Hardcore Dieting Psychology 101

In this podcast episode I discuss the psychology needed for hardcore dieting success.

I also share my thoughts on multiple TRT injections throughout the week and the belief that we can somehow “supercharge” our TRT dosing.

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4 thoughts on “Hardcore Dieting Psychology 101”

  1. Hello John I hope all is well with you. I have recently returned to the gym after a long long break.
    I am currently 53 years old 196 at 5″10 my body fat is around 23%
    I am using osterine and cardarine at 10mgs which seems to really be helping.
    I have been using a diet app to track calories and macros. I seem to be carb sensitive
    I am working a 5×5 routine to regain strength and get back in.
    I have straight from the underground and am now working through no BS
    I suspect I have low test but have not been tested yet but i suspect this is why the osterine is working well.
    I have a bunch of gear in the vault test deca eq tbol dbol winny

    My questions
    1 Do I diet first or capitalize on the newbie gains for being detrained with a lean gain program until that runs its course?
    2 I am tempted to do a 175-200 MG TRT trial to see if it makes a huge difference and if it does go the medical route. I have benefits to cover all of this therapy. Do you think this is a terrible idea?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • 1. 23% bodyfat is sort of high to begin a cycle, I would try to drop the fat first and, in your case, you could probably lose fat and gain muscle at the same time since you’re sort of new to it again. Don’t think in terms of gain muscle=gain fat or lose fat=can’t gain muscle, don’t think that way right now. Think GET IN SHAPE

      2. At 53 years old life is just better on TRT anyways, I would already have it in my mind that I was going the TRT route soon anyways, usually what happens when guys get labs done at your age is they’re either clinically low and get prescribed test or they’re in this shit no-man’s land of test levels between 250-400 where they don’t feel their best but don’t qualify for replacement either. That’s a shit place to be. I would run the testosterone for a few months and see how you feel, then come off and do no PCT and go back in roughly 6-8 weeks later and get a full hormone panel so I could qualify for legit TRT. Make sure you have a Doctor that will play ball and let you use injectable test rather than some stupid androgel patch. You only want to go through this one time and qualify for it, it’s sort of a shitty place to be trying to do this. But its well worth it, thanks for following! -JD


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