High Protein + Saturated Fat & Stress Management

In this podcast I respond to a couple listener questions I got last week.

Find out my opinion on a high protein + saturated fat diet for hormone production and overall health.

While I'm not a strong advocate of ANY SPECIFIC WAY OF DIETING INDEFINITELY, this diet has its advantages and disadvantages with me.

A lot of it depends on whether or not a trainee is in a stable hormonal environment where they can produce the most testosterone possible.

There are times when I add more carbs to the diet and other times where I think a low-carb diet combined with high protein and saturated fat is a good idea.

Bodybuilding is all about taking 2 steps back to take another step forward, a low carb-diet can be used to gain more muscle by resetting your insulin sensitivity.

But the proper steps need to be taken in order to make this diet work efficiently with your weight training and recovery!

Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work as well for another. But one thing is for sure, carbs usually start coming out in some way, shape, or form as a physique becomes leaner and leaner.

Now, to what degree they get pulled is very much person-to-person specific!

I also talk briefly about stress management and some ways to deal with stress. Often times it helps take a step back and look at the whole picture on what is stressing you out!

Thanks again to all my listeners and followers out there!

Train hard -JD

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9 thoughts on “High Protein + Saturated Fat & Stress Management”

  1. Hey JD,

    I started the Zero Carb Carnivore Diet a couple months ago (thanks to Victor), and I feel amazing. My cholesterol went to the roof, but I honestly think high cholesterol is a hoax.

    I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 14 years old. My A1c is 5.4 (while on the carnivore diet) and doc looks at me with a weird face “Are you sure are Type 1 diabetic, you are the best diabetic I have seen here based on your A1c” but yeah my sugar goes to 280 if I eat a little carb and stays there.

    In summary, I inject myself LESS because I eat 80% fats and 20% protein sometimes 70/30. I eat 2 times a day and I am a natural trainer.

    I’ll post something here if my health goes sideways based on the diet, but so far is been awesome compared to what I was before (Salads, and salads upon salads)


    P.S Would love to hear a podcast based on this cholesterol thing. Here are some article and books on it. Let me know what you think:


    • That’s awesome that it’s working well for you!! Thanks for the listen as well as the comment and info!! I’ll check it out -JD


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