Recreational Drug Addiction & Bodybuilding

Why does it seem so easy for bodybuilders to become hooked on dangerous recreational drugs? For a healthy eating regimen and gym routine, why would someone venture beyond just the world of performance enhancement to feel good about themselves?

Much of figuring out the cause of an addiction comes down to the root of what triggers an addiction and facing that head-on. Without recognizing the triggers it's hard to stop the addiction.

In this podcast I explain some of the reasons for recreational drug addiction and a couple ways to break free of them.

Remember, admitting you have a flaw doesn't make you weak. Ignoring the issue and continuing to break yourself down DOES MAKE YOU WEAK!

We have to keep our lives strong. A 400 lb bench press means nothing when you're WEAK EVERY PLACE ELSE IN LIFE!



3 thoughts on “Recreational Drug Addiction & Bodybuilding”

  1. This was a great pod cast, Sir. Thank you for your honesty and making the intervals in between funny and light. You are right about everything here, I needed this wake up call. 👍🏽🙌🏽


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