How to Implement Simple Systems Into Bodybuilding

Hey guys, in this podcast I talk about the importance of implementing simple systems into the foundation of bodybuilding success.

Whether or not you're new to bodybuilding or if you just need a simple reminder here, being able to do consistent basics with your routine should be the basis for every result you get from bodybuilding!

So many of us forget the value of consistency and simplicity with a nutrition and workout regimen that we aren't ready for anything advanced.

I also hash on my opinion of “fapping” which isn't really a major topic in my book. I've recently began hearing a few questions on this topic and I was sort of in the fog about this topic and what kind of role it played in peoples lives.

I believe it CAN BE A PROBLEM TO A CERTAIN POINT, but I just never thought much about it until recently.

Remember, without the basic habits and discipline to do the small daily habits that assist in muscular development, you'll never be ready to go beyond average with your look and performance! 



5 thoughts on “How to Implement Simple Systems Into Bodybuilding”

  1. You’ve hit on so many key principles in this podcast that has been the core of my ability to perform a body transformation. Of all the “special” things I am doing I can chalk it up to what this podcast is about…simple consistency. What’s the best workout routine for gains? The one you can stick to… What’s the best meal plan? The one you can stick to. When’s the best time to do cardio? The time you can do it consistently. I prep my meals every night for the next day so I don’t say “Well man, I guess I don’t have anything in the fridge, so I’ll hit Carl’s Jr. on the way to work…” I go to bed at the same time every night. On and on I can go, but I follow a complex routine made up of simple habits that have built over time. To me “advanced” work is to supplement something that a basic routine isn’t covering, but there is always a foundation of the basics. I’ve read so many articles from professionals always reverting to basics, because they just work.

    You talked about stepping outside your comfort zone, it was about women, but so much of real life bleeds over into bodybuilding and visa versa. I didn’t get good results until I made every set damn uncomfortable. I look forward to and dread every workout, because I know it’s going to feel uncomfortable. I did bench press in a cage yesterday as I didn’t have a spotter and had people staring at me because I was failing on my last 2 sets at 3-4 reps. I’d take a rest pause at the eccentric stretch, lower the weight to the safeties, climb out, reset and do it again. They were probably wondering why I wasn’t lifting a weight I could “handle”. Almost everyone I see at my gym, actually everyone I see at my gym, never take their reps to failure. I just shrug and think “That’s why you look the way you do and I look the way I do and I’m lifting weight that you could only dream of lifting.”

    One other special thing I do that most don’t is I take principles from people like you and adapt them to my life. I don’t look for anyone to tell me what to do and follow it blindly. Did I follow Shredded Ops to the T? No, I had to adapt some things around myself to make it work with my situation (brachialis strain), but I took the principle and adapted. About six months ago, I figured out the truly successful people in fitness are those that adapt principles to themselves and don’t follow someone elses routine.

  2. Hey man, as always, great podcast.

    I’ve got a question you can maybe touch on the next podcast. I’m going on a boat soon for about 2-3 weeks straight. What training routines would you do while out there if you were in this situation besides just doing 1000 pushups a day lol I’ll try go jogging and maybe finding some pole to do pullups on the times that we land but have no ideas besides that. Nutrition wise I’ll bring a lot of whey, nuts, peanut butter, tuna cans and such with me as the fridge and stove are small on that damn thing.

    Anyways, keep it up!

  3. Thanks, John. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now and just started your shredded ops after completing your advanced workout routine outlined in becoming the bull. I’m also starting my first pyramid cycle as my first time on gear for the shredded ops. It’s been a learning experience for sure but your blog has helped me with many questions and helped me gain confidence by not guessing on shit I don’t know. Like the guy above me, I too have started to realize the importance of consistency with these programs. I use to follow Greg Plitt and he had similar advice in regards to consistency. Love your style man. Reminds me of the no-bullshit attitude I adopted when I played High school football. I have a quick question that I have not found the answer to on your site or elsewhere. Any problem with enjoying a joint or two on the weekends while cycling and also doing your ECA stack recommendation? Some people say Marijuana inhibits gains but I keep it moderate and always come back on Monday with a vengeance. Curious to see what you think about this? Thanks!

    • Do you know how many people walking around shredded to the bone stay high all day? hahaha, dude if that’s all you’re doing then you’re doing great!


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