The all new Shredded Ops ebook is almost here!

The all new Shredded Ops ebook will be dropping in just 1 more week!

In this podcast I explain what this ebook is about, what separates it from the rest of the fluff out there, and why you should pick up Shredded Ops if you're looking for a great way to get solid results and a new challenge in your workouts!

Shredded Ops will not only transform your body, but it'll mold your mind.

This program will strengthen your mind from one that is redundant and unsure into a mind that says “I can take on more, give me more, I'm not satisfied until the pain kicks in.”

Shredded Ops is sick, it's not for the faint of heart, and it'll have you asking yourself ,”Can I really do this?” But then after a few weeks you'll look back at what you started with and say ,”That's nothing, I've been there and done that, that's kiddie stuff!”

No program that I've ever done has given me results as quickly as Shredded Ops and developed my mentality as strong as Shredded Ops!

Enjoy the podcast and don't forget to pick this all new ebook up when it releases January 1st.

It's a straight forward blueprint to developing one insane look build…if you're brave enough to stick to the entire 12 weeks of the program!



8 thoughts on “The all new Shredded Ops ebook is almost here!”

  1. Very serious routine.

    I do 100 push-ups a day for more than a month, and I can’t even do 5×25.

    How much did you train before your push-up numbers went up?

    It’s funny when you talk about common bodybuilding bs.

    Love the podcast and will buy your book in future, when I will be ready for it.

    • Tgis was ssort of from the beginning, but I was always naturally stronger and I did a lot of manual labor as a child/teen -JD

  2. Hi John, I like the work on your website. I’m a listener on your podcast (mainly) and I have a question for you.

    Do you have any experience dealing with tendonitis? If so, what’s your take on fixing the problem?

    Sorry the question is unrelated to the post. I had no idea where I was supposed to ask so I picked your most recent article.

    Thank You!

    • YES! Jesus Christ, YES I DO! That is actually part of what one of the considerations I took when designing the Shredded Ops program, was how I could create results and intensity without further aggravating anything. One of my issues rt now is CLAIMED TO BE TENDONITIS in my left elbow, but I also have a bone spur there and the area of pain is specific to the region of the bone spur. I was told that there was a partial tendon tear just above the elbow to the tricep tendon, however no mishape and healing process is about 20% in the past 2 years. MRI shows no blood circulation to that area so it’s simply not healing. Scar tissue has built up so my elbow cracks all the time now when I straighten my arm out. I was told that I had tendonitis to a pretty significant degree also. My thoughts? YEa, tendonits, but that bone spiur needs to be grinded down and the scar tissue and loose fragments sucked out through open surgery. So yea, I’m probably looking at an elbow surgery soon, because it’s just not getting any better.

      I do a lot of close grip smith machine presses for my triceps. Hinge movements are completely out for me working triceps, no skulls, no pressdowns, none of that stuff. I’ve managed to hold my size training lighter and being injured through more time under tension and pump style training. That is actually all in that ebook, the routine would be good for tendonitis. I’ve also included a diet tactic for tendonitis in there and a few other things. Thanks -JD

    • Happy new years friend. Sitting here drinking a diet Sprite, stone sober, probably be asleep before the new year.

      But when I wake up tomorrow it’s KILLIN’ TIME!! Thank you- JD

  3. Hey John,

    Is Shredded Ops include a recommended diet plan also?
    Just found your website and torn between which one of your books to start out with. Any clif note on them to help decide? thank you

    • The shredded Ops diet plan is a straightforward diet plan with choices of specific foods to pick from. You have the basic 3 foods which are protein, carbs, fats. There are choices for each food group and meals are listed as for example- “meal 3: 1 protein choice, 1 carb choice/ meal #4- 1 protein source, 1 fat source” and I made it this way to simplify the process. It’s designed for YOU to learn about how to make the diet work, but provides structure and easy instruction in doing so.

      I’m a no bullshit guy, all the diets you usually see are fucking lies, the guy does not eat the same exact shit at each meal time…the real truth is knowing what you can and CANNOT eat and adapting and following through. This may be ground beef, it may be a steak, it may be a yam, it might be rice. You work with what you can and I show THE REAL DIET PROCESS, NOT THE FUCKING BULLSHIT!!

      Shredded Ops is for someone with a base build who has already built up some sort of foundation. If you dove right into this as a beginner you’d die, lol


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