Hardcore Dieting Psychology 101

In this podcast episode I discuss the psychology needed for hardcore dieting success.

I also share my thoughts on multiple TRT injections throughout the week and the belief that we can somehow “supercharge” our TRT dosing.

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What’s up, everybody? I hope you have all been well. Thanks for joining me for another JDB podcast. I realize it’s been a little while since I released a podcast, but here’s a new one.

The first thing I’m going to talk about, and I’m not going to spend a long time talking about this, but I do want to answer an email question that a reader submitted. It was a really good question and it’s something I never thought about really talking about.

He was basically asking me, “Hey, John, what are your thoughts on guys that are on TRT that are trying to do multiple injections a week? They’re splitting their injections every week or doing a much smaller amount, let’s say, maybe 20 milligrams every day. Or they’re trying to do subcutaneous injections rather inner muscular injections because they feel like their test levels get a little bit higher.”

My honest answer is, I think it’s negligible. I think that people are complicating something that’s pretty simple once you have it down. I think the differences in your test level is quite negligible. It is not worth the hassle of pinning yourself that much. You can’t get blood from a stone.

If your script dose of test is 150 mg a week or 200 mg a week, then guess what? There’s only so much you’re going to do with 150 or 200 mg a week. It’s like they think that the hassle they go through to try to reinvent the wheel and make some magic formula, when it comes to TRT, is going to work and they’re going to be like Mr. Super TRT, as opposed to a guy on normal TRT or slightly above normal.

For myself, honestly, 200 milligrams a week of testosterone scripted out is probably putting me a little bit above high normal. I know it is. I will come in slightly over 1500 nanograms the day of or the day after an injection, By the end of the week, I’m probably walking around at around 600 or 700 before my next injection.

I have done it different ways. I have split the shots up. I’ve tried the half of a milliliter twice a week, say Monday, Thursday, as opposed to a full milliliter on Monday. In terms of how I feel, it’s negligible. It is not worth going through all that headache poking yourself all that much more.

I’m not saying I have needle phobia. I make fun of people for that. Like when they’re going to run a cycle, a full blown cycle, and you get these guys that bitch, “Oh, I don’t want to do more than one injection a week or two shots a week. I’m like, “So what’s a big fucking deal, man? You stick yourself anyway. So what’s the big deal with hitting yourself a couple of times more if it’s a faster ester or something that requires more frequent injections.”

I’m not talking about that here though. I’m talking about these guys that think that somehow they’re going to make their TRT scripted dose this super dose formula. Or “I’m going to do a smaller amount daily because it more closely mimics the way your body releases test.” Well guess what? You’re not closely mimicking fucking anything because you’re taking an exogenous super physiological dose of testosterone for say, a 40 or 50 or 60 year old man.

So I just think that this thought process is just stupid. It’s a dumb thing to harp on. There’s actually podcasts and vlogs that are solely dedicated to talking about nothing but TRT and the things that you can add in with TRT and the supplements and they’re making a mountain out of a molehill. They’re making this thing super complex.

I don’t want to say it’s bullshit, but I want to say that the desired results are kind of a pipe dream. There’s only so far you’re going to get on one certain amount of a compound taken every week.

That’s my answer to that. I think it’s a waste of time. I think it’s a bullshit inconvenience. I think that if you’re on TRT for life, which it should be for life, I don’t want to deal with thinking about it and dwelling on it daily.

It’s just like, I show up for practice once a week, I shoot my shit and I roll. Then when I’m on a cycle, then okay, maybe the injections are a little more frequent depending on what I’m adding to it.

Another thing is you’re going to look good and you can do a lot with TRT and you can attain more muscle with TRT than you would not being on it and just being natural, right?

But with that being said, how much more muscle are you going to attain? Probably not that much. You’re not going to look like some juice monster freak just because you’re on TRT. You’ll look leaner than you would look without having testosterone in your body. Because if you’re not on it, your test levels are diminished. Obviously burning fat is like pissing in the wind very hard.

That’s why the first thing I tell anybody who signs on with me, “Look man, get your levels checked. Let’s see where we’re at. That way we know that your approach is going to produce results or whatever I prescribe you is going to work.” And again, we’re not pissing in the wind.

So that’s my answer to that. When it comes to TRT and all these little different ways to do it, I don’t do subcutaneous testosterone shots. I don’t like the thought of it. This shit was intended to be an intramuscular oil based injection. I want to keep it that way.

I don’t want something that’s between my fucking skin that creates like a boil or a pocket. I don’t like the thought of it. I feel more comfortable with a real, legit, one inch deep intramuscular injection than just some little fucking pin prick beneath the skin.

It reminds me of what they do when they test you for tuberculosis. They give you that shot in your fucking forearm under the skin. I don’t want to do that with my test. Fuck that. That’s my answer to that.

Okay, on to the next topic. I’m going to give my personal experience on this, and I’m going to talk some logic as well as talking about being pretty steadfast and strong minded when it comes to the diet process. I also want to talk about when to change the diet and when it is appropriate to have an off diet meal and how important those off diet meals really are.

Most people, when they’re talking about cheat meals, it’s for your sanity, okay? They’re talking about, “hey, you give yourself something good to eat once a week or maybe twice a week.” I don’t know. However far you can go.

That’s what I always tell people. Start with a system that works for you. The first time that I tried to diet really hard, I cheated twice a week and got super ripped up. I did extra cardio maybe. It was a long time ago, but I can remember in my mind, a week seemed too far out to wait to have something good. So I would go clean for three days, have a cheat meal, go clean for another two or three days and have another cheat meal. And it worked, okay? It was a system that worked for me. It was nothing I read about anywhere.

Once you’ve been doing this a really long time; it’s a lifestyle. We’re not talking about getting ready for anything. We’re not talking about a straight up twelve week body transformation. We’re talking about what we can do to look good all the time which is the most rewarding thing to me.

I don’t want to get in shape and then rebound and then just go back and forth and flip flop between being a fat ass and being lean. I’m never a fat ass, but there are times where I’m more leaned out than others. But how do those cheat meals fall for me?

Alright, so before I get into that, I’ll explain that in a minute. When you diet, you’re going to eat a lot of the same shit over and over again. Most people know this. I’m sure a lot of guys listen to this podcast. They already realize this.

It gets old. Anybody can do it for a week or two. I’d say the first four or five weeks that I diet, I go through this no man’s land phase where I don’t really think I look that much better, but I do lose a few pounds, but I still haven’t lost enough that you see more muscle definition.

I’ve lost some fluid, I lost some fat. But I kind of think that maybe initially I look a little bit worse. I look in the mirror and I might look thinner to myself, or I look like I lost a lot of mass. I don’t walk around feeling puffy or big.

This is when you just got to your mind to turn off and shut the fuck up, because you have to continue going on with it to start seeing the real results. A lot of guys can’t get past that. The second their lifts go down, or they don’t feel as big or feel as full or feel as energetic, they just can’t roll with the fucking punches. They’re not strong enough mentally to continue that process on.

So what do they do? They run in place. They go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And then they just think they haven’t found the right formula yet. I’m not using the right stack, the right gear.

A lot of people are doing that shit all wrong because they’re starting a diet off as say, 20-something percent body fat. And in their mind, they’re thinking that they have to have this perfect gear stack or SARMs or HGH or whatever else you’re taking right from the very beginning.

Sometimes it can make that process even harder depending on your tolerance to taking steroids as well. There are certain things some people do very well with. There are certain doses that some people feel like crap with. They retain water, they feel sluggish. It’s not good.

I am a firm believer in as little as necessary to get the desired results. So I don’t think that if you’re over 20% body fat, you don’t fucking need gear at all to start a diet unless your test level is just in the shitter and you need that to feel good and lose the fat from an inadequate level of testosterone.

But I don’t feel like that you just need this and this and this, and somehow you’re just going to save every bit of muscle while losing the maximum amount of body fat. Fat loss doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t just go straight to muscle for energy. You’re going to burn a lot of that fat regardless.

So I tell people, why would you wait to start the diet? Why don’t you get six or eight weeks into the diet, get to a body fat level that’s average or maybe slightly below average, and then worry about that stuff? It’s only going to do more for you at that point anyway. You’re going to see the results better.

That’s kind of my thought process on that. You don’t need a lot. You don’t need as much as you think. Diet is always number one. The diet and the training intensity are number one.

When we talk about training intensity, here’s what’s hard about it. If you’re on a serious, hardcore diet and you’re really going through the steps that it takes to get ultra fucking lean, you’re like a human punching bag, man.

I laugh when I read these labels on some of these supplements, especially the pre-workouts, “explosive energy, best workouts of your life, super pumped and vascular, and this and that…” I don’t give a fuck what you’re taking, man. There’s going to come a point during the diet process where I don’t feel that way. I feel like I got the shit kicked out of me, man. It doesn’t matter how much Citrulline or Beta Alanine I’m taking? I had the ever loving shit kicked out of me, and that’s when you’re in the gym and you’re just like Rocky taking a fucking beating, all right?

But that’s the difference between somebody that gets really far with this and somebody that doesn’t. In the end, your willpower, your determination, your work ethic beats all that shit. You have to have the ability to soldier on regardless of how you fucking feel.

Sometimes you need to listen to your body, and other times you need to tell your body to shut the fuck up because if I was listening to my body and exactly what it was telling me, I’d be eating a pizza every night. It’s not going to get it done.

There’s days where I feel like, “damn man, I’m kind of depleted. Damn man, I’m kind of overtrained.” Well, of course you’re going to be depleted, and of course you’re going to be overtrained. When you’re eating in a caloric deficit, it’s going to happen. It’s almost unavoidable.

Then when it gets to that point, then maybe you start to stack. But you have to know something; You’re not going to feel good every time you walk in that gym. Matter of fact, as you get lean, lean, like, let’s say you break 10% body fat and you’re getting a single digit, 75% of the time you’re in that gym, you’re a human punching bag.

You’re losing strength. You’re trying to keep as much as you can, but it’s inevitable. You’re losing strength. There’s things that are going to happen during the day. It’s going to be a struggle to do your job, possibly. It’s going to be a struggle to have focus and concentration or hold eye contact.

A lot of times when I’m dieting hard, it’s almost like I get bad ADD. And everything is hard, man. It’s really, really hard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down and tried to do, like, a podcast and I can’t even fucking talk. I’m not fluid enough in my speech to actually release one, which is often why I go kind of AWOL for a little while.

I just thought I’d throw that out there because I want you guys to know that I’m one of these guys that I practice what I preach, okay? I’m not some dude that’s just a has been that’s great at talking and great at selling.

Fuck that shit. I live this lifestyle. I love this life. I would consider myself hardcore to the fucking max. So there’s some times where there’s just parts of life that are just hard. I carry on and I do them.

But with that being said, I want you to also know this – Usually whenever you’re dieting really hard, there are things that are going to get put on the back burner.

It’s easy to look at these people that look like they have it all together. The car is always detailed. The house is always squeaky clean. They might release some video where they’re in the kitchen and everything’s clean. Nice granite countertops. Everything looks in order. It looks like the perfect little life.

I guarantee that’s not the day to day. It’s just not. I’m talking like there’s times where there are dishes in the sink. The place is a fucking mess. The lawn should have been cut four or five days ago. The car hasn’t been washed in a couple of weeks; it’s something you need to do.

I’m not telling you to live like a scumbag, but what I am telling you is for anybody that puts 100% into this for any length of time, there are going to be things on the back burner. It’s normal. I go through it too. I’m being real with this. That’s the reality of it.

That’s why a lot of people that compete in physique or bodybuilding, they’re not always doing shows. They might do one or two a year because it takes that much out of you. It takes that much commitment to try to just hold it all together. Sometimes I feel like that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to hold my life together while I’m pushing really hard in this one area. But I’m trying to keep other things from falling apart, okay?

I make progress where I can in life. But there are also times where I don’t have fucking energy, man. I’m not telling you, just throw everything to the wayside for the gym. I’m strongly against that. What I am telling you is, it’s not just you, man. If you’re going through this and you’re really trying to get somewhere, it’s not just you.

But one other thing I’m going to tell you is there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because you don’t live like everybody else doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is wrong.

I think it’s easy to get that guilt where it’s like, “hey, am I doing the right thing? Do I only have the gym in my life?” or “What am I doing? Am I wasting my time? Maybe I should just go back to living like everybody else. Maybe it would be more fun. Maybe this lifestyle is not rewarding.”

Don’t think, based on the average person’s perception of life. I don’t think you should think like that. I go to Dunkin Donuts once in a while, in the morning, and I get a black coffee, and I get five munchkins. The reason I get five munchkins is because each one of my pit bulls, the two pit bulls I have, get two and a half. It’s like their treat. I love these dogs that they’re my kids, and I like making the dogs happy, okay? And I’ll get my black coffee. Maybe once every week or two I’ll get some cream and a Splenda in my coffee, but most times it’s black, especially lately because I’m trying to lose a little bit more body fat.

I’m going, like, hard, man. I’m down 16 pounds right now. From the start of the diet, I was 238, and I’m down 222.8. So as of this morning, new low. So almost 16 pounds. My goal is to break 220 and then just try to hold it because I don’t want to weigh a lot anymore as I get into my forties and beyond. I don’t want to weigh that.

Anyway, I’m getting off on a tangent here, but I will be in Dunkin Donuts, and you might see somebody roll up in a luxury car. They get their fat ass out of their car. They walk inside and they pick out a whole bunch of fucking donuts to bring to the office. And they’re so fucking specific about what they want. “I want one French cruller. I want one of the cream filled, two powdered. I want one old fashioned…”

It’s like, Goddamn it, get the fuck out of my way. Just say, Give me a mix. Just buy them and get the fuck out of my way. They got everything in life altogether, but they’re fat ass. All right?

Remember what I said. Nobody wants to watch a fat person talk. I’m sorry. That’s the truth. Nobody wants to look at a fat person get up in a crowded room full of people and give some fucking important speech. Nobody gives a shit. Sit down. Tired of looking at you.

They seem like they have it all together, don’t they? They got everything together, but they’re fucking fat ass. If you want to live like that, be my guest, okay? I don’t want to live like that.

I don’t think that’s cool. I wasn’t a kid that thought growing up to be a middle aged fat fuck with no motivation to get off my ass and be active was cool. I don’t want to be that guy. I’m never going to be that guy, all right?

My plan is to be active until the day I die, unless I end up in a fucking wheelchair. And I’ll probably still be active in a wheelchair because that’s just the kind of guy I am.

You’re not always going to have it all together, but stop doubting yourself. You have to simplify your life when you’re dieting, okay? On paper, dieting is easy. In practice, dieting is a bitch. But it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. You just have to check the boxes. Hit the steps, man.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re sick of eating or drinking a carton or half carton of egg whites.

“I don’t want to do this today. I’m sick of this.”

You know what, man? I get sick of it too. I rotate through the condiments. I’ll go from black bean and corn salsa to pineapple salsa. I’m still trying to like mango salsa. I don’t really care for it much, but garden vegetable salsa or hot sauce or maybe ketchup.

Here’s the thing. Do I want to do that every morning? Fuck no, I don’t want to do that every morning. But I have a system. My system works. And if I don’t puke, I fucking eat it.

You know what this does? When you see someone that’s in really good shape, you’re looking at a strong person. You’re looking at a strong character. Somebody that commits to something and takes the steps to see it out. That’s what you’re looking at. I don’t think a lot of people understand that anymore. They just think that we just take something and then voila, I just go through those steps.

Now, let me tell you about when I do have a cheat meal. I don’t really have a cheat meal anymore for taste. It’s a given that a lot of the diet is bland. This is what I do. I want to see results. I don’t totally deprive myself, but I can go for long periods of time without having an off diet meal.

I take the cheat meals when I feel like my body needs something, my body is missing something, okay? Like there’s too many days in a row in the gym where I’m not feeling it. I’m having a harder time getting a pump. I’m not into it. My motivation levels don’t seem there because I’m overtired. My sleep pattern gets thrown off bad because when you get hungry, your body doesn’t sleep worth a fuck. Okay?

Tell me why so many people on Thanksgiving eat and then crash, right? It’s not just the tryptophan or whatever this shit is in Turkey. I fucking hate turkey. I don’t even like turkey that much. I haven’t had turkey for Thanksgiving in the past two or three years. I realize I don’t give a shit about turkey; If turkey was that good, why don’t more people eat turkey? Why is it only Thanksgiving that they buy a turkey and cut it up. Then why the fuck do you need gravy on it? If it was that good, you wouldn’t need gravy right? Now you’ve got to smother it in gravy, right? You know why? Because shit’s fucking dry. That’s why. It sucks.

So I realized that on Thanksgiving, I like to eat lobster macaroni. I like to eat prime rib au jus. I like shrimp. I don’t give a fuck about turkey. I don’t know how I got onto this for the life of me. Where the fuck was I? Oh, yeah. I was talking about dieting and how it affects your sleep.

Okay, so here’s the thing, when you get really bad sleep, the Cortisol levels in your body can ride higher, which makes ketabolism easier. In the rare event that you are growing muscle and cutting fat at the same time, like newbie gains… Or sometimes what can happen is people, their nutrients are so off, even when they think they’re bulking. I don’t really like the word bulking. I like to call it development, but I used to call it bulking. Their nutrients are so off when they do diet. They’re telling me, “This is so much food. This is so much food.” And I’m like, “Bro, you’re in a crazy deficit right now. It’s a lot of substance. It’s not a lot of calories.”

But what happens is as the calories come out and as you go on and on further along into the diet, the deficit becomes greater because you get in a little bit more of a deficit day to day. And what happens is the Cortisol levels get higher, the recovery gets worse.

Essentially, like I said before, you are kind of in a state of overtraining. I know that word scares the shit out of most people, but you can be in a state of overtraining and continue to look more and more awesome. But there’s some physiological chemical processes that take place in your body that sometimes your motivation can hurt. It can hold you back.

So that’s another reason for a cheat meal. I mean, taste, fuck taste. Taste is great, but like I said, it’s a given that I’m going to eat kind of bland shit. I noticed that if I have a cheat meal, I don’t really do a whole day anymore. I don’t have an off day, but I’ll have a meal or maybe a period of a couple of hours where I’ll have this or have that, and then I turn it off like a light switch.

I’ll sleep great that night. I fall asleep early. I wake up the next day, I might look a little better the next day. Usually the second day, it’s like, what the fuck, man? The veins are popping out. I feel full, I feel good. I feel whole again and human. So there’s something to be said for that and I think that it kind of acts like a little reset where it’s like, “okay, I’m good. Let’s go another week.”

You can’t look at the process as a whole, you almost have to look at it week to week or even day to day. If you look at it as a whole, it can seem too overwhelming.

It would be like buying a house that you had to refurbish, and there’s all this work that needs to be done. And if all you could do is think of everything and think of the cost of everything, it would be hard to get started.

I am like that. I am that guy. But if you said, hey, I’m just going to worry about the kitchen first. Let’s redo the kitchen now. Let’s redo the bathroom now. Maybe let’s go outside and do some landscaping. Right? Before you know it, things are happening. The place is looking better.

That’s the way a diet works. That’s the way I have to do a diet. It’s a journey and it’s rough. Like I said, you’re a human punching bag. The days start blending together, you’re eating the same thing a lot. You’re training hard. You are fatigued. It can get to a point where it all feels like one long dream. That’s when you know your diet is working. You feel that way.

I can’t really tell you if the cheat meal needs to be once a week or every ten days or every fifth day. I do it based on how I feel. I cheated last week on a Thursday. I’m recording this podcast today on a Tuesday. So today is the fifth day. I had a sushi bowl after the gym. I was with my son. He’s working out with me. He started going to the gym with me again. So I changed my workout time. Now I have to go with him after school, but I do my cardio in the morning. Like religiously, I do my cardio in the morning.

Oh, let me tell you, I’m going to give you guys a tip too, when it comes to cardio, I think when you first start doing cardio, the time might go by slow. If you’re trying to hit, the treadmill or StairMaster for 40 minutes, it kind of drags. Especially if you do it right after you work out your weight workout, you’re not splitting them.

One thing I found that’s worked really well for me, is I walk on the treadmill and I walk at 2.7 miles an hour, and I put the incline up to a 7 or 8% grade when I’m first starting off doing it and I’ll walk for ten minutes forward, at that 7 or 8% grade at 2.7 miles an hour. I don’t hold the handle, I let my arms swing.

Then after I hit the ten minute mark, I will actually turn around backwards, put the incline on full, bring the speed down to 2 miles an hour, and I do hold the handles because I probably fall on my ass if I didn’t. And I will walk backwards for the following ten minutes.

Let me tell you what this does. It gets your face away from looking at the time. I’ll occasionally peek over my shoulder at the time, just see where it’s at. So when I hit my next ten minute mark, I turn back around forward again. I really think that backwards walk on an incline translate very well into injury prevention and also quad strength and hamstring strength, because two things:

My leg extensions have gone insanely up in work weights, even despite dieting. My leg extensions are strong as fuck and they feel good. That’s kind of what you’re doing when you’re walking backwards on an incline. You’re doing a little leg extension, sort of kind of partial, each one.

But here’s another thing. I think it’s good for hamstring injury prevention. If you ever watch sports, I’m not really that into sports, someone else shared this with me. Basketball players rarely have hamstring injuries, while football players have a lot of hamstring injuries. It’s thought to be that basketball players are avoiding hamstring injuries because they run backwards. I noticed that my hamstrings do feel better since I’ve been doing that.

So the next ten minutes, I’m looking backwards and I’m not looking at the clock. Like I said, I’ll peek over my shoulder occasionally, and then the following ten minutes, from minutes 20 to 30, it’s another forward. I’ll back the incline down to a 8 or maybe a 9% grade. I think it had a 10%. grade today I ramped the speed back up to 2.7.

I know doesn’t sound fast for a lot of people, but it really kind of is, man. When you let your arms swing and you’re a guy that’s my size or bigger, it’ll kick the shit out of you. You can break a sweat. It’s not like you’re out of breath, exhausted, like you’re running a marathon, but it’s movement, and it’s enough to get the heart rate right in that fat burning zone.

From minutes 30 to 40, it’s another backwards walk, and I hang it up. The 40 minutes, it goes by pretty quick, because also what it does is it breaks it down into ten minute blocks. So again, rather than looking at the big old picture, you’re looking at just completing those ten minute blocks.

I think when you go from point A to point B to point C, to point D like that it does help build your motivation levels and says, hey, I’m not a fucking quitter. I’m not going to just call it 20 minutes. Today I’m going to go from block 20 to 30 and then block 30 to 40. I think that mentally it does help. So I’m just throwing it out there. A little tip for the guys trying to do cardio and lose body fat.

Another thing, too, is I think it’s really important to have time to yourself and time to think and maybe brainstorm or come up with ideas. I think that cardio is an opportunity to do that. Cardio does not have to be this long, drawn out process of just complete boredom and suffering. It’s also a way to train your mind.

I think about a lot of stuff when I’m doing cardio, and thank God it’s not bad stuff. I try to think about positive stuff because I probably have the endorphins going from the cardio and whatnot. I’ll occasionally listen to one of those Audible audio books, but they really have to be good. Some of them, you get into them, it’s like, okay, this is good so far, but where are we going here? What’s the purpose of this book?

So it’s a way to explore, mentally. It doesn’t have to be boring. And this could be the one thing that’s like the yin to your yang. Because everything’s physical, everything’s boring, everything’s the day to day grind. So I think sometimes if anything is new, it could be maybe new mentally. It could be learning something. It could be having that time to yourself. Think about how much of our lives are dedicated to taking care of everybody else, right? Doing for everybody else, being there for everybody else’s needs. I think a lot of people, they don’t have any time for themselves. I think that cardio is a good way to do that. So maybe if you look at it like that, you’d be more inclined to want to do it.

One other thing. The last thing I was going to say about cardio when it comes to dieting. Let’s say you’re that guy that can pound it out for like 20 minutes on the StairMaster. You’d be sweating your ass off like I do sometimes. I just haven’t done a StairMaster in a while because that’s mostly all I ever did for cardio, is the stairs.

The hard part about dieting and training hard is you don’t want to burn your candle at both ends. The trick is to move forward and to keep getting progress. So if you overwhelm yourself too much, if you take too much out of yourself, then it is even harder to live your life.

So let’s say you have two people. The first person destroys the fucking StairMaster for a few weeks, but then they hang it up. “Ah, that’s just too much. I don’t have it in me.”

But then you have that other person that they get their heart rate in that fat burning zone. They might not be killing themselves, but they can break a little bit of a sweat. They can get their heart rate up, and they can consistently hit that 40 minutes or an hour and they can do it on the regular and they can keep going. They found a system that works for them. They can keep going.

That’s the better person to be. I’ll tell you right now that’s the person that at the end of the race is going to get the better results. You’ve just got to do what works for you. There’s no perfect system. Maybe some people’s system is doing three or four different cardio machines, ten minutes on each to break up any kind of monotony. I’ve done that before as well. So like I said, there’s a bunch of different ways to do it. Point is, you just have to do it.

But all things considered, again, that diet and that ability to stick to that diet, that ability to say, “no, fuck you, I don’t care if I’m stick of eating this, I’m going to eat it again and I want results.”

If you can do that. I don’t give a shit about Mr. 20-Minutes-High-Intensity-Cardio-I’m-good-for-three-weeks-and-then-fuck-off-the-rest. You’re going to be better. It’s not like Mr. Intensity Half Ass Diet cancels out the Let me just keep moving, stay consistent, cardio guy, but hard diet guy. The two don’t cancel each other out. That person is hard on that diet that’s willing to continue on, is going to look better, much better.

The last thing I want to talk about here is intermittent fasting. All of the intermittent fasting people are going to come out of the woods and not like me for this. But let me just ask you a question. I just want you to think logically about this, all right?

I know I’ve talked about this time and time again. Man, it’s like beating a dead horse. But you have two people, one person puts forth the effort to get their fucking ass out of bed and make their breakfast every day, even though they don’t want to do it, even though they’re sick of oats, they’re sick of egg whites or whatever they’re eating in the morning. They’re sick of it, all right?

The other person says. “Ah, fuck it. I’m not going to do it. It’s too much work.” All right? “I’m just going to wait till noon to eat, and I’m only going to eat from noon to eight during my feeding window, and I’m going to cut it off.”

What person do you think is going to look better? What person do you think is going to get the right nutrients at the right amounts to hold on to their muscle while they’re dieting, or possibly grow new muscle during this process?

Do you think the person that continues to take, take, take away without putting forth any goddamn effort whatsoever, but for maybe that eight hour window during the day, do you think that that person is going to get better results and look better than that hardcore motherfucker waking up early, doing their cardio, hitting their meals?

“But I just ate two and a half hours ago, 3 hours ago. I don’t want to eat again.”

I don’t give a fuck. I want results. There are times where life shit is going on. I’ve had to crowd my meals. Let’s say it’s it’s 7:00 pm. I’ve only had three meals. I’ve had shit come up. I’m crowding meal four, five and six between 7:00 and fucking midnight or 01:00 am. I’m staying up an extra hour just so I hit that last meal because I know that if I’m too much in a deficit, if I fall too short, it’s easier to cave. I stick to fucking path. You really think your average noon to eight trough eating motherfucker is going to look better?

I’m not talking about weight loss here, okay? I’m not talking about Mr. Obese just trying to be fucking thin and not be made fun of. I’m talking about motherfucking bodybuilding. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about retaining that muscle, losing the maximum amount of body fat, and continuing to look better week in and week out. Who do you think is going to look better?

Why the fuck would you not make your damn breakfast? Why the fuck would somebody that’s so damn fat who’s never had an appetite in the morning because they’ve got a metabolism that’s slower than fucking molasses, why would they continue doing the same shit that got them fat in the first place?

Usually with a lot of people, it’s not like you just all of a sudden develop this crazy amount of discipline overnight. No, you still have trouble getting rid of sodas. You still have trouble not eating out. So a lot of these people, they lose weight because of deprivation, but they’re not losing weight because of increased work or effort in food prep or hitting their meals.

I know this guy right now. This dude lost 40 some pounds, and yeah, he looks a lot better than he used to look, but the guy has sacrificed so much damn muscle. He still looks soft. He looks thin, but he looks soft. I think he could have done it a lot differently and got a much more appealing look.

But a lot of them, it’s almost like they subconsciously tell themselves, “I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that.” I’ve had people in the past that they want to tell me everything they’re not going to do. They want to sign on with me and they’re like, “no, I’m not going to cook. I’m not going to cook.”

It’s like, well, I’m not going to fucking train you because I don’t train people like you. I want someone that’s going to be like, ”dude, I will do whatever it takes to look like a Greek god at the end of this twelve week phase. I will do whatever it fucking takes.”

And I can tell when I talk to people, I can tell. And some people are soooo motivated out of the gate, man. Soooo motivated… They can’t even submit their fucking pictures. They’re with me for one week and can’t send me pictures. You know why? Because they’re not fucking doing it. If you were doing it, you’d be happy. “Yo, check out this progress. Hell yeah, man.”

I’m literally giving people the fucking map and they can’t do it because it doesn’t taste good to their tummy. “I’m torn between intermittent fasting and drinking my bulletproof coffee…”

Look, it works for some people, I get it. I’m not saying that this does not work at all. I’ve seen people lose a ton of weight doing this. I just think at some given point in time, you need to be open minded enough to say, “Okay, I lost the initial weight. I’m no longer a huge, disgusting, fat fuck. But now what do I do? What do I do to refine the look and look more muscular,to look filled out where my biceps pop and I actually have good development? What do I do? Rather than look emaciated as shit?”

And I think that people are like, “no, that’s the only thing that works for me.” So when they’re intermittent fasting or they’re doing this shit, they’re doing it, but they’re not doing it all the time. It’s like they’re back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

I just think that if they were open minded enough to try another way to actually put forth real fucking effort, I know it’s going to take a little more of your time to prep your food. I know it sucks not having a freshly cooked meal of fish straight out of the oven. It kind of sucks to have it reheated. But I mean, come on now, man, like you’re going to puke? If you’re not puking then fucking eat it, right? Fucking eat it. How bad do you want results? Apparently not so fucking bad because you’re being a pussy. You’re acting like a pussy.

Anyway. That’s all the time I have today just because I don’t know what the fuck else I’m going to really add to this. I just wanted to end on that note. My methods are for people that want to bodybuild. They’re for people that want to stand the fuck out. They’re not for people who don’t want to put forth the effort and they just want the advice of.. “Oh, just take this drug or take this pill.” It doesn’t work like that, man. Without the work effort, without the diet, it’s never going to be there.

There’s times where you need to replace some missing nutrients and do like a reset. There’s times where I tell people to do like a two day reset, come off the diet completely, stop going to the gym for a couple of days, forget about it. And then what do they do? They restart it and then they lose more weight. Because they needed that. I usually know when somebody needs that.

But if you’re like one of these people that just like, man, you don’t put any effort at all. If you cannot tell your body to shut the fuck up, you don’t need a bowl of ice cream. Stick to the diet. I don’t care if it’s eating the same shit. If you’re not those people, man, like, don’t listen to my shit. Don’t even follow it because you’re not going to fucking do it.

Go follow what sounds good. Go follow the salesman who’s only here to sell you on something that sounds great. Because that’s what it’s come to nowadays, is people give a shit more about the sales approach than the actual fucking information, than the product itself.

Anyway, everybody train hard. I’m going to go lie down with the dog and I’m watching this show about… It’s kind of stupid. It’s kind of cheesy, but I can’t stop watching it yet. The Devil in Ohio, some show about some chick who ran away from a satanic cult and now she’s living with some foster lady, and I can’t tell if the girl is going to bring evil into the house or if she’s going to get cured of Satanism in her blood or what have you. I don’t know, but it’s just kind of my thing. I lie down at night and I pet the dog and we watch our Satan show.

I’m not a Satanist. Every once in a while I watch a show about some evil shit and I’m like, all right, this is cool. I’ve really been watching a lot of the killer documentaries lately, like, I Am a Killer or the crime stuff. But I was like, “Okay, I’ll try a fucking show. I got my show. It’s the highlight of my life. Watching my shows, scratching the dog’s ass and falling asleep.”

Anyway, take care. Train hard. And if it doesn’t make you puke, fucking eat it, man. Onward to victory, man. Onward to victory. You ever heard that song by Hatebreed? Onward to victory. Take care.

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5 thoughts on “Hardcore Dieting Psychology 101”

  1. Hello John I hope all is well with you. I have recently returned to the gym after a long long break.
    I am currently 53 years old 196 at 5″10 my body fat is around 23%
    I am using osterine and cardarine at 10mgs which seems to really be helping.
    I have been using a diet app to track calories and macros. I seem to be carb sensitive
    I am working a 5×5 routine to regain strength and get back in.
    I have straight from the underground and am now working through no BS
    I suspect I have low test but have not been tested yet but i suspect this is why the osterine is working well.
    I have a bunch of gear in the vault test deca eq tbol dbol winny

    My questions
    1 Do I diet first or capitalize on the newbie gains for being detrained with a lean gain program until that runs its course?
    2 I am tempted to do a 175-200 MG TRT trial to see if it makes a huge difference and if it does go the medical route. I have benefits to cover all of this therapy. Do you think this is a terrible idea?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • 1. 23% bodyfat is sort of high to begin a cycle, I would try to drop the fat first and, in your case, you could probably lose fat and gain muscle at the same time since you’re sort of new to it again. Don’t think in terms of gain muscle=gain fat or lose fat=can’t gain muscle, don’t think that way right now. Think GET IN SHAPE

      2. At 53 years old life is just better on TRT anyways, I would already have it in my mind that I was going the TRT route soon anyways, usually what happens when guys get labs done at your age is they’re either clinically low and get prescribed test or they’re in this shit no-man’s land of test levels between 250-400 where they don’t feel their best but don’t qualify for replacement either. That’s a shit place to be. I would run the testosterone for a few months and see how you feel, then come off and do no PCT and go back in roughly 6-8 weeks later and get a full hormone panel so I could qualify for legit TRT. Make sure you have a Doctor that will play ball and let you use injectable test rather than some stupid androgel patch. You only want to go through this one time and qualify for it, it’s sort of a shitty place to be trying to do this. But its well worth it, thanks for following! -JD

  2. Thanks for the response. The answer are what I suspect they would be and appreciate that I feel I’m heading in the right direction. Site is great! Books are well written and Detailed especially “No BS” that I’m working through now.


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