong with her conceiving a child so I know its me. Even b4 I used AAS I couldnt plant my seed. My libido was shit so I went back to steroids and said FUCK IT. I used a very little in my 20’s and early 30’s very short cycles. B4 my wife I was addicted to pills but went in got cleaned and never relapsed ever. I know I never will because it will start all over again. I came to far in my life to fuck it up again. Im on top again and doing great. Job, family life recreational are like dreams I never thought I would have again. I think the opiates fucked me up. I got clean in 2011. I got married in 2012. My libido was gone maybe had sex once or twice a week. It was creating problems. Wife didnt think i wanted her etc. etc. So I jumped on test and cruised and blasted the last 4 yrs. Im gonna try bro. I want to give her something from myself that she always ask, hopes and prays for on a daily. She is a good person a good mother. I feel like a real p.o.s. because Im scared to come off. Believe me the test hasent always helped my libido either had to try all types of things. Proviron hcg peptides hgh pt 141( that shits no joke). My levels go up and done never steady. Only had 1 blood test. Like 7 yrs ago so I try to keep it under control my self. I use arimidex eod. I miss thw dose sometimes. What can I do bro?

    • You need to get sperm count up, that means we need to do anything possible to increase sex hormone binding globulin and free test levels. My advice is to cut test dose in half your next shot, then a week later cut in half of the half. Discontinue test, blast HCG for 2500 iu a week x 2 weeks, from that point go 1,000iu per week for the next 6-8 weeks, run clomid at 25mg daily throughout. Proviron tabs are a good way to not feel as close to death as just quitting test cold turkey. 50mg/day proviron for about 12 weeks or so. This SHOULD HELP sperm count, but you’re going to have to drop the test for about 6-8 months or so. My best advice-JD

      • Thank you JD. Im going to get all these PCT asap. I will follow everything and keep you updated. Last question Should I use any arimidex during any of this. I have 100 1mg doses. I showed wifey this last night. She was happy and excited. Im gonna do my best boss. Its going to be hell but its worth it.

          • JD Thank you for the protacal2. I let my wife read this and she was happy. She had that smile. Im giving this a go and I’ll keep you up to date. Thanks again. Awesome advice. I found your site 5 yrs ago when I was researching about AAS. The first thing I read was a blog about aromasin. I turned 43 last Thursday.

  2. I am not looking for children anymore I have 2 awesome daughters already plus I am 57 I am on trt at 200 mg a week plus hcg at 50 unit 2 times a week My Dr freaked out when he did my blood and I was over 3000 mg. I go thru an online place for my prescription due to my old insurance didn’t cover at home administered test. So my company found a different insurance co and I tried to get test covered through them. I needed a new blood test that’s when we saw the 3000 mg test. So I guess my question is was I running too much hcg at 50 units twice a week?

    • could be, HCG can elevate test levels. 50iu 2x a week isn’t much though, standard dosing with TRT is usually 500iu per week,was this test taken within a cpl days of your shot? 3000ng is pretty high considering just 200mg a week and 50iu of HCG a week. Do you mean 500iu per week, 50iu is nothing. I have had high readings when blasting HCG but 50 iu a week is very low, are you aure you don’t mean 500iu per week?

      • Could be 500 it is the 50 mark on the insulin syringe. I felt great however. My Dr freaked out saying they were trying to kill me etc.

  3. Hi just purchased your book. It is awesome. I would like to ask if I run the beginner cycle, should I also use the HCG?
    Also, I do gymnastic. I see you suggested a boxer that he should run a low cycle and anavar. but I am planning to try your Vial studio cycle. Which one do you suggest?


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