Your Quality of Life is all a Mindset

If you're anything like me, you've had numerous occasions throughout your days where…

You've dreamed of how you would like your future to be.

Maybe you have dreamed of something in the past and actually achieved it. Did you stop and say to yourself “Yep, it looks like I've finally made it!”?

No, you wanted more from that point. This isn't just bodybuilding, it's human nature to always want more out of life and to try avoiding complacency.

When we get in complacency we tend to want something different with the belief that different will bring even more.

But if more wasn't enough the first time, or the second time, then when will “more” actually be enough? The truth is it never will.

There are no one-way roads to happiness or success, it's all a state of mind. Do you know how many different aspects of your life revolve around happiness and success?

Everything from your free time, spirituality, to relationships, career paths, your body, self-esteem, living comforts, money, stress levels, all of these things are part of success.

Everyone wishes they were doing something different.

The Doctor wishes he had more free time, the lawyer is sick of arguing, the construction worker wishes to go back to college and land a better job, the teacher is sick of dealing with children, the guy at the desk wishes he had a more active job and wasn't so out of shape, and it just goes on and on.

I cannot tell you any perfect career path or how to live your life. But what I'm going to tell you is how I've learned to live mine.

The quality of my life is what lies in my day to day living situations. It's how I personally feel on a daily basis and whether I feel good most of the time or bad.

As for the gym, I just need an hour a day at least a few days a week to stay in top physical condition (however recently I've been going more frequently). But the rest of my time revolves around quality, not quantity.

When I first purchased my house I wasn't making a lot of money and my wife wasn't working. I bought a small home that had been recently renovated and wasn't in the best area of town. I had just gotten married and I had a wife and stepdaughter to support. I did the best I could with what I had to work with.

For a long time I didn't like telling people where I lived.

If they asked me and I told them, it was usually followed up by “well it's a just a starter home.” I'm done being that guy nowadays.

I could easily move into a much more expensive home in one of the most affluent areas of town now, but what does it matter?

Why would I choose that over traveling, spending time with my family, and being able to sleep at night from not being stressed out about how I'm going to keep up with everyone else?

Here is the cold, hard truth…

You aren't keeping up with people who are ahead of you, you are trying to keep up with most people who are behind you.

Did the giant house, cars, and money make most of the people you know any happier?

Hell, if this were the case then we wouldn't see the same divorce rate among celebrities that we see with middle class people (actually probably a higher divorce rate with celebrities).

Stop searching for fucking bullshit that isn't there, it's all a fallacy!

Stop worrying about where you think you're going to end up one day and start worrying about how you want to live today.

You can wake up and tell yourself that your life sucks, or you can do your best to try to make it a great day!

You may not have a perfect set of abs right now, but does that stop you from bodybuilding? Then why would you let not having something in life stop you from living life? It's fucking stupid!

I'm not going to come out and tell you that you should do what I do for a job. I'm not going to tell you that you should or shouldn't start your own business, work online, go into a labor position, or go to medical school.

I'm not here to tell you how to make your life perfect by a single definitive element of life, because who the hell knows?

In whatever you choose to do in life, your character is what is going to make you a winner or a loser.

I've seen plenty of people with big homes and cars who act like losers, and plenty of people with nothing who act like losers. If you keep a positive attitude and act like a winner then you'll become a winner in anything you do.

By a lot of “responsible people's” theory, I'm a money spender. I blow money on trips, time with my kids, food, supplements, and time with my kids if I hadn't mentioned that one already.

My stepdaughter will be a legal adult in under 2 years, and I have 11 more years until my son is 18. I've lived long enough to know that if the time has gone by this fast already, then it's going to go by even faster moving forward.

I don't want to be that guy who never enjoyed life because I was too busy worrying about a 401K and living in the biggest house on the block.

There are things in life we can get, and things in life that we can't get back. I spend money on the things in life I can't get back, not on everything I can get while letting what really matters go to hell in a hand basket.

You see, it all depends on your outlook on life. Where most people look at dropping $60 on taking their family out to dinner as money they shouldn't be spending, I look at it like sitting across from people I love with no guarantee of seeing them tomorrow.

I never think about doing things like this, I just do it. If I'm able to do it, then I just do it.

I've seen what makes people happy in life.

I've seen people with absolutely nothing with a smile on their face from spending time with a dog.

I've seen Mexican families at the lake grilling food outside and playing soccer together because maybe they couldn't afford a boat.

I've seen how people stare off at the water wondering what they're going to do in order to make it one day. You're grilling with your family and spending all day together. You've already made it buddy, change your mindset.

People say that the reward lies in the struggle and not what is at the end. I say…

The reward lies in your mind and outlook on life, because there is no end.

Where the mind goes the body will follow. If your mind is positive then you will do what you're meant to do, everything you're meant to do and nothing less!


Stop using the word “CAN'T” and start winning. Every day is like a rep in the gym, it's one step closer to a perfect set.

When you stop doing the rep you're done with the set. Stop falling short on life's big set and keep pushing!

I don't care what you're doing in life, change your mind-frame!

You're not some soldier who is government property, you're someone fortunate who gets to see other areas of the world and travel and gets to go to school in exchange for your service.

You're not some teacher who babysits kids all day, you're someone who can influence young minds that can still be influenced in a positive way.

You're not just a construction worker, you're someone who gets to build and be active. When everyone is sitting in that office complaining about their back, you're rocking a nice tan and being physically active.

You see how this works? You can step back and actually think about life, and just by changing your outlook you can change your perception of life and the meaning of life.

Bodybuilding is a way to start winning right now.

Bodybuilding can change your entire outlook on life and make you feel good about who you are! It's a foundation that you can build off to enhance other areas of your life. All you need is 1 hour a day 2-3 days a week to exercise.

Food prep is easy if you just look at it as part of what you do and not a burden. It's only a burden if your mind thinks it is. Change your mind!

You're going to find that by molding your mind to win on a daily basis, you're going to continue to win even if you lose. You cannot lose!

When you stay positive then positive things are going to happen for you, and no matter what path you go down in life, you're going to win!

Stop sitting still and just do something… ANYTHING!

Go win at something right now and reclaim your existence!

Mindset hard! – JD

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13 thoughts on “Your Quality of Life is all a Mindset”

  1. Great work JD, killer article. I often forget the now to focus on the present and this is a good reminder on what’s important in life.

  2. Love, love, love this article. I try to live my life like this and help others see life the same way. AMAZING!!!!

    Thank You!

  3. Great post as always

    Especially so for me at the moment. I’m relatively new in an industry that can be very broad (video production) – and for the longest time, I was always moving from one type of production to another (music videos, to corporate ads, to special events). All because I wanted, as you say, “more from that point”. I wasn’t happy (and I’m still working on this) with some of the specific jobs I was doing, which led me to do so many different things. I was searching for that fallacy dream gig. But now, as I’m starting to focus on a specific niche that I initially thought was at a low level, my quality of life has oppositely gone up.

    I strayed away from it because I couldn’t keep up with the Joneses, but at the same time it seemed to fit perfectly with my life. Now I’m starting to accept it, and I couldn’t agree with you more on “just by changing your outlook you can change your perception of life and the meaning of life”

    Thanks again for the kick to win!

  4. This is the wake-up call I needed. I’ve been working in adult corrections for the past seventeen years and it has taken its toll on my mindset and outlook on life/people. We also don’t get paid the best, but it’s been enough to raise a family. I’ve grown pretty negative lately. I gotta pull out of this and see the good in others and society. Thanks for the pep talk brother. Keep up the good work!


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