Muscle Gains 101: What They’re NOT Telling You!

This podcast is for hardgainers, newbs, and people who have simply bought into the lies of mainstream bodybuilding information.

This podcast goes against the grain but speaks the truth; the truth that a lot of people pushing products just don't want you to know! I'm not here to give anyone false hope, lies, or anything else that would steer around something that I would call “Muscle Gains 101!”

Thanks to all who tune in and follow JDB!


(For anyone who enjoyed this podcast that would like a more A to Z guide on bodybuilding diet, training and progression, be sure to check out Becoming the Bull!)


14 thoughts on “Muscle Gains 101: What They’re NOT Telling You!”

  1. Gun thread… If you like Smith and Wesson and want a revolver, I have a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum and it is a blast (pun intended) to shoot. I’ve shot a .457 Taurus and that hurt my wrist, but the .357 gives you power in your hand, but doesn’t want to break your wrist off. Good point on liking your firearm. I love my Springfield XDM 9mm, because it sits comfortably in my hands and I feel confident shooting it. The best firearm is one you can use effectively.

    Spot on with the nutrition. I just woke up to what you are saying four months ago. I moved from eating squeaky clean to “F-IT, I’m eating when my body screams FOOD”. Some days, I eat 5,000+ calories and some days I only eat 1,800 calories, but I will eat based on what I feel my body needs. I’ve gone from gaining 1-3 lbs of muscle every 3-4 months to putting on 1+ lbs. every week. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat pretty clean, but am not afraid to indulge every now and then. Yes, I’ve put on some fat with it, but I’ve put on some serious mass (for me) in the last 4 months. I’ve gone from 177 lbs. to 195 lbs and can still see abs and can see striations in my quads and added an inch to my arms (on TRT, so not natty). I’ve been lifting seriously now for the last two years, but things have taken off the last 3 months, because I just figured out what you are saying and under-complicated things with my diet. Just wanted to add my experience to back up what you are saying.

  2. My brother…quit playing with those Rugers and other kid guns. It’s time to step up your game to Sig Sauer. It’s like going from Masteron to Primo💪

  3. Hey my man. I’m running
    350 test enth,
    200 EQ , and I want to add in 100 or 150 deca per week.
    I’m doing .5 anastrozole eod.
    Is this going to be ok? I don’t really want to add in caber or anything.
    Going back to trt after this.
    Any advice for me?
    Thanks for everything you do for the community!

  4. I read your article on old school cycles for bad ass gains and I decided to try the EQ/Test cycle.
    Im on week 3 and instead of doing 300/200 I’m going to do 400/400 do you think that would be ok.???

  5. Hey,

    Any thoughts on the vertical diet ? Seems like a way to bulk without needing pizzas, hamburgers, etc. with mainly rice and red meat as mass builder with some potatoes and some dairy in there as well but not much else in terms of macros besides fruit. I have access to lots of decent red meat at a nearby farm so wouldn’t be that expensive for me. Still feels like more healthy this way that’s why I am asking as according to this podcast as a natty I would need decent amount of junk food but seems like the vertical diet creator Stan E. might be on to something?


    • I’ve honestly only looked at it once awhile back and briefly. I know it’s a lot of red meat, I cannot answer that one


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