Should I Bulk or Cut?

“Should I bulk or cut?”

I get asked that question from time to time, and my answer is simple; it depends on where you’re at and what you’re trying to look like.

Some guys should have started cutting a long time ago and have had enough muscle mass to do it and others should slap on about 20-40 lbs before they even think about cutting.

What category do you fall in?

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– JD

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2 thoughts on “Should I Bulk or Cut?”

  1. I did my research and was prepared to be an utter asshole, but I’m 3 weeks into my first Tren cycle of 100mg (low dose, but just ramped up to 175mg). For me, I turn into the Terminator. I am hyper focused on the objective in front of me with very little emotion at all. If there is emotion, it comes and goes in the blink of an eye and I’m back to my hard core analysis. My wife and I have had marital problems for a while and I can talk to her now about how I feel without being afraid of how she reacts. She tries her manipulation games and I just say “I’ll be back” ;-) I’m not rude or mean, but I tell it how it is and I don’t worry about how she is going to react. It’s more indifference than anything. The only negative reaction, so far, is that I feel unwell and get shaky if I go too long without food. As far as libido, I have noticed a small change, but not too drastic. Could be the lower dose, but being my first time, I am taking it slow to see how I react.

    There are times when I say “I’ll never do this again”, but then I realize I’m hungry and then I eat and say “Fuck yeah. This is the shit.” I can tell that it puts more stress on my body. I can’t tell you how I know, I just know.

    Good or bad, this is how tren is affecting me so far. Just wanted to share my experience with it.

    • Tren does make ppl go hypo at time and many will need to increase carb intake while on it. I’m glad to hear its working well for you, thanks for sharing with us all! -JD


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