My Opinion on the Steroid Primobolan

Primobolan is a steroid that many people have always wanted to try but never use due to its cost.

It's also avoided due to the lack of legitimacy and commonly being faked with equipoise instead.

I think primobolan is a misunderstood steroid.

Some people don't put a lot of emphasis on a steroid that doesn't pack on scale-weight in “x number of weeks”.

You have to understand the mechanism on how primo works to fully understand the benefits of primobolan.

Primobolan is probably my favorite steroid because of it's muscle-sparing effects and recomp abilities to my physique!

It's one of the few steroids that doesn't plateau out and seems to bang harder and harder as the weeks go on, and it's also one of the few steroids with a direct fat-burning mechanism of action!

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18 thoughts on “My Opinion on the Steroid Primobolan”

  1. JD
    I have balkan labs 50 Mg primo tabs, how would you dose these in comparison to an injectable dose ? would 150 MG a day of oral be comparable to say 500 or 600 mg of injectable a week? Thanks for the great info.

    • I think it would be a tad less than needing 150mg a day, maybe 120 would be a more accurate conversion to equal 700mg a week of injectable

  2. I like your straight up honest truth you say it as it is great I am tired of the political correctness all the times sometimes truth must be told and read great work keep it up joe

    • Joe thank god for you. I bought straight from the unfer ground. I need ur opinion on covid. My gym is closed. Im working out at home. I want to do my cycle. Can i still get good results with limited equipment.

      • Yes, all depends on how bad you want it. My advice is to go with your guy, if you know you’ll slack off not being able to go to a gym then wait, but if you know you’ll kill it regardless then do it

      • got it just purchased it its the best thing i have ever bought for me now i will change my
        psychic more but what there is one thing i wish that it should be in book like hcg use to maintain testicle size while running cycle its in your archives not in book lots of love from india JD <3

  3. Hi John
    I’m in my mid 50’s I was a competitive bb in the 80’s at jr natlional level. I actually never used primo but want to try it now. I like to throw an occasional cycle in with my trt.
    My question for you is I’m considering either solo primo at 800mg for a long cycle (20 wks) with my trt or doing 600mg and adding 150mg deca. I’m 5’9” and 185 at 8% bf. my goals are just to refine the muscle I’ve got. I’m a true aesthete on my physique goals.

    My usual reasoning would be the deca adds a lot more than another 200mg of incremental primo but I also don’t want to add anything that takes away from the primo “look”.

    Thanks for the great site!

    • Thanks for reading, once 600mg a week of primo is reached, personally I feel like you’re in the “sweet spot” with it. Yes, adding 200mg/wk of deca can be highly beneficial during a primo run, especially since deca can be ran longer as well. 20 weeks on primo is a good cycle because the stuff really starts working better the longer you’re on it. With many other compounds I’d say 20 weeks is too long but not with primo. A perfect pattern would be a mon/wed/fri at 200mg per shot schedule on primo, on one of those days add in 1 cc of deca. On another one of those days add in 1cc of test, easy peezy. 1cc a week of deca isn’t going to take anything away from the look, it’ll only add to it man! You won’t see much from this for the first month or so, but then it’s going to be like HOLY SHIT, I just keep getting better and better

  4. This is a GREAT podcast John, thanks so much for the breakdown and clearing up the myths about Primo. I have a few questions on the details of application…

    At 500-600 mg/week, would 100mg shots 5-6 days a week be ideal, or would you do 200/shot in 3 shots throughout the week? Is one superior for optimal results?

    Due to molecular weight, it’s a fairly painful injection. I have 30 g insulin pins to increase options for injection sites. Do you personally pin sites other than glutes and delts?

    • Either way you can do it. I’ve done both 200mg 3-4x per week and also 100mg day with slin pins. It sort of depends on what I’m running and frequency of everything combined. I most commonly pin glutes and lats. I’ll go into delts and side triceps with smaller pins if needed but the 3cc standard 23 gauge pins I primarily do in glutes and lats.


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