Muscular Development, Fat Loss, and Mental Freedom

I’m going to help a lot of you out with another high quality and informative article from John Doe Bodybuilding!

Yes, I’ve been a little slow with posting lately, and I still need to post results from Operation Mass Monster. I’ve been extremely busy lately and I just haven’t had much time on my hands to post, but out of the fog and into clear I come once again.

So onto the topic at hand which is muscular development, fat loss, and how to train your mind on looking at the goals at hand.


For starters, let’s talk about a simpler way to start off with building muscle (or should I say an easier way to look at it).

So many guys come to me with the question of “Should I bulk or cut?” and they’re beginners at this. I had to take a moment and reflect on this myself and think of the easiest way I looked at this back when I was in my predominant stages of growing.

Honestly I had some goals of what I wanted to weigh just like many of you probably have, but much of the time was spent thinking of this as more DEVELOPMENT rather than just BULKING.

By that I mean I was more focused on gaining strength and seeing my body go through the changes than just jumping on a scale and questioning myself. Many of your questions on bulking or cutting are coming from your thoughts on what your ideal look should be compared to what the scale says, and this most often is never true!

That scale can say 200 lbs and you could look like shit and fat, or that scale could say 165 lbs and you can look great!

Yes, when you’re new to this you CAN GAIN MUSCLE AND LOSE FAT AT THE SAME TIME.

This is when building your body is the most fun and self-fulfilling. I didn’t know this at the time and I thought that the end goal was when it would be more fun, but hind-site is 20/20.

And what you’ll eventually realize is there is no finish line in bodybuilding. The finish line is death, and we continue to grow and change as much as we can until the day comes.

As we age our goals may change, but with age comes wisdom and there is satisfaction in growing there as well!

I always use my good friend as an example, but this guy is 62 years old and when I talk to him on the phone it’s never, “Man, I’m getting old, I’m going to shit!” It’s more like, “Man I think my arms look better now than they ever have, and my back has come up a lot lately too!”

I said to this guy in conversation one time, “Yea, but we can’t look good forever.” And his reply to that was, “Why not?” I had no answer.

But back to building. I want you to get your mind off the scale all the time. I know, I know, it’s always going to be there as a reference point like some terrible drug addiction and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t step on the scale from time to time.

But I can promise you that if you’re eating the required amount of foods and getting stronger then you’re gaining, but think of this as GAINING DEVELOPMENT, not “bulking”.

By development, I’m speaking in terms of muscles actually getting larger, fuller, and stronger! So train your mind to look at your body as a project of development rather than just weight gain.

I’m not saying not to jump on the scale from time to time if you want, but scale the scale back some and focus more on your muscles and how they look as opposed to just what you’re weighing.

I wish I had this outlook even more at times, because I got off track for awhile and got up to 263 lbs. But it wasn’t a good 263 lbs and I was only fooling myself, because I could have looked even better at 40-50 lbs lighter if my mind was in the right place!


I’m dieting pretty hard right now and in the past 2 weeks I’ve probably had at least 10 people tell me, “Jeez, you look like you’re getting smaller.” They’re not telling me this to mess with me, they’re telling me this because in clothes I actually look smaller!

Now this is where I’m different than most bodybuilders. I have learned to take this as a compliment. This means that whatever I’m doing is working and my body is changing.

You see, once you take away the fluid and body-fat obviously what you’re left with is nothing but mostly muscle and skeletal weight right? So what this means is the actual space my body takes up is all quality, not just SPACE.

To the untrained eye or average Joe, they don’t know any better. I know better! I can look at nothing but a guy’s face and usually tell how lean he is.

I can look at a guy in a sweatshirt and usually see it, but I’ve been doing this shit for just about 20 years now. The average person is a fucking idiot and not someone to take advice from.

When you start getting comments like this, but in a tank top or with your shirt off you get the total opposite, just know that you’re probably in the top .1% of the general population.

I could walk up to a random 80,000 fans at a football game and look at every single one of them (including the players) and I may not find 1 single person in my condition with my stats.

I’m not trying to sound boisterous here, I’m just being realistic and serious. But yet, why is it that so many others will look larger with clothes on than myself?

Well, let’s think logically about this for a moment. Fat people take up more space right? When you see some 400 lb slob walking through a grocery store it’s pretty safe to say you take notice of this because their fat ass takes up MORE SPACE!

So let’s just say they worked out but were still twice the body-fat level you were at – their muscle mass could be much less than yours but guess what? Their fat ass is still going to take up more space!

That is the difference right there people, it’s actual space of shit compared to space of quality. I could take a photo in front of a white canvas backdrop come competition time and ask people what they thought I weighed and I’d get every answer from 200 lbs to 250 lbs.

This becomes an illusion and when your body begins to take on an illusion this usually means you’re approaching the pinnacle of bodybuilding standards.

No let’s go beyond illusion and throw in a 3 dimensional look FROM DEVELOPMENT AMIDST LOW BODY-FAT! What we have at this point is pretty much a walking statue.

So the point to this part of my article is to ignore peoples’ comments who don’t know bodybuilding.

I’m at the point where I actually fuck with them when I hear these things. I say stuff like, “nah, just haven’t been to the gym in awhile, just lying around and watching too much TV and lost muscle.” But it never fails…..someone who knows me will go spread the word, “Have you seen him lately? God damn he is huge and shredded!”

Then the guy he is talking to is totally mind-fucked because he saw me last week and I looked smaller to him. It’s really quite amusing at times, and I’ve learned to enjoy this part of bodybuilding!

Now, there is another point I want to mention that again is going to answer many of your questions. Often times when you’re trying to diet properly to retain maximum muscle while losing maximum body-fat, the scale isn’t going to reflect your efforts in as relative of a manner as you’d think.

What I mean by this is you could lose a fairly decent amount of body-fat and the scale may only drop a couple lbs (or kilos depending on where you live and your units of measurement). There is a good reason for this and I want you to think about this point for a moment.

When you’re dieting properly you’re keeping track of everything. So those days where you may have thought you hit 300 grams of protein but only hit 200 grams? Or those days you missed meals?

Yeah, for the next 12 weeks or 20 weeks or whatever you’re committing to, those days are over. Now it’s pure consistency and effort on the daily!

This is why the scale isn’t dropping like you think, but your clothes are looser and you look better! It’s because of muscle retention or even slightly muscular growth in the beginning stages.

As you continue on you’re going to get weaker, which brings me to my next point.


Do you think that when you walk into a restaurant everyone assumes you lost 50 lbs on your bench press? Absolutely not, all they see is a jacked and shredded mofo who just walked into a restaurant.

Dudes are immediately going to get pissed off because their date is going to look at you, or better yet TOTALLY NOT LOOK AT YOU and pay their guy an exaggerated amount of attention to make him feel better about being a bitch.

Yes, this happens a lot. I’ve seen rednecks immediately start grabbing on their girl and kissing on her when I walk into a place in order to keep her attention on them instead of me.

When I see an impressive looking dude out somewhere it’s like a mutual respect deal, and we usually end up kicking it and having a convo while the girls talk about their bullshit.

This is the quality girls find attractive and this shows confidence. Deep down that girl who is getting mauled by that hillbilly would rather be with you, trust me!

Strength loss? Wait, we were talking about strength loss right?

Yea, I know we were. I’m simply showing you how easy it is to disregard short term strength loss for feelings of self appreciation and the fringe benefits of being cut like a fucking Ginsu knife!

Also know this much: anyone in the gym who thinks you’re weak and all show because you may be training lighter is not an advanced bodybuilder.

These are newbies who don’t know shit anyways. When I see a guy with a great build start curling with 15 lb dumbbells I KNOW THAT HE KNOWS HIS SHIT!

However most would think the complete and total opposite of that, because let’s face it: most guys are like a flash in the pan when it comes to the gym.

They’re involved with it and then they’re not. They have their time with it and then they move on.


How good do you think it would feel to let go of what everyone else thinks?

I’m a goofy guy and pretty much the total opposite of most bodybuilders. I care about the circle of people who like my site and if that means I have 100 loyal followers and 10,000 haters, then I’m concerned about the 100 loyal followers. I’m here to provide information to help you transform your body, but I like to have fun along the way.

I’m not here to come off as something I’m not. I live in a small home in a section of town I’d prefer to move away from, and part of my kitchen needs to be redone. My back room where the washer and dryer is needs to be totally rebuilt and you saw me out and about I’d probably be in my old beat up Jeep Cherokee with a torn out headliner.

I’m fucking real, and if I can’t show the world the real me, then what is the point of any of this? What is the point of your existence if you’re afraid to show it?

So you’re in the gym and because you’re cutting up you’re getting weaker… who the fuck cares? So you need work done to your home or your vehicle….who really fucking cares?

We all have issues but most of us do a really good job at hiding our flaws. I say to recognize your flaws, expose them to the world, and work on them as you can!

And remember, it’s only a flaw by YOUR STANDARDS! If you aren’t living for you then why are you living? You might as well take a gun to your head if you cannot live for yourself!

And if you have a family then what your family thinks of you is what matters the most. You may just be a goofy guy to everyone else, but if your wife and kids look at you like superman, then apparently you’re doing something right.

Mental freedom…the epitome of bodybuilding accomplished only through years of consistent hard work and discipline.

A lifestyle that is sweaty and ugly that turns people and surroundings into beauty and freedom. That is bodybuilding and that is life…discipline which one day provides a mental freedom to realize that being true to yourself is what got you to where you’re at, and it never stops until you die.

Once you’ve mastered these topics I’ve discussed, then you will learn to let it all go and live brothers!

Ignore limits, ignore mind-fucks, and keep pushing onward to victory!

Train hard!

– JD

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16 thoughts on “Muscular Development, Fat Loss, and Mental Freedom”

  1. This really hit home and put into words so much of what I’ve been discovering about this lifestyle and the process of DEVELOPMENT. Thank you John for the insightful posts and the real fucking info you’ve gained from your experience. You’ve got a loyal fan of your site, been reading since a year ago and have applied what you preach and have seen the results come to fruition. Keep on being the badass you are.

  2. Real shit JD, I’m on Osta and Ana, loving the results because you made me aware of it and you do what you do. your making a fucking difference to me brother. fuck the haters!

  3. As usual, great article and great advice. I used to step on the scale 3-4 times a day when I was younger and my day would sometimes be dictated by what the scale said. Well, fuck that.

    I’m 40 years old now and the only thing that matters is staying healthy and active for both myself and my family. I can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see without ever stepping foot on a scale.

    Thank you for what you do JD. Keep up the good work.

  4. Loved it John. It has only been an year that I’ve been lifitng but I can relate with every word of what you have written.
    I have adopted fitness as a lifestyle. And now I am an advocate of Iron therapy!

    Ps – Its winters and most people are into bulking but i have been cutting. I often here that I am getting leaner, but I know that I’m only getting meaner and more muscular! Cheers

  5. I got so motivated by this article that I had to weight in, John. I love the articles that you put up, but for me this speaks the truth for many people, as cutting can indeed be a mind-fuck.

    I have been a professional athlete all my life. I even got the chance to go to the States where I played for a Division I University. I used to compete at around 90kgs and have always been fairly lean. Four years ago, I got into a sort of dead-end situation where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. I went up to 110kgs and looked like a slob.

    Two years ago, I started a body recomposition program and through trial and error have found the best way to keep (even gain) muscle while cutting body fat. I understand that cutting can be done in a faster way, but for me this is a no-go since I am still natural and cutting too many calories and/or carbs lowers my natural testosterone too much.

    The past two weeks, I have gotten so many glances from people in the gym. It’s amazing what an illusion can do. Yes, I am getting weaker on most of my lifts.

    Then again, the agitation from the other faggots in the gym when I am wearing a tank top is enough to keep me motivated. I got “Bros” that got in my face and developed a serious Invisible Lat Syndrome as soon as I took my sweater off.

    I’m the guy with the 15 Pounds dumbbells when I’m doing biceps, just like you explained. I don’t have more knowledge than you , but I understand even after only two years of serious lifting and dedication that you simply cannot pound the heavy fucking weight when you get to too low body fat. The strength takes a toll and you are left with more contraction exercises and keeping the tension during those 8-9 reps.

    The fags are laughing in the background while their girlfriend is wetting her panties on the treadmill while staring at my finished product.

    I even got a guy a couple of days ago that came up to me to compliment the “V-shape” of my shoulders. He asked me what exercises I did to get “those”. I was laughing inside because I understood then how simply the average fella thinks. He always wants the easier and quicker way.

    I told him lateral raises so that he would leave me alone while thinking to myself: “And don’t forget to do Chest/Shoulders on Mondays, Back/Biceps on Wednesday and Legs on Friday. Do this for two years and eat only the following food: Egg whites, chicken, beef, fish, oats, brown rice, broccoli, almonds, peanut butter, coffee and water”. That’s all I ate the past two years. No cheat meals, no refeeds… I up the complex carbs when I am feeling too flat.

    It’s also amazing how the discipline from bodybuilding seeps to every facet of your life.

    Keep up the great work John and God Bless America !

  6. Good article. I know this is a bodybuilding website, but you seems to be very strong too. What should I do to get as strong as possible in the 1-5 rep range, without gear. What kind of program? I’m 2.5 years into training so you could say I’m intermediate.

    • #1- eat your ass off #2- don’t eat 100% clean like everyone preaches, and #3- never train 2 days n a row, for every day you’re in the gym take 1 day off. Watch how fast you get big and strong!!

  7. John this article was great. You showed how life and bodybuilding go together. I love the fact that you are the real deal. Most people nowadays aren’t.

    Keep it up brother!

    Dylan Madden

  8. Yo John!

    Nice article here, I really like the quote about the finish line being death. That is the epitome of self-improvement, we improve ’til we die and never stop. We never get “there”, we just keep pushing, smashing and setting new goals all the time.

    As you know it’s important to ignore all the naysayers, especially from non-action takers. Asking why we can’t look good forever is awesome and evidenced by the 70-80 year olds still competing in bodybuilding comps! There are no excuses in their mind.

    Keep up the good work buddy.

    – Evan


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