True Life Success VS. Social Media Bullshit

Social media has made a huge impact on people’s perceptions of reality and life success.

It’s extremely easy to jump on social media and see photographs or advertisements promoting something specific to “life success.”

Sometimes you need to become a ghost and isolate yourself from this sort of shit.

It doesn’t mean you’re a loser just because you’re not doing the same things that everyone else is doing.

If you’ve noticed lately, most people are followers and they’re all posting the same sort of stuff to try to FIT IN.

Half-assed people are becoming so pompous that they’re calling themselves LIFE COACHES when their own lives are an UTTER FUCKING MESS!

In this podcast I explain MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS.

This may not be how everyone thinks and that’s perfectly fine; this is just my own train of thought and some ways I’ve looked at life that have helped provide direction as well as fulfillment!

Thanks to everyone listening and reading out there!

Whats new with JD?

I’m back to dieting hard and destroying the gym.

Some days are a battle and I’m very fatigued lately, but there are some goals that I’d like to accomplish in the near future and I know that there will eventually be time to relax.

But right now it’s all about war, I’m pushing myself to become the best version of myself that I can be!

I’ve been ignoring a lot of little things lately, and I’m up in the new gym usually training alone with nobody around me.

This atmosphere provides great focus without distractions! It allows me to get away from the part of society that has no depth to it.

I feel like I’ve gotten part of myself back while continuing to strive for more in my own way.

Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying the podcast and I cannot wait to hear the feedback from my new Shredded Ops ebook that will be releasing in just 2 weeks!

Shredded Ops e-book coming soon

I want to see some shredded physiques by springtime!



12 thoughts on “True Life Success VS. Social Media Bullshit”

  1. Good pod cast brother. I needed to hear someone else put things into perspective. Usually I’m the one doing that for others as well as myself. For the last couple of days I’ve been in a funk and it’s about time I snapped out of it. It’s the Fuckin Holidays for God sake .I like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for being Real!

  2. i just want to let u know your site is the bomb, i am 59 yrs young and still taring it up in the gym for 34 yrs and love your incite on many topics. fresh clean and tell it like it is , a big ty, i would like more on older dudes like steroids and workouts so many are directed toward the younger and thats cool cause most of them need directions, but there are a lot of older guys who love the gym.

  3. Great podcast, JD! Maybe in the future you could talk even a bit more about raising kids. As someone young who expects to have a baby in a cuple years for the first time some advice on how to be a good father, what to teach kids and other father to father advice on raising boys or girls actually would be nice. Keep it up

  4. Good stuff John. I was having a shit week and your podcasts always fires me up for life.

    Its refreshing to listen to somebody who isn’t trying to be something they aren’t. These days everyone thinks you need to supercars and be huge business owners to be successful.
    What about the dude down the street who works hard, trains like an animal, lives healthy, raises a family and enjoys life. I have some wealthy friends who are always calling me up about their problems.

    You mentioned in your last podcast about living the ‘perfect lifestyle’ being bullshit is so true. We all fuck up and have ups and downs.

    One question, I’ve never tried any kinds of prohormones/steroids but considering trying something next year. Would you recommend Red Growth to begin with? Cheers!

  5. I would rather get advice from you than from Tony Robbins.

    It was hilarious in the end about fatass that lost 80 pound, haha!

    About your new book. You said it is not for novice lifters. But that depends on whom you call novice.

    There are people that can’t do a single pushup where I can do 10-15 perfect pushups with very slow and controlled movement, flexing my chest really hard.

    So can you clarify what you consider immediate and novice lifter, please?

    Also I would like to ask you about my fellow-countryman Pavel Tsatsouline. What do you think of his work? I am now reading “Beyond Bodybuilding” and it is full no-bs insights about bodybuilding. Highly recommend.

    Thank you for podcast, wish you all the best!

    • thanks man, tha’s one of the best comments anyone has ever given me, Tony Robbins is HUGE…but I’m stronger , LOL. So by novice lifter I’m speaking about someone who doesn’t have gym experience, doesn’t know the different basic exercise execution yet or terminology for exercises (bench, deadlift, bent over row, overhead press, etc). The program involves BOTH bodyweight movements such as pushups, pullups, body-weight squats AND traditional weight room exercises with resistance.

      Some beginners may get the absolute shit kicked out of them and need to be brought out of the gym on a stretcher!! But it’s really all about being tough, someone that can take pain, struggle and kill shit would highly favor Shredded Ops!! -JD

    • I think I read something from him a long time ago but I cannot remember it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that guy though!! -JD


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