The JDB Law of the 3F’s (My 3 laws for keeping women in your life)

The biggest downfall most men have when it comes to getting women is a lack of confidence!

You see, men automatically think that there is something wrong with their approach or their looks when they fail to pull women. But the real issue is they're not putting themselves first!

That's right, they're not working hard enough on their own life to seem as appealing to others.

So this comes before anything else; work hard on your own life and have your own standards to live up to and you'll find that my 3 laws of keeping women in your life come much easier to you naturally.



Chicks don't want a guy who can't handle a restaurant bill and goes through the awkward back and forth over who is covering what part of the bill at the dinner table. Yea, that'll get you laid…

You see, trying to worry about how much you're going to spend on a dinner is like saying “my worth only goes as far as this cheeseburger and fries.” If that's your worth then expect a cheeseburger and fries level of ass!

I prefer steak and kettle one vodka myself! So bring on the quality please.

Girls like nice restaurants and they enjoy being taken out. Even as a married guy I try to make it a point to go out to a nice place for dinner at least once a week.

My man, look at it like this…

Let's say the steak dinner and drinks cost $100…so what? What sort of quality would you find in a $100 hooker versus a quality chick you bought steak for? You're going to get that $100 value back if you play your cards right.

I've had some of the hottest and cheapest hookers (I mean dates) that were perfect 10's that only ran me $100. They'd do things that hookers would charge $1,500 for and all I had invested was steak and drinks.

So this is the first “F” of the JDB Law of Relationship Success. You have to feed em'!


I'm not saying to fund em' in a sugar daddy, insecure fat-fuck sort of way here. I'm saying to fund em' in a “I take care of the ones who take care of me” sort of way. This is for relationship material and not just random dating here.

You're going to know the difference between a girl who reciprocates this and one who only wants to take more and more.

The ones that do not reciprocate this need to be dropped because they aren't worth shit, and unfortunately this is most women in America in 2018!

Walk into most chicks' homes in 2018 and you'll see a place that is a complete mess, with nothing hanging on the walls and a bed that's never made! You walk inside and there is nothing to drink nor will you be offered one.

The bathroom looks like a bomb went off in there and the sink is clogged with nothing but her fucking hair! I've seen it all; beer stains on the carpet, trash that needs to be taken out, cabinets with no dishes and drawers with no silverware (because the bitch only eats out non-stop).

Don't let women fool you anymore, a lot of them are lazy and disgusting slobs! Remember this; a woman's vagina is like her house!

If her house is a mess and she doesn't care to keep it clean then her vagina probably smells rotten fish in China town!

The 2ND “F” is not for worthless bitches who bring nothing to the table. It's for women who actually act like women and again, this level of “F” only goes back to your level of hard work and success in your own life.

If you're a cashier at Burger King then there isn't much you'll be funding outside of an occasional dime-bag and a beer or two, so this doesn't really apply to you until you get your own shit together!

To me, funding them really just means that you're a guy who can handle shit. The little things like an electric bill, a comfortable vehicle for her to drive, groceries, all of these things get handled without question.

You don't argue over this sort of stupid shit, you just take care of it. These are baseline bills and in case you haven't realized by now, REAL WOMEN WANT MEN WHO CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM AND HANDLE THINGS LIKE THIS!

I'm not talking about these feminist bitches in this article here, I'm talking about REAL WOMEN. Real women want a man who can handle things. Back in the day women wanted the biggest and strongest men because they were the best hunters.

Hunting nowadays is about making money, not killing mountain lions. And they still want the best hunters!

Again, it helps if you don't look at a good relationship as nothing but an expense. The “F” in funding them should merely be a byproduct of your own success and hard work.


If she stops cleaning the house then cut her ass off! If you stop getting laid when you want then cut her ass off! If she stops respecting you and starts treating you like some buffoon whose only job is to work and make money then cut her ass off!

Actually, seriously consider dropping her at this point. No conversation needed, she shouldn't lose respect for you if you're doing everything necessary to keep her happy.

If you're an alpha sort of guy who keeps a good build and is a winner then the threat of you being able to pick up whatever you want is usually enough to keep them in line.


That's right, I said to fuck em' damnit! Fuck the ever-loving hell out of em' in whatever way you feel like. There are 2 things that REAL MEN should want from women and those 2 things are RESPECT AND SEX!

The rest is really just grey area bullshit, so stop letting people convince you that you're a bad guy just because you like sex and respect.

You ever work with a guy who acts like a total asshole at work and barks orders all day? Yes, at home he's really a bitch-made motherfucker who gets no respect, so he takes it out at work!

Once you get the respect then it's a lot easier to get the sex. The first 2 F's will help get you the respect first.

Sex is not a reward to me, it's part of normal life. If I'm holding up my end of the deal then she better hold up hers or there are plenty of other women who would love to!

Do you know how many single mom's there are out there who never get to see their kids and are working 2 jobs?

Yea, next time some girl wants to mouth off to you and you're the guy giving here a better lifestyle than she'd make on her own, just remind her of that!

When it comes to sex you have to understand that there are some women that just aren't sexual people. And that's okay, because there are plenty of fat-ass men out there with erectile dysfunction who would be a great match for them!

But me? I'm getting that shit on the regular basis and if she can't do it then there are other women who can! “I don't feel like it” is no excuse to me.

Maybe I don't feel like letting you drive the luxury sedan that's in my name, or maybe I don't feel like spending $80 on a new pair of pants for you to wear when I could spend the money on myself instead!

I've always looked at taking care of family as an extension of myself. My son is a part of me, why would I not take care of him? My wife is an extension of my life so why would I not take care of her?

But she better be taking care of me, and that means letting me get it whenever I want it! But usually this is never an issue anyways.

One time my wife asked me “Would you ever leave me if I got fat?” And I replied ,”Yes, I would be gone. If you start letting yourself go then it means you obviously don't care to look good for me.”

So you know what? She's always been petite and it's never changed! After being together for 14 years I can honestly say that it's rare to see a female that compares to who I'm with. But I laid down the law a long time ago with what my standards were for sex and attraction.

I have no issues with funding things like haircuts, clothing, nails, and makeup and skincare products. I don't understand men who aren't willing to pay for these things but still expect a knockout for a girlfriend or wife.

To me it's like, “Dude, if you don't want to keep your girl up then don't get pissed off when she starts wearing K-mart lingerie and eating cheese puffs for breakfast because you can't spend any money on her you cheap fuck!”

But you know what comes with keeping a chick up? FUCKING THEM… ANYTIME YOU FEEL LIKE IT! And there aren't any rules here, she's going to do it the way I want it! 

So don't act like it's a reward, take the shit like it's part of normal, everyday life. Hell, you may get more respect just for this one alone!


So there you have it, the 3 JDB laws of relationship success! Feed em', fund em', fuck em'! If you constantly remind yourself of these 3 laws then you will see that pulling women and keeping them around really isn't that difficult. Now, putting up with some of them may be a different story!

But you know what? There are always more out there that would like to go out to dinner and be treated well! And they'll suck your dick for sushi too! So don't put up with bullshit!

Remember, that the 3 F's should be an extension of who you are. If you always work on bettering yourself and living to good standards that you set for yourself then the level of pussy you can pull will be much higher!

Also, let's just be honest here; if you're out of shape then expect to get walked on by females! They have this mentality that tells them that your fat ass isn't going anywhere because you can't get another girl!

My advice is to be that bad motherfucker who is jacked, confident, and can pull plenty of women regardless! This will save you from having to put up with a lot of shit! Best of luck to you all, and never forget the keys to relationship success lie within JDB's 3 F's!



17 thoughts on “The JDB Law of the 3F’s (My 3 laws for keeping women in your life)”

  1. That’s why i don’t try to “Keep them in my life”. Relationships are a bad investment full of constant drama, and demands unless you get really lucky and get one of those old school type girls. Besides, getting laid as a Alpha male in this generation of mentally neutered men is like fishing with dynamite. It’s crazy. I drive a shitty car (have money but invest instead) and women still offer sex, and offer to pay for dates. If i’m spending regular money on a women it’s gonna be some hot 20 year old in a sugar daddy type relationship. And even then i’m spending a lot less then what some guy is spending on a woman he’s already fucked a million times and who withholds sex to teach him lessons. Thanx but no thanx.

  2. JD, that has to be the most anti-feminist, un-PC, misogynistic, Neanderthal-brained relationship article I’ve ever read. And I loved and agreed with every single sentence you wrote.

    If this article goes viral I expect that every rug-munching, man-hating, psycho femi-Nazi bitch out there will be writing you. What’s even worse is that you’ll also get nasty emails from soy-drinking, low testosterone, bitch-titted, pencil-necked femboys who will protest and whine about you are sexualizing women, treating them as chattels, etc, etc, Of course, not a single one of these so-called “men” would ever have the balls (albeit shrunken little-boy testicles) to ever say anything like that to your face.

    Great article, brother.


      • JDB, now adays most women are too stuck-up and have impossible standards….what is a guy supposed to do if he really wants to get laid but none of these bitches will ever give him the time-of-day in the first place ?!!…It’s like there’s only so much I can do…I’m in great shape and have my shit together but still never found 1 of these bitches to be attracted. ( And if you’re advice is to just find a hooker, welp I’ve already tried and nobody knew where I could actually find 1 in my city)

        • you make it your goal to get 5 phone numbers everyday, anywhere you go. You approach them like there is nothing to lose, if you fuck up then move onto the next one. It’ll get easier, soon you’ll be getting numbers and going out with them. It’s a numbers game. If I was selling cars and talked to one customer a week I’d never sell a car, if I talked to 10 people daily I’d sell cars.

          • …Yeah, the thing is I’ve actually already approached hundreds/thousands of women over the past couple years and still these stuck-up cunts never seem interested. It’s weird too since I know i’m a good catch and they’re not going to find much better… yet they still act like they’re holding out to find a perfect Brad Pitt in his prime type-guy or some shit

          • Steve, sometimes you can come off as intimidating to them, it’s definitely not hard to do nowadays. Try talking to them like anyone else, don’t think of it as a make it or break it deal, talk as if they were anyone else and don’t give a fuck about approval. The key is, really don’t give a fuck about approval because there are always more -JD

  3. I can only see doing dinners on the weekend. Otherwise it’s a recipe for destroying your savings. Better to find a frugal minded girl who loves your physique. Always want to be free financially.

    • yea dude, there are some out there who don’t shop all the time but can still appreciate going out. Those are the best ones, they respect you and wan to be with you. Not the Real Housewives of bullshit-land type. Thanx for reading-JD

  4. True my brother. Just dropped a few bucks flying a grade-A babe out to a big city and worth every penny. With my John Doe built physique, this 40year old savage just spent the weekend with a babe 16 years my junior. The looks from jealous men and women was priceless as we walked around the place arm in arm. Tonights different girl is not gonna cost a penny, and can’t wait to see me and this jacked build… Thanks for the article man.

  5. That’s a badass straight-to-the-point article that I could only have read it on the early Mike Cernovich’s site back then when he produced hardcore game articles.


    Keep the good work and make more lifestyle articles from time to time apart from the pure fitness thing.

  6. My girl also asked me if I leave her if she’ll fatten up. I told her “Of course, I ain’t going to love someone that I’m not attracted to”.
    Without blinking an eye man.
    That’s the problem with alot of men these days, they are not honest, and because of that they end up hurting the girl instead of giving her the truth.

  7. Yo joe what do you look like I massive respect for your cognitive aspects but want to know about to whom I am reading About mass If I am out of line due to the name joe doe I am sure you will put my ass in check

    • the photo on the podcast header is myself, I’m 5’9″ and was about 215 lbs in that picture. Like I told others, it’s not that I’m not trying to hide myself due to a lack of credibility or validation, it’s because I openly talk about anabolic steroids and have written an ebook on anabolics (yes, it’s me on the cover of Straight from the Underground also). I am not someone who is simply just an online personality, I have other things in my life. Some ppl are uploading on youtube and social media daily, I am not one of these ppl. I’m a regular working class dude who talks about bodybuilding, loves it, and knows a little something about it. No, I’m not upset at that comment, I would also want to know myself if I was a listener -JD


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