How Big Can You Remain After a Serious Injury?

How big can you remain after a serious injury? Well… it depends on how you approach training through recovery! To some people it’s game over, but to the lifelong gym goer, we simply refuse to accept mediocrity!

Sometimes we need to take a different approach to building the body when it comes to longevity in the gym and training through injury recovery. This podcast sheds some light on that approach! I explain the new 100% when it comes to the gym and making further progress with your body, beyond where you may have been at before a serious injury.


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5 thoughts on “How Big Can You Remain After a Serious Injury?”

  1. Injury pod great help. Seriously Wrecked my arm. Got fed up listening to physio and to not lift. Working through it. Starting off low but have hope. 👍


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