Primobolan Depot 101

Primobolan Depot, those two words almost give me an orgasm every time I hear them. There are a lot of mixed reviews on Primo, most from newbies or guys who don’t realize the true benefits of Primo.

But take it from a vet and someone who is a true experienced Primo user, it’s the shiznit… period.

A lot of negative reviews come from these guys who only deem something as useful if it throws a quick 20 lbs of water and shit weight on them, they strictly go by the scale. These are usually guys with a half-assed physique to begin with, so don’t listen to them.

Primo is a physique changer, you may not gain a bunch of weight or add any miraculous benchmark records to your lifts, but with a good diet your physique will transform on Primo.

Primo has a high molecular weight, therefore its typically dosed at only 100mg/ml, so you have to inject it a little more frequently. 300mg/wk is a good dose to run, most guys advocate higher amounts in the range of 500-1000mg/wk, but 300/wk will do you nice if you eat good and train hard!

Primo is probably a better choice for an advanced guy simply because he understands how it works and how it differs from most water retainers/mass builders. I would not recommend it to someone who is not relatively low body fat, but for an already good physique primo is the icing on the cake!

Below I’ve listed a few cycles including Primo, and they are some of the best cycles a guy with an already good physique could run. These are geared mostly to getting harder and more defined,  I typically stray away from “mass cycles” simply because I’m already big enough and at this point its pretty much all about quality.

4 steroid cycles that include Primo

Cycle #1 – 300mg/wk Primo, 300mg/wk Masteron, 200mg/wk Test for 10 weeks

Cycle #2 – 300mg/wk Primo, 100mg/day Proviron, 300mg/wk Test Prop for 10 weeks

Cycle #3 – 500mg/wk Primo, 200mg/wk Deca, 200 mg/wk Test for 10 weeks

Cycle #4 – 40-60mg/day Anavar, 300mg/wk Primo, 300 mg/wk Test Prop for 10 weeks

I’d put those low dose cycles against almost anything for a guy looking to get shredded and hard, and they are not anything that is going to suppress someone for months on end either. Those are very safe and effective cycles.

As you see I am not a fan of high dose testosterone, test should be used just enough to stay anabolic and reap the rewards but not overkill driving your cholesterol levels and blood pressure through the roof. Lower dosed test cycles will yield you a much better look, and you won’t be fighting water retention either.

If you’re someone who is dead set on trying to run a cycle then I’d strongly suggest one of the above, you get what you pay for. HOWEVER, if you don’t already look as good as Steve Reeves did naturally, then you shouldn’t be running shit!

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190 thoughts on “Primobolan Depot 101”

    • It should be hit at least once every 5/days. But being that it’s normally only 100mg per ml most people hit it more often. If I was using 300mg a week I’d do 2/shots of 150mg each split up during the wk. Ie: Mon/Thurs at 150mg each

        • Yea, once you get to a gram you almost have to go daily with it. Primo just has such a high molecular weight that it’s most commonly only dosed at 100mg, and even that can be painful sometimes. When the shots go to daily injects, this is where backloading insulin pins comes in handy. Keeps the injections easier and the pain down

          • I could really use some advice mate. Just ordered some injectable primo ACE. Heard its ment to be hell to inject? You used it? Can you inject with the 1ml slin pins?

          • never used it, but yes use insulin pins. 1ml 1/2″ pins are best, draw up with regular gauge needle and then backload your slin pins, painless and makes everyday injects a breeze

      • Love this article. I’ve been training for 4 years. I’m on Trt (Androgel) and have Primo and Anavar. I’m not looking to bulk up fast or anything. I was wondering if you think I can just continue the trt (I imagine that it’s about equivalent to -200mg/week in test)
        -Primo 200mg for the first month and 250 for the second and 3rd month
        -Anavar 30mg daily for the last 5 weeks
        Or should I stop taking the Primo week 12, and then taper off the Anavar on week 13? I was going to slightly up my TRT dose on week 15 (2 weeks after cycle) for 3 weeks to help me keep my gains. Do you think this is an effective plan. I’m very lean at 7% body fat, but I’m also short so I only weigh 145lbs. If you think I should do a higher dose for less time let me know. Thanks for any feedback!

        • less dose longer if given the choice. Androgel sucks, I would look into a doc that would let you do injectable TRT

    • Man I have no idea. He was in fact nicknamed “The chemist” so i’m sure he was using things well ahead of his time. Yes, I’d say definitely primobolan was in the mix, maybe some sort of thyroid stimulant as well? Frank was pretty knowledgable from everything I’ve read on him, but when it came to the most cutting edge performance enhancers and knowledge Serge Nubret was the Wizard

  1. hi John, I have a lot of Primobolan I want take for long time 6 to a 1 year at dose 200 mg a week and little test e 250 a week , and I 47 y old , is this good amount of primo I am not looking fast results and what for this kind of cycle what you recommend pct will be , thanks so much

    • Yes, long term primo usage at 200mg/wk is a great way to use it. Slow and steady results with no side effects, great for general well being and overall health and performance. Go for it man

      • hi John ;
        I live in Turkey and I can get a Primo (now its changed its name to rimobolan) at chemist without and priscription. thinking to do 500mg sustanon and 400 primo a week and 50 mg proviron for 8 weeks.

        with these do you think ı will need PCT?

        thanks man

        • I wouldn’t use sustanon with primo because the water weight from the sustanon will cover up the quality you can put on from the primo. If you were using the primo as an addition to a building cycle then it needs to be higher than 400/wk, 400/wk will not give you much in terms of sizable gains. Primo really shines when it comes to recomp and cutting. Yes, you’ll need a PCT if using those

  2. Hey John, Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I’m also all about slow quality gains. I recently got hold of some Primo and Test prop, still have a few of Proviron with me, however I was wondering if you recommend stacking them with anavar instead. Should I get HCG to run during the cycle? I’m not sure how much my HPTA will be suppressed by Primo and Var. Thanks again.

  3. I am really gyno prone, so would you use arimidex or emistane through out cycle #3 above? If so, which one, and how much? I just order your book, good stuff my friend. Oh yeah, also what test type should I use? Thanks

    • You won’t have any issues with primo causing gyno, but for the 200/wk deca and 200/wk test I would go with 12.5mg everyday of exemastain or 1/2mg everyday arimadex. Either one, they are both aromatase inhibitors

  4. What would you suggest (and could you tell me the reasoning between the 3?):
    Goal (slow lean mass gain / while cutting down some fat , definition 3d look )
    *know eating plan ,training and rest main factors to results

    1)Test prop week 1-10 300mg a week
    Masterone prop week 1 -10 300mg a week
    Npp week 1-8 300mg a week

    2)Test prop week 1-10 300mg a week
    Masterone prop week 1 -10 300mg a week
    Primo week 1-10 500mg a week

    3) )Test prop week 1-10 300mg a week
    Npp week 1 -8 300mg a week
    Primo week 1-10 500mg a week

    • I would do combination #3 myself, and here is why; The increased nitrogen retention and joint lubricating properties of the NPP with less water retention that regular Deca. They are all killer cycle combinations, but Masteron is really only beneficial to get that last bit of hardness you cannot get from dieting alone or any other compound. It’s not a night and day difference, it just gives that polished off, rock hard look, but it doesn’t prevail over NPP in terms of being strong and just walking around looking yoked at a good 6-8% bodyfat. Masteron is an excellent compound for getting harder, but i’m an old school guy, I like nandrolone more as an all around go-to steroid!! Personally, #3 would be my choice. Primo is God, and you retain more of what you gain with it, and it works better than anything to hold muscle while in caloric deficit

      • Thanks for the reply JD will go with cycle #3
        Questions for on cycle support:
        I also wanted to know about an AI would rate 12.5mg everyday of exemastain or 1/2mg everyday arimadex would work fine , but finding it difficult to secure them over here where I stay . (Read old school guy used a mix of 20mg of nolvadex and 25-50mg of Provirion a day to control sides before AIs came out, wanted to confirm if this is true? And if it could be used as an alternative? To an AI. I have read only Nolva binds to estrogen while proviron lowers the estrogen and an AI destroys it. )
        Is Prolactin from the Npp and issue at 300mg a week? (can provirion help with this , I know people use Prammi but wanted to know if 300mg is enough to cause an issue with prolactin ?)
        Hcg 250iu x2 a week to keep the guys happy (week 1- 5 then 7-10 will a blast last week 10-14 day before pct)

        Nolvadex a week 20/20/20/10/10
        Clomid a week 150/100/50

        • Error on the last two

          *Hcg 250iu x2 a week to keep the guys happy (week 1- 5 then 7-10) last week will do a blast 1250 iu Eod 10-14 day before pct

          Nolvadex a day 20/20/20/10/10 (for 5 weeks)
          Clomid a day 150/100/50 (for 3 weeks)

          • I see nothing wrong with your plan, looks perfect to me!! Remember, PCT and HCG is an individual thing, which is why it’s so hard to explain to guys sometimes. Yes, there are certain templates and guidelines that are similar, but HCG can be cycled so many different ways it’s impossible to give just a single, bottom line answer. Some guys do it throughout cycle, some do 2500iu wk 2 wks following, some do it last 2 wks of cycle, some do it 1 wk before end of cycle and proceed 1 wk thereafter, it’s all about knowing your body and what it responds to. But your plan looks great, best of luck with your cycle!!

        • Prolactin is most likely not going to be an issue at 300mg/wk of NPP. Nolvadex will bind to the receptors at the breast tissue and lower estrogen, but an AI will prevent the formation of estrogen to begin with. But with your compounds and dosages I highly doubt it’s going to be an issue. I’d say with about 95% certainty that you’ll have no issues at all and comparing nolva to an AI in this case is like comparing oil for your lawnmower to oil for your car. I wouldn’t rack my brain over it, if nolvadex is what you have then roll with it brother

          • Thanks for all the help JD
            Will run 3# just wanted to know as its difficult to get legit Primo in certain areas could one sub Primo with Eq and get similar results?(as Primo is already sometimes faked with Eq)
            3) Test prop week 1-10 300mg a week
            Npp week 1 -8 300mg a week
            Primo week 1-10 500mg a week


            3B)Test prop week 1-12 300mg
            Npp week 1-10 300mg
            Eq week 1-12 400 mg

            I know diet is key was just wondering about the combination with the Npp and Eq results. I am looking for the “being strong and just walking around looking yoked at a good 6-8% bodyfat.” as you said .

            And at 400mg will Eq be safe on the red blood count, high blood pressure (have read in your other replies , and how was this dosage on hunger , for me I will just eat more veg and protein to combat this possible affect and play around with my carb pre and post workout )

          • I think the hunger on EQ is totally over exaggerated, it never really made me any hungrier than anything else. Yes, EQ would also be a good choice, and cheaper. It’s really all diet, the only reason primo would prevail here is it’s easier on the system. Your red blood cell count shouldn’t be an issue on a 400mg/wk 12 wk cycle, they may go up a tad by mid cycle but nothing that should throw up a flag unless you already have really high RBC’s before you begin. It wouldnt be a bad idea to go donate blood at 6-8 wks into it.

  5. I’m on cycle #4.. 50mg anavar a day/300mg test prop/300mg primo per week.. I do eod injections and the injection site pain is pretty bad.. I rotate 4 sites between glutes and quads.. Anything I can do to lower pip or should I just deal with it like I been doing?

    • It’s going to be a little more painful because of the prop and primo. As long as it’s not bright red and hot to the touch you’re fine. One thing you could do is try backloading insulin pins and using those to inject. But you’ll need more sites to use. Pull your plunger out of a 1ml insulin pin and draw out oil with regular syringe and transfer over to your insulin needle. Try to get a 1/2″ insulin pin.

    • you could also load 1/2cc each in the insulin pin and go everyday with shots, it may cut down on pain if you’re only using 1/2 cc per compound per shot. If it didn’t hamper my training though, I’d personally just hit it 3x/wk and deal with it, maybe take some ibuprofen or something. If it fucked with my workouts then I’d do something different as I’ve mentioned above

      • Thank you so much! I’m just going to deal with it bc once I’m warmed up I honeslty don’t even feel the pain anymore. And I was a little bit worried about the pain but there is no redness or heat coming from the injection site.. I’m thinking I may have went in a bad angle and this is the outcome of it.. My right glute is fine, not really much pain.. But as for my cycle results, they are fantastic so far.. Real lean gains.. It’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you again for all the great info on your site and taking the time to answer our questions.. Much appreciated!

  6. Hi John,
    Enjoyed your blogs & thanks for sharing your knowledges. I’m on Test E 250mg/wk + Eq 500mg/week. I was thinking to add 300-400mg primo for 12wks out. What do you think about putting EQ & primo together since I’ve read they both shared same result?

  7. Hello john im 33years old with high blood pressure its under control now taking 3tablets a day , was looking at starting a cycle agsin after 3-4 years off iv been training now for many years , john could you please suggest the most friendly cycle for someone in my position any guidance would be much appreciated , I know primo is a good choice but what else is there and what does kind regards simon.

    • You want to stay away from Deca and EQ if BP is an issue. I would go 300mg/wk test prop with some anavar (50-75mg/day) Things you want to stay away from would be DBOL, A-50’s, deca, EQ, tren. Better choices are fast acting test, masteron, anavar, primo, just of the top of my head. A good cycle would definitely be a test prop/anavar run

  8. Hey john. My girlfriend is starting a cycle of primo. What would be your recommendation for a female cycle wise? And pct so on..

  9. Hello

    I saw in Powerlifting USA a number of years ago
    an article by a Russian biochemist on an East Bloc
    athletes yearly plan. The base was Primo with
    Dianabol.. Didn’t realize that Primo was that effective.

  10. Hi John,

    I was gong to do the following cycle:

    400mg/wk of Primo
    300mg/wk of Test e
    60mg/ day of Anavar

    *(Similar to your #4 recommendation above)

    My question is can the Test mg’s be lower than the Primo mg’s?



  11. Thank you for taking the time to put this blog up together, it is extremely informative in this day of broscience and trolled forums.

    I’ve been building a primo cycle before I came across yours, and I ended up ordering around 30ml of Sustanon 250 to stack with Primo @ 500 Test / 3-400 Primo a week.

    Now I’ve done my fair of reading for you and understand where you stand on Sustanon or long ester tests, the thing is.. this is quality pharma grade stuff that I already have..

    Question is, is it worth it to break it down the 1ml into two shots? (I will have to preload a syringe like you suggested since they come in amps) Or might as well just bump the test up to 500 and keep things as is?

    Also, I’m pretty prone to water retention from the test, I’ve always used at a low dose of 500 without an AI.. Now i want to try aromasin just for the sake of seeing it’s effect on water retention, and see how exactly my body will react too the lowered estrogen level.. Will 12.5mg eod suffice for that?

    Thank you once again and I look forward for your reply!

    • Definitely run an AI with it, because you still want to stay harder looking while using primo. Looking hard and of quality muscle is where primo really shines, I wouldn’t want to cover that up with a bunch of water retention. Yea, 12.5 eod is a good starting point, and I might even take it to 12.5 ed if that isn’t enough to keep water retention down

  12. Masteron n primobolon both are dht derivative . Both have low androgenic ..almost similar why i should stack primo with mast. Isnt it better to just stack masteron 600mg then with primo have no different advantage plus its expansive n hard to find legit ..plz guidr john

    • Masteron makes you harder looking and despite both compounds being weaker at lower dosages, the synergism when combined yields better results

    • what do you think of this cycle 30mg/day Dianabol, 40mg Anavar, 500mg/wk primo, 300 mg/wk test prop. I wanna run it for 12 weeks.

      • Not sure I’d use Dbol for the entire 12 wks, but I see nothing wrong with using it the first 6 wks as part of the cycle. Var you could go 12 wks on, primo and test looks good, only change I’d make personally is dropping the Dbol out after the first 6 wks, this way I could look a little harder as the cycle went on

  13. Hey John, I really love this site and your candor on everything related to approaching this sport and lifestyle in a healthy way. I would like to set up a one on one consult with you please advise on how.

    Here’s my question: I’m 46 years old and have been lifting for over 30 years and cycled mostly Sustanon and Test Cyp for 12-16 weeks at a time very couple of years. I’m Starting a cycle now (this is my current plan) of Test Prop 300mg/per week, Deca Nan 300mg per /week, Anavar 5o-60mgs a day. Would adding 300mgs of Primo a week make any difference to my lean body mass. I’m looking to run them 12-16 weeks. I don’t want to get bigger than I am. I just want to change my composition to a learner harder look.

    Thanks, Jim

  14. If one wanted to run a good primo stack for the whole summer from may thru august 16 weeks total. would it be 200 or 300 mg of primo and could you use masteron for that long or would it be better to use masteron for 10 weeks then switch to far at 50 mg a day for the last 6. or would the primo deca test one be better. Im looking at lean hard mass not bulk

  15. What you said JD on *About the best thing to use to change your physique and really keep anything off cycle is primobolan. I would run primo, anavar, and a low dose of deca for 15 wks*

    This sounds good. I was thinking of a similar thing but with Eq over Primo (* As I am not 100% sure I can get real products of Primo)

    Lean Mass Recomp cycle (slow steady lean mass gain / fat loss and maximum Post cycle recovery) :

    Test 200-250 mg / wk ( Cyp of E) week 1 – 18
    (running test 2-3 weeks longer to give eq time clear for Hcg Blast then Pc)
    Deca long 200mg / wk week 1 -12 (dropping Deca to focus more on fatloss last 6 weeks)
    Eq 600 mg / wk week 1-15
    Oral kick Start week 1 – 4 (Tbol 50 mg Ed)
    Oral Finisher week 12- 15 (Winni oral 50 md Ed or jabs if oil based e2d)
    G2501516 20 mg Ed 12 weeks on 2 weeks off repeat
    Aromasin 12.5 mg Eod on cycle

    Fat loss aids / Energy
    2 weeks on / off 2 – 3 pills max Eca , 80 – 100 mcg 2 – 2.5 pills max Clen combo then off 1 week then repeat

    Hcg 500 iu / wk (250 iu x 2 a week) 5 weeks on one week off repeat

    End of Cycle :
    Pct (4 week may take it up to 6 weeks )
    Hcg blast 2 weeks before post
    Nolva 20mg ed till done
    Clomid 100mg first 10 days /50mg till done
    Mk 10 mg ed
    Aromasin 12.5 mg ed
    Gw 20mg ed Pct

      • Thanks man

        For the Deca will be using Npp x 3 shots a week M/W/F at 70mg/ 60mg/70mg a total of 200mg a week
        Test Cyp or E 1/2 M/F total 200 -300mg a week

        Eq M/W/F at total 500 -600mg a week
        If I can find Primo will use it over Eq at 500 mg a week

        I wanted to ask your opinion on Deca vs Tren . For lean mass / Recomp I know both can be used as diet / training is key . I think Deca is a safer option as individuals will feel much better on it vs Tren as some guys cannot handle the sides . Deca should also hold a higher % of muscle mass when a person cycles off . I think with Deca an Ai is most important .

        • I would choose deca over tren all day long. I don’t handle tren very well anymore and I feel ill on it. But that’s just my opinion

          • Would you need ARIMIDEX For the test primo cycle? And what kind of pct would I need ? Liver support ? Anything else Hcg?

          • yea but you don’t need much at all. Primo doesn’t aromatize at all and all you’d need is a minimal amount for the test, I’d say like 1/2mg arimadex 2-3x/wk, if not that then go with Red PCT @ 1 cap/day throughout cycle

  16. For a guy on his first cycle, would u recommend cycle 1 or 2 here, or just the 1 vial cycle? I’d love to continue to gain a little more bulk but my main goal is definition (I’m at about 10% body fat right now.) My biggest concern is running a ‘gentle’ cycle that won’t screw up my body, even if it’s not as effective as doing a million stacks; I just want to be good to my organs/testes. What u think?

    • What do you think about the guys who say you have to eat 350-450 grams of protien while on a cycle. Isn’t that a little over kill? I’m 200lbs at 6ft tall and eat 200-225grams a day now. I don’t know if I could double it and if I could. I don’t think I could not maintain that for a long period of time.

      • it’s bullshit, it’s never been proven your body uses more than .8 grams/lb of bodymass in protein plus it’s harder on your kidneys. The biggest reason for going higher on protein is during a diet when it’s more used as a “filler” since carbs and fats are taken lower. A lot of the old timers knew they needed protein to grow but they never counted it and it wasn’t nearly as high as taken today, nor did those guys eat as much. Guys today are getting glutenous with food intake and protein and the only thing that really increases utilization of all of these added calories is HGH, but that comes with side effects too

  17. good day, How do you think 750mgs a week of EQ and 400mg of test Prop per week would work compared to 400mgs of Primo and 400 of Prop per week? thanks

    • In terms of size gains I’d say EQ/prop would be your better route (also in terms of affordability) but primo works better if you’re looking for that diamond hard look with less sides. I think 750mg/wk of EQ is good for a 2 wk frontload but too high to run the entire cycle. The gains start to diminish after the 600/wk mark and you don’t get the same return. Just my thoughts

      • Thanks Bro for your quick response and honesty…. also, just an after thought should I through some deca in there too (like 200mgs per week) since I have it. ? Thanks JD

        • yes, 200mg/wk of deca is an awesome addition to primo because it’s great for nitrogen retention in the muscles, joints, and strength, and at 200mg/wk you shouldn’t notice any bloating from deca if your diet is mostly clean

          • Let me say that I appreciate the feedback you take out of your time to give us. As for your top 4 primo cycles. Should I use the faster Npp version of deca ?

          • you could go either route, NPP is excellent and its faster with less water retention, ALTHOUGH water retention on regular deca doesn’t get bad until you start doing over 400mg/wk and I prefer to stay 300mg a week or less, even 200/wk is good. But either way man, its a good run

  18. Hey john this will be my 3rd cycle. I have primo and tren A. I just sarted at 600 of primo and 300 of tren. I have low test and was put on Cyp and came off. My doctor put me on clomed a pill a day. Can I take all three of them together and do I need to add a test into this cycle. Planning on a 14 week cycle. Any help or advise would b great. Thank you

  19. Really appreciate you taking the time to answer comments JD…

    What’s your take on Primo Acetate??

    I’ve read more about it as oral Primo but have also seen it in injectable form, which i’d prefer due to higher bioavailability,

    I am looking to run short cycles from now on and really want to brew by own Primo but there really isn’t a wealth of info on Primo Acetate.

    P.S. How reliable is raw powder Primo? Worth the risk? Even in the raw powder form they’re a bit pricey.

    Thanks again!

    • yea it’ll be pricey any way you cut it. I’ve never used the acetate version of primo myself, always gone with enanthate, so cannot really answer that

  20. I could really use some advice mate. Just ordered some injectable primo ACE. Heard its ment to be hell to inject? You used it? Ive been prepping for 4 weeks and have made great changes. But I’m not going to lie I’ve wanted to start pushing the gear to higher doses. Luckily I have realised this is fucking retarded and not needed.

    My last 8 weeks I want to run primo ace. Should be here tomorrow do you think 300mg is enough or would I be better to try 600mg? I’ll be running 300mg prop and 300mg tren a (first 4 weeks been running 100mg eod, quite frankly I don’t feel good on it hence dropping dose also had my test at 800mg) and adding in 50mg ed oral winny. Many thanks.

  21. So I’m realizing that 200mg,ml primobolon isnt gonna happen. I’m gonna have to pin myself 3 times a week for my planned cycle. I’ve found some 300mg test cyp. So at peak levels I will be taking 600 mg week test cyp, 400 tren enanth, 400 primobolon, 50 mg daily anavar at the beginning and at ending cycle and 50mg daily oral liquid winstrol last half of cycle. .25 arimidex daily. I’m hoping it’s gonna make this 50 year old lean and hard as for the lake this summer. What do you think?????? I took 600 week test enanth, 400mg tren enanth, 500mg equipoise and 50 mg daily liquid oral winstrol last half of cycle last summer and this 50 year couldn’t keep the 25 year old girls off me, Lol!!!!! also I use 22G ×1.5 syringes and I may a kid who said he uses 25G. I thought 22G was the standard or can I go to a thinner needle???? Thanks

    • Do what I do, draw up your primo and just backload insulin pins. You can pin everyday painlessly. Delts, quads, lats, triceps, fucking A you can hit anything

  22. Hi John,

    I’m thinking to run my first cycle, I do already have mass, I’m look for a physique change, so I was thinking following cycle.

    Test E – 250 mk/week x 10 weeks
    Primo – 300-400/week x 10 weeks
    Arimedex 1/2 mg eod x 10 weeks

    2 weeks after last injection

    HCG (2500 iu/wk) x 2 weeks
    Arimedex 2 mg ed x 2 weeks


    1: Can I mix the Test E 250 mg and Primo 200 mg in same injection??
    2: 2 inctions a week
    Monday -Test E 250 mg and Primo 200 mg
    Thursday – Primo 200 mg

  23. Hi John,
    Just reading Be the bull and wondered if you had experience with primo only cycles.

    Personally I can’t face the feeling of coming off test again and wanting to hang myself during pct, lol. So trying to avoid total HPTA shutdown if possible.

    Any thoughts on running primo solo say
    front load 200mg then 100mg p/w for 12 weeks
    Or 200mg p/w for 8 weeks

    I know gains would be minimal but kust i’m just looking for a bit of quality muscle.

    Or do you think its just a waste and running 200 m/w test and 200 mg Primo would be a better mild cycle

    • if you’ve been on test awhile and do not want to come off then what you want to do is run your primo higher and just use 100mg/wk of test. Primo at 200/wk would probably only give you slight benefit during a very long run of it, say 20 wks of it. What I’d do is hit the primo higher and just use 100mg/wk of test alongside it, but don’t leave test out

  24. I’m planning a Primo, winstrol, & proviron cycle.
    300mg a week primo- weeks 1-12
    25mg a day winstrol- weeks 1-8
    50mg a day proviron- 2-12
    Would this cycle be effective on building quality lean muscle? What kind of pct would you recommend?

    • yea, it’ll put on quality but not going to be a massive weight gain or anything. For PCT just roll with either Red-PCT or arimadex beginning 5-7 days post cycle and carried on for 3 weeks or so

  25. I’m getting ready to start a…..300mg Test E/300mg Primo/50mg Proviron cycle. Should I wait until week 3 to start the Proviron so it doesn’t dry me out too much. Basically, waiting for my Test levels and estrogen to go up some?

  26. Congrats for the blog.

    Wanna hear your thoughts on these two points, mate:

    – forget sides. what result in shape do you expect from a 10 week primo alone cycle 600mg per week

    – the HCG during a primo cycle, without Test, could guarantee the libido while running?

    • expect a serious recomp with a sound diet, running primo with just HCG is an old time favorite with minimal shutdown and a fast recovery. I’m all for it and I don’t think libido would take a hit much at all

      • Thanks for the answer mate.

        With the only goals of LEAN MUSCLE and ONE DIGIT BF, I’m thinking in:

        1 – 10 weeks
        600 mg PRIMO per week? from turkey Bayer

        4 – 9 weeks
        500iu per week, in two shots

        1 – 10 weeks

        In your experience, please:

        – are this dose and timing of HCG ok ?

        – is TUDCA a good increase? If yes, in wich dose?

  27. Have read somewhere that if I’m just running 200 t prop pw (2 x 100) just to counteract the suppression of primo this will put my SERMS into a roller coaster due to the half life of the prop and that min dose should be 3 x 100.

    is this true? would i then need an AI for 200-300 prop per week?

    • No, sounds like some hypothetical rhetoric to me. An AI for 200-300mg/wk of prop isn’t necessary, test prop isn’t converting to estrogen anytime soon at that dose with that ester attachment

      • makes perfect sense.

        what do you think of the 2 weeks on / 4 weeks off method with primo (or in general), (this way i can avoid test suppression), maybe even add some prop or dianabol and avoid hpta shutdown for this small period

        what would be the recommended min dose of primo for such cycle and for how long? (how many 2 on / 4 off would i need the least)?

        • I dont believe in 2 wks on/4 off, it’s simply not enough time on to take full advantage of the results, I know guys pipe this all the time, but I’ve done it before and it’s worthless to me, just my .02

  28. Hi John,

    I have read all of your articles and I mostly agree with you.. Your thoughts and concepts are mostly the same as mine..
    You are awesome and great, man..

    I am 33 years old and I have been a competitive bodybuilder since 24 years old.. I am a father, a husband and a family man too.. I have a 4 years old son..

    I haven’t tried primo before, because primo is very expensive and need moderate-high dosage to be effective..
    But after reading your article, I am interested to use primo in my pre contest stack as well..
    I can get my hand of legit and real primobolan depot (methenolone enanthate)..

    I usually stop test at 2 weeks out and run injectables like tren acetate & masteron until 3-4 days out..
    I do orals like winstrol, anavar, proviron, clen etc until show day..

    Do you think primo could be run until closer or up to competition day?
    Should I stop primo 1 week or 2 weeks out?
    Because I heard from some people that primo still causes little / low water retention eventhough it doesn’t aromatize..

    What’s your thought about this, John?
    Many Thanks & God Bless You, My Man..

  29. When pharma rimobolan amps are used and you use excel low dead space syringes you can extract 2.5mL of oil out of 2 amps if you’re careful. Would you consider this 250mg since the concentration should be exact – 100mg/mL or do they only put 100mg in each ampule?

  30. I’m planning to run deca 400 each week with perimo 300 each weak I do not want to use test it can really damage my hair so the question is can I go through my cycle without using text???? Can perimo help me with low test and not be exhausted???

    • Not really, and if anything you’ll lose hair easier on primo than on test. You’d be better using a small amount of test

  31. Hey I’m 54 yo, former competitive bb. I’m on 250 test year round and do occasional cycle. Right now I’m 190 5’9” and under 8% bf. Still it seems harder to loose last bit of belly fat and lumbar fat the older I get. Not using gh yet as my levels are still good.

    I’m thinking about one of these two cycles what’s your opinion?

    #1 20 weeks simple plan
    Test 250
    Primo 1g
    Proviron 50 mg

    1-10 test 250
    1-10 Deca 150
    1-10 Primo 600
    1-10 proviron 50mg
    1-8 anavar 40mg

    11-20 test 250
    11-20 Primo 1g
    11-20 Deca 150
    11-20 proviron 50 mg

    On cycle #2 I’m trying to get rid of last bits of stubborn fat with Var in there early. Keeping primo at 600 to start so there is somewhere to go after dropping Var mid cycle..

    What’s your thoughts?

    • Brother I think either one would be a kickass run and something I’d do myself. One thing I’m looking into for the fat areas you speak of is injectable L-carnitine. Supposedly L-carnitine targets alpha receptors which are more present in stomach and sides on males, where as stuff like clen and ephedrine targets more beta. I like both cycles, and also nandrolone even at a small amount is the perfect compliment to primo!!!

  32. Hi John,

    i am 52 and used to lift till not professionally until 20 years ago. I did use a few cycles like deca and anavar during this period. Busy life and family got the best of me and i completely stopped working out.

    I am 5.9” and recently dropped from 200lb to 180 with keto diet…current body fat is 15%

    My current physique looks good with shirt on but i still have some belly fat and in general my body looks soft.

    i am looking to get leaner but not necessarily much bigger as i kept my wide shoulders from the past.

    Do you suggest:

    #1 300mg/wk primo, + 40g anavar for 10 weeks

    #2 400mg/wk primo, + 40g anavar for 10 weeks

    #3 400mg/wk primo, + 40g anavar + Enanthate 400 test for 10 weeks

    My desire is to have more of a fit Calvin Klein model look than a bloated body builder.

    thanks for your help.

    • 3rd one, but keep test at 200. Also, any of the others I would have added test in also. Just enough to do the job, 200mg per week

  33. Hey John,
    I’m looking to run one of the low dose w/ hrt cruises as explained in your book. I’ve landed on Primo at 200mg per week. Would I be able to pin all 200mg once a week, or do i need to break it up?
    Thanks bro!

    • Once a week would work. The primo injection frequency is more due to high molecular weight of primo and not half life. Once every 7 days is good at that dosage

    • yes, if your prone to hairloss then primo can do it, just like masteron will. I myself noticed the shedding more when I was 500mg/wk + and it wasn’t until about halfway in the cycle. Your best bet is to seek out some Finasteride and use a few pills per week to combat this. As for strength compared to Masteron, sort of similar in my opinion. I prefer primo though myself, personal choice -JD

  34. JD:
    Great article. I am on 250mg of test c/ week.
    I got some EQ and primo. My intention was to run the following cycle for 20 weeks.
    250 test c
    500 EQ
    200 primo.
    The dose would have been split in infections per week. Monday and Thursday.
    I am hearing that 200/week primo is wasting it.
    I would love your thoughts on it.

  35. JD,

    I was hoping you could lead me in the right direction. I just got my hands on some real primo for the first time ever. I am excited to give it a try, I also have Test Prop, Anavar, and EQ.

    I was curious what’s the best doses to run these 4 at, I don’t want to put too much in my system and clog up my receptors (is that a thing?).

    I am going to backload and pin daily, so I am trying to figure out my weekly totals.

    I was thinking something like

    200 Test Prop (weekly)
    500 Primo (weekly)
    500 EQ (weekly)
    50 Anavar (daily)

    I am also running 191AA HGH 40IU a day (20 in morning 20 in evening).

    What are your thoughts on something like this? Should I drop/keep/change anything or any doses?

    Right now I am 5’8 205 around 13% BF…. My goal is to get to 215-220 8-10% BF and then just maintain.

    What are your thoughts Please, thanks man!

  36. Love Primo with Test E

    Just finishing 12 week cycle,

    Test E 250mg week First 2 weeks by itself
    Add Primo 200 mg week for weeks 3 through 8
    Add Primo 100mg (300mg total) + Test E 100mg (350mg total) Weeks 8 through 12,

    I gained 10 pounds and have just stayed there, gaining muscle losing alot of fat. LOVE PRIMO TEST CYCLE!

    Thats a Mild course to standard i would say. Its only my second cycle but you could do it so many ways. Also make sure you do PCT right. WAIT THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF TIME BEFORE YOU START PCT!!
    5 times the half life depending on how you feel.

    HCG 750iu every other day for 8 days,
    500iu every other day for 6 days and
    250iu every other for 4 days.
    5000iu total

    Starting nolvadex second week of HCG
    40mg a day for 2 weeks and 20 mg a day for 2 weeks

    Greg Doucette on youtube is a good person to watch.

  37. look at my post below. That cycle right there will be fine but really you could bump the primo up to 400mg. i dont know how expeirenced you are but like the greats say, less or more, dont over due it. Just look at rich piana. but your gonna be doing alot of pinning also….

  38. Looking for help. I’m new to primobolan. Female weighing 125 lb. looking to do 50 mg per week. What is that converted to on a syringe? I have 2ml/2cc needles

    • gear is dosed as mg/ml. 1 ml is = to 1cc. Therefore if the primo is 100mg/ml then it’s half of 1cc on the syringe. If it were 200mg/ml it would be a quarter of 1cc on the syringe. You need to understand the amount of oil to mg/ml are 2 totally different things, once you understand mg/ml it’s easy

  39. Hi JD,

    I was hoping you could help lead me in the right direction. I want to start a 12 cycle of test E, Primo, and Anavar, but I’m still not sure of the dosages I should use as well as what pct I should use after and if I should use Nolvadex during the cycle to prevent side effects. I’m also taking Finasteride to avoid hair loss. I want to gain at least 10 pounds of lean muscle during the cycle.

    Thank you for your help!

  40. Really like your insight!! I am 54, training many years and very healthy bloods and 10-12 percent body fat. For 5 years have been doing TEst cyp Jan thru sept at .5 two times a week. It keeps my numbers real good and then I do 2-3 months of HCG and clomid. Also in the year I do 10 weeks deca on and 10 weeks off followed by another 10 weeks on. This is done through my anti aging MD. I would like to add primo and use all year long due to its safety and effect. Meaning instead of just doing a 8-10 week cycle how many weeks on/off could I do through the year with Jan-sept really being my focus. How would your suggest I use with the cycles I currently do with my goal of 8-10 percent body fat and just overall health and fitness

    • I wouldn’t stay on it all year, but a 20 week run of it would work well. Honestly, the lower you go with primo the tighter the diet needs to be in order to see good effects from it, I truly believe this. I think 300 or 400mg/wk is good if the diet is on point, but 500-700/wk is a big difference in terms of visual results. I see nothing wrong with 500-700/wk x 20 wks, I myself would rather do that than run just a tad all year.

    • Hey JP,

      Im 51, am similar to you and have been looking for a system, like yours, that I could do yearly. Im curious, what dosage of Deca does your anti-aging MD have you taking during your 10 week stints?

      • my deca isn’t scripted, but for the record when I add it in I usually go 200-300mg/wk, OCCASIONALLY 400/WK but that’s usually not necessary. Lately I’m a bigger fan of NPP myself and I’ve found 300mg/wk bangs well! Thanks for reading -JD

  41. Hello JD,

    Im 51 and have been in the gym my entire adult life. Im 6ft 215lbs with an athletic build. Ive been doing light cycles here and there before vacations etc. Im on TRT now for 4 years with regular bloodwork and have been looking to add Deca and/or Primo to my anti aging regiment. I desire a yearly schedule i could stick with that would keep me looking and feeling great with my shirt off in my old age. Im thinking low dosage. Something like the gentleman before me (JP) is doing. Please help me with a basic schedule to stick by on a yearly schedule.

  42. Hey man, I’m planning to run 300mg primo a week for 12 weeks with 150mg test cyp a week, and then add anavar 40mg a week 4 on week 8.
    At 300mg primo can I expect to make lean dry muscle gains? I hear and read a lot that primo is weak and need to be run close to 1000mg which is insane amount to pin. I’m trying to avoid side effects.

    • With primo there is an effective enough amount to see results and a sweet spot to see more dramatic results. For me the sweet spot is 700/wk, 300/wk is minimum to use it in my book. Now, you just have to understand how it works; it’s a recomp drug not a mass gainer

    • Too mamy compounds, it’s overcomplicating it. I’d rather just see someone do test/eq or test/primo , maybe throw in the anavar or something. But proviron is a DHT, so is primo, why not just run 1 of them in an effective amt?

    • If on TRT sure, again labs dictate cycles or the need to take breaks. If not on TRT, then you’ll need it soon enough

  43. John,
    Thank you for all your great information. I am 64 and have been training hard for many years. Also i have been on testosterone 200mgs for years. I am looking for a little kick for my current vacation. I have available test, decaduroblin, primabolin, anavar, and priviron. What would you recommend.

  44. Congrats from Greece for your work!I have bought your e book no bullshit and its perfect!1)I would like to ask you if its necessary to add some ai with a low test dose 150 test cyp and 400 mg of primo ! iknow that primo crushes sometimes e2 and scared if the combination of aromasin and primo will minimize the e2 to zero points 2) do you know if this stack will skyrocket the average hmc and rbc ,so it will be ideal to donate during ;thanx a lot my friend

    • Not sure about “skyrocket rbc count” but will raise them to some degree as almost all anabolics do. Nah, I wouldn’t think an AI would be necessary at all during this cycle

  45. Hi I just ordered primobolan 100, it will be my first cycle. How often should I inject it? How many ml a week? Is a 23 gauge needle good? Thank you

  46. Hey, I’m planning to start a cycle soon. It will be a combination of peptides and steroid. I’m planning to do a recomp cycle with CJC 1295 + GHRP 6 + Primobolan Depot at 200mg/week. What do you think about this?

    • Me personally? Lose the ghrp. Everything else is fine but the fluid from that ghrp is going to shortchanged the primobolan recomp results. That’s just me though. Thanx for following! -JD

  47. What is your opinion regarding the usage of Primobolan Depot for beginners? Should I start with Primobolan Depot as a stand alone steroid or should I couple it with testosterone esters?

    • For someone that hasn’t built a solid foundation or gained a decent amount of muscle it will prove to be more of a waste. It’s a recomp drug, not a mass gain drug. It’s a wise idea to at least have SOME test in the equation, even if only 200mg per week

  48. Hey JD
    Im 36 5’8 and been following your regimens/programs for 2 years now. I went from 168 to 205 pounds and pretty fucken lean..I been at 200 mg test prop mostly throughout the year and blasted 3 times since I started. I have most your books and methodically use most of the principles given (thank you!!! this shit is no joke and separates the fucken men from the monsters). But now I think I’d like to add additional 10 solid pounds but wanna use one of these listed cycles… cyle #3 you think would do some good with and increase of clean food ? Your thoughts brotha ?

    • It will 110% do the job if you are eating enough foods and quality foods!! Great stack rt there!! Thanks for following -JD

  49. Hi, thank you for the article. It’s so hard to find sound advice on stacks for women, hoping you can help.
    I’m a 140lb 30y female, 14%bf. I’ve done four cycles, My favorites are Anavar(5-15mg), anadrol(10mg) and primo depot (100 pw),
    Only one of the orals and the primo at the time.
    I’d love your advice on the best stack with primo for lean muscle gains next round. I’m relatively sensitive to virtualization/acne.
    Or primo+eq (this was my trainers suggestion)
    Something else?

    Thank you 🙏

    • I’ve trained women who did 20 wk stacks of primo w/ 2iu/day HGH and they looked amazing. But with what you’ve listed, primo and anavar. You may want to do the first half that cycle 50mg/wk primo and then bump it to 100mg per week the second half of the cycle, some virilization can happen from 100mg/wk for prolonged periods of time, individual specific though, thanks for following! -JD

  50. Hey JD,

    Thanks for writing this article. I haven’t used anything in years because I wasn’t doing enough research and had a hard crash after a very aggressive Tren cycle. I’m 47 and have been working out regularly my whole life, I’ve just taken a break from help for the last 15 years. I’m not looking to get huge, just add some lean muscle mass. Currently 5’10” 185 at 12% body fat. I am just starting 200mg Test Cyp, 300mg of Primo Depot, and 40mg Anavar per day. I’m splitting the test and primo into two shots Mon-Thu. Since this is a pretty low dose of test what would you recommend for on cycle support (Arimidex is what I have) and the PCT? I have HCG, Nolvadex, and Clomid on hand.

    • Oftentimes the anti-estrogens aren’t needed if you’re on primo, since primo can lower it. It’s easy to crash estrogen on primo, in your case I would only use the arimadex if it’s needed, if the test was upwards of 500+mg per week then it’s a big MAYBE with the adex (very individual specific) but at 200mg a week test and 300mg/wk primo w/ anavar I just don’t think you’d need it. HOWEVER, I would use it for PCT if you’re not on TRT, that and HCG, nolva not necessary for the PCT, I wouldn’t use it if I had HCG, only if I did not have HCG would I include it -JD

  51. Hi there,

    Im looking at running 250mg Test E a week (125mg x 2 a week)

    Also adding in 300mg Primo ( 150 mg x 2 a week)
    Mondays & Thursdays.

    Is it OK to mix both compounds in one Barrel, equaling to 2ml per shot? I’m just not sure on how to break it all down. Il be running for 16 weeks and have AI on hand and PCT ready.


  52. Hi JD,I’m 54yro,been doing test e 250/w for years,thinkin of doing 250/w test e with deca 125/w and primo 500/w for 20 weeks.After that keep cruising with test e 250/w till the next cycle.Any thoughts on that my man.tx

    • If it takes 250/wk to keep NORMAL HRT numbers then sure, but if 250/wk is simply where you want it to be then I’d strongly suggest lowering down to a true TRT amount every once in a while. Your plan looks good though aside from that (and who knows, maybe it takes you 250/wk to maintain normal #’s, but most can get by w/ 150-200/wk

  53. Hey John, been reading Straight from the underground and it’s great. I’m six weeks in on test e 375mg, 40mg Anavar and was wondering if it’s too late to start primo? Was going to drop test to 250 and add 200 primo for the next 6 weeks?
    Any help very appreciated <3

    • I would hold off until you can run it for a minimum of 8 weeks, 12-20 is even better but personally I feel like rt at the 6 week mark forward is when you start seeing the changes. You’d be ending it rt when the stuff is starting to bang -JD

  54. Need some advice John, I’m currently on a TRT age 44 with my DR i get 200mg of Test CYP every 10 days. I currently received my order of supplies that i decided i wanted to up my results. I have a 20ml of Primo E 200mg, 20ml Tren E 200mg, Dbol @ 50mg/50ct , and for some PCT or to add during if needed i have 50mg/50ct Clomid and 25mg/50ct Aromisin. I was thinking about using 400mg/wk of Primo till i run out w/ my current TRT and do 50mg of dbol for 6 weeks. What’s your thoughts on the cycle and how do you recommend running the PCT do you recommend taking any during the weeks on the cycle? Thanks for taking the time to read through and answer.

  55. Hello JD,
    You mentioned that most Primo is dosed at 100mg/ml due to the high molecular weight. I have some 200mg/ml which I did a roid test on and it does contain Primo (not quantitative so who knows how much) Do you know if its possible to formulate 200mg/ml Primo E? For me site injection pain is mitigated by heating the syringe under hot water for 30sec. Thanks for putting out great info!

  56. Hey John do you think test + primo is a good first cycle I have ran sarm cycles before but never did AAS .. is primo good for clean gains

    • No, I don’t. Primo isn’t great for beginners still trying to acquire more size, there are plenty of cheaper compounds that can do this more efficiently. All you need is a test only cycle for your first one

  57. Good day. Your such a trusted resource! Can’t thank you enough. About to run a cycle with the following; Test Cypionate (300 my) NPP (300 mg) & Primo (500 mg).

    1. Is Test Cypionate better to use for this stack than Sustannon 250?
    2. Since using NPP is 300mg to high?
    3. What can be done for possible estrodial drop from Primo?
    4. Also have anavar available; would you work that in? If so when & how much?
    5. Is 12-14 weeks a good duration?
    6. What’s best for PCT?

    Thanks so much in advance!!

    • This is a lot of questions for a comment reply, I’d suggest searching around for some of these topics or doing a consult with me. You can sign up under coaching, thanks -JD

  58. Hi JD, I have learned that I am a low aromatizer. I need to run high doses of Test Cyp to run high doses of Primobolan Ace so my E2 does not crash. I am currently running 800 mgs Primo and 1,000 mgs Test Cyp. I do not like having to run such a high dose of Test, however, my bp is fine and I feel good but I want to run this for 20+ weeks and am apprehensive about it. What do you think? I realize I am a unique case but still I don’t want to harm myself as I am 53 years old and have run cycles since I turned 40 back in 2009. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t use a gram/wk of test x 20 wks but thats just me. Why not lower the primo by 200mg/wk and back the test off to 750/wk or so?

  59. Hi JD,
    I wanted to run this idea by you.
    If I combine Mast Prop with Primo Ace, what would be the best dose split with these 300/300? I plan on taking on 600 mgs Test Cyp weekly. Being a low aromatizer with all Test (except Test Suspension) I believe I would not need Arimidex at all. However, am I best served by just running Primo Ace at 500 mgs with Test Cyp at 600 mgs instead of combining Primo and Masteron? Like you I realize muscle gains will not come easy. My hey-day’s are over. I want to run the lowest doses possible that give me results that are sustainable. I also run 4 ius hgh daily. The good news is since November I have put on 10-12 lbs of lean mass. What are your thoughts? Thanks, JD.

    • You could really do either one, its 6 one way, half dozen the other. I myself would probably go primo at a higher amount though, rather than combining both at 300, but I’ve known guys who had done that with good success. I’m just more partial to primo, that’s all -JD

  60. JD, honestly you are the one who first got me seriously interested in Primobolan. I have enough to run 1g a week for 20 weeks. However my low aromatization would require me to run 1g or more of Test. I just can’t justify it. I am not competing nor involved in any activity or sport that would demand 1g of both Primo and Test. Plus my body is not big enough to utilize all of the gear at those doses. I considered adding Anavar but I always have had libido issues running it. I am not sure if it’s not androgenic enough but yet the DHT could affect E2 as well especially paired with another DHT derivative. So I will stop rambling…I will stick with higher doses of Primobolan. Thanks Again‼️

    • depends on how long the cycle is, and also if you are on TRT or not. But usually as a rule, time on = time off, not counting PCT (if someone is not on test replacement therapy)

  61. I could use some help I am quite new to this except I did take a cycle in the past. I am 36 I used to play D1 football so I am 6’3″ 220lbs. I have been through 14 surgeries and over 80 back procedures. I was doing crossfit for 3 years then I have had surgeries leaving me out of the gym since September 2021. I just got 2 TTM in a 10ml bottle. I also got two bottles of primobolan. I bought 50 MG 50 tablets of anavar and have 100 10mg winstrol tablets. I also bought a PCT letrozole. I have been on TRT for at least a year or so. Then all the injuries happened. I am going to get back after it buy I am quite confused at this point of my research and could really use some advice. My plan was 1ml of TTM which would equal 300mg of TEST TREN and Masteron. I was going to incorporate 100mg of primobolan. Then I have 50 tablets of 50mg anavar tablets and 100 tablets of winstrol at 10mg. I have bought 2.5mg with 30 tablets of letrozole. How do I work this cycle. My plan was 10 weeks woth the TTM and Primo at 1 ML a week. Then incorporating 25mg of anavar and 20 MG of winstrol. I also have proviron and clomid. I don’t know how or when to start my PCT and is it a everyday thing. How long of breaks between cycles. What is the best cycle to utilize with all the materials I have the only issue is my winstrol clomid and proviron expired in August of 2021. So my plan was to just use the letrozole. What do I do and can you add everything in one shot so I would be doing 2ml shots in the leg alternating legs each week and then 25mg of anavar or I can take the 50 MG and ditch the winstrol. Otherwise I was going to incorporate 10 to 30 MG on top of the anavar. When do use my letrozole can you mix everything into one shot and what is the best way to run this cycle, how often, rest times and so on. I could really use the help I just got everything today I have an auto Injector I have 5ml luer barrels with both the 23G 1.25inch blue syringe as well as the green 21G 1.5inch green Syringes but, i also have the 30G 1ml fixed .3mm about .5 inch syringe. What is the most effective way to go about this please help me soon so I can get going.

  62. So after more research I would stack or mix everything in my barrel then switch to a green or blue syringe. I would take e once a week. I would take my 25 MG anvar and 30mg of winstrol. One week two I would take 2.5 MG of letrozole every 2 days through out the cycle. I can use clomid or proviron after I complete the 10 week cycle of TTM and PRIMO then 6 weeks of 25 MG anavar and 30 MG of winstrol. Around week 7 would I incorporate the clomid or proviron while on letrozole. Or is this overkill. I suppose My plan is a week of 2ml shots of TNT and PRIMO then 55mg of anavar/winstol. Then week 2 every w days of 2.5 MG of letrozole. After my complete 10 week cycle I would the follow up with a 7 days of clomid and then 7 days of 100mg of clomid without the letrozole? Is this a good plan

  63. I hope you also recieved the other post where I stated all my supplies my height 6’3″ 220 pounds. My products my syringes my auto injector. The sizes the dosages and my plan is listed above. I hope you didn’t not get the other post. Otherwise I would have to explain all products again which was 2 vials of 10ml TTM and PRIMO 5ml barrel blue green and fixed syringes. I have 50mg at 50 tablets of anavar 100 of 10 MG winstrol. I have 2.5mg of letrozole and I also have 100 25mg clomid and proviron at 100 tablet for both. The clomid proviron and winstrol expired August 2021 but has been in a bathroom pantry without heat or light so I think it will be fine. Then I stated my above plan is this okay do you have advice or any other recommendations.

  64.  after more research I would stack or mix everything in my barrel then switch to a green or blue syringe. I would take e once a week. I would take my 25 MG anvar and 30mg of winstrol. One week two I would take 2.5 MG of letrozole every 2 days through out the cycle. I can use clomid or proviron after I complete the 10 week cycle of TTM and PRIMO then 6 weeks of 25 MG anavar and 30 MG of winstrol. Around week 7 would I incorporate the clomid or proviron while on letrozole. Or is this overkill. I suppose My plan is a week of 2ml shots of TNT and PRIMO then 55mg of anavar/winstol. Then week 2 every w days of 2.5 MG of letrozole. After my complete 10 week cycle I would the follow up with a 7 days of clomid and then 7 days of 100mg of clomid without the letrozole?

  65. Heya JD!
    I’m 5’8 & was to a decent place to where I was really goerm ing to start making huge gains in February at 178lbs &lean on 150 testc/wk – & was in a terrible accident & have beeen unable to do even a pushup until 2 months ago. I’m finally back to fully ready to liftagain – but I’ve lost 40 fkn pounds & am atthe weight i was as a sophomore for christs sake (im 48 now)
    I amthinkin i’d hit 150 TestC + 150 Primo /week + 10mg anavar daily – & go long term w/ it. Should I add HCG? I was/am Hypogonadistic after 10 yrs on Methadone (fkd up my pituatary-test to hell)

    Appreciate ya!

    • 250/wk primo is just a waste of money, you honestly will see absolutely nothing from that dosage of primo. My advice is to stay on the test and work on building yourself back up before you introduce anything besides test but thats just me

  66. I’ve read a lot comments that’s been posted , a lot of good information , from my understanding it’s hard to get real primo, can you please point me to a place , some where that I can look into getting the real stuff

  67. Hello john, i was thinking in doing an anavar testisterone cycle but i find out about this post, do you think is really worth to find good primobolan and add it to the cycle? It would be like cycle #3 or the gains would be almost the same as if i dont use primo

    • Depends on where your physique is at and your goals. If the goal is more on the basis of size gains then I wouldn’t spend the money on primo, but if you were doing a recomp or cutting then yes, I would add it.

  68. Hi John,
    Enjoyed your blogs & thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

    I wanted to get your advise on a summer blast I’m planning to run. I’ve been cutting for about a moth and a half already on just 200mg TRT. I’m 36yrold, 6’4”, 195lbs.

    I’m wanting to add some hardness while I continue on cut.

    I was planning to run:

    1-10 Testosterone E: 300mg/week
    1-10 Primo: 500mg/week
    1-10 Mast E: 400mg/week
    4iu HGH which I run year round.
    TUDCA/NAC Liver Support

    I wanted to run an oral such as Anavar, Proviron, or T-Bol, but I’m already running to DHT derivatives. I don’t want to run anything too harsh on my liver since I’ll be doing doctor’s lab annuals within a couple of weeks of my blast.

    What would you change or recommend?

    • I think it’s unnecessary to use primo and masteron for 10 weeks combined, it’s just too harsh on the prostate and proviron would be suicide on your prostate on top of the other 2 DHT’s. I’d opt for anavar myself as an addition. FYI, a much better way to run that cycle would be to simply run masteron the final 4 wks, I just see no reason to do 10 wks alongside the primobolan, but that’s just my opinion


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